Lightning rod dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Enemies around if make lightning rod turns into a snake – This dream is very negative and this denotes that your enemies want to destroy your plans, they act against you because of envy. The are furious about your success;
  • Sorrow if see lightning strike – In the dream you see a lightning strike then you may expect an accident or unpleasant news which will give you grief;
  • Warning if make lightning rod – When you are making a lightning rod so this dream is a warning that you shouldn’t start to open or to create new business, because this will not bring you any prosperity;
  • Changes if remove lightning rod form the roof – This dream is a sign that your plans will change because of you and you will start to promote your interests;
  • Unlucky period if see lots of lightning rods – There are signs for series of misfortunes because this time is not good for you. If you can try to postpone your plans for later.

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