Wolf dream meanings


– Instinct & Appetite; Threat & Loyalty.


– What instincts are a threat to me? Who or what is my instinctive loyalty?

In general:

Wolf symbolizes aggressive impulses, instincts and desires, which can be dangerous, if dreamer has not mastered it better. Commonly it is understood as a reference to an external threat or a hostile people.


The wolf is a very dangerous animal. In the dream, he appears as a sign of recklessness, aggressiveness and impulsiveness. The wolf in the dream points to the irrepressible point in us, the second self, with which we are in constant struggle, on the stress state of the soul. Dreaming of wolves should induce us to come with ourselves to the pure self. Personified this animal could be a man that benefits ourselves only if we do not become enemies with him.


– In general: with the internal drives is a difficult fight in progress, have a thieving employees, also divulges trade secrets;
– To hear the howl: your conspiracy will be investigated;
– To look into wolf or to see one: applies to false, hypocritical friends. Dreamer should not to make enemies, since it would be a very uncomfortable opponent;
– To be followed by a wolf: means danger;
– To be attacked by one: friend will cause many difficulties to you;
– To track, follow, trace or pursue a wolf: you will overcome all threats;
– Try to kill wolf or to see killed wolf: you turn off treacherous opponents, who want to embarrass you.

– The wolf means a greedy rulers.
– Dream of fighting with a wolf: you will have a dispute;
– If the dreamer kills wolf: he is a powerful person & he will destroy his opponents;
– If the wolf grabbed or bitten him: he will have to endure violence and pain of an unjust and greedy enemy;
– To see wolves in a pack: you will be influenced by evil, greedy people;
– Also dreaming of pack of wolves: you has to deal with sneaky friends, which are preparing to attack you;
– To listen how wolf or wolves howl: your enemies will take you to the event;
– To see very large pack or many packs of wolves: you have more enemies than friends.

– To see: you’re in danger and you will have to endure severe anger;
– To be pursued by wolf or pack of wolves: you’re not well-disposed & you have a mortal enemy;
– To listen howling wolves: you shall not listen to the gossip of the neighbors, you will be under pressure from all sides;
– To beat wolf in dream: you will overcome your enemies.

Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of wolf in dreams by Denise Lynn

Wolf symbolizes society and public duty; Also, it shows concern about the family or suggests care for the family.
Wolf can indicate the need for more care and support.
Wolf also shows fear, especially – the fear of being squeezed into a corner.
Wolf in sexual aspect stands for inappropriate coquettish behavior.

Denise Lynn (detailed):

Detailed interpretation of wolf in dreams by Denise Lynn

Wolves have very strong sense of family (pack). They are together all the time – they hunt together, they raise their young puppies together and they have a very strong sense of hierarchy.
In North America isn’t known any single case of death of a human in an attack by a wild wolf (although in Europe and Asia it sometimes happened). As a rule, the wolves are not aggressive at all and clashes between members of the pack are extremely rare.
You should ask yourself: do I feel support of my family? Maybe I need to balance my personal needs and interests of my family? In this case, wolf is a clear sign that shows your relationship with family and your feelings for family. This sign maybe tells you that you need more love and emotional support. And sometimes for some people the wolf in the dream can be a symbol of fear.

Maya civilization:

Mayan dream interpretations about Wolf

Good omen
If the wolf’s mouth or jaws is in blood, then very soon you will have a loyal and reliable friend.
To make this happen, draw on the wall with yellow paint circle and draw triangle in it.

Bad omen
If the wolf is asleep, then soon your enemies will start to act and none of your friends will be able to help and to protect you.
To protect yourself, draw on each nail a thin red stripe. And before you go out from your home, throw over your right shoulder one coffee bean for one week.

Russian dreambook:

Wolf interpretation from russian dream book

To dream wolf symbolizes very strong enemy. To dream pack of wolves symbolizes many strong enemies.

