Mountain dream meanings


– Quest & pursuit; Success through effort.


– What for am I ready to achieve?

In general:

According to the ancient Egyptians when the mountain is too steep in the dream, then dreamer’s life is on the obstacles, that can be mastered only with great physical effort. Mountain can stand often for a better overview of the future life or symbolize upcoming obstacles. He points to problems that looming ahead. The exact meaning arises from the different circumstances, for example:
– In general mountains symbolize self-confidence and personality, while the top (peek) of mountain is always a specific goal.
– If high mountains wrapped in clouds: the unity of mind and body is emphasized.
– If you stand timidly at the foot of the mountain or getting dizzy, there is a lack of confidence and self-trust.
– If the dreamer has courage to climb into a mountain, then he is freed from fear and will be rewarded with increased self-consciousness.
– If dreamer take a breake while climbing, then he should divide his forces and protect better himself in everyday life.
– If the climb is not too steeply, you will succeed in life.
– Climbing into mountain: this often means that dreamer has set very high goals, but it may also indicate that he will overcome obstacles and difficulties, when peak is reached.
– A difficult climbing route up to a steep mountain points to life, where you could easily fail.
– If the summit (peak) is not reached, then dreamer is aiming too high.
– Anyone who arrives safely above can look forward to a success.
– To stand on a mountain and look into a beautiful landscape, it is a good omen for the next period.
– Dreaming of the fire spewing mountain (volcano) may simply warn of risks before moving to high goals and plans. Psychoanalysts interpret it also as a need to remove certain feelings, memories and other distressing mental content from life, then it may also be important to pay attention to what is ejected from the crater of the volcano.
– The way down from mountain may indicate the end of an important part in our lives, but also that we have finally made it and that now a calmer time ahead of us.


Every person must cope with difficulties in life. It is important how you meet these difficulties. The symbol of mountain offers many possibilities of interpretation. The behavior of the dreamer over the mountain reflects his psychological behavior in real life. Dreaming of mountain from the summit – dreamer is hoping for a better overview, more control and more clarity. Important for interpretation of dreams is what the dreamer finds on the mountain or what happens there. If the path up to the mountain is very laborious and difficult, then in general it can relate to the hard situation in life of the dreamer.


On spiritual level dreaming of mountains represents the center of human existence. Also mountain in dream symbolizes meeting place of heaven and earth and human advancement.


– In general dreamign of mountains: difficulties, but you will overcome all of them;
– Rugged mountain beyond the green level: promises trouble;
– Snow-capped mountains in the distance: warn that your desires and aspirations get no worthwhile progress;
– Bald mountain: shows the hunger and suffering in various ways;
– To see mountain in distant horizon: the goal is still far away, but can be reached;
– Also dreaming of mountaint in distance: be prepared for early misunderstandings;
– To see shaking: enmity and persecution of others;
– See a fire-breathing mountain (volcano): damage and threat, also an unpleasant event can be expected;
– Mountain with castle: the beginning with good financial conditions;
– Dreaming mountain with ruins: profit & warns of the approaching old age;
– To climb easily: is always a good omen;
– See a green hill (heap) with trees: represents good hope;
– Do not get up on peak: a sign of wasted effort & fruitless work;
– To go down from a rocky mountain: small success and maybe a loss of a loved one;
– To climb down on a green and comfortable way: you will get rich quickly & gain fame;
– Also climbing down on nice path: you’ll overcome the difficulties, a new insight will be gained, and you’ll also get a well-earned harvest after heavy work;
– Dreaming that you are standing on peak: means joy and surprise;
– To fall down of one: means loss of money or property & also brings a disappointment;
– If you see blood after falling down of mountain: means serious crisis in situation of your life;
– Climbing in rocky mountain without success to reach the summit: you should expect some crises in your life;
– To wake up, when you arrive at a dangerous point (or to wake up in any other situation on mountain): dreary affairs will get a positive change;
– To climb with great efforts: it shows us how hard we will get to the destination;

– Dreaming of mountains in general: stay on the path you have entered;
– To climb up in mountain: you will proceed victorious in your fight for survival;
– To be surrounded by mountains: see clearly that you remain at an advantage;
– To be on top of a mountain: you will defeat your wrong environment;
– Dreaming of forested mountains: disloyalty;
– To dream that you can not continue climb into mountain (climbing is not possible): failures in the next few days are recorded, they should not shake you, because happiness is still on your side.

