What do ripe oranges means dream meanings

Encouraging revisions are going on in life : what do ripe oranges means - This symbol betokens the condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status. You are a frontrunner. Alternatively, if the dream was more like nightmare then your dream should mean contra spirit: an unknown person could be tricky or icy toward your being.
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  • Apple - the dream you see a lot of apple trees before harvest, brilliant progress in business or at work which announces good income; Friends if plenty apples – You see lots of apples on the tree in your dream means that you will have a lot of good friends; Realize plans if see ripe apples on the tree – This dream of ripe apples says that it is time for you to turn the plans into action; Warning if ripe apple – When you see ripe apples high in the treetops in the dream, this is a warning that your have... (read more)
  • Plums - ...– In the dream the plums immature,  this marks that you will have and experience troubles and worries; Success if mature plums – This dream marks for an advantageous development. Do not worry if you do not success from the first time, because later you will surprisingly succeed; Disappointment if woman eating rotten plum – This shows that she will have to expect a disappointment in an intimate connection; Disease if eating wormy plums – This dream signifies about death and illness. Contexts’ Meanings: To eat ripe, sweet plums in the dream – This dream is a very good omen (when you... (read more)
  • Apricot - denotes disappointment and confusion in your life. You are not satisfy of what you do in your life. To see others eating apricots, this dream will bring you lots of worries and problems but later you will solve them all. Come back to reality To dream apricot tree, this dream symbol shows that you waste your time to not so important thing. You are in illusion world. You do not take care of your future, you think that everything will be good, you do not pay attention to the signs which show that you must see the reality and response and... (read more)
  • Orange - ...you have a desire of changes, for example, a journey; Warning if pick – You are picking oranges in your dream, this dream warns you not to rely too much on you good fortune. Arabian (Islamic) Fight if see – The orange in a dream means that you strive after an injustice; New contacts if buy – The dream says that you will enter into a new connection with important people and this will change your life to better; Love if eat – In the dream you are eating a juicy orange, this announces love delight and pleasure in your life.... (read more)
  • Mow - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Prospects if ripe corn – You are mowing or see a mow of ripe corns, means that your prospects are good; Inconvenient love if green grass – This dream is a warning that you have to beware of a mismatched love affair; Worries if dry grass – in the dream you are mowing dry grass, this dream announces about a failure in business or at work, but you will overcome them because of your hard work and strong faith. Arabian (Islamic) Productive future if mowing a field – In the dream you see yourself mowing... (read more)
  • Pineapple - General Meanings: In the dream you buy pineapples, this shows that you can often expect for a cheerful mood position. According to condition of the fruit this symbol has two different meanings: If the pineapple is ripe, juicy and sweet, it stands for self-confidence, joy of life and sexual pleasure. If it is decayed, bitter, unpalatable or uneatable, it points to insecurity, uncertainty, hardship and / or sexual disappointment. Also pineapple indicates that you will have success in your work. This helps you to see the life from the pleasant side and to enjoy this pleasure. Psychological Meanings: Personality feature,... (read more)
  • Dates - General Meanings: Need of warmth Dates are exotic fruits, so this marks that the dreamer wishes for something unique. On the other hand, the dates in a dream may be a sign that the dreamer needs some real friends or lover and support from them. Date usually has sexual meaning, this denotes the need for sex, love and tenderness, especially if you consume it in a dream. Psychological Meanings: Happy love or complexes The date symbolizes the feminine in mental and spiritual level. Ripe, sweet dates refer to satisfying partner relationships and overall satisfaction and surprising luck in love.... (read more)
  • Dessert - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happiness if fruit for dessert – It is a happy omen and wonderful news when in your dream you have a ripe fruit for dessert; Loss if eat immature fruit for dessert – The dream where you have immature fruit for dessert then this dream warns that you should expect business losses. * Please, see meaning of all fruits.... (read more)
  • Wolf - stationary – presages a happy meeting with the official person; Jackals, wolves and fierce dogs – indicates thieves and robbers; If wolf devours meat on the foot  – suggests unfavorable position. Antique French dreambook Wolf interpretations comes from old French dreambook Dreaming of wolf in general – means a quick deal with a cruel and treacherous person; If wolf bites you in the dream – this  is a warning and it means illness and loss. To defeat wolf in dream – a sign of great success and wealth. To dream a pack of wolves -foretells long year of suffering. Hasse dreambook... (read more)
  • Field - ...fertility The symbol of the field in the dream is ambiguous. It either means that the dreamer enters into a fertile phase of life, or that he has a certain problem and soon “work on” this. The field is considered as an archetype of the maternal and fertility, the solidarity with our forces of nature. Mental force Its appearance in the dream indicates the inner, psychological roots and power. Also symbolizes feminine nature interests – the more beautiful and healthier the field appears in the dream, the stronger is our own primal psychological force. Longing for natural life Dreams of ripe... (read more)
  • Ear (botany) - – In the dream you see corn field this signifies that you will be blessed with earthly goods; Maturity if waving wheat field –  This is a symbol of the maturity of the life’s work and the fulfillment of the desires; Marriage if see (for a woman) – For a woman to see ears in the dream is a sign that she will  marry a foreigner. Hindu (Hinduism) Success if see yourself – This dream is a good sign that your project will succeed; Luck if collect – Now you can consider do you want to be successful, because what... (read more)
  • Date tree (palm) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Aristocracy if date palms – The dream symbol of date palm signifies aristocratic women and those of imperial blood; Welfare if be in date palm grove – You go into a grove of date palms and pluck ripe palm fruits in your dream, then this dream marks that you will earn or get as much wealth as you plucked fruits; Suffer if immature fruits – The fruits of date palm is immature, then this dream marks that you will suffer from other people immaturity; Some money if tear down the palm leaves – This dream marks... (read more)
  • Iron (material) - you down – Such a dream stands for mental confusion and material loss; Cruelty if beat with an iron – In the dream you beat with an iron someone, then this dream shows that you use egoism and cruelty towards dependent persons; Unfair matters if produce the iron – Producing the iron in the dream, this means that you will implement unfair means in order to grow wealth; Bad decision if sell iron – To dream of selling iron, then this announces dubious outcome and unpleasant events; Temporary joy if price reduction of iron – Price reduction of iron in the... (read more)
  • Pear - General Meanings: Pear as a dream symbol mostly has the connection with interpersonal relationships such as love, affection or warmth and mostly positive emotions. The following circumstances of pear dream symbol: Nice and ripe pears in the dream stands as the desire for marriage and partnership, or this may announce an imminent wedding. Flowering pear trees or laden with fruits usually indicate an impending happy love that will change your life forever. To pluck pears in the dream may be a sign of professional and financial success. The pears are rotten and wormy point to the separation or to... (read more)