Plums dream meanings

General Meanings:

Joy and worries When in a a dream plums appear, this announces wealth, welfare and happiness, but only then, when it is the season of them. Otherwise, when plums appear out of season, this symbol signifies anxiety, sorrow, pain or worries.

Psychological Meanings:

In Japan, China and in the Far East the plum-tree is considered as a tree of the knowledge or realization and as a tree of life. The plum symbol in the dream symbolizes youth, vitality, innocence. Also the attitude to yourself, your attitude to your body. Maybe you are feeling being “plump”.

Joy and envy Often the plum  is compared because of its form of feminine genital organ and is considered as an unambiguous sexual symbol. When consuming plums promise joy of love for men – sexual jealousy for women.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Pleasure if eating a plum – In the dream you are eating a ripe and sweet plum, this announces pleasure, satisfaction and passion;
  • Fear if eating sour plum – This dream when you taste sour plum, shows you fear to something. You are afraid to make mistakes. Also this promises grief;
  • Recovery if plums are sweet – In the dream you see well ripe and sweet plums, this shows that you will recover after hard time;
  • Disease if eating plums in winter – In the dream you are eating plums out of season, this signifies about illness or worries about your own health:
  • Health problems if seeing green plums – This dream is a signal about physical discomfort, you will have some troubles with your health;
  • Opportunity if seeing ripe plums – This dream shows positive opportunities to reach your goals, but this will be only for a short period of time;
  • Reward and success if eating fresh and sweet plums – The dream will bring you success because courage and perseverance are rewarded;
  • Changes if pick up plums from the ground – In the dream you pick up plums from the ground, this is a sign of change according to the condition of the plums. Rotten plums – bad changes, fresh plums – good changes;
  • Happiness if gathering plums – In the dream you are picking plums, this promises fulfillment of your wishes.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Rich if seeing plum tree – This dream presents and stands for richness. But wealth comes through difficulties  and dangerous or risky decisions;
  • Boredom if seeing dried plum – This dream indicates that you are tired and bored about your life;
  • Frustration if gathering or picking rotten plums – This dream about rotten plums indicates that some of your plans or desires are not achievable.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Disease if see or eat plum in dream – This dream symbolize illness or even death if you do not take of your health ;
  • Be with family if picking unripe plums – This dream shows that you are not worry about your family members, you think that there are lots of other important things that your family;
  • Worries if see immature plums – In the dream the plums immature,  this marks that you will have and experience troubles and worries;
  • Success if mature plums – This dream marks for an advantageous development. Do not worry if you do not success from the first time, because later you will surprisingly succeed;
  • Disappointment if woman eating rotten plum – This shows that she will have to expect a disappointment in an intimate connection;
  • Disease if eating wormy plums – This dream signifies about death and illness.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To eat ripe, sweet plums in the dream – This dream is a very good omen (when you eat in during the season). The tree is full of beautiful plums in the dream, signifies richness in your life. You will have all the best feelings in your life – The satisfaction of your life, pleasure of life, happiness in your family.

Seeing, picking or gathering rotten or unripe plums in the dream –  This dream is a warning that you have to take care of your health. This dream warns that you will have serious illness or even death. Also you have to take care of your family, because you have left them behind. You may loose your family and the person you love.

To eat rotten, sour plums in the dream – This dream signifies that you will have worries and troubles in your life. You have made some mistakes in your life, and now you are afraid that they will come to light. You will feel anxiety and sorrow.

* Please, see meaning of prunes and berries.

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5 responses

  1. I had a dream at two different times of a beautiful plum tree full and fully ripened. I picked most off the tree and picked the ones off the ground and they were good. I didn’t have to throw any of them away.

  2. I had a dream that I selected the best plums from a seller and ate some of the plums with my childhood friend.
    In that same dream, I enjoyed eating well cooked fresh fish, and gave some to my childhood friend. We all ate together and enjoyed eating the well cooked spicy fresh fish. What does it mean?

  3. I dreamt i was handed 5 June plums, they seem mostly green, they were also battered at the bottom and one of them was halfway peeled..

    I could not hold all five in both hands, so they keep falling from my hands.

    The lady that gave the plums to me is a friend for many years and we share the same birthdate and year too. her sister was sitting in the car from which she took the fruit.

    the half peeled plum rolled from my hand and rolled far down the road, I shouted at a man to catch it for me and he threw it back to me, but i was un unable to catch it and it fell to the ground. I had to throw it away.

    i went to put the remaining 4 in my own car and when i opened the car my seem was filled with garbage…very strange as my am very particular about keeping my car clean,

    what do you think this dream means