Hugging a dead person dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of hugging a dead person may spell contentment, relish and cordiality.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung analysis of this dream about hugging a dead person connotes unallied motivation, gynic sex instinct, taste and talent.
Approving in the affirmative way variations are happening in waking life : hugging a dead person - This symbol of dream normally means ascendancy and being an innovator. Nonetheless, if it was bad dream then such dream may mean backwards connotation: some-one might be delusory or dangerous toward your character.
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  • Dead father - are very responsible person with the information, which you manage. If you are sharing it, then you are doing it in so delicate way for the better. Also, it can symbolize that you have the ability to encourage others just by speaking positive truth. Father represents logical aspects of how you do manage those things, while grandfather – common sense aspects of the same. Hugging of deceased father/grandfather dream meaning: secure comfort and protective mastery To dream about hugging the deceased father means your ability to achieve secure comfort in your waking life. If hugging the dead grandfather, then it... (read more)
  • Bride - Realization of the desires If leading – When you lead a bride in the dream to the altar, this dream announces you about fulfillment of your long lasting desires; Satisfaction If seeing dead – This dream is a sign that you’ll be happy and satisfied in your life. Arabian (Islamic) Calmness If seeing a bride or a groom – You are dreaming that you see a bride or a groom in a good omen, your conscious says that you stay in peace with your mind; Faithfulness If kissing or hugging – In the dream you see someone else or you... (read more)