Nobleman dreambook:

Wolf interpretation from Noblemen’s dreambook by N. Grishin

  • Wolf can be interpreted as:
    • The enemy, which will join the fight;
    • Suicidal soul;
    • Your greed, avarice, lust for acquisitiveness; The damage might be induced by these personality qualities;
    • Enemies and fights.
  • To hear the howling wolves – the loneliness and the need of someone.
  • To see wolfpack – a clash with the enemy.
  • To be in a pack of wolves – a threat.
  • To dream rapidly running wolfpack – the damage from enemies.
  • To hunt wolves – you will access the conspiracy against you and you will crack it.
  • To kill the wolf – you will reach a victory over the enemy.
  • To eat wolf’s meat in dream – is a good omen, a favorable circumstances.
  • To catch a wolf or to have one or to tame a wolf – there is a chance to become the object of ridicule or to get in a ridiculous position.
  • Wolf – may symbolize business with greedy man.

Shereminskaya dreambook

Wolf dream interpretation by L. G. Shereminskaya

Wolf in dream definitely indicates the enemy. But if you dream that you kill a wolf – in reality you will overcome your enemies.

Gypsy dreambook

Wolf meaning in dreams by Romani people

Dreaming of wolf symbolizes strength and independence.

The New Family dreambook

  • If you had a wolf, then this dream shows that among your staff is careless and irresponsible person.
  • To kill a wolf in a dream – in reality you will cope with some tricky enemies.
  • To hear the howl of a wolf – you need to expose someone’s plot and defeat it in the face of fierce competition.

Chinese dreambook

Chinese dream interpretation by Zhou Gong

  • Ferocious wolf is stationary – presages a happy meeting with the official person;
  • Jackals, wolves and fierce dogs – indicates thieves and robbers;
  • If wolf devours meat on the foot  – suggests unfavorable position.

Antique French dreambook

Wolf interpretations comes from old French dreambook

  • Dreaming of wolf in general – means a quick deal with a cruel and treacherous person;
  • If wolf bites you in the dream – this  is a warning and it means illness and loss.
  • To defeat wolf in dream – a sign of great success and wealth.
  • To dream a pack of wolves -foretells long year of suffering.

Hasse dreambook

Meanings of wolf in dreams by Hasse

  • To see wolf in dream – foretells the transfer of a strong burst of anger;
  • To hear the howl of a wolf in dream – suggests that you will be warned of the danger;
  • To be pursued by wolf or wolves in dream – shows a mortal enemy.

Azara dreambook

Interpretations of wolf in dreams by Azara

  • The bite of the wolf – indicates risk;
  • The hunting of the wolf – shows opening of the conspiracy;
  • The kill of the wolf – means the death of an enemy.

Medicine Wheel:

Meanings and interpretations by Indian people (indigenous North American culture and religion)

Kindness, power, smart, evasive, protective, distinctive, compassionate, loyal, loyalty, perseverance, care, pathfinding, love, southern soul path.

The wolf is associated with the medicine wheel in the inner position of the southern path and soul of love. Wolves are very social animals that live in packs with firmly established traditions and limitations. Wolves look for is usually a partner or a partner for life. It has long been the wolf is an integral part of the human imagination, where he appears as the lone wolf or a symbol of the wilderness and the wild portions of the people. Wolves were once widespread throughout the world, would stand close to extinction and are now returning slowly. Earthy tribes had great respect for wolves, because they have such a strong sense of family and hunt only old and sick members of a species.

General meaning
Your relationship with your family and community, and the loving side of your nature, your feelings of intimacy.

An aggressive man who persistently pursues its objectives at the expense of others; werewolf, a name.

Transcendent meaning
A protective animal that you can teach something about love and family.

Please, see also meaning of predator, carnivore and animals

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  1. My dream was extremely vivid but I can not remember it all. I do remember however that I was lying low in a tunnel and a large wolf crawled in it. At first I was afraid and then for some reason the male wolf was familiar. He crawled on top of me, licked me and then cuddled next to me. He whispered in my ear that I needed to meet him under the bridge so I could receive a different message from him. Then he crawled out the tunnel and disappeared. I immediately went looking for the bridge but it was in an unfamiliar place. I ended up lost in a room full of rooms. Saw one of my managers who’s back turned towards me and I avoided him knowing I was there. I got back outside and finally to the bridge the friendly wolf told me about to receive the message but I woke up.

