Looking out a window dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of looking out a window may name succor, respect and familiar bosom friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung explanation such dreaming of looking out a window signs separated frame of mind, effeminate lust, flair and conductivity.
Approving in the affirmative way changes are afoot in life if: looking out a window - This mostly portends the desirable feature. You are a vanguard. Nonetheless, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream could manifest contra substance: some person should be phony or perilous in relation to your person.
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  • Car - hard to concentrate on certain things, therefore the dreamer suffers such dreams. Alternatively, the dream might be an indication of how relaxed you are. Maybe you are the person who does not attach to things or you are feeling more free while living the life you want. Consider that the dream might be an indication of the questions you have about life and what do you want out of it. Car park and parking lot The car park represents the community, therefore the dreamer who sees the car park is able to join others and adapt himself to any circumstances... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - Good omen If the dreamer saw an engagement ring (that is placed in the box and the dreamer looking at it in the window of the jewellery shop), there soon will be a wedding (the wedding could also being of someone you know). If the individual wish this to happen, then the golden ring must be buried in the yard and watered as a flower for a week. Bad omen If the dreamer had a ring, it shows that he/she running around in circles, constantly making the same mistakes over and over again. If there is a need to find... (read more)