Spit dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming about spit can indicate relief, fervor and intimacy.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's analysis this dream about spit announces absolute essence, tender eroticism, creativity and efficiency.
Constructive evolutions are happening only when: spit - This synbol of your dream signs supremacy and being a pioneering person. But, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream should reveal contra implication: a person of great value might be sneaky and/or jeopardous in regard to your character.
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  • Spit - General Meanings: Anger and lost respect In the dream your friend or acquaintance spit, then this dream indicates that your relation with this person based on envy or hostility. In the dream you spit on a stranger, this shows that you have lost respect of yourself. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy if were spit or spat upon – When you were spit or pat upon you, this dream announces you happiness and success in your life; Bad luck and pain if be spit upon by a snake – This dream is a bad sign that you will have misfortune and... (read more)
  • Spit out - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Be careful if spit out – The dream where you spit out is a sign of sickness so you have to take care of your health. Worries if spit out food – Such a dream may bring you trouble because of your discourtesy.... (read more)
  • Blood - ...has bleeding injuries and he is helped by another person, he may gain clarity about what kind of help he needs in order to cope with the pain he has in real life. In general bleeding interpreted as a sign of vitality.  Who sees himself bleeding in the dream, means that he has emotional wounds, that he does not want to admit, because it would humiliate him in front of others. Spitting blood can symbolize that you want to spit out all the “impure”. To be stained with blood most often shows an indication of guil t and shame because... (read more)
  • Dragon (the mythical creature) - ...red dragon attacks you – you may get very intimate offer which is not proper to you when in the dream you were attacked by a red dragon; Your own feeling if dragon spitting fire – Burning dragon is spitting fire on person that you well know or feel something, so this dream represents your burning passion or burning anger for this person; Better life if see eating dragon – In the dream you see that the dragon is eating then you may expect that your life will change into better; More efforts if dragon eating grass – When your dragon... (read more)
  • Snake in my shoe - ...petrified, spittoon spittle for brains. May many rabid rats and a ravaging Rush Limbaugh seek a battleground in the toxic dump you call home. You mentally-deficient, ungrateful, uncultured offspring of a motherless fuckwad. May nine-hundred, ninty-nine rotting monkeys spit in the porto-pottie you call home. You rotting barnacle. You gruesome, bad excuse for filth. You low-budget, bad excuse for shit. May an army of disease-carrying gnats and the hosts of Hades seek a battleground in the porto-pottie you call home. May a slimy platoon of fetid, blood-thirsty pit-fiends and a biting Rush Limbaugh seek a battleground upon your heinie. You... (read more)
  • Spat on - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Become wiser if be spat on – In your dream you were spat on then this is a sign that you will become wiser only after damage and difficult period; Bad period if spit on other – The dream where you spit on others then this indicates a bad character and promises you money loss and anger. * Please, see meaning of spit.... (read more)
  • Twins - ...life. You always see both sides of an issue and you do not know which side to incline. Those, who dream of twins may can to exceed the abilities of most humans. In the dream twins can constitute two contrasting sides of personality but at the same time harmonizing these sides  with each other. Spiritual Meanings: Making unity Finally duality must reunite to one unit. Twins arise from the idea that in spite of currently existing conflict, can reach consensus and make an unity. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Hard decision if seeing twins in a dream – This dream shows that you... (read more)
  • Thistle - ...probably be disappointed by people that you trust. Psychological Meanings: The thistle may represent spite and anger. To dream about thistle indicates that the dreamer acts against others with these emotions. Also this dream of thistles may indicate that you will have concerns or difficulties with a person of the male sex. Spiritual Meanings: The thistle as a dream symbol on the spiritual level may be a tool which helps us to reject a bodily need. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if dream thistle – The dream of thistle goes as a sign of doom, because of your own fault, but you... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - ...By a serpent or other venomous beast, jealousy…. (Bite) Dream of being bitten, fear of injury to the feet…. (Bite) If one bites himself then spits a piece of his own flesh on the ground in a dream, it means backbiting and belittling others…. (Bite) (See Pinch)… (Bite off) It can also reveal the fear of sexual assault…. (Bite) If we are bitten it means that we feel hurt by the aggression of the person who bites us, or the aggressiveness of others if we do not recognize the person…. (Bite) If we are bitten by an animal the dream... (read more)
