Pear dream meanings

General Meanings:

Pear as a dream symbol mostly has the connection with interpersonal relationships such as love, affection or warmth and mostly positive emotions. The following circumstances of pear dream symbol:

  • Nice and ripe pears in the dream stands as the desire for marriage and partnership, or this may announce an imminent wedding.
  • Flowering pear trees or laden with fruits usually indicate an impending happy love that will change your life forever.
  • To pluck pears in the dream may be a sign of professional and financial success.
  • The pears are rotten and wormy point to the separation or to sad event in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Pears are juicy and full of sweetness stands as an erotic symbol of sensuality. The shape of pear is similar to female, the desire to make connection.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Surprise if pick pears from the ground – In the dream you pick pears that are on the ground, then this dream announces you an accident which will bring you a pleasant surprise;
  • Success if have harvest – When you have a harvest of pears in the dream then this dream is a good sign of very successful business which may change your life;
  • Joy if see pretty golden trees of pears – Pretty and golden pears on the tree show that you fate will be disposed to be more favorable than previously and will bring you satisfaction of your life;
  • Ability to deal with worries if boiled pears – In the dream you see boiled pears indicates that you have an ability to master setbacks well without any painful consequences;
  • Bored love if baked pears – The dream of baked pears marks that you have boredom in love and you need to ignite the passion;
  • Joyful time if eat sweet pear – You are eating a sweet and juicy pear in the dream then this denotes great joy or great love affair for you;
  • Sadness if eat acidic pear – The acid pear in the dream announces you pain and sadness;
  • Failure if see or eat rotten pears – The rotten and wormy pears as a dream symbols indicate sadness, failure and sickness in your life;
  • Weddings if see good pear – Very positive dream symbol which announces you marriage and happiness;
  • Hard times if see wormy – When you have or see wormy pears in the dream, then this is a sign that you will feel isolation from the surrounding and misery.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • More patience if eat a pear – You are eating a pear in the dream marks that you have some worries in your life, but you do not have any power to change something or you do not know the way out of this. But the positive side of this that you do not have to lose your faith and hurt and sooner or later everything will solve out;
  • Be more attentive if see many pears – This dream is a sign that first of all you have to check and only then to act;
  • Warning if wormy pears – In the dream you see that pears are wormy then this dream is a sign for you not be so gullible because someone wants to use you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Worries if eat a pear – When you eat pears in the dream marks that you will have inconvenience and hardship in near future and you will need lots of patience;
  • Disputes if shake a tree of pears – The action of shaking a pear tree in the dream signifies disputes and quarrels because of your irresponsibility and lack of patience;
  • Happiness if see lots pear on the tree – The dream symbol of happy marriage;
  • Fraud if pears eaten by wasps or worms – Very negative dream symbol if pears are eaten by wasps or worms, this announces deceit and fraud of truthful persons;
  • Prospect if pluck pears – When you pluck pears in the dream, then you have good prospects for your future which may bring unexpected changes in your life;
  • Illness if wilted or rotten pears – The pears are rotten then you may expect accident or disease.

* Please, see meaning of fruits.

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4 responses

  1. i hav had twice this same dream concerning the first dream i had was ,i saw many pears under a pear tree both riped n rotten.then the second one the same but rather i was selecting the riped ones from the rotten,so i picked enough of the ripe ones and i waked up.what does this mean?

  2. Good morning, I dreamt we are many plucking a pear I saw saw some animals trying to put fire to stop us and one was quenching the fire. I and one lady filled our rubber, so I ask her to carry it since she is taller than I am. So that the owner of the tree will not see what I am carrying, but she insist. I had to carry it on my head.

  3. Sir, i dreamt abt when i wanted to pluck pears, there many where both on the tree and on the ground trying to get there own. But i reasoned that if i climb that others wil pick the ones that wil be falling. Then, i went to one corner,jumped up nd draw one branch of the tree and behold finely mature and attractive pears fell down. And i began to pick them happily. Pls sir, interprete it. I dnt know if the Lord has given me success onetime bcause i sowd seeds for my jamb, waec nd post utme xams nd had dis dream when i was sleeping afta reading my book.thanks in anticipation for ur response.