– Dreaming of mountains with forest or with fresh grass: because of your fortitude you will have good success;
– To board in mountain: hardship will be granted to you;
– To climb up: you will eliminate all obstacles;
– To climb up and get stuck: your business goes backwards;
– To be on the top (peak or summit) of mountain: you’ll succeed and you will overcome all obstacles;
– Also dreaming that you are on peak: triumph over your enemies;
– To go down: you will have slight difficulty in undertaking;
– Someone want to climb, but can’t: plans will miscarry;
– To sit at the bottom of mountain and look up: your wishes will not come true;
– To see a beautiful castle in mountain: big successes & wealth;
– A view with a ruined castle: experiencing unfortunate accidents;
– Dreaming of volcano with spitting fire: great danger;
– To be surrounded by mountains: you leave a good opportunity unused.

* Please, see meaning of wall in dream.

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  1. I sore in a dream iam surrounded with big mountains but all of them was having green grass alover it was fresh and I was having a horse pipe and I watering the grass please help me with the meaning

  2. I saw beautiful clouds and mountains far from me and im clouds are like im in heaven where i also saw im taking photographs of it and some other taking of river what does it mean

  3. I now believe my dream was a vision of some sort, i have never been in ireland or it could be a past life dream and this was after i had crashed my car into a kerb in icy conditions to which i swear i had broken my arm but, it is not but the pain could be the catalyst for me reaching this deep into my inner self, also the line of psychic ability runs on my mothers side and these dreams, are not the first of theyre kind …….

  4. I had a dream that i was in a place that was called connors braes which there was also a volcano there or something similar and a camp site below it…… On further investigation there was a place called connors braes which is now called sandy braes located in belfast, UK and i believe its a possible active volcano vent

  5. I keep on dreaming the same dream, it start every time when I am on the middle of a mountain going down and I just stuck there, afraid to go down people will be passing me sliding down but I will be so afraid to go down,people will offer to help me but I refuse to go down with them,I always wake up so afraid and out of breath. Please help.

  6. I have been having recurring dreams that don’t start over but continue where it leaves off. Normally I wake up shaking, sweating or paranoid. My dream begins in the dark, walking on a path where sand meets mud. Unlike real places I have been to, I know the further inland I go it’s supposed to be dry. Trees covering the path, so close together light barely breaks the leaves. There are houses and roads here, they look runned down however they are full of life and warmth. I continue on this path walking on wet sand not moist enough to cling but compacte enough to hold water. I come to a field that has one house with the porch light on theres a woman standing by the door. She is wearing a smile as though she knows who I am. Radiant black hair flows down her shoulders to her mid back gleaming from the light. Light brown skin she’s wearing a pale dirty grey button up shirt tucked into dusty brown pants with black boots. She walks towards me and grabs my hand I blink and we are in a car she is driving as though we are trying to flee from someone or something. I turn and look behind us and nothing is there no trees no grass no darkness just loose white sand with sunlight beaming down not even one puffy cloud. When I turn back to her she is no longer smiling her face is pure fear and panic, sweat is raining down her face and she is breathing loudly as if she had ran ten miles. She keeps looking back, but nothing is there. On my last glance back we slam into something, and I feel uncontrollable pain in my right side, she begins to scream at me telling me “we are here and you need to save her!” she points at the mountain we have just ran into. The car begins to sink filling with sand my heart is racing I try to pull her from the driver seat, she stopped moving with a blank stare lifeless eyes looking nowhere. I start to panic as blood fills the car etching its way through the sand. I pull myself out with what seems my last bit of strength and shortness of breath and gaze upon this moutain jagged rocks and cliff features engulfing it. I start climbing with a purpose without a shroud of belief or reason. I blink again. I’m at the top air so fresh fills my lungs light fog flows serenly across the ground. A woman stands at the other end on the edge looking down. My heart is racing again I start running to her and she slowly turns around I see her face. Smooth pale skin lucious curls of brown hair wave in the light breeze she’s wearing a long white dress, tears run down her face the look of pain is in her expression. She is something special to me I can feel it, but I don’t know her. I make it to 3 feet from her when she suddenly stops crying and opens her arms. She just jumps back off the edge and I chase after her, with out worry or fear I grab her in the air as we fall. I can see a dessert on the other side of this great moutain as we fall through the air. Then I wake up it happens every now and again, but i always wake up at that point. Please help me understand this