  • Cat killing - ...dream might tell the meaning of that some-one should be believable and friendly in regard to your person. Otherwise, when you hate the cats and if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream might make contra sense: some person may be sly and/or wicked toward your character. This dream of cat killing together with congenial impressions indicates that you are in integrity toward your effeminate character and sexual drive or interest. In spite of that if a dream was with aggressive notions then it designates that you’re having problem in relation to the gender character of yourself.... (read more)
  • Sink - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Slow success if sink in the clear water – The dream where you sink in the clear and clean water means that you will reach everything what you desire but only little by little. Hindu (Hinduism) Be attentive if dream of sinking – The dream about sinking is a warning that the accident is coming to you, so you have to be very attentive. Arabian (Islamic) Goals if sinking – You are dreaming, that you are sinking in the swamp, the water, etc. indicates that you will reach your aims in spite of poor conditions.... (read more)
  • Lips - ...dreamer to behave while communicating with others; Will get slandered by someone if see lips that are bleeding – according to Hindu explanation, the lips that are bleeding has a bad omen which warns you about upcoming talks and damage, which will be done to you. Arabian (Islamic) Anger if see pale lips – to dream of the lips that are pale, signifies hard feelings and spite; Someone will cheat on you if see bleeding lips – to dream of the lips that are bleeding, signifies the unfaithfulness; Well-being if lips are glowing – the dream about healthy, shiny and... (read more)
  • Fight - ...anger that is suppressed in reality, is expressed during your sleep. Other meanings of the dream can be explained from the following circumstances : Spite towards someone if watch the fight in the arena – such dream shows the anger and aversion you have to somebody; Desire for justify if call someone to have a fight – the dream shows how much you believe in truth and wish the world to become better place. Psychological Meanings: Psychologically the dreamer feels threatened in his everyday life if had dream that is related to fighting. The one who gets into fight is... (read more)
  • Transformation - ...This image is found in the legends and mythology, for example, the Lancelot – a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table – has to cross the bridge to Meliagaunce – the seducer of his beloved Guinevra – to find and fight with him. Launcelot deals with his shadow, because he has also seduced Guinevra, in spite of the fact that she is the woman of his King. The confrontation with your own shadow always starts a reorientation and change. We know the picture of the bridge from the Quran, which describes hell. That bridge is so narrow as a hair... (read more)
  • Bucket - ...good luck and fortune. Muddy and dirty water in the bucket stands as a warning of grief and sorrow. The bucket with holes denotes that you will get bogged down in too many little things and therefore will not find real satisfaction in spite of all activities and efforts. Psychological Meanings: To dream of full bucket often indicates that you “will gain the wealth” and will give a lot. Spiritual Meanings: To carry a bucket in the dream always stands as a symbol of hard work which will be rewarded. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good life if see a bucket – In... (read more)
  • Flower - ...a person. – Snowdrops: the snowdrops impresses with its white color, which symbolizes innocence and purity. In the dream, the snowdrop often refers to the fact that you can develop in spite of difficult situations, such as the snowdrop flower in a hostile time blossoms unexpectedly. – Water lily (lotus): the water lily is one of the most popular symbols of the far east. Thus, the seat of an enlightened is represented as a water lily. The symbolism of the lily is particularly characterized by its capacity to close the evening not only many flowers their blossoms, but this retreat,... (read more)
  • Clown - ...of the fear to be punished with withdrawal of love. For men clown in the dreams have another meaning: the fear to make himself ridiculous – or the wish to be popular in spite of some weakness and dubious behavior. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worst feelings if seeing a clown in a dream – The dream shows uncertainty, fear of mockery and feeling of inferiority. Also this dream shows that you will participate in frivolous relations; Lack of understanding and Different experience if you are a clown – You will find out that your friends do not understand you, means that other... (read more)