  2. 19 Dec 17; I dreamt last night of my home that belonged to my parents; my mom lost said home due to taxes; I rented said home from her before she lost it. Anyway, I went to the front screen door and there was a wolf; I immediately closed the door of which, it came inside my home. I slit its throat (NO fear) and saw the blood on the floor flowing. I ate the wolf (tasted like chicken). I have been single since 28 Feb 16; I broke up with ex-bf (Saggy) and is mom (Aries), I found out did black magic on me to be single for the rest of my life (not be happy in the love department); TWO psychics informed me. I got cleansed. Said ex-bf to THIS day calls my office, listens to my office salutation, and hangs up. Third physic informed me to give him “peace”. I have. I UNBLOCKED him on FB and wrote that I knew it was he calling my office (I don’t have caller ID on my Army phone), and that he should not have chastised my 11 year old (going on 21); that he has a mother who will protect him too, such as I am to my 11 year old (going on 21). I gave him closure and wished him well. He IMMEDIATELY wrote back and said, “I am getting married next year, I don’t want anything to do with you” Mind you! He did NOT apologize for chastising my son. He STILL keeps to his day, calling me at work. Grrrrr! I KNOW I have fought my ENEMY (his mom); and others who want to do black magic/voodoo on me 🙂



    PS: Third psychic told me I will meet “the one” at work next spring March/April; that his name will sound like ph or f like Frank, Stephan, Adolph, etc, etc, he will be in “financing” and a family man, etc. I cannot wait! My TURN to be happy!!!!

  3. Can’t remember the entire dream well, but the image of a black wolf with blood in its mouth snarling and snapping it’s teeth is very vivid. I was not at all afraid of the Wolf. I got the strong feeling that I knew the Wolf had done something terrible but I was still feeling sympathy for it and wanted to help it somehow. Was a very strange feeling since the sight of blood usually makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. I had a dream where four people were walking in the snow for days and then a pack of wolves start chasing them. One of the people was a women who was the last one from the group running slow and got attacked by a light brown wolf . later the people reach a downhill and slide down and so did the pack of wolves ,but the odd thing was . Now the humans had them in a leash each person had one tied with a rope and the wolf were running. I was just the watcher in the dream.

  5. well in my dream its all good and it feels like its real but then i think of wolves and then i see a pack of wolves then i knew i was in a dream i was scard too so then a wierd figure attacks me (not like fnaf attack) more like this man with big brows and big eyes and no hair attacks me i dont know what it means if anyone knows please tell me i think this is a luslead dream but i wake up cause i was scard or its not a luslead dream and its something else. but if you know what this is please tell me what it is also my email is [email protected] send me messages if you know what it is or how to help me i dont like this its makes me jump off my bed and scared also email me for more info about this im thinking of making a story of this on my youtube though so yaa hope you can help me…

  6. I keep having recurring dream about a wolf standing at the foot of my bed snarling , don’t know if it’s at me or not , wake up in a cold sweat . been happening for 50+ years.

  7. I was somewhere in the middle of a large field I couldn’t see ends to…
    It was really coming down with snow and the fields were deep with snow. I felt presences everywhere, not really sure if I saw them but I knew they were there in the distance more wolves. There was only one in the middle of the field facing me, waiting for me almost. he was white, grey. And black and sat very tall in posture. I was walking up to it, it didn’t seem threatening or vicious…. Just calm, and warm… Almost welcoming.
    The wolf was not very large but I could feel it’s power…
    Then I randomly had flashes of me running with them and howling together… And my phone went off and woke me up… I want to go back there lol

  8. When i fell back asleep- after shooting this alpha wolf he chased me up a tree and began climbing to me just as he was about to bite me i kicked him in the face and he fell out of the tree and hit the ground, when this happened he yelped in pain and i took my rifle and shot him in the back and he started trying to run away but couldnt because he had been crippled from the fall and now had my bullet in his spine… I jumped down from the tree and walked towards him and every step i took he crawled farther away from me whimpering…what does this mean….

  9. I had a dream last night that i was hunting a pack of wolves and three times they attacked eachtime i fought them off and managed to kill one or two and eachtime they came back they wanted my dog and eachtime i saved her (she is a Chihuahua) and then the 3rd and last time the alpha wolf a huge black one with gold piercing eyes attacked and i fought him off kicking him in the face and grabbing my gun i shot him through the chest….at this point i awoke please help me with this interpertation….