  7. Hi i hope someone can relate to this I dreamt i was standing ontop of a mountian looking down 2 thousands of white spirits walking though bundles of fire and while im looking down i feel my wife and best friend’s presence on my rigth hand side and a voice telling me on the left hand side this is how the end of days wil look like go and prepare…

  8. I dreamt of a snow clad mountain which looked very serene and pristine and Merlin the magician was sitting atop with his book open and there was a rainbow halo surrounding him and the sky. Could u please help me with this interpretation

  9. I had a dream that I driving up this road on a mountain trail then a strong wind came it got even stronger and stronger as time went by.It blew up so much dust where me or anyone one the road to see , I seen plenty of accidents from that. So I got out the car to walk the rest of the way since the road was blocrled the wind was blowing everything and anything people included. I found a small pocket in the rocks bout the size of a jail cell I ditch there for cover then outta no where this like but big enough tornado. Was on the trail if felt like it was trying to come after me from where I was at, as it stayed and move around in the pocket I was at… it almost got me but I with stood it… and by the time I looked out outside the wind was calm no tornado, no nothing, it turned out to b a beautiful day. So eventually I made it to my destination

  10. I saw mountains three times in my dream this year.
    In first dream i saw two doors in the middle of mountain, one is lighted and one is dark, and i went to the lighted door and i thought it is the door of heaven, i saw some blue stones lying in front of door and i kissed them while kissing them i heard the voice of our holy prophet, he said that don’t kiss it just enter the door and before i enter the door i just woke up from the sleep.

    In 2nd dream i am walking between the high mountains, there are beautiful houses made in mountains in every corner of it and people walking around, it was just so beautiful and i was very happy in the dream.

    In 3rd dream, there is a mountain like 2 countries far away, me and my sisters,brother and cousins journey to the mountain through beautiful scenery and then we climb the snowy mountain, in middle we lost our sister but we climbed up to peak of mountain and then suddenly the mountain itself carried us to our home…

  11. I dreamed that I was driving in this road and to the side of it there was this beautiful green mountain covered with grass and and this herd of white goats were walking up in the mountain.

  12. Hello,Thank you for your article but i have question which is really important to me to know the answer please help,i saw a mountain climbing dream last night,i couldn’t climb by myself and someone helped me he easily pulled me all the way to top so effortlessly someone that i know him in my waking life and he is kind of special to me but he doesn’t know;i mean he don’t even know me but i know him and he is kind of special to me,what does this could mean? Please please i am begging you help me to understand my dream,Thank you.

  13. Hello, I usually dreamed about climbing very big (about 7 stories high) rock with my friends and brothers. And when we get there and start to climb upwards it becomes very steep the more we climb. I can see my friends and brothers just below me or beside me climbing pretty hard. The more we went up it became almost impossible to climb because the rock became too steep that my feet couldn’t reach (I was still holding myself with my hand). And that’s when I usually wake up or forget. Can you tell me what it means?

  14. i dreamt i was on the very top of the world. we r 3 females.climbing the peak. as i reached the peak i asked if it is the peak since i didnt get a sweat reaching it. but as seen the very top is a very big roof with very huge dart board . there a man came, at first we r afraid if that man is going to.b angry. but it sounds that.he is good then he asked as to shoot the very big dart target . and said play arpund and thinkits ur boss then shoot.

  15. Last night I dreamt that I was in a dollar van in the ghettos of NYC and I had to get to this subway stop on Pitkin Avenue in Brooklyn. The thing about this was that I did not know how to get there so I had to trust the man driving the van. When my destination was close, there was this giant snow capped mountain instead of a subway station and three of my ex girlfriends were there to meet me together at the foot of this mountain. I began to climb this mountain and they tried to pull me down until I found a boulder to knock them down. When I got to the summit, I woke up and was like what the fuck did I just dream because these people are history to me.

