Twins dream meanings


Work on the identity, Your own reflection.


How others see me? How do I reflect in a “mirror”?

General Meanings:

Different sides and a warning In the dream a pair of twins can stand for yourself, that you know this personally. Also this symbol represents two different sides of a thought or an idea. Twins warn about a serious mistake or an error. Which arise from the quiet specific circumstances of waking life.

Psychological Meanings:

Two contrary sides and exceed abilities When twins appear in the dream, so it means that you can not really make decisions in waking life. You always see both sides of an issue and you do not know which side to incline. Those, who dream of twins may can to exceed the abilities of most humans. In the dream twins can constitute two contrasting sides of personality but at the same time harmonizing these sides  with each other.

Spiritual Meanings:

Making unity Finally duality must reunite to one unit. Twins arise from the idea that in spite of currently existing conflict, can reach consensus and make an unity.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Hard decision if seeing twins in a dream – This dream shows that you will face and stand before a difficult decision, which will have lasting consequences;
  • Rich life if dreaming twins – When twins appear in a dream, this signifies a rich harvest which is coming in every area of your life.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Possibilities if seeing twins – In your dream you see twins, marks that there will be a fatal mistake which will destroy all your plans. But after that this will be even better, because you will be in a matter of two good possibilities;
  • Worries if seeing ailing twins – This dream announces that you should expect a disappointment and worry.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if seeing twins – Means that you will find rich family happiness;
  • Celebration if meeting twins – You meet twins in your dream, shows great family festivity.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming twins or one of twin – This dream symbol shows you two sides of your personality. Duality, conflict with yourself and opposites. The twins represent your cool mind and your heart voice. You have a conflict with both of them.

Dreaming your self as a twin, or being a twin in the dream – This dream shows that you have some talents or good ideas that were suppressed deep inside you. And now it is time when you can pull them out and show. With these talents or ideas you can reach your goals and make your life better. Don’t be afraid to show them.

* Please, see meaning of People and Zodiac.

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  1. I had a dream. And in a dream I was pilling Tow black chickens… Suddenly the chickens turned to be male twins. Like I was now bathing them. And removing hair in their bodies.

  2. I had a dream that my brother, sister, and Dad died and my mom had twins after they died one boy one girl and she kept calling them my other siblings names. Aftee that they were oit side in a stroller and then everthing flooded and we thought the twins died but they were inside all along.

  3. A coworker dreamed that I was sitting in a chair holding twins. They were bundled in a blanket, one on each lap. She said that I was very happy and smiling really big. In real life, I’ve had a hystorecomy so there’s no posibility of pregnancy.

  4. Interesting answers on twins – dreamed of my small child having an identical twin again. My child is a girl. The twin always appear as: she was always with us in spirit and when she manifest in the dreams, we are a full happy, peaceful, wealthy family. Does it have more than one meaning combined?

  5. I am men. I saw a dream that my wife gave birth of twin in hospital but one of them is dead. Dead one died before birth or after birth, that i can’t remember. For your information, I’m married for 6 months. Please let me know the meaning of this dream.

  6. I had a dream and in a dream I was told that the government had signed a farm I was in over to me (given it to me) in this dream I had employees who were very happy dat I am the new owner

    In a similar dream I had twins

    • I had a dream in which there were twins. One of them (girl) died after a few days. But she turned into a spirit and started haunting the other one (boy). She was troubling him so much and never let him finish his work. And the boy wasn’t afraid. He was kind of used to this. Can someone please explain what it means?

  7. All I can recall is that the woman whom I helped birth her twin baby boys seemed sleepy and it was nighttime, maybe the early hours of the morning. The woman told me, she wasn’t even aware that she was pregnant.

    The following day when I tried to broach the subject of the birth, the woman’s reaction was to condescend to me as tho I was some sort of servant. I felt so proud coz I was really calm, like id been doing that type of job my whole life, and also coz i remembered how to cut the cord, and I wasn’t even aware I could actually do that. In real-life I’m not a midwife, nurse, doctor or care worker.

  8. I had a dream that my cousin was having twins. My cousin girlfriend is pregnant and they know they’re having one baby boy. Another friend is pregnant no one knows, could it be that she’ll be having twins?

  9. Had a dream about the start of a zombie apocalypse. Didn’t know it because we were driving down an old country road surrounded by trees at night. My uncle was driving. We found out when we saw a car stuck on the side of the road and “people” standing near it or walking towards it. I just assumed they were zombies and we drove on. Eventually we got to a gas station and speaking with the other people there got a sense of what was going on. The zombies were coming and we had to go. So somehow our small car became like a huge truck/van. This is where the twins come in. At the gas station, a bunch of strangers jumped into our vehicle, and we drove on the highway. The twins were actually just 2 copies of the same person that I know in real life, though we never speak and i wouldnt really consider us friends. The thing is, this girl is quite attractive and the only difference between her and one of her twins was a hat or scarf. I “flirted” with her every chance I got. Even had her sit next to me. Basically, we drove down the highway and eventually got tailed by a cop. For some reason he was driving in reverse and had his lights/siren on. Next thing we know, vehicles are being pulled forwards or back at astonishing speeds and the ground is shaking every time this happens. To avoid becoming a victim like the other automobiles, we braked until we were moving at a crawl.. vehicles all around us were still being pulled. Our group was trying to find the cause of this when the twin without the hat mentioned a tow truck. The tow truck had a long cable with a spear at one end and would shoot at cars and pull them then release, causing massive devastation. I began looking in the vehicle for a weapon defeat the villain, and found 2 handguns, one looking very very old, and one only slightly old. I believe it was a Walther .22 or Luger 9mm. It was definitely a German gun though. Then I tried to aim it at the enemy, but my uncle was standing near him for some strange reason and I couldn’t get a clean shot. Then the bad guy noticed me and I fired a few rounds and woke up.

