Mount dream meanings


Pursuit, success through effort.


What am I ready to get?

In general:

Mount according to the ancient Egyptians rise up when the mountain is too steep in a dream, obstacles in the life of the dreamer, which will be overcome only with great physical effort. Mountain can often get a better overview of the future life or symbolize impending obstacles. He points to problems that loom ahead. The exact meaning arises from the different circumstances, for example:
– Mountains symbolize the general self-confidence and personality, while the summit is always a certain goal.
– Are high mountains shrouded in clouds, the unity of mind and body is emphasized.
– If you stand timidly at the foot of the mountain or getting dizzy, lacks confidence and self-confidence.
– Bring the dreamer the courage to climb a mountain, then he is freed from fear and is rewarded with increased self-consciousness.
– Sets the ascent to a rest pause, you should divide his forces and better protect themselves in everyday life.
– Crashes from the dreamer, refers to this imprudence he committed in life and he will probably fail and have to give up hope.
– If the climb is not too steep, we will succeed and the rise in life.
– Climbing the mountain often means that you have set high goals, but may also indicate that you will overcome obstacles and difficulties, then it is perhaps in a dream at the summit.
– A difficult climb up a steep mountain points to life, where you could easily fail.
– If the summit is not reached, the dreamer of lofty goals.
– If you arrive safely above can look forward to a success.
– Be on a mountain and be looking into a beautiful landscape is a good omen for next time.
– The descent may indicate the end of an important sub-section in our lives, but also that we have finally made it and that now a more peaceful time ahead of us, perhaps to be solved but also by excessive targets, but not unavailable, or arrogance store.
– The fire-spitting mountain (volcano) can simply warn about risks to before haughty plans and objectives. Psychoanalysts interpret it as well as a need, certain feelings, memories and other distressing emotional content to remove from life, then it may also be important to watch what will be ejected from the crater of the mountain.


Every person must cope with difficulties in life. Often, it is important how you meet these difficulties. The symbol mountain offers many possibilities of interpretation. The behavior of the dreamer to the mountain reflects his psychological behavior in real life. From the summit hopes of dreaming a better overview. Important for the interpretation of dreams is what the dreamer finds on the hill or what happens there. Is the way up the mountain very arduous and difficult, the general can relate to the life situation of the dreamer.


On the spiritual level of the mountain is in a dream the center of human existence dar. He symbolizes and meeting place of heaven and earth and human advancement.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– mount in a dream in general: difficulties will be overcome;
– rugged mountain beyond the green level: promises trouble;
– snow-capped mountains in the distance: warning that bring your dreams and aspirations of any worthwhile progress;
– bald mountain: shows the hunger and suffering from a variety;
– look in the distance: the goal is still far away, can be reached but, be prepared for early misunderstandings;
– see waver: enmity and persecution of others;
– see a fire-breathing: does damage, is looming as a danger, an unpleasant event, with which it has been calculated;
– a view with a lock: the beginning of a time with good financial conditions;
– with a ruin: profit, warns of the approaching old age;
– see a green mount with trees: does good hope.
– climb easy is always a good omen;
– go down from a rocky: small success, loss of a loved one;
– in a pleasant and green way to go down: quickly come to prosperity; gain notoriety, it has overcome the difficulties, a new understanding gained and now get a well-earned harvest after heavy work;
– wake up when you arrive on the way down to a dangerous point: dreary affairs will get a positive change;
– to climb with great effort: to show us how hard we will arrive at the destination;
– rugged climb and reach the summit is not: expect setbacks in life;
– come up at all: is a sign of wasted effort, fruitless labor, you have put a lot of his goals in life is too high;
– stand on one: is joy and surprise;
– overthrow of one: means loss of money and property; brings a disappointment, but if you see blood you see, this bears witness to a serious crisis of their own situation;
– crosses the mountain is a young woman accompanied by her cousin and dead brother, the smiling, then your life improve significantly, but is warned against temptations. Is she tired and wants to not go, they will be slightly disappointed at not taking a position quite as outstanding as they hoped.

– stay on the path you have entered;
– to climb: you will emerge victorious in your struggle for survival;
– be surrounded by them: see to it that you stay at an advantage;
– be on top of a mountain: you will defeat your wrong environment;
– forested mountains: infidelity;
– climb and can not continue: failures in the next few days are recorded, they will shake you but not for the luck is still on your side.

Arabian (Islamic)
– Dreams of the emperor, he let his land to build mountains or hills, he will send to their size and number of new senior officials to manage the land. This face can only look to the emperor or a prince, by no means a different person.
– see mountain forest with fresh grass: your steadfastness will have good success;
– board: hardships will be granted you;
– climb: you will eliminate obstacles;
– climb and go no further: your company is in reverse.
– be at the summit: you succeed, to overcome all obstacles and thou shalt triumph over your enemies;
– go down: have slight difficulty in his company;
– some want to climb and can not: your project will be unsuccessful;
– at the bottom look up and sitting: your wishes will not come true;
– see a beautiful castle: big successes, wealth;
– view with a ruined castle: experiencing unfortunate coincidences;
– fire-breathing: high risk;
– see stagger: you are persecuted by powerful enemies;
– be surrounded by mountains: you let a good opportunity unused.

* Please, see meaning of chasm, crashing, upgrades, wall.

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