  16. early this morning i dreamed i crossed through the green hills and i follow very clear path by my way but my friend is searching whether the vehicle can pass through the path or not and finally we arrived on the main road which is very straight and opposite of the road there are many rock mountains . rocks color was in white and similar red and i was thinking how come in this place have such a rocky mountain and after that frm the main road i was ready to go right straight forward which suddenly so many people came and also joining with me but my friend is asking me to go by left side so i join with my friend . while walking at the side also see 3-4 ship going agead which we are going back side. most of the ship hanging some colorful dresses but not so many people only 2-3 people inside the ship . suddenly there is some music in the ship which makes me so frighten n suddenly open my eyes i m on my bed which my alarm is ringing!!! pls anyone can tell me what is the meaning of this dream?

  17. I was just woken up at 6am from this dream. It scared me I need to know what it means. I was in between two grassy mountains on a path. One on the right started to burn people ran. I didn’t run down the path I went up the hilly mountain on the left. I climbed for a bit but with my bad keg I got stuck 3/4 way up. The fire was coming people telling me to hurry keep going but I could only go slow I could hardly move for the pain in my leg. I didn’t reach the top I woke up. Please what does it mean? I don’t know what happened with the fire

  18. I saw a dream…In my dream i was climbing a paddy field..It was steep and dirty.However, the crops were healthy and green..I reached the top of the paddy field after so much efforts..It was a beautiful view from the hill top..To my suprise,i saw two sun at the same was setting and the other was sunrising..

  19. in my dream, i was Sitting next to a White camping tent at the muddy peak of a mountain right next to a Cliff. some Pieces of mud was falling off the Cliff and as i Looked down, i was Terrified because i am afraid of heights. and as i looked ahead of me i saw an even bigger mountain Which was terrifying to Look upon. my dream Ended when Someone asked me to Clean the White tent with a wet cloth that i had in my right Hand.

  20. i was dreaming that i run all the way to the top of the bald mountain (with green grasses) and stop at the top when i saw a lion and it chased me but stop halfway but i continue running down then i get in the white van and shout at the people on the mountain that there’s a lion an they also get in the white van but they’re holdappers but i stop them. its confusing i know but what’s that mean?

  21. My dream:- I was walking on the top of the mountain, i was walking there with my two brothers and my brother’s son, and then we reached the edge of the mountain, from ther we were trying to find a way down so that we can reach home, both sides of the mountains were not safe in such a way that if miss one step i will fall down, when we reach where the mountain is ending, there were two long poles, thee first pole looks like the pole that they use for electricity powerline and the second looks like bilgom ( a very tall tree that they use to produce poles) tree with broken branches and it body was very ruogh, when i tried to lend down with the first pole, i nearly fell but my brother grabed me and pull me up, i was so scared! my apologies for spelling mistakes,

  22. I dream of seeing a mountain. I think I’m not on the mountain, but I’m looking up at it from the ground. A person is seen standing on the top of the mountain? A white mountain, a white icy mountain, or a snow mountain. A different colour also lays down the mountain. Are they the rocks? Stones? I also notice a change of colour on the top of the mountain. Before it is s white, but then turns into an orange, or a red. Melting down the mountain. It is not on fire, or smoke. Lava. The person standing on the top of the mountain slips down the mountain, and lands on the white, icy ground, where it is met by another person.

  23. I dreamt that I was in a competition with a lot of people to climb up multiple mountains. I was able to climb the first 2 smaller mountains without difficulty. However trying to climb the 3rd one I got stuck at one point where snow caved all around me. I was able to dig out of this snow and finish this. The fourth mountain was the largest mountain. Only 4 out of like 100 people made it this far. I made it through some of it. I got stuck climbing and looked up at the parts I was grabbing on to which were unstable and broke. It made me fall, but I felt that it was definetly doable to reach that next point. I started to think how did I fail to raech that point and maybe I wasnt prepared like my shoes were a little loose and my clothing was not as comfortable as I wanted. Im a type of person who functions at his best when all parameters are optimized.

