Dreaming that my father died dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about dreaming that my father died may reveal repose, regard and warm friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's analysis this dream about dreaming that my father died announces liberated vitality, soft sexual drive or interest, great skill in creative endeavors and omnipotence.
Positive adaptations are afoot in life when: dreaming that my father died - This dream sign omens ascendancy and being a notch better than others. However, if this dream was with negative emotion then a dream should presage upside down context: some person could be mendacious or hairy in relation to your being.
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  • Transformation - an animal, you must proceed from the nature, choose the best interpretation from the the dreams about animals. In my experience there are more promises of happiness that comprise, beauty, noble stature and physical strength, unless they exceed human size. For someone who is dreaming to be unusually beautiful, handsome, or strong, it means the same thing as when you think you are ugly, paralyzed or weak. Everything brings sickness that comes to death, healthy weakness and infirmity. Each change for the better lucky is sign for the rich, even if you turn into a God; Someone dreamed that he... (read more)
  • Funeral - dream doesn’t mean the death! This may be the inner feeling that “someone died” – you do not want to have anything more with him / her, you want to break off completely any contacts. Changes in your life Sometimes you have “mentally bury” the problems in order to start something new and free your minds. Who dreams of own burial, has concluded an essential phase of his life – perhaps the dream announces a divorce, a move, career changes, or abroad – but certainly not your death. Spiritual Meanings: Here the spiritual symbols of death, loss and pain are significant. You do... (read more)