  • Teeth (tooth) - ...not of your own fault; Disease if fall out three teeth – Three teeth are falling out in your dream, this announces very serious illness and accidents; Bad omen if all teeth are falling out – this is a very bad omen, which brings you accident, death in the family, illness or disability; Death if lose tooth or teeth painfully – Very bad sign which signifies about death. The front teeth point to children or closest relatives; Illness if spit tooth out – means that you or someone from the closest family member is ill; Deceiver if see other’s artificial improper... (read more)
  • Mount - Association: Pursuit, success through effort. Question: What am I ready to get? In general: Mount according to the ancient Egyptians rise up when the mountain is too steep in a dream, obstacles in the life of the dreamer, which will be overcome only with great physical effort. Mountain can often get a better overview of the future life or symbolize impending obstacles. He points to problems that loom ahead. The exact meaning arises from the different circumstances, for example: – Mountains symbolize the general self-confidence and personality, while the summit is always a certain goal. – Are high... (read more)
  • Balcony - ...in your dream, then this marks that your speedy recovery or progress will be delayed for a while; Better position if stand in a balcony – In the dream you are in a balcony so this dream is a sign that your current position in the social life is improving even to better; No worries if go out of a balcony – In the dream you move out of a balcony, then this shows that everything will be well in spite of obstacles in your way; Love if recognize another person on a balcony – Very positive dream which announces... (read more)
  • Automaton (machine) - ...the everyday routine, you have an ability to make it easier by flexible and useful action. Stuck in routine Who dreams of being a machine and spit out any object, this can be interpreted that you recognize the fact that your life almost completely entrenched by habits and “automatic responses”. You work and live only “on demand”, and you imagination and an intense emotional life have gone, you have lost yourself as a personality. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good life if see a functioning automaton – In the dream you see perfectly working automaton, then this means that your life... (read more)
  • Accordion - ...tear out from your gloomy brooding. The accordion in dream is a sign that your future will be much happier. Love If young woman was dreaming about an accordion or was playing with one in a dream, then such dream indicates that she will win the heart of her lover by a particular sad event; in spite of that lies lasting luck about her respect. Worries with health Dreaming about a broken accordion or hearing bad sounds from an accordion – this is a bad sign of illness or disease and love sickness or heartache. Spiritual Meanings: On spiritual level... (read more)
  • Egypt - General Meanings: Magic and wonderful land Although this applies for nowadays when the travelling has become easier, in dreams far and distant places symbolize the exotic. Particularly Egypt is always considered as a magic land which is connected with an old and ancient knowledge. Psychological Meanings: Connection with your own personality In spite of long research over the centuries, to most people Egypt still appears as a mysterious country. In the dream it can represent the dark, unknown forces of the unconscious. The Egypt is associated with magic, a dream about this country expresses the hope that problems will be... (read more)
  • Monkey - ...is playing – It seems that in spite of your age you will do ill-considered things; New friend if play with them – This dream announces that soon you your enemy will become your good friend; Be vigilant if kill – This dream wants to show you that you have to keep your eyes open, if you want to win the disputes and quarrels; Signal if scratched – The dream is a signal that your soul is suffering and you have to master your feelings. Arabian (Islamic) Leader of the family if fight with monkey – Dreaming of a fight with... (read more)
  • Mountain - ...goes backwards; – To be on the top (peak or summit) of mountain: you’ll succeed and you will overcome all obstacles; – Also dreaming that you are on peak: triumph over your enemies; – To go down: you will have slight difficulty in undertaking; – Someone want to climb, but can’t: plans will miscarry; – To sit at the bottom of mountain and look up: your wishes will not come true; – To see a beautiful castle in mountain: big successes & wealth; – A view with a ruined castle: experiencing unfortunate accidents; – Dreaming of volcano with spitting fire:... (read more)
  • Vacation - ...(Judeo-Christian) – The wishful dream which appears from nervous over stimulation because the organism is overloaded; – You are dreaming that you get a vacation: in spite of big strains you will not find a rest; you will not be able to participate in a pleasure which you look forward; – In the dream you are in the vacation: interesting strangers will soon take up your hospitality claims; – If a young woman thinks that she does not like a vacation, she does not keep herself for attractively enough to win back a friend. Hindu (Hinduism) – The dream about... (read more)