  24. I dreamt that I had lost people who I loved, a dead relative was trying to tell me a better way of doing something unto cant remember how or what they told me, the dead relative was standing in my dead friends , dead parents home….

    I had my son strapped to my back heis only 2 and ihad to Climb the mountain with him on my back, he was telling me how to make him more comfortable on my back, i aslo hada dog that was a freindly companion, I was sad but had courage to climb the mountain with him on my back, I’m not sure if I got to the peak but I wasn’t scared thati couldn’t climb it I just knew it would hard.

  25. I had a dream of a very steep lush green mountain. There was a naked man sitting legs crossed right on the top meditating. I wondered how he got up there. I was either flying or it was like it zoomed out moving around and showed miles and miles of the surrounding land and there was nothing but green fields and smaller hills all green and lush.

  26. iAmMusicNEUROVIBE

    I had this dream where someone was carrying me up the mountain. And it was a blizzard…. Then he sat me down and I realized that I was a baby tiger

  27. Last night I had a dream I climbed up this really skinny, tall mountain with snow on the peak. i thought it would be hard to climb but i was amazed at how easy it was. i wanted to put my “flag” at the top to mark i’d been there, but there were tons of other flags one on top of the other. So I took out all of those flags and put mine in. I didn’t realize that was a rude gesture in my dream.

    Then when I had come down I was telling my friends and family about it, and a couple of my friends wanted to climb it too, which I had been kind of irritated by for some reason.

    So I went to take them to the mountain but I couldn’t remember where it was!
    I looked for a while, with no success, then I asked a few people where it was and no one knew seemed to remember where the mountain was, or even it being there in the first place.

    then i woke up. 🙁

  28. i was climbing a rocky mountain in the desert. i got up maybe halfway, i had this feeling of being scared to death. then i decided to go down because i was having a mini panic attack. when i was finally down in the ground, i noticed that it wasnt that i didnt get far up and the mounntain wasnt that big either. i felt really dumb afterward.

  29. I had a dream last night where I climbed up a mountain all the way to the top with a woman. We were standing at the top of the mountain and as I look down I get a little frighten because I’m afraid of heights. I look down and I see a beautiful blue crystal lake..The women whom I don’t recognize says to me that I should continue to look because nothing is greater than facing my fears. After that I continued to look down at the water. Can anyone help me here with a interpretation of this dream?

  30. i dreamt about mountain and kites what that symbolizes and i lost my father 2 years back and no one is there to help and our relatives are very dominant and i took master degree course now i am in 1st year no one helped me so is there any link betwen the dream and this and my age is 24 and i am single plz reply

  31. I often have a dream of climbing on rocky terrain, that goes higher and higher, and is often blocked by unpassable ledges and great cassims -vallies and many different fingers, protruding in all directions, and often stuck, unable to move forward or back! Sometimes the rocks are crumbling at my feet… Sometimes it is a forest with the same struggles… until I wake up.

  32. Me and one of my childhood friends, who I hardly ever see, were driving to the restaurant I work at. It happened to be on the edge of a very steep Mountain. I remember thinking we were going to slide down it, so we had to hurry and get out. The car turned into a skateboard and she just pushed it with her foot to the edge of the building. I thought, why is this place so close to the edge?! Well I asked, And the business owner said 7as long as a building is atleast an inch away from the edge, it is legal to have it there. I was actually sitting down about to eat with friends and coworkers, rather than my usual running frantic, trying to get orders in, dreams. Like we were on a field trip. I remember leaving in a car and having to drive down a less steep mountain and the traffic was backed up so we had to sit and wait on the hill.

  33. Can someone relate with my dream? I had similar dreams but they werent all the same. I was going up a mountain that didnt seem steep and there were stopping points on the mountain and all i could see was beaitiful landscape and blue skies. I felt at peace in my dreams like i was somewhere i wanted to be. It seemed like a rush climbing the mountain and i wanted to stay where i was. I woke up feeling like i just seen the world and realized in real life i was back to being broke, and being far from any mountain. Im getting goose bump just thinking about it.

