Swollen lips dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about swollen lips can bespeak bed of roses, enchantment and consonance.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung interpretation this dream about swollen lips betokens self-sufficient heart, girlish libido, inspiration and endowment.
Favourable evolutions are around only when: swollen lips - This synbol of your dream embodies the favorable circumstance. You are a frontrunning person. In another way, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream can symbol upside down subject: a person of great value could be dishonorable or unsound toward your character.
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  • Lips - Hardships if see swollen lips – to see the lips, that are swollen, signifies deprivation you will suffer; Disagreements with female if see the lips that have the lipstick on – such dream indicates arguments you will have with some women. Alternatively, the dream may show your desire to look beautiful. Hindu (Hinduism) Fortune if seeing beautiful lips – such dream indicates happiness for a dreamer; Someone talking behind your back if see thick lips – the dream suggests to look by who you are surrounded; Manage yourself if see red lips – the dream about red lips warns the... (read more)
  • Leg - ...following interrelationships: Healthy leg indicates security and sense of reality, that you live in a favorable situation at the moment. Strong legs indicate success and confidence, weak or paralyzed legs – lack of endurance, inhibitions, feelings of inferiority and anxiety. Movement of the leg can symbolize present events. If go on normally, that gives the rise of confidence. If go towing or tripping walking points to problems with the further development and advancement. If walk/go too fast this can promise about rapid realization of plans, also it is a warning of haste and exaggerated ambition. Very swollen legs symbolize a... (read more)
  • Tongue - ...the sharp tongues in our environment, the gossips, which defame us and others. Artemidoros Meanings: A good sign and Poverty An evenly formed tongue adapted to the mouth, have a clearly and a plain speak is for everyone a good omen, while the not-speak or a tied tongue represents stagnation of business and mean poverty; because poverty robs from people the freedom of speech. Illness A swollen tongue announces to the wife of the dreamer, if he is married, disease. Damage and Defamation A tongue hanging out of the mouth means damage as a result of cheeky speeches, also frequently... (read more)