Tree dream meanings


Natural process; life structure.


In what place in my life am I ready to grow?

General Meanings:

Connection of Heaven and Earth – Without trees there won’t be forests. The tree symbolizes the connection of heaven and earth. Their roots anchor deeply in the Earth, and according to the mythology, they carry a hidden treasure: the wisdom of life.

The Holiness of trees – In all his force he appears to us in the holy trees, which is particularly the most powerful -oak, also including the hard ash-tree and the yew. These are symbols of the primal forces of life. All these trees are probably the archetype of Germanic world – eternal green Ash tree, Yggdrasil. This evergreen tree spreads its branches as wings, protectively over Heaven and Earth, and on its top sits the Eagle, who observes the world, and a Hawk which makes the weather.

Personality and inner life of human – A tree is the symbol of the original structure of the human inner life. If a tree emerges in the dream, you will deal wisely with this image in details. Tree is closely related to personality and the way to master with life. In particular, it can often draw conclusions on energy, attitudes, beliefs, ideas and values ​​which influence behavior and act decisively. Sometimes a tree is understood as a power symbol. The following accompanying circumstances can facilitate the exact interpretation:

  • The leaves  say about how the dreamer acts and effects on his environment.
  • The branches give information and explanation about the completed stages of development of the dreamer.
  • A tree with spreading branches stands for a warm heart and loving personality,
  • A small close-leafy tree suggests a blocked personality.
  • A well-formed(shaped) tree symbolizes a well-ordered personality.
  • A large, tangled tree – a chaotic personality.
  • Tree with blossoms indicates better health, new energy or power, sometimes stronger sexual needs that perhaps are now suppressed.
  • Tree with fruits promises success through good work, especially when you harvest them yourself.
  • Shaking the fruit-covered tree promises future happiness and success.
  • Sit under a tree can mean safety or the need of it;
  • Sit on the top of the tree, want to find out how to protect yourself from danger or misfortune.
  • Climbing on a tree can announce a better view about the life situation;
    Partly this also indicates that you will arise, on your own force, in a higher protected position or use your hopes and abilities to reach something.
  • You fall from a tree, frequently warns that you will soon suffer from damage and also you will reap ridicule; Maybe you wanted to get too high and now therefore you must fail.
  • Bald, dead or charred trees announce that you will not harvest the fruits of your work, but have to work out with failures and concerns. Sometimes, this symbol can also be understood positively as a warning before wrong position, attitudes, convictions and ideals which you should pass or leave, because they simply do not help in your life any more.
  • A tree or sapling, sprouts from the loins of a man, clearly stands for the sexual energy that can speed up your whole life.
  • The roots of a tree, show the connection between the people and the earth. The statement would be more correct, they represent the capacity of people to fight for the practical side of life and enjoy its existence.
  • Spreading out roots mean the willingness to show openness, while profound roots show restraint.
  • The trunk of the tree is indication how you use your power and how it occurs because of environment.
  • A rough trunk illustrates a rough personality, while a smooth trunk testifies more elegance.

Psychological Meanings:

Archetypal symbol of life, also implied family life or genealogical tree. Adam and Eve picked the apple from the tree of knowledge and learned the lesson for another life from it.

Who dreams of a tree, can hope for knowledge and insights which will help you in the real life. Different meaning of the tree in the dream:

  • High trees indicate special honor;
  • Flourishing – personal happiness:
  • Fruit-bearing point to success in the near future;
  • Dry trees point to bad times.

Who falls from the tree, it is hard rightly to assess your own situation. Who climbs on a high tree, dares something too much in the waking life and can therefore easily fall deeply. In mythology, as well as the religions of almost all nations, the tree is the symbol of life. The tree is also a feminine aspect, because all life emerges from the mother. The dream of the tree often means the personal development of the dreamer, but also can point to his family or their situation over several generations. To be able to interpret a tree in a dream, you must thoroughly consider the tree. Fruits, roots, stem and crown, as well as branches and their conditions will give you further information.

