Monkey dream meanings


Skillfulness, maliciousness, humor.


Which part of me is almost a human?

General Meanings:

Primitive instincts and life style Monkey stands for the animal primitive, uncivilized, materialistic-oriented people without intellectual interests; it can contain the need to develop and to mature the shades of our ego. In the dream, the monkey often points to primitive desires which the unconscious would like to make more clearly to us, sometimes it also shows fear, that our fellows can estimate us worse than we are actually, or to make fun of us. The monkey has bitten, this means that the flatterers might try to fool us. In dream interpretation of Indian’s, the monkey was considered as holy, but often connects with our instincts and passions, when it appears to us in the vision.

Psychological Meanings:

Similarity with human The monkey appears very frequently as a dream symbol. This shows monkey’s similarity with the people, with their animal side. In the Middle Ages the monkey was often equated with the devil because it embodied the animal who was considered as sinful.  In ancient times, the monkey belonged to Thoth, god of death and was honored with this. In this epoch, the monkey was considered as a reminder to the man, though he differs by his spirit from the animal, but he is just physically mortal.

Sexual problems and Lack of deeper feelings To interpret a dream in which a monkey occurs, you must pay attention to the story of the monkey. The action can refer to sexual problems: For example, if the monkey appears as a sexual symbol, this can mean that an erotic connection lacks of emotional depth.

Longing for childhood and Impersonation of others Playful monkey is swinging from branch to branch, the dreamer longs (often unconsciously) for the carelessness of his childhood. This is a frequent dream of people, who in their own words said that he had ” to became an adult to early “. The dream symbol of the monkey can simply mean that the dreamer has propensity “to ape” and also to imitate others.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Deception if see a monkey – This dream shows that sycophant tries to deceive you, they will give you undeserved faith;
  • Superficial friends if monkey plays with you or makes grimaces – Monkey plays or makes grimaces, this signifies that you have superficial friends around you. It is rather an instinct to stick people around you;
  • Disappointment if see several monkeys -In the dream you can see several monkeys or play with them, this announces that soon you will probably have to experience the disappointed by flattering false friends;
  • Success if monkey is climbing – This dream promises you success, especially in love relationships;
  • Irritation if monkey chases you – The dream will bring you annoyance;
  • Tribulations if see dancing – When you are dreaming that you see dancing monkey, this marks miseries in your life;
  • Ridicule if bitten by them – In the dream the bite signifies that you will make a fool of yourself;
  • Withdrawal of enemy if see dead – You see dead monkeys in the dream, your worst enemy’s will retreat from you;
  • Unfaithfulness if see (young) woman – The young woman sees the monkey in her dream, this points that she should quickly get marry, because her fiance will be unfaithful with the woman who is subordinate to him;
  • Deception if (young) woman feeds herself in a dream – In the dream you feed a monkey, this announces that you will be tricked by a sycophant.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Warning if see on the tree – This dream warns, do not believe the sycophants!
  • ill-considered acting if one is playing – It seems that in spite of your age you will do ill-considered things;
  • New friend if play with them – This dream announces that soon you your enemy will become your good friend;
  • Be vigilant if kill – This dream wants to show you that you have to keep your eyes open, if you want to win the disputes and quarrels;
  • Signal if scratched – The dream is a signal that your soul is suffering and you have to master your feelings.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Leader of the family if fight with monkey – Dreaming of a fight with a monkey, denotes that at home you will have nasty vicious conversation which shows who is the leader in your family, depending on who is the winner in this fight;
  • Disease if bites or hurts – In the dream a monkey bites or hurts you with its claws, you will be plagued by a villain who wants to damage you and also you will fall seriously ill;
  • Illness if eat meat – You are dreaming that you eat monkey meat disease and nuisances;
  • Harmful for family if finds a monkey fur – The fur in dream will bring you the modest assets from wealthy people and it will be malicious to your family;
  • Warning if monkey caresses or waves you – This dream is a warning that your enemy only pretends as friendly but acts badly towards you;
  • Bad people if somebody buys – In the dream you paid to an old man for the monkey and you brought it at home, this announces that you will meet an insidious and bad people in your way of life;
  • Generally the monkey means a malicious, but helpless enemy;
  • Betrayal if see – This dream announces that sycophant will betray or cheat you. And also you have to beware of false friends;
  • You will do something stupid if see running or climbing – In your dream the monkey is running or climbing, this denotes that you will commit or experience stupidity of all kinds;
  • Stupidity around you if climb and play – This dream shows that there are some stupid people around you and you have to deal with them;
  • Joy if see dancing – The dream is a good sign that you can expect cheerfulness, amusement  and serenity;
  • Damage to other if tease -In the dream you are teasing the monkey, means that you will hurt someone without knowing it;
  • Destroying enemies if kill – You kill the monkey in your dream, this shows that you will destroy a persistent opponent;
  • Love and disease if bitten by a monkey – This means for young people love, for older it will bring illness.

