Yarn (thread) dream meanings


Connection, Pattern


What do I connect or create?

General Meanings:

Making and creating order In the dream yarn stands for ability to create order in the chaos. Earlier yarn was connected inseparably with the spider, an archetypal symbol of the life. The person creates his life from what is given to him and you have to be more patient. To spin yarn indicates that the dreamer can initiate a happy love relationship. Who often dream yarn, signifies that the anxiety and concerns stand behind your good life.

Psychological Meanings:

Connection between two persons In a dream yarn (thread) may stand as a symbol of  “red thread” (red string of fate, red thread of destiny, red thread of fate) – the connection between two people (man and woman) who “should last forever”.

Desire to find adviser The expression “sailor’s yarn ” shows that yarn is connected with the narrative. The dreamer needs heroes and heroines, with which he can identify and find a wise advisor. To spin yarn in a dream, means that the dreamer wants to convince someone probably by his sincerity.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level yarn gives an indication that myths and histories can help the dreamer on his spiritual journey.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Patience if see yarn – In the dream you see a yarn, signifies that you need to have and demonstrate a lot of patience if you want to reach something;
  • Foolishness if wrap a yarn – This dream means that you will meet lots of fools in your life;
  • Avoid contradiction if a yarn is endless – Dreaming endless yarn, means that you will need to provide yourself from not to be involved in contradictions, because this may bring damage;
  • Love if having a yarn -In the dream you have a yarn, this marks that you will have secret love;
  • Harm if wrap a yarn upward – This dream dream announces that stinginess and falseness will bring you damage;
  • Warning if wrap a yarn descending – This dream warns you that you have watch out for waste, do not waste your time and money;
  • Difficulties if confused and mixed yarns – This is not very good sign, this signifies that your lies will throw you in complications;
  • Try to avoid worries if make order with confused yarns and roll up them – In the dream to roll up mixed yarns means that you want to avoid quarrel and you try to correct everything fast;
  • Happy time if spin a yarn – When you spin a yarn in your dream, this shows that you will be in a good mood;
  • Help from friends if have a ball of yarn in the hand – Means That your friends will perform good services to you.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Trap if see or have yarn –  This dream suggest you to be more cautious, you may be ensnare by someone;
  • Joy if consume large quantities – This dream announces happy events in your family.
  • Selfishness if yarn is rising – There is the risk that you may become too egoist;
  • Clearness if twisting and winding a yarn – This dream shows that a confused affair will be cleared;
  • Grief if see knotted – In the dream you see knotted yarns, this announces grief in love;
  • Prosperity if roll up a yarn – In the dream roll up a yarn, means prosperity which was acquired by thrift;
  • Difficult times if rip up a yarn – This dream announces you hard times;
  • Solving puzzle if disentangle the knot – in the dream you disentangle the knot of a yarn, this means that you will solve the puzzle that you have in your life;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • More patience if see a yarn – In the dream you see a yarn, this indicates that you must have patience with others or the works you do;
  • Lost wishes if wrap a yarn – You wrap a yarn in a dream, your heartfelt desires will not fulfill;
  • Worries if see a yarn – In the dream you see a lot of yarns, this shows that your concerns are very big, you will have to put a lot of effort to solve them;
  • Happy love if spin a yarn – This is a good sign when you spin a yarn in your dream, this announces luck with the other gender. The joy and happiness of love;
  • Divorce if confuse a yarn – This dream shows that you will divide lovers;
  • Solving worries if disentangle a yarn – In the dream you disentangle a yarn, shows that you will solve and find out all your doubt in your life;
  • Secrets if wind a yarn – This dream announces that you will be involved into secret things.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* See also other dreams about thread.

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7 responses

  1. In my dream i was outside a labyrinth with a glowing child, a red string tied to her ankel and a diffrent red thread tied to my pinky, going through the maze we followed the string, the farther we got into the maze the dimmer the childs glowing got and she got older. Soon we entered a little circle and the girl had turned into my mother whos thread was broken even though mine continued. She turned to me as she held the end of the thread and said ” no more waiting”.

  2. I was so little that there was a yarn of diffrent colores of about 3 ft. tall to life 4 ft. wide covered everyone on the otherside of me. On the otherside of the yarn there were family memebers voices; some crying, yelling, talking ect.

  3. I was looking to the sky, it was full of shiny stars en the moon, but I notice that i have three red threads on each hand and the were tie to the stars, I was so amazed that I could have the stars in my hands, sudenly a voice gave me a message, but in my dream I was full of happines and joy

    • I was in a dream and there was a basket of fish and diffrent colors of bundles of tread and I wanted to trade it with two pairs of colored foot wears. Please what does this mean

  4. I was with an EX trying to escape through a door. However, every time we tried, an old lady tied the doors with yarn. Would you please help me to understand the meaning of my dream?

    Best Regards,

  5. I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet trying to do #2. I suddenly noticed two holes on the walls of my bathroom. From the holes came a squirell. All of a sudden I had gray knotted yarn in my hands. I was playing with the squirell with the yarn while I was sitting on the toilet. I was scared of the animal. I taught it would bite me. The squirell went back to the hole and would come out again. I had my bathroom door open and I was scared that the squirell would leave the bathroom and hurt my 4 year old that was in the other room.