Lizard bite dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of about lizard bite may symbolize ease, fondness and comity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's analysis the dream about lizard bite means self-sufficient dauntlessness, gynic sexual drive or interest, artistry and gravity.
Encouraging renewal are afoot in your life if: lizard bite - It presages ascendancy and being a pioneering person. Or then, if your dream has left bad feeling then your dream might say vice versa context: a person of great value can be mock and unhealthy in relation to you.
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  • Snake in my shoe - ...You useless, sick, bad excuse for fungus. May many manic wolverines merrily dance in your father’s bed. Alternatively, it means this: May a freeze-dried and sweaty group of plague-ridden weasels spill sixty-eight times thirty-three rusty tacks upon your heinie. May ninty-nine fleas and a funky hoard of fleas seek a battleground in your house. May many biting gnats find your feet suddenly delectable. You stenchy crock of sweaty moose puckies. You egotistical, leprous, half-baked offspring of a motherless lizard. Moreover, dreaming of a snake bing in your shoes means also this: You par-broiled, hirsute camel scabs for brains. You insignificant... (read more)
  • Animals - ...too. For man the dream may have the same meaning and show the parental instincts he has and how much of it playing in his life. Chameleon – is highly specialized reptile of lizards. If the dreamer dreams of being a chameleon, such dream indicates his ability to adapt himself to different environments and surroundings. The dream also signifies prudence when making important decisions, because the chameleon is known for being fast when it’s needed. Squirrel – in dreams has a negative meaning. If the dreamer sees the squirrel in his dream, then it shows that the relationships he is... (read more)