Spiritual Meanings:

Harmony and Way of life – On a spiritual level, it embodies the tree of life and represents the harmony between heaven, earth and water. The tree is like a man, an upright form pointing to the sky and embodies a life force (victory over death). He describes and reveals force and energy, ideas, attitudes and the behavior of the dreamer. If the dreamer learns to interpret his own tree properly, he is able successfully to form his life in all areas.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Honor if tall trees – In the dream you see tall trees, show power and high respect;
  • Long life if be the owner of one or more – When you dream that you own a tree or several ones, means you will live a long and healthy life;
  • Fulfillment of desires if see buds or young leaves – Shows that your long cherished ardent wishes will be fulfilled soon;
  • Recovery for sick people if the tree healthy and blossoming  In the dream you see healthy and flourishing tree, denotes that you will recover from the illness;
  • Fortune If see a flowering tree and sit under one – This dream announces you large personal fortune;
  • Happy life if loaded with fruit – Signifies that you have good prospects, points to a successful life;
  • Adventure if tear off tree with fruits – This dream brings you an unusual and exciting, experience or activity.
  • Happiness if shake – When you in the dream shake the tree, this means that you will feel happy satisfaction and enjoyment in your life;
  • Strong position or unpopularity if climb or sit on – In the dream you climb or sit on the tree shows advantage and honor or your too big ambition can make yourself unpopular by yourself (or enemies);
  • Warning if fall from a tree – The dream is a warning about risk and danger, under certain circumstances even can be death or serious illness;
  • News if sit under green trees – You sit under a green tree in your dream, you will get good news;
  • Happy life if sit with a friend under green trees – This dream brings you unexpected good fortune and a happy marriage, wonderful life;
  • Worries if dried up tree – The dream considers to bad deals, failure and grief;
  • A signal to avoid worries if see cut, fall down, burn or hit by lightning – Such a dream indicates about misfortunes which you can avoid under favorable circumstances, you have to trust your family and ask for help;
  • Careless way of life if tear out with roots – In the dream you tear out the tree with roots means that you waste your energy and wealth.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Different explanation of several kinds of tree:

  • The Indian and the ordinary walnut mean a man of high nobility, because the nut has a solid, rock-hard shell;
  • The Cypress, the Empress, or Noble – beautiful lady,
  • The Pomegranate – a well-born, strong and very wealthy man. Strict because the fruit is prickly and solid;
  • The Grapevine symbolizes a woman;
  • The Olive – tree a happy, friendly and wealthy man;
  • The Apple tree is a woman according to the sweet smell and the noble kind of fruit;
  • The Shrub which grows Cotton denotes a low, not very wealthy man;
  • The Citrus tree – a rich nobility because of its pleasant aroma and fragrance;
  • The Pear tree – a brittle and little well-off people;
  • The Date palm and Cypress – joy and happiness in person’s life.

Everything what you dream of these trees, it is for good or bad, fulfilled for the concerned person.

  • You will get your earns if shake walnut tree – Somebody dreams, he shakes a walnut-tree and collect nuts, will get his money from a miserly man with troubles and hard effort, which he has itself recently worked for and acquired;
  • Treasure if find nuts – Find nuts somewhere without knowing how much there are, you will discover an old gold treasure;
  • Money if find nuts and can count them – You know how much there are, you will gain gold as much as you see and experience good emotions;
  • Inheritance if find wood of walnut-tree – Somebody finds wood of a walnut-tree and enters it, he will inherit from an aged man something useful;
  • Worries/Problem solving If stuck in the prickles – In the dream your clothes have got stuck in the prickles of the pomegranate tree and you torn, means that you with a wealthy person will get into troubles; If you break off the branch to which you got stuck, you will win the process and avoid problems;
  • Bad behave against you If pick olives from tree – When you rise to an olive tree and pick olives in your dream means that you are the person who is usually cheerful and kind, but somebody treats badly with you, because the olive has an astringent effect;
  • Bad days if eat olives – Also you eat olives from the tree, you will spend sour and bad days according to their amount;
  • Reward if break leaves (olive tree) – Breaks off leaves of the olive tree, you will be rewarded and you will become a wealthy and commendable man.
  • Money if collect wool – In a dream you collect wool from the cotton plant, according to the amount of wool you will get finances;
  • Richness if see citrus tree – If you find a citrus tree, you will become the acquaintance, rich and well-reputed person, because of the odor welfare and fertility of the tree.
  • Small fortune if pluck leaves (citrus tree) – You plucks leaves from the tree, you such an excellent person will gain only a small fortune and a good name because of your proud.
  • Reputation If climb to citrus tree – You climb to a Citrus tree means that you will become a powerful, well-reputed person;
  • Happiness if blossoming – The dream shows that the next few days will make you very happy;
  • Warning if without leaves -In the dream you see trees without leaves means that you are followed by disaster, but you will overcome it because of your diligence;
  • Respect toward parents if with fruit – This dream says that you have to honor your parents and be grateful to them;
  • Luck if climb – You are lucky, you avoided the misfortune, it could have been worse;
  • You are on the right way if fall – In the dream you fell down from the tree, this means that you don’t have to throw your way because of the path. You are on the right way and don’t fascinate temporary success;
  • Good reputation if sit on it – When you are sitting in the tree in your dream, announces that your reputation is enhanced and it raises according to your work or efforts;
  • New start if sit under – The dream brings you unexpected message will inspire and spur you to start new and better work or activity.