  10. In my dream I came across two wolves both tied up around their mouths and legs lying down on the ground. They were about to be killed so I picked them up by the rope that held them and I started running with them both. I knew the person that was about to kill them was going to start looking for them, so I brought them to what I thought was a safer location. I was only able to untie one wolf in time and the other one was taken for slaughter. I was devastated in the dream once I saw the blood of the wolf I was not able to save so the rest of the dream I was running and hiding with the wolf I was able to save . The wolf I was able to save was my companion the entire dream and was very loving and loyal to me after my help. The one wolf and I eventually got away unharmed. What could this mean?

  11. I was inside a very old home then went outside for air…..surrounding normal noise heard…….then quietness…..the gentleman on my right not that far from me shouted wolf! I asked where? at about several feet on my left by an old children’s swing, a grayish with white male wolf i see crouching ready to attack. I shouted and told the people outside to get inside the house and quickly latch the door in front of us. The door was so old and thin that while the door was shut, i was still pushing it shut just to make sure it stays that way but, the wolf managed to insert its head and front legs in and trying to bite me…… I asked for a knife but i got was a small saw like knife and i asked for a bigger knife. While waiting for it and struggling to stop the wolf from getting inside, i shoved the small knife inside it’s mouth and it was chocking from it and immediately somebody handed me a longer and bigger kitchen knife and start stubbing the head of the wolf several times and killed it. In the mean time, my son on my right side was also struggling with a female wolf, light brown in color and with white as well. My son was holding it’s head avoiding the bite and i immediately took over to hold it’s head and stubbed it several times and killed it. As we went out to look and investigate, the male wolf got up and ran several feet away from me and i chased it until it finally stopped in front of an old burnt and semi collapse concrete building were people were just standing and watching but with no care…. the wolf was hesitating to get away or so at least i see it looking back to the collapsed building but would not go in and i grabbed it by the top of his neck and stabbed it and made sure that it was dead. Somehow the female wolf was there as well and it gotten stiffed and stood her on her paws to show-off people that i have killed the female wolf. But i tried to stand the male wolf just like i did to the female wolf but it didn’t because the wolf was not stiffed like the female wolf…………..I awoke after that dream.

  12. I just dreamt that my boyfriend was killed by wolves I cried intensely when I found peices of his clothing filled with blood and flesh… Then in the dream I was searching for him incase he might be alive, one wolf them tried to attack me whilst on my search and I killed it, but I was also determined to kill all the wolves that did this.

  13. My 6 year old son just woke up screaming stating that he had a scary dream that a wolf was hiding in the trees trying to kill him.. What does that mean?

  14. I am now 50, however, I still recall A dream from when I was under 6 yrs old (I know this as it was in my 1st childhood home). IN my dream I’m asleep in my bed and I fell cold – it is early morning and I see through the window that my family are in or getting into the car for a family holiday, but I’m not with them – they don’t seem to notice. I’m sad and scared to be left alone and don’t understand why they don’t realise I’m not with them – I have no voice to call them – I try to scream out but nothing comes out! Somehow I’m back in my bed, then I notice a number of wolves are circling outside and coming into the house. I feel one coming and curiously licking at my hand which is dangling out side of my bed, initially I’m scared but somehow I feel that they mean me no harm.

    I feel this is weird as I live in Australia and we have no wolves here!
    What does it mean and how do I still recall this 44 yrs later?

  15. (This dream was very lucid I could decide what I wanted to do)