    • Joey

      It feels like your dream represents either your current life or your higher self perspective of your spirituality. Mountains can represent spiritual awareness or life’s challenges and obstacles. Inasmuch as the memory gave you goosebumps I expect it’s a spiritual reference. Not knowing what your religious or spiritual beliefs are it would be difficult to comment further. However, it sounds like you were experiencing a heavenly place, much like people describe that have near death experiences. They often are overwhelmed by the beauty they experience and don’t want to return either, but they do and it isn’t always pleasant when they return to their body. Start keeping a dream journal by your bed. You’ll be able to discover a lot about yourself that might surprise you.

  34. I dreamt that I had such clarity and was amazed that I could see mountains surrounding Michigan, where there is none. I recall thinking I never knew that there was mountains around here and yet I was surrounded and wanted to take photos to prove it, however the more I kept tying to draw thouse around me to behold this wonder, arguing began and this astounding clarity began dimming and became smaller and smaller….

  35. I and a lady next to my house were easily and happily climbing down from a tall hill. She was the one in front while i followed behind. When we reached down to the main road, i thanked her for saving me from going to take a long distance to climb down. Then i woke up.

  36. I have had lucid dreams all my life. I never knew there was a name for it till just teecnrly. Ever since I was a kid I can fly in my dreams, change things constantly in my dreams and decide what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. It is fustrating though because I have so much fun while lucid dreaming that real life just can’t compare to it. When I actually get up its depressing to know that everything I experienced I can’t manifest in real life. Ex…flying. It has gotten to the point where I just want to stop lucid dreaming, it can be draining at times and while I’m lucid dreaming I know I have limited time while in that “state” that I get fustrated and say to myself while in lucid state that this is rediculious and I decide to end it and wake up. But if I go back to bed I go straight back into the lucid dreaming. I have read the reported benifiets of lucid dreaming but I don’t find it benefical but rather annoying. I just wish I could stop it.

    • I have lucid dreams too, and I actually like that. Especially in case of a disturbing dream, I am so aware that I m just dreaming so it doesnt really bother me…The scariest nightmares for others, is no big deal cause I know it s only a dream.
      – Me to I have dreams of flying…. where I start running downhill, then jump in the air and each time flapping my arms… I get higher and higher… Found out that dreams about flying is actually very positive, cause it means that your spiritual life has found a balance….maybe there are other meanings aswell…but this fits my case… I did not have these dreams in my childhood….though.

    • Maybe the fact you can lucid dream means you are in total control of your life to do whatever it is you want and that you have no limit to how far you can go . I think you may feel drain from you lucid dreams sometimes because your conscious Mind not resting when you lucid dream try to let your unconscious mind take over more in your dreams or only use it enough to set your dreams to awesome

  37. My dream included my sister and my 4 children. We were passing by a beautiful mountain and saw a beautiful home imbedded in it. So we into it and found a very attractive, young man living there. He was probably in his mid-thirties. He invited us in with open arms and was very generous to us. I was very smitten with him and he felt the same. I don’t remember much more but I’ve had several dreams similar to this one. Especially with homes being imbedded in the mountain. Please help me interpret. Thanks!

  38. yesterday aftern0on ar0und 3 oclock-5 oclock, i was sleeping in my bed..
    I d0nt know if its a go0d or a bad dream. Hope you will interpret this one…

    I was dreaming that i was on the top of the mountain, and i looked up and saw the sun was very bright just like EL NIÑO Phenomenon. And it was near to set. Its l0ok like 4:30pm. When i saw in the bottom part of the m0untain, i saw girls pasturing their c0ws. I saw that the c0ws were eating dry grass so fast…

    • I need clarity in this dream its like i was walking in this mountain with my brother and my cousins with two collegues of mine and in no where my aunt was also there walking in this gravel path in a mountain and my aunt seems tired and can’t climb the mountain while the others were far from us i try to help her but she refused and ask for water if i can get then i continue walking until i reach a yard that has a long fencing and i grab that fence to climb and look back for my aunt and she was walking slowly then i wake up and i feel shakey