Arabian (Islamic)

The interpretation of the trees admit a multiple explanation, because there are diversely kinds of trees and fruits in the nature. All fruit-bearing trees are interpreted according to the type of fruit; Trees, whose fruits are sour and have an astringent effect show misfortune – those which bear sweet and savory fruits show happiness and salvation.

  • The leaves of the trees represent the ethos of the people; green and fresh mean the sincerity; dry, falling and wither the inferiority of attitude. Similarly the fruits and most trees point to belief and wealth and the expression of thanks towards God;
  • Goodness if water tree – You dream that you water and maintain trees carefully, mighty you will have a great power and be a benefactor of the people;
  • Guest If see a tree in your house – In the dream in your house, you see a grown up tree where previously wasn’t a tree, means that you will get a guest which will stay at your house for awhile; if the tree bears fruits – it is a close relative, if it doesn’t bear any fruits – there will be a stranger.
  • Family if grape tree – A bachelor dreams a noble or wild grape vine has sprouted in his house, he will meet a woman and generate so many children with her as much as he saw grapes on the tree; If he didn’t see any grapes, he may nevertheless hope for children;
  • Worries if plant trees – You have planted trees in your dream, but didn’t know whether they have grown, you will be pushed to troubles and concerns according to their condition;
  • Troubles if plant or dig – You plant or dig a hard cores of fruit, this dream says that you will be pressed by concerns and grief;
  • No poverty if see Cypress – In the dream you see Cypress means that you will never be a poor man you will always be a powerful, because Cypress never loses its leaves and has a good smell;
  • Joy If see Date palm – In the dream you see Date palm means that you can expect happiness in your life, because of the palm’s sweet fruits and narrowed leaves. The leaves will bring you never ending feelings of great pleasure and happiness.
  • Happy life or Hard life if see Pomegranate tree – You dream a pomegranate tree, whose fruits are sweet, he will make the acquaintance of a rich man who will help you to create a beautiful and pleasant life; the fruits are acidic, you will encounter a bad man, who will treat you badly and make your life hard according to the amount of the fruit.
  • Wealthy life if sit under an Oak – When you sit in the shadow of an oak tree, you will become a powerful person and you will create a livelihood  business or start new work. But you have to work with toil and efforts, because acorns are not eatable.
  • Unhappy marriage if woman sees a walnut trees or an oak tree – She will marry if she is single and she will have a husband who only pretends to love, to pursue his shameless commercial;
  • Family life for men if man sees apple tree with fruits – If you have an apple tree, you will win a noble woman, if the apples of noble kind. If they are sour you will have discords in your family. If they are round as a ball, sweetly and fragrantly you will live in harmony with her and have children;
  • Wealthy life if pluck fruits – You dream that you came into a walled garden and pluck fruits from the trees, you will meet or dwell with very distinguished people and gain so much favor and wealth, as you picked fruit;
  • Meeting good person to live in harmony if see myrtle tree – In the dream you see a myrtle tree, you will join to a noble, but poor person, because the tree smells good and you will live in harmony with him;
  • Hope If green tree – When you see a green tree in your dream, this signifies that you have a hope to meet your soul mate and to improve your life;
  • Gain if dense foliage – In the dream you see very dense foliage tree announces profits;
  • Luck if blossoming – This dream brings you joy and a lot of unexpected fortune;
  • Troubles if dried or bald – In the dream you see a dried or bald tree, this will bring you misfortune, failure in all things;
  • Happiness if shake – When you are shaking the tree in the dream, means that you fulfillment your wishes, expectations, or needs;
  • Luck if climb – Climb in the dream announces that great ideas and desires come true, you will have luck in everything;
  • Mockery if fall from one –  You must endure scorn;
  • Loss of respect If cut – You will lose your authority because of your mischief;
  • Deflated hopes if see felled forest – Means that your hopes will melt away;
  • Vexation if smashed by lightning -The dream  brings you anger, despair and anxiety;
  • Good friendship if tree with fruit – You will find a good friend;
  • Wealth if see fruits of it’s – In the dream you notice only the fruits, denotes that you will have plenty of valuable possessions or money;
  • Inheritance if pick up – You are picking up the fruits from the tree, will bring you an amount of money or property left to you in a will;
  • High respect if sitting in a tree – In the dream you sit and relax in a tree, means that you will have honor and power;
  • News if sit in the shade under a tree – such a dream announces and brings you good and joyful news;
  • Anger if trees are burning – quarreling and strife in the family, you will suffer from losses because of your stubbornness.

