Leg dream meanings


Support; movement.


What encourages and supports me? Do I get somewhere?

General Meanings:

Standing securely and firmly Leg symbolizes the state as well as the locomotion, which depends on the circumstances in a dream. For the purpose the state can indicate that you stand securely and firmly on the ground of reality, you can feel certainly safe and represent a correct position. The movement always directs to the future and can show trends in later life. It is possible to draw the conclusions about the present situation and further development from this symbol. We have to pay attention to the following interrelationships:

  • Healthy leg indicates security and sense of reality, that you live in a favorable situation at the moment.
  • Strong legs indicate success and confidence, weak or paralyzed legs – lack of endurance, inhibitions, feelings of inferiority and anxiety.
  • Movement of the leg can symbolize present events. If go on normally, that gives the rise of confidence. If go towing or tripping walking points to problems with the further development and advancement. If walk/go too fast this can promise about rapid realization of plans, also it is a warning of haste and exaggerated ambition.
  • Very swollen legs symbolize a loss through carelessness, extremely thin legs – a betrayal.
  • Sick or amputated leg draws attention to dangers and losses, perhaps a divorce of intimate people or financial losses.
  • Your broken leg indicates obstructions. Broken leg of other person, it can announce that you will hit a competitor from the field.
  • Occasionally the leg is also a sexual symbol which perhaps signifies suppressed sexual needs.
  • The interpretation of the dreams about legs, you must pay attention to the different symbolism of right and left leg, when you only see a leg in the dream.

Psychological Meanings:

Motor to move The leg is the engine of the foot in a certain extent, it has something with progress and also with backward steps in our life. The sexual interpretation of the first psychoanalysts seems a little convincing. ( for example: You see when the leg slips into the shoe, it symbolizes the sexual intercourse. See beautiful leg is satisfaction of the sexual urge. Broken leg is equivalent with adultery.)

Location and Movement In the dream the leg gives explanation about the location of the dreamer, how he stands and feels in his environment. Therefore you must consider what happens with the legs in the dream or how quickly the dreamer moves.

Spiritual Meanings:

Legs symbolize the current stability and the movement in the life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happiness if nice, clean and well-formed legs in a dream – This dream promises happiness, joy and health and faithful friends;
  • Worries if swollen – Such legs will bring you damage and loss. Also announces about coming difficulties and stagnation;
  • Lust if see legs of a young girl – This is a symbol of lust. Soon you will lose the head and behave like a dear-charming creature which is very ridiculous;
  • Vexation If ugly and have emaciated – The legs are ugly and emaciated in your dream will bring you annoyance and possibly disease;
  • False friends if ugly legs – In the dream the legs are ugly, this announces you bad business and grumpy colleagues, who want to use your knowledge and experience that you have;
  • Worries if broke leg – The broken leg in your dream shows unhappiness and bad luck which will cause that you will go out of the way of your life. This will bring you financial losses or a rejection of the occupation;
  • Success if others broken leg – The dream signifies about success in a competition, for example exams, sports;
  • Loss of friend if amputated leg – The dream shows that you will lose a good friend that you really trusted and the homely atmosphere turns into a hell;
  • You must stop and to wait if agree to amputate – When you are dreaming that you agree to amputate the leg, this shows that there are inhibitions and insecurities in the current life situation, you can’t continue, neither backward nor forward you must wait for a while;
  • Money problems if leg injury – In the dream you injure the leg, you will have the financial difficulties which will stop depending on the type of violation, is it shorter or longer;
  • Loss of money if ulcers on legs – This dream means big financial losses, but you will get help from the others. They will help you to solve all the problems;
  • Loss of friendship if have a wooden leg – In the dream you have wooden legs this means that you will  be inappropriate as an intermediary between friends. You may lose your friendship;
  • Too much work if have three or more legs – More than two legs in the dream shows that you plan too many things to do or responsibilities in your imagination. You will not do everything in time;
  • Poverty if not worn them – This dream foretells poverty;
  • Want to do everything faster or run away if run – When you are dreaming that you are running this shows that with your ambitions you want to come as quickly as possible to an aim. Also this can show that you are running away from something what you do not want to do;
  • Rejection of admired person if admire of your own legs –  The admiration of own legs for a young woman means vanity and rejection by an admired man.
  • Woman’s domination if hairy legs – A woman has hair on her legs in the dream signifies that she will control her husband. She will dominate in the family.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Loss of property If broken and beaten – Dream that your legs were broken and feet have beaten, means that you will lose half of your wealth or your property will be robbed;
  • Joy of life if iron legs – In the dream the legs are made of iron, announces that you will live really long life and you will have stable assets which come to prosperity. For woman, this brings happy family and marriage.
  • Short life if glass legs – In the dream you see the legs made of glass, this denotes that you will not live long and your death will be sudden because the glass breaks very easily;
  • Be on good terms with friends if lose – In the dream you lose your legs show that strive to get along with your friend.

