Vacation dream meanings

General Meanings:

If the dreamer has his vacation in his dream, this refers that the dreamer needs to have a rest and to satisfy own needs, without having to worry about others. Vacation often requests to the rest because this leads to exhaustion of nervous system. Sometimes this dream may show that the dreamer will miss favorable opportunities and positive chances through inaction and “vacation”.

Psychological Meanings:

The vacation in the dream represents always a symbol for relaxation, leisure and freedom. Often, the desire connected with ability to enjoy life with his partner or his family. Especially in situations of high work stress this images occur more frequently. They should be also taken as a warning, because if you do not ” slower “, mistakes and in extreme cases this result accidents or psychosomatic disorders. The vacation is the time of the rest and relaxation, and you or just the biggest workaholic needs rest. Farther symbols from this semantic field also always appear when you are dissatisfied with your work or your individual position. So, the dream symbol vacation can be viewed as the escape symbol. Perhaps, however, as an important indication that there is a repressed desire for you to live differently. The vacation is also a mirror or a projection screen for individual longings to be someone or somewhere else – a kaleidoscope of illusory longings, but also a magnifying glass of essential needs and realistic alternatives. For some, for example, the compulsive of bending people, the vacation also represents a time where tensions are experienced. This experience of tension can be viewed as a cleaning process, which is absolutely necessary to keep healthy and fit. More holiday memories are processed in the dream. This includes the fact that dreams take place in countries where you have been on vacation, or take situations that you have experienced on holiday. Even if you see in a dream vacation acquaintances, you can interpret it under the aspect of the holiday if also the properties of this vacation acquaintances are of yourself  (subject function of the dream symbol). A holiday season – this are for most people nearly “holy” days. The dream symbol warns the dreamer about overwhelm its system. A few free days help to create space for new development.

Spiritual Meanings:

At this level vacation equals to spiritual “filling up” and means relaxation and rest.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • – The wishful dream which appears from nervous over stimulation because the organism is overloaded;
  • – You are dreaming that you get a vacation: in spite of big strains you will not find a rest; you will not be able to participate in a pleasure which you look forward;
  • – In the dream you are in the vacation: interesting strangers will soon take up your hospitality claims;
  • – If a young woman thinks that she does not like a vacation, she does not keep herself for attractively enough to win back a friend.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • – The dream about vacations: you get into a nasty gossip;
  • – In the dream you do not get vacation: you will soon annoy about something.

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  1. My highschool batchmates and i are having a reunion/summer vacation in a famous beach resort. Not all were able to go though, but most of them were present. I was taking a stroll and saw my excrush. I approached him and talked to him for awhile. A few moments after, it was almost sunset, so I headed back to the hotel with my bestfriend. Before going back to my room, I went to the pool and took a swim for like 8-10mins. When I decided to go out of the pool, my bestfriend tossed 2 objects. They were actually dinosaur toys LOL. I don’t know why but I dived after them. I got the first dino easily, but the second one was hard to get since it reached the bottom of the pool. Weird as it is, there were corals at the bottom of the pool; and in tge dream i kind of felt anxious (because if the corals). I got both of the dinos. After that diving thing, I saw my present crush at the resort’s entrance (the pool was at a terrace). I went down to meet him, but decided not to so I went back up again. The hotel suddenly turned into a plane HAHA anyway, I got my baggage and went onboard. I sat on the first row, right side of the aisle, beside the window seat. My seat beside me (left) was vacant. Someone approached me and it turned out to be my present crush. He said that he didn’t want to be left behind (he didn’t mean left behind physically; he wanted to do some catching up since he wasn’t able to go to the reunion) so throughout the flight we were sitting together and catching up with each other.


    Ok, I just thought these details would be important in interpreting my dream.

    -I’m female, 18yrs old

    -dominant colors in my dream: royal blue, sand brown and cotton candy pink (sky). Blue is the most dominant. *I actually didn’t see the ocean because the resort was kinda crowded. The hotel and the pool was royal blue.

    -The dino toys? I think its because before I went to bed, I was having a laugh at photoshopped pics of trump (the one wherein he’s “playing” with dinos) LOL

    – My present crush IS my crush in the waking life. He’s a close friend of mine by the way, my guy bestfriend actually. We now go to different universitied.