* Please, see meaning of branch, leaves, forest.

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27 responses

  1. I recently had a dream about a big tree, with beautiful green leaves, many branches, strong and deeply rooted. The tree had many fruits and the fruit had a reflection of my face, the more I looked at the tree, it grew bigger and greater, flourishing and the light breeze was blowing around it. What does this mean? Please help

  2. I just had this dream that I was on this gigantic tree that reached the sky, the branches spread out as far as i can see, there were people there and it had like a place(city) they stayed. It felt so real, I was walking on one of its huge branches and when I looked down I could see the Earth and its ground, cities stretched out. It also had glass/crystal like floors where I was stepping (transparent) so I could see below(kinda scary if afraid of heights/ also awesome at the same time). Then at that branch there was this place with a cable/rope where I and those with me were showed by that lady(i could not see her face) she instructed us how to get on the rope/cable thingy. It was like slanting i could not see where it leads to. Then the alarm woke me up.

  3. I dream and saw a one huge native tree in my area and this tree if you have not circumcised as the true worshiper of it you will not touch it and i throw my shirt there in a dream what dose it mean

  4. I had a dream about an ex best friend & boyfriend recently.

    It started in a stark white room with one huge tree in the middle. Underneath the tree was he and I. He was on his phone and not paying much attention to what I was doing, but had allowed me to sit between his legs and lean against him.

    In front of us were five more huge trees with screens betwixt the trunks. I was playing games on the screens and whenever I would finished one, or there was an intermission during a game, my ex would reach down and either touch my face or my neck. He’d do so gently, but would never look at me.

    I’m not sure what this means, but I felt like something was off.

  5. I dreamed of an old maple tree in front of the house I grew up in. IRL the tree was dead at the top, but held the dead wood. In the dream, the wood had fallen, and someone ‘stole’ the wood, and I went to great lengths to collect it from them since it was mine. In the end I received it in a large crate, Gorgeous wood, that was bigger than anything that might have fallen from that tree.

  6. I saw my self climbing a palm tree with a rope
    When I got to the top I saw unripe bunch
    On the top I removed two depleted footballs
    Then I came down from it. Please help me with the meaning

  7. I had a dream last night that the bridge I was driving on with family collapsed and fell into the ocean below (res. to that of San Fran Bridge). After having found land we sat together and someone told us that the large tree in the distance was a white oak and all of a sudden people around it cut it down leaving the swaying trees around it (not sure which type) standing. I have the eery feeling that the white oak is my soul mate and the others were her family and friends. I would like other interpretations please. Thank you.

  8. I had a dream the night before last & I can’t shake it. I was riding in a vehicle with a female. It was dark but you could see the road & vehicles off in the distance. A big wind came along and blew several very large trees onto the road. They had no leaves they were just huge trees. I told the person driving these cars are going to wreck pull off here. While i was telling her you could see the taillights of the cars swerving & wrecking into one another. I was very calm. We went to a large building & stayed. What does this mean?

    • Just from first impressions, it seems that it would be wise to lay low for a while with what ever is happening in your life. It seems that if you go ahead ( perhaps an analogy of you in the car with the women driving) that difficulties (falling trees) will arise so best stay in the hotel (lay low for a while). Just my interpretation, but I hope all that makes sense.

