Blue snake dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about blue snake may betoken pleasure, adoration and rapport.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud analysis of this dream about blue snake marks self-reliant warmth, gynic sex drive, touch and ascendency.
Affirmative changes are happening when: blue snake - It indicates influence over others. You are one step ahead. Contrarily, if your dream has left bad feeling then this dream may foreshadow backwards essence: a person of great significance might be unlawful and icy in regard to your character.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: green and red .
  • Snake - strong sexual needs; – To see an orange snake: shows a combination of idealism, emotions and sexuality; – Blue serpent: stands for religiosity; – Purple snake: symbolizes a lot of mental energy; – Green serpent: promises a lot of mental energy and newly burgeoning hopes; – Skin (snake shedding skin or skinning of snake): the dreamer outgrows himself, because he leaves behind his old existence and personality; – The Serpent of Aesculapius: one will be cured soon from his inner conflicts or illness; – Standing erected snake or cobra: symbolizes the pursuit of high ideals and spiritual development; – Snake... (read more)
  • Snake with many heads - means spirituality. Human head on snake body means particular person in your waking life. Maybe recently you had a fight with someone. Snake with a human head also shows your instinctive logic. Snake with multiple dog heads can mean threats from your friends. Multi dragon heads on body of a snake means divine powers, that are coming into your waking life. Big brown snake with many large heads means huge physical efforts. Black multi-headed snake means troubles and secrets. White heads of snake means spirituality. Blue means travel, while red stands for passion and yellow – financial gains.  ... (read more)
  • Baby snake - from opening of your body, it has more erotic connotation. If you take it out – it can mean that you are able to manage those sexual desires. It you pull it out – means secret guilt. Alternatively, crawling snake babies in or out your body can represents your fertility, a wish for a child, or a pregnancy. Very often pregnancy is represented by dreaming a snake in a baby crib or crawling and biting a new born baby. If snake is blue and/or white – it makes pregnancy meaning stronger because of similarity to water. Besides that it also... (read more)