Lightning bolt dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream of lightning bolt might connote coziness, passion and brotherhood.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud analysis the dream about lightning bolt marks uncontrolled breath, girlish sensuality, creativity and power.
Affirmative restylings often are ahead if: lightning bolt - This dream portends superiority and being a scout. Alternatively, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream can tell the meaning of vice versa meaning: a person of authority could be insincere or risky in relation to you.
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  • Sheet lightning - General Meanings: Dreaming of sheet lightning means that changes are waiting in your life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if sheet lightning – In general sheet lightning in dreams may warn against fraud; New events if see sheet lightning – To dream of sheet lightning may announce you great and important events. Hindu (Hinduism) Deceive if see sheet lightning – This dream of sheet lightning marks that you will try to lie, but friends will deceive you. Arabian (Islamic) Wasting life if sheet lightning – Dreaming of sheet lightning to see it in dream so his indicates an effortless and eventful life. * Please, also read... (read more)
  • Lightning - Association: Flash of enlightenment, sudden vision. Question: What awakens in me? In general: Lightning, the flame jet is identified, often for a spontaneous idea, a sudden insight or inspiration from the unconscious, you should consider us and often reveals a flash of how we can do better in our waking life. Under certain circumstances it is against the sudden discharge of inner tension warned could destroy a lot. Also, fear of punishment, revenge of another human being or financial loss may come to light in it. It is the sign that uncontrollable forces affect our mental life. – If... (read more)
  • Lightning rod - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Enemies around if make lightning rod turns into a snake – This dream is very negative and this denotes that your enemies want to destroy your plans, they act against you because of envy. The are furious about your success; Sorrow if see lightning strike – In the dream you see a lightning strike then you may expect an accident or unpleasant news which will give you grief; Warning if make lightning rod – When you are making a lightning rod so this dream is a warning that you shouldn’t start to open or to create... (read more)
  • Bolt - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Development if see bolt – The bolt as a dream symbol announces big obstacles but this will help you to make progress in your personality; Dark period if old and broken bolt – The dream where you see old and broken bolt then this signifies that all your failures darken your expectations.... (read more)
  • Thunder - General Meanings: Thunder that can be heard in a dream can stand as a warning of an impending emotional discharge. The dreamer has accumulated energy which eventually need to be thrown, because this may can cause a lot of risk and this risk need to be recognized in time and to be smoothed as much as possible, before it comes to conflict and dissatisfaction. Thunder with lightning in the dream may be a sign that you will unexpectedly meet a person with which one you will celebrate a joyous reunion (professional or emotional). Thunder without lightning announces some bad... (read more)
  • Storm - General Meanings: Emotions The dream of storm stands as the indication of an outburst. The dreamer may be flooded with good or bad events, positive or negative emotions. The dream symbol can also stand for suppressed anger or negative emotions. Psychological Meanings: Need to clean mind When the dreamer has difficulties possibly with “a storm” he/she can get liberation. The storm in a dream can clean the “emotional atmosphere” of the dreamer and only then with a pure mind can move on. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level a storm in the dream symbolizes creative force. Lightning and thunder... (read more)
  • Tree - ...lightning – Such a dream indicates about misfortunes which you can avoid under favorable circumstances, you have to trust your family and ask for help; Careless way of life if tear out with roots – In the dream you tear out the tree with roots means that you waste your energy and wealth. Hindu (Hinduism) Different explanation of several kinds of tree: The Indian and the ordinary walnut mean a man of high nobility, because the nut has a solid, rock-hard shell; The Cypress, the Empress, or Noble – beautiful lady, The Pomegranate – a well-born, strong and very wealthy man.... (read more)
  • Oak (tree) - ...beautiful, green and strong – This dream brings you lasting health and welfare and a long life; Good life if green with acorns – The oak with acorns announces you  will be granted by wealth and long life; Loneliness if dry and leafless – in the dream you see dry and leafless oak, bad sign that you will have grieve, sad relations and you will spend your old age in solitude; Troubles if felled because of overthrow of the storm or lightning – Such a dream will bring you a great misfortune; Courage if felled – This dream shows that you have courage... (read more)
  • Afraid - ...something. Other interpretation of monster in dream clearly tells that the dreamer can have some kind of phobia or energy eating fear in himself or meaningless stress in his environment. Afraid of Events Shocking life events If tornado, storm, lightning, blizzard, earthquake – Dreaming about being afraid of earthly disasters indicates socking life events in the dreamer ‘s waking life. But in other hand such dreams can be induced by external stimulus and show that, while you was asleep, real storm, rain or lightning was outside. Thanatophobia, intoxication, traumas If scared of own death – Dreaming of being afraid of death or... (read more)
  • Clouds - ...pulling quickly in your dream, you will suffer a loss, but you’ll recover; – Good man If sees curled clouds, you have a good character; – Luck  – In the dream you see clouds high in the sky: do not be sad, your plan will succeed. – Wisdom – If you dream that the clouds cover you up and led you where you want, you will reach the Summit of wisdom, if you belong to those who seeks of wisdom; You seek worldly things, you will attain wealth. * Please, see also meaning of lightning, flash, thunder, thunderstorm, cloudburst, heaven, weather, wind.... (read more)
  • Rain - ...means sorrow and distress for its dwellers, or it could mean the loss of a beloved…. (Rain) Dream of being wet from rain symbolizes fertility and renewal of your strengths and vitality…. (Rain) To dream that the rain is leaking in your room symbolizes that you yearn for love affairs…. (Rain) A soft rain without storming ; profit and gain to the dreamer, if an agriculturist ; damage, loss and suspension of business should he be a mechanic, trader or capitalist in a city…. (Rain) A strong and long rain, accompanied by thunder, wind, tempest, hail or lightning ; affliction,... (read more)