Meeting dream meanings

General Meanings:

You are dreaming that you are in the meeting. The reason why you participate in the meeting in the dream is that you might be keen on what is happening in the political life, you may support the aims of the political party or fight on the contrary side, this is very important for the interpretation.

Psychological Meanings:

Be special If you hear yourself talking in the meeting , you should not use so many words or do not be so talkative when you talk in public, in conference or in other important meeting in your everyday life. Try to say only significant things. Because of that, you might be estimated as a chatterer, definitely unreliable persons. We know that people want to hear only meaningful, remarkable news.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Reward if see people in the meeting – To see people in the meeting in your dream then this dream has a positive meaning which announces that works that you did will be rewarded, also this may indicate an unusually active business life or relationship with new love;
  • Unpleasant discussion if hold meeting – You hold or you are presenter at the meeting, such a dream will bring you disagreeable discussions with acquaintances because of the words or actions you may said or did and you did not think that these could bring unpleasant feelings;
  • Frustration if meeting is chaotic or embarrassing – When the atmosphere in the meeting is chaotic then in your real life you may have disappointments;
  • Worries if cancelled meeting – It is a sign which reminds about the danger in which you can get in really easily unnecessarily, because of your neglect.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Warning if attend in the meeting – You attend in the meeting in your dream then this dream stands as a warning that you might be in danger, the actions and decisions that you did can cause this.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • More strength if dream of meeting –  In your real life you attempt to achieve better life conditions, better job or even better health but all your efforts will be in vain, because you may not have a faith and desire to reach them;
  • Unpleasant period if participate in the meeting – In the dream you participate in the meeting, this dream indicates that the decisions, propositions or projects you may took at work without discussion with your partners, then this may bring you unpleasant conflicts with a business partner or colleagues;
  • Insufficient assessment if observe a meeting – You observe the meeting as a spectator in your dream, then this means that all your efforts that you did at work or for your family may be insufficiently evaluated by your fellows or relatives, and such an attitude will cause you a desire to demonstrate more of your skills and abilities.

* Please, see meaning of speech, club.

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