  10. In my dream someone I used to know and haven’t seen in a long time reappeared with a twin that does not exist in real life. I guess that means I see this person as having to very different sides to them?

  11. In my dream my 7 month old daughter had a twin sister that no one knew about she was the exact opposite of my daughter and cried to me because she felt like she was always forgotten

  12. I had a dream I was laying in bed and a stroller holding twin baby girls was next to me. My boyfriend was sitting in a chair next to me sleeping then I tell him she likes you and is staring. Wants you to pick her up. He does and tells her he loves her and I’m sad thinking he might become attached to this child. We were baby sitting his ex girlfriend baby.

  13. I had a dream of two woman that were a twins and one of these women had a daughter that looks exactly like my wife. This daughter had the same birth date and age as my wife but they are not related. What does this dream mean to me….?

  14. In my dream I was taking a shower in a hotel but it was a big huge shower with different sections and curtains and these two heavy set but pretty blonde twins in their towels keep opening up my curtain and starting conflict with me

  15. actually, my dream was two females looking in a mirror thinking this is not right. there faces were unfamiliar to them like they were twins, but two separate people. this dream, ive actually remember being there before. the twins decided to be whole again because they were two people in one body originally. so they did, they did a spell, voodoo trick or whatever in the water. all i saw was blue water then i came out of the water and looked back in the mirror, or not me but the perspective of seeing what i saw which was 1st and 3rd person point of view. but as i saw the mirror, me or that person still looked the same unfamiliar, and a separate person. but if the spell or whatever didn’t work, where was my other twin i thought. i called out for her in my mind. then some guy, i can’t remember his name but it started with an A. then he introduce himself, but i was terrified why was he in her body or my body i started freaking out, because he kept saying im in control and some other scary words i don’t remember. then i ended up in a room, and i saw my twin. and she said I know your A something man. and you can’t take over her. and her face warped into a hole and the whole setting changed. i was in a different world like another dimension and i saw the host saying, you guys know how to play this game, let’s get started. but everything was blue, like i was in a water dimension, parallel universe. and then i woke up. if anyone can help me find out what this dreams mean, please contact me.

  16. I had a dream last night that I had twin. Beautiful babies . One girl & one boy ( New Borns ) . My girl felled of the couch and hit her head on the carrier and then the wooden floor . But she was great . Next they got hurt . I didn’t know what to do but my son said mommy I’m hurting as if they were 5 or 6. I told them to please bare with mommy as I am a new mother please . After that they were acting like new Borns again . Change there diapers put them in their carrier & woke up . I’m not a mom at all . This was so creepy . !!!

  17. About 5 weeks ago I had a dream that I found out that I was pregnant with twins which absolutely terrified me, my partner and I split over my decision to keep them.
    Last night a dreampt that I had given birth to two twin boys. I was struggling on my own as to what to do with them and how I was going to cope; I kept thinking “please don’t one of you die, I’m such a terrible mother, I don’t know if I can do this on my own.” When one of them started crying I had to breast feed him which was weird in its self as its almost like I could feel him sucking… All in all an extremely strange set of continuing dreams and I have no idea what they mean??

  18. In my dream two family members had twins on the same day, one was twin girls with blond hair and the other was a boy and a girl with the boy having curly dark hair. What does this mean?

  19. Sometimes I dream of my twin self but in a different personality. It always starts in a plain white room with two wooden chairs facing each other. We always talk about mistakes and all the things and plans that I have. He always has negative opinions tho’ everything that he says seems to be well thought and delivers it in a smart way. The creepiest thing about it is when my dream is about to end, he always says that some day we’ll be switching places. It’s creepy and I’m still creeped out about it since it’s been the 6th times that I saw that dream.

  20. My dream was the same. But I didn’t knew them two twin girlsand after that I was in a martial arts competition tournament. And I saw one of them twins flirting and playing around. I never saw them again…..

  21. Mdream was about twin girls I knew from back home and I was involved wit both of them but there was no problems wit that for we didn’t want more then companionship in each relationship everyone was aware of each others and one had another relationship anyway but one did fall for me but still no jealousy was there

  22. my twin dream had twins I gave birth to less than 1 week old the father is an ex mate who cheated on me. I was cring for the twins and dispite them have baby sizes the twins spoke, understood me and reponding accordingly to my questions as though they were 7 year olds.

  23. رآأيت في المنام ان امي انجبت توأم آولآد كانا جميلين ولكن آأحدهمـآ تعلق به قلبي اكثر وكـآآن آأحد مـآآ آأخطفهم منـآآ وكنت ملتهفة لإيجـآدهمـآ وووجدنآهمآ آأخيرآأ وفرحنأآ وكـآنـآ جلسنـآ في حديقة ومن ثم غادرنا المكآن

  24. رآأيت في المنام ان امي انجبت توأم آولآد كانا جميلين ولكن آأحدهمـآ تعلق به قلبي اكثر وكـآآن آأحد مـآآ آأخطفهم منـآآ وكنت ملتهفة لإيجـآدهمـآ وووجدنآهمآ آأخيرآأ وفرحنأآ وكـآنـآ جلسنـآ في حديقة ومن ثم غادرنا المكآن ..

  25. In my dream I see someone I know in one plcace and I walk to a different place and the same person is on the other side they arent twins in real life only in dreams and it happens very often but with diferent people sometimes is my mom, my grandma, my cousins its always females.

  26. In my dream about twins I was happy but a bit tired because my twin boys were gentle and sleeping , but they turned into Triplets! So I felt the weight and responsibility pig bathing then and giving then their individual attention. I had not too much weight gain from the pregnancy so that was a plus. Having these twin boys in my dream made things peaceful .now I want twins!