Arabian (Islamic)

The legs and feet are the pillars of the body and without them the body would collapse and writhe in agony and pain.

  • Barrier to improve your life if legs are weak – You are dreaming that your legs and feet have become so weak that you cannot go any more. This shows that your profession or work from which you earn for living, prevents you to reach better life conditions;
  • Losses if wash out – The rich person dreams that his legs washed out, this means that he will lose very important things;
  • Illness or death if see removed – In the dream you noticed that the legs were removed , this denotes that one of your good friends will die or will get sick;
  • Loss of friend if lose – When you lose your legs in the dream, this indicates that you will lose a good reliable friend;
  • Worries if break – This dream brings you losses of your business. Also humiliation at work, because of the mistakes that you done in making decisions;
  • Betray if have thin legs – In the dream you have very thin legs announces about betray;
  • Misfortune if wounded – Your legs are wounded in the dream this brings you misfortune;
  • Deception if from wood (prosthesis) – The legs are made of wood, this shows that you will be cheated.
  • Betrayal and Loss if thick and swollen – The legs are thick and swollen, this dream means betrayal of friends, or loss of a loved creature.

* Please, see meaning of amputation, walking, body, standing, toes.

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9 responses

  1. I had a dream that I woke up in a hospital, dazed and confused. I was approached by my mother, who had told me that they couldn’t save y leg. I removed the sheets covering me and studied this autonomous robot leg that was attached to me. I wasn’t scared, just amazed that they did this without me knowing what was going on, and that it didn’t hurt. I walked on it for a few steps and the leg started to bend the wrong way which was causing me pain. I kept saying this hurts and I was always trying to adjust the position of the leg where it is attached to me.

  2. i mean had this dream that if i walk for a short distance mostly my left leg tend to slow down, like its too weak to move further, i;ll struggle to work . but when i sit and chill or relax i’ll get my legs back but if i start to move again for a short distance it starts again, pleaselet me know what it means and i always see it my my dream..always it also applies to my driving a car..

  3. I dreamt that I saw 3 separate men, each with a different type of break in their leg. But they all were being stretched into this makeshift hospital for treatment.

    The last male was actually mauled by a piranah according to the a lady standing next to me in the dream. Even though he was the worst out of the 3 he had the biggest & brightest smile on his face.

    What does this all mean??

  4. I had a dream yesterday that I was looking at my self in the mirror and saw my thighs perfectly chopped off (from the side it seemed like a knife chopped off some skin) but lots of it and the chopping was deep in real life this could not be possible because there is a bone.
    I was really petrified and then I looked at the bottom of my leg and it was deformed. My mom had an accident when she was little and that deformation reminded me of hers but the chopped off part of both my thighs I really don’t understand, that was what I can remember from all the dream but overall really don’t understand what it means. If anyone would maybe have an idea that would be great thank you!

  5. i dreamt i had three friends in wheelchairs and i was helping them into a lift to move to a higher level floor. when i got to the top floor, two were already out of the lift and assisted themselves and were not there anymore but the third person got out of the wheelchair and had two wooden legs and he was balancing himself against the wall to stand up. i ran around looking for crutches to assist him… what could this mean…

  6. i had a dream before yesterday that i was carrying a bag not know which bag, but when i carry it on my back i was not able to bear its load. .i just walk few steps. .and then i sit down to have rest.this happen 3 times in the dream,and the path i was walking in the dream, i usually walk there daily in the morning and evening.and when i carry bag on my back then my legs start shaking. . after few steps i dont know but at that time i thing i can bear that load but i can`t. .
    hope u understand. .