    In a house, it was rainy, cold and dark outside, the house seemed to be drenched with water, all the carpets were soaked. The stairs were soggy and wet, At the time I was wearing socks. Upstairs I sat on a wet bed, I decide to go down stairs to the basement, the basement turned into an underground cave. I kind of felt like i was in a video game, well this cave had tunnels leading to different tunnels into rooms, with torches lighting up the endless halls, it was dark, wet and leaky from all the rain. I found a room with cages and in one cage, there was a wild giant black wolf staring right at me with black eyes. I felt the urge to rescue him, I opened the cage and he stepped out, he looked at me for a moment and instantly I could hear or feel what he was thinking, he felt like a panic, something was happening up in the house. He started to run through the tunnels knowing exactly where the stairs led up to the house were. He stops and looks at me, he nudges his nose for me to go up the stairs, it was super slippery and hard to keep my balance with my socks on, once I was upstairs the wolf was right behind me, following me. We both hear a noise inside the house, all of a sudden this nasty mean wild brown and white wolf was staring right at us, he charged at us and i ran up stairs as this other black wolf was standing guard making sure i got up quickly enough to hide, I hear the black wolf coming right behind me like he was scared too. We both hid behind walls and were quiet, soon enough this other wolf started creeping down the hallway where we were hiding, the black wolf made a noise to distract the other wolf and i ran past them down the stairs using my socks to slide down the stairs really fast, I run to the kitchen and i’m on the 2nd floor of the house I hear the brown and white wolf coming after me into the kitchen, i jump onto the counter, i opened the window and crawled out on top of a roof, I randomly had a blanket with me too. I slipped on the roof and caught my self holding onto a cereal box. The wolfs head pops out of the window and does not see me because i’m being so still, my fingers started slipping and he finally saw my movement I saw his eyes flare up like he was going to attack, I let go and fall of the roof onto my back, I get up and start running through the grass away from the house. The wolf jumps out of the house window onto the ground, he chased after me. I knew I couldn’t get away so i got my blanket and wrapped it around my arm and through it over the wolfs face, I tangled it around him and pinned him on the ground he was biting my arm so I grab his mouth and pry it open, I then bit his neck open and i started to suffocate his with my blanket, I won he died.

  16. In my dream it was snowing and i was walking through the snow there was a pack of wolves but i could only see 3 but they were spaced out i happened to think deeply i wasn’t turning back because i knew i would be killed by the leader so i walked up to him grabbed his neck really tight amd didn’t let go used my strength and beheaded him with my bare hands saw all the blood and everything and that was it the others scattered

  17. I was in a horriable home that was soooo scary haunted but, while there id dream about wolves trying to bust in the windows and come in they never made it but, we was always running.
    Well yesterday i lost my lil dog im devastated someone hit her and did nothing she ran off from home harness on her collar on her but whoever did it took her collar on impact.
    I dreamed a friend of mine said we are going to do something grand something fun u have never done before. Then these wolves foaming from the mouth and growling appeared i begged to leave and said this is not what u told me we was she said it exciting i looked out at one it was opening the door on its own we slam the door i closed one up and killed it and i dreamed she ran many over and stabbed so many we got out but bodys where gone there where wolves coming at us but in ghost form and then taking full body shape once slowed scared we went to a jeep but an old lady was covered with a sheet n her daughter they moved over as we where driving i seen family standing my kids my mom neighbors laughing at us as we ran from wolvez trying to kill us but they didn’t touch them we set up camp near a fire with family n friends safe n i woke up i cant sleep im confused.

  18. I dreamed I was riding down the road on my motorcycle when a normal sized black bear ran across the road in front of me. Right behind the bear was an EXTREMELY LARGE at least 20 foot tall wolf that I was scared of at first but it just stood in middle of the road and I rode between his two front legs. At first I felt as if it didn’t notice me but I think now, maybe he was just watching over me…I don’t know.

  19. I have had 2 dreams of wolves. The first I was walking down a street with my father and brother. We spotted 2 or 3 wolves roaming at a side street at the side of us. I said don’t look just keep walking and don’t run. Then we looked behind us and they spotted us and started to chase us. We ran like crazy looking behind us to see where they were. There was about 10 of them now. We ran past a man and we didn’t tell him we was running from wolves in a selfish hope that they would get him and not us. I was worried for my dad and brother I could easily have out run them but I stayed behind them to make sure they was safe. The man spotted the wolves and started to run with us. My brother started to fall behind so I grabbed him and went mad at him to run like crazy and keep going. We came to a big building like shopping centre place with big glass doors. We ran for it and ran past 2 women. The wolves started to attack obe of the women and tearing her up. They lost interest in us as they had got there kill. I was relieved that we got away. It sounds really selfish but I was kinda relieved that it wasn’t us. Weird.
    My second dream I was in a house I cant remember who I