Thunder dream meanings

General Meanings:

Thunder that can be heard in a dream can stand as a warning of an impending emotional discharge. The dreamer has accumulated energy which eventually need to be thrown, because this may can cause a lot of risk and this risk need to be recognized in time and to be smoothed as much as possible, before it comes to conflict and dissatisfaction.

  • Thunder with lightning in the dream may be a sign that you will unexpectedly meet a person with which one you will celebrate a joyous reunion (professional or emotional).
  • Thunder without lightning announces some bad and unpleasant news.
  • Thunder in the dream asks do not make much ado about nothing, because it does not pay off.
  • Thunder is heard only from a distance, then this dream is a sign that there is still some time

Psychological Meanings:

The thunder always was the symbol of power and energy. A dream of thunder points to anger or other strong emotions. The dreamer has mental or physical tension and wants to get rid of this. These feelings can be discharged.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level thunder means deep anger or in extreme cases even the wrath of God.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worries if listen to thunder – In the dream you listen to thunder, then this means that you will cause someone’s anxiety and grief and this will cause concerns also make “much ado about nothing”;
  • Anger if see thunder and rain – To dream of thunder and rain at the same time, then this dream announces that you will have anger and grief;
  • Losses if hear scary thunder, shaking earth  – In the dream you heard the thunder and this shaken the earth then  this is a sign of huge losses and disappointments;
  • Union if thunder and lightning – The dream marks that soon you will have a happy reunion if you see thunder and lightning;
  • Loss if the lightning strikes – The lightning strikes in your dream together with the thunder then this announces a loss;
  • Disturbance if storm in a very dark sky – You dream of storm in a very dark sky and hear thunder then this dream denotes about unrest in the your family.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Worries if listen of a thunder – In the dream you heard the thunder then this dream marks about inconvenience or loss, also you will hear shocking news;
  • Sign if see the thunder from distance – The dream is a sign that it is time for you it is a still time to take control of a very difficult situation;
  • Unfulfilled desires if thunder with lightning that ignites – The dream is not so positive this announces that your beautiful hopes will fail;
  • Union if see flash that is harmless – The thunder with a flash that is harmless then this announces you about an unexpected reunion.

* Please, see meaning of lightning.

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