Vapor dream meanings


Force, sometimes even anger.


What simmers inside me?

General Meanings:

The dreamer feels passions of a thing or a person without knowing what or who it is. Feelings that are not released may create therefore a high internal pressure, then there is a risk that at some point it has a lot of emotional outbursts that can do much damage, especially negative emotions such as anger and rage, aggression.

  • To see steams indicates that the dreamer will put all his efforts to finish the task or to solve the trouble.
  • To be surrounded by steams steam may signify that you put lots of energy to your goals but there isn’t any clarity how to reach them, so this may lead to disappointments and failures.
  • Steam engines and machines stands for internal drives and high goals, movement and big changes in life and the offer for advantage.
  • Steamship as a dream symbol shows that your life boat which flows over the “sea of ​​life” and controls route with enough energy and ready to overcome any issues that may meet.

Psychological Meanings:

The steam is a symbol of heat and pressure. Also steam is a temporary experience and it can evaporate easily.

Spiritual Meanings:

The dreamer encounters with power of the mind and awareness.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Need of clarity if steam – The steam in the dream denotes that you are working hard but you do not have clear vision how to reach your desires and that is why you need so much efforts;
  • Worries if see steam around – The steam are around you in the dream, then this indicates unresolved targets that you can not forget and need to solve;
  • Huge plans if see steam of locomotive – The steam are from a locomotive in your dream, then this is a good sign that you will make big plans;
  • Quarrels if see steaming water on a stove or oven – This dream announces that you will have some  differences and agreements in the family;
  • No worries if steam from a chimney – When you see steam from the chimney in your dream, then this dream marks that you will overcome all difficulties.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Difficult period if see steam – The steam indicates troubles, sorrows and sufferings, the plans still require clarification, and it is not sure if they ever bring a benefit for you.

* Please, see meaning of fog, smoke, water.

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