  9. I dream that in our compound. I saw a Palm tree with plenty of ripe palm fruits head on it.then someone we employ climb the palm tree and cut down the ripe palm fruits head and our compound was filled with ripe palm fruits heads and nuts.what is the meaning

  10. I dream about very big tree and look anciet also..i sitting under the tree looking on the tree,that tree full with living things like birds,squirrel…that big tree near one big building and it’s branch cover whole over the building and that area…what does that means…??

  11. I just had a dream of me about to do and submit a contract document to cut down a very giant oak tree. Funny thing here was that my former employer seemed to engage my service to cut down this tree. In the tree was information about my hometown and a Woman.
    Can help me pls?

  12. My mother took me to our church land to plant a living tree to indicate the end potion of the land. After digging the soil I planted a green stem leave and covered it with a sand.

  13. While on the bus, I fell asleep and dreamt I was seeing a tree through the window. It was as though the bus was moving the tree was moving with the bus and it Wa rotating. It was green with a dark sterdy stem and it grew big. Then I saw the earth and it was dark and moist, looked rich and the roots of the tree reached out to me. There after, I was in a kitchen and sitting at the table and the pink floral curtain fell over my head. I could smell roses. What does it all mean?

  14. Last night into morning I dreamt that it was my birthday and was given a beautiful green grafted plant.. it c aas well defined in half and i was out of words when i saw it.

  15. i dream i climb tree of black berry and pluck fruit and i try to pluck the fruit of next branch by extending my hand when i pull branch suddenly the branch that i want to pull is broke and fall and a snake from that branch come out it seems like its eye is dark red and then i jump from tree and try to go far after go some distance i see there is two snakes they try to mate or some thing else they are pythons

  16. I saw a dream in which my elder brother’s wife was at the top of a tree in our backyard and she started cutting down the branches one after other without looking whether some one down there and rescued my mother from hitting the branch which fell down. Please interpret this dream.

  17. I had a dream that I was walking up a hill side to where a tree sat, it had fruit in it but the closer I got the more dead it looked. When I reached it the tree stuck out his had to me and I gave my hand up to the tree. Once we were holding hands I became one with the tree, my skin became bark and my vain’s became tree branches. I was now one with the tree, I asked “Why did you do this too me?” the tree replied “You need to learn who you are and who you will be.” Then the dream ended. What does my dream mean?

  18. Dreamt last night into early morning of 1st Sept tha I saw a short palm tree laden with hundreds of fully ripe guavas at the top of my house, my brother then told me that he saw a snake coming the area where the tree was going towards the side of my house, I went to look then saw a black snake which turned and was now coming towards me, I ran into the nearby roadway it was coming fast like lightening as if it was trying to get away, however instead of attacking me it quickly passed me and was heading towards my brother who was also on the road way running away, suddenly I saw two bulls who came between my brother and I , the bulls began to trample the snake to death then they both held it at both ends and ripped it apart killing it, I then woke. I feel good in my spirit and I know that my enemy was trampled

  19. I went home after work and found my olive tree torn in 2 parts. Is there any spiritual significance to this? this was not a dream, I am just curious if there is some spiritual meaning to this.

  20. I dreamt about after a long walk I came upon a big large tree.The tree was in front of a house and the house actually was covered with the shade of the tree.I sttood under the tree and admired the was filled with blossoms.What does it mean

  21. I dreamt I was at an old familiar place in my childhood. And there was a huge tree, it seems ancient, the branches are intertwining. I don’t think it has a lot of leaves. And then when I touched it, the top part start crumbling off and started falling apart till it totally broke off. I remember feeling very scared becauSe it’s my fault and I was worried. Then at the same time as I was looking at where it broke off. I’m not sure if someone is reassuring me or someone was showing me to look that it’s okay because it’s starting to bud again that it’s still alive. I don’t know what it means and for some reason it scares me. As I don’t want to go through what I went through in the past again. I just want my life simple and to start again.

  22. I had a dream i was walking with a big beautiful tree. He had roots In the ground, roots that reached Up to heaven And one of his roots was holding my hand. It was like we were all one, myself the tree And the heavens. It was beautiful, sunny And i was so happy. Any idea what this means?

  23. Had a dream w/ a lady.there were some of us fellowshipping n a strong wind came n uprooted a big tree. Somehow Steph was on top of the tree.

    It spun n spun n went higher n higher w/ her on it. Every1 watched n could not do anything about it. Her husband was 1 that was watching. She Hung on for dear life
    It felt so real….