Fight dream meanings


Violent behaviour when finding solution; release of energy; conflict side of personality; confrontation.


How do I deal with conflicts? What kind of conflicts do I have? Which parts of my personality is at conflict?

General Meanings:

In general the dream about fight can indicate doubts the dreamer has. It means that individual is confused, fighting with himself and trying to find the solution to the problems he has.
When the dreamer finds himself in a fight with somebody, then such dream signifies his need for independence. Maybe he is frustrated and feels helpless in particular situation. The anger that is suppressed in reality, is expressed during your sleep.
Other meanings of the dream can be explained from the following circumstances :

  • Spite towards someone if watch the fight in the arena – such dream shows the anger and aversion you have to somebody;
  • Desire for justify if call someone to have a fight – the dream shows how much you believe in truth and wish the world to become better place.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically the dreamer feels threatened in his everyday life if had dream that is related to fighting. The one who gets into fight is looking for the answers to his questions. The conflict shows that the dreamer has no courage to stand up for himself, therefore he gets into fight while dreaming. Sometimes the fight might show that the dreamer is a watcher of some particular situation and even if he can help for someone he doesn’t do it, because cares only for his own business.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritually the fight as a symbol is the reference to a spiritual conflict you have. Consider to find out what kind of conflict you have within yourself. Try to sort it out calmly without angry emotions and only then you will be able to find the solution to your problems.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

The fight usually indicates inner confusion of the dreamer. Some aspects of your personality are in conflict with other aspects of your personality. It might also show the actual mess in your real life.

  • Will take risks if you are involved into fight – if you saw yourself fighting with someone, then such dream shows that you will take some risks while dealing with business affairs or making any other kind of deal;
  • Profit to someone if two men fighting with pistols/guns – if the dreamer saw himself fighting another man with the gun or pistol, then such dream promises gain for one of these men;
  • You will be saved from catastrophe if fighting on a battlefield – the fight in a battle shows your ability to go along with others and fight till the end, therefore you will find the solution to your concerns with the help from the others;
  • Prepare yourself for hard work if see the battleground – such dream gives you an understanding about hard work you will have to do;
  • Should finish the relationship with a man if the woman sees fighting her lover – for a woman to see herself fighting with her lover shows that this man is not worth her, she should look for another partner;
  • Malicious delight if watching the game of fight – such dream shows that you will enjoy the life without being involved in any fight.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Food worries and/or sadness because of capricious kids if dreaming of fight.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Caution will be very beneficial for you if watch others fighting – such dream indicates your luck, because you are not the one who is involved into fight;
  • Will avoid threatening danger if saw the fight between animals – such dream also shows the fortune to watch the fight, without being involved in it;
  • Will get into trouble if you are involved in a fight – such dream warns of upcoming danger for which you have to prepare yourself.

* Please, see meaning of defend, battle, war.

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9 responses

  1. Last night I dreamt of seeing a woman fighting me and suddenly a man came to take me out of the fight. Surprisingly, I couldn’t see the face of the woman fighting me and I couldn’t see the face of the man that come to take me away.

  2. My dream was watching a woman slap her child and the dad say leave her alone stop it ,the women said no then slapped her again so the guy said more stronger voice leave her alone ,the women then went to the door way to put child’s shoes on and twisted her foot I could see from top of stair how the child was trying to hold it it but couldn’t because the pain so I shouted oi your twisting her foot she’s hurting I felt so angered and hurt by this the women denies meaning to do it although I know she is evil I kind of said well be carefull then I was annoyed by my reaction as was a little scared but the woman came up stair I felt a vibe the women went to punch me caught me slightly I slightly got her back and grabbed her arms and said I’ll let go when you calm down she then said she was fine and went down stairs the woman still had the upper hand being scary so I went down stairs stood in front of her and said you ever do that to me again and I won’t hold back I’m not scared of you and I will fight you then part 2 of my dream I’m at a water park with my daughter we go down two slides next to each other when I get to bottom I can’t find her I lose my mind see a girl can’t swim I rush over its not her then finally after panicking she is sat outside with that horrible women from before but they were all OK no badness part3 dream I’m with quite a few more people there’s water hieghtning and the only way out I can see is to climb up a mud hill I imeadtly start making foot holes so I can grab and climb it I get up then keep trying to help everyone else but that’s when I fall I repeat this loads I never give up then the water starts decreasing and I walk round the side to find a easy way out I walked with my people through this big open gate the end

  3. i that i was working in a hospital and i was attending to a patent when he flipped out on me becouse he couldnt get his medication, he ended up fighting with me (verbally) and his girlfriend stepped in (an old friend from higth school) she ended up getting stabbed with a drill she wlked off with a blank look on her face and then i woke up what chould this mean

  4. i see my self running away from a mob looking for me with sticks and bricks.
    but along the way, i give up running and hiding and decide to face the mob.
    one of the people in the mob who is my friend commands the mob to stop and here me out. One member of the mob hits me with a stick and i fight back and in the end, i beat him so bad that he surrenders.
    the mob sympathises with me and starts liking me and i see the guy i beat also smiling at me.
    funny thing is, i woke up so happy and all full of energy.

    is there any one who can help me interprete this dream??

    • Maybe you was facing a big struggle but wiling to not give up and face it head on ,other people in your dream usually interoperate yourself somehow ,maybe you was worried and chasing what you thought was a problem but faced head on is not a problem after all

  5. I had a dream where i was outside my cousins house and i see my mom leaving and going around the corner and no ones around, but i follow her then she starts running towards i think it was my aunt fighting with a 2 guys that hit my baby brother then my mom starts hitting the guy then he pushes my mom and as this is happening im running to go help then i grab the guy and toss to the floor and while he gets up hes holding a rock and the other guy i think went after my brother but i woke up. Please curious the dream had me waking up paranoid!

  6. I dreamed about myself in a fight with two girls at a beauty supply store… and I finished it. I think I killed them. This might relate to my aggressiveness in reality. If i don’t control it, I might end up hurting somebody.