Artemidorus Meanings:

The dog’s monkey means a fellow who knows of all tricks and jugglers. The baboon means the same like the dog’s monkey, however, prophesies disease, usually the so-called holy one. Because Selena (Greek goodess) is holy and the old people say that this disease of Selene is also holy.

* Please, see meaning of gorilla, animals.

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  1. I saw in the morning that I am walking to my previous home road with my relatives and suddenly there was a bunch of monkeys(with their children) and they were agitated. They were running here and there, like trying to frighten people. We all were frightened but we found a safe place with some friends.. the I saw one pair of monkeys having sex. Then monkeys were disappeared.. and then with some more friends there, we were talking about marriage of young women around us… and then I saw we were also eating the meal served in the banquet. What did it mean??

  2. i was passing on a road and it saw like a farm road i saw a black monkey being drange by the rain, and the monkey was on a short tree i wanted to catch the monkey but i said we are forbiding it. So i went in to the farm i saw a man but i dont know him on my way coming out of the farm i enter into his barm yam and defferent type of food full there on my way coming out from the barm i cant see road so i push one side of the barm and it fall so i run out. So i went to the road and stand to wait for the man wen the man came to the road i saw him with my younger brother, i ask the man so there is monkey here? that man said yes. So i told my brother to do quick that where we are going is far so he said he is hungry that he want to drink garri i feel pety of my brother the man told him to belt up his trouser, the man went back to the barm , but wen the man came back he did not talk about the barm i fall down, so as three of us stand me my brother and the man i woke up.

  3. I took a nap and I was holding 2 marbles that were over a hundred years old. I jumped up from my nap after seeing a man size black monkey with big white eyes! It was really frightening! Was it the marbles or something else? That was the first and last time that I had the encounter.

  4. I saw a monkey at my home in my dream in my nightmare in the navratras. In my dream it was my bday . I m going to celebrate my bday . monkey is outside my room. I locked my room n I m reading hanuman chalisa . suddenly my book was torn out n lock of the gate disappeared n monkey disappeared from outside n I saw it in my room . then I woke up . plzz tell me the interpretation of my dream . last year also real women monkey came on our home in reality n destroyed only my things n It also followed me due to which I fall from stairs n got injured . plzz reply soon

  5. I`ve had a this dream on numerous occasions when i was younger about a tall monkey close to 6ft he would be wearing a purple or green suit and stood tall like a man but he seemed to be extremely evil and would laugh in joy as he tormented me and my family.

  6. I had a dream a demon monkey tried to get in my house through the window it screamed and had things coming out of its mouth something blue the made the window feel like plastic my mom was sitting right next to me I opened the window and stabbed it with something it turned to liquid and slid further down to the next window I ran to the room the window was at I opened it and started shaving it some more until it just disappeared

  7. in my dream i saw my husband holding a monkey playing with him so i was angry and i started telling him that every time he will be with dis monkey and he will not be with our son so i was angry and i left on my way going the monkey clamb my back wanted to bit me so i wake up pls i really need to know the meaning of this dream

  8. I had a dream that i was in an old unfamiliar home aling with my two older siblings and my deceased grandmother.. The monkeys were living underground and were living in the basement. It was very scary. Then while we were cooking italian beefs one monkey jumped from its hiding place and tried to strike my brother. I then grabbed the broom and started to attack the monkey.. My older sister ran so we all ran away to..

  9. Two nights ago I dreamed of a monkey sitting in a tree. Last night I saw a tree full of chattering monkeys in my dream, one climbed out to the tree and approached me, before he/she reached me I woke up??? Any thoughts?

  10. I saw a small boy walking towards me with a very small monkey on his shoulder. I knew the boy an said hi. When he came close a white dog came and snatched the monkey from the boys shoulder swallowing him whole. Does anyone know what this means? I know i seamed worried that this dog ate the boys pet?

  11. I had a dream where i adopted a monkey. Sometimes he listen to me and sometimes not.
    One day he jumped from a roof top to down, though i was shouting not to jump.
    He hurt and i do some treatment with hot water then put some bandage on the shoulders and legs.
    Then i put him on my shoulder to roam around, he was simply on my shoulder doing nothing.
    Then i reach home and asked to go of his own, he started but i feel he had a pain in his leg.
    What does this dream mean??

  12. I had a dream about an old woman changes into a monkey because i was afraid in that dream i endup killing the monkey and throw throw it to dog feces, as i look upon the monkey it just became alive and walk upon me.

  13. I dream that I have gone out from work with two colleagues and a monkey has flown from the sky onto the road in front of me. He is cutely dressed and friendly I help him up and I end up carrying him.

    The two male work colleagues walk ahead of me getting further and further ahead.

    My two daughters arrive and when we get back to work there are others doing my job.

    We stay for a while and when we leave the monkey leaves and I don’t know whew he goes.

  14. in my dream.. i was 3 or 4 years old, and i was running away with a monkey, this monkey feels like my best friend, i look happy play with this monkey. and then my face become like a monkey, my mouth and my nose. i found it very funny, but i’m curious if it has a meaning..

  15. i had a dream that a gang of monkeys where chasing me trying to attack me..they would try to jump on me and i would fling them off. they where very small with long tails and different colored faces almost as if it were painted.

  16. Three times recently, I’ve had a monkey jump into my dream. The first, we were passengers in the back seat of a car, and looked serious, suddenly, this pretty monkey, dressed in sweater of pastel colors jumped into my lap. I was happy to have him for a hug. He didn’t stay long and jumped out, but he was comforting. The next two times, an undressed monkey, darker color, swing out of the tree into my dream “picture!” I’m beginning to think the first one relates to a friend who thinks she is following the Faith, but has gotten into anti-Judeo-Christian beliefs, and is mixed up. She does entertain me, but I find her lacking in depth.

  17. I had a dream i had this little black monkey in my hand and i was eating it
    therefore i was worshiping thoth i enjoyed this monkey i ate it RAw and even saved it for later

  18. I dreamed of dancing monkeys dressed in different colored bright little suits. The also would appear to stop dancing and all give a smirky laugh. There were lots of different locations – some I know and some I don’t, but the monkeys dancing were in all of the places.

  19. Dreamed that monkeys were trying to get into my house thru the bathroom window. I pushed them back thru the screen and they fell to the ground from a second story. Later I looked and saw monkeys around people homes.

  20. i have been having the same dream for sometime now and it is a little bit frustrating. An evil spirit or monkey is turning everyone around me into one, once they are turned into monkey’s they want to eat the humans that are left or turned them into a monkey. In all of my monkey’s dream they are not able to catch me and they are always incomplete in the end. It is like the spirit or the evil monkey and i are forever in a run and catch game. I am always running from one destination to another to not get caught to turned into a monkey. Today i dreamt everyone in my household turned into monkey’s and had disappered except my brother, the middle child. i woke up to him sitting in the couch, he too was a monkey in a human like form. Like always i ran, it seems like an everlasting run to my neighbor house which was next door. At first the force was so strong , it wouldnt even allow my neighbors to close their door at , but eventually we were able to . It really followed me to my neighbor’s house , which wasn’t surprising and it was so kind of them, my neighbors, to help. Anywho, i got into their apartment, they had curtains for me to hold which was to keep the evil spirt that was trying to change everyone into a monkey out. There was a nail that was attach to the curtains that i had to hold upright along with the curtains itself, if that made any sense. They went to fetch their book spells, i was taken aback for a minute but whatever was needed to stop being chase was fine with me. My hands got tired and i had asked one of their sisters to hold it and the next hour i too will hold i needed a break. She didnt hold up the curtains how she was suppose to, so she is fighting with it or the evil spirt. Somehow all the electronics i remeber the TV flickered and went out. I knew now that spirit was in their house. I looked in the window to see a female monkey rambling about something. i could of sworn, in my dream, i was trying to go outside through the window when i saw that monkey. Maybe running again or maybe going to the monkey and asking her to help us, since it didn’t look as evil as the rest. But off course i woke up, didnt finish my dream. Now i am confused and worried as ever. Is someone after me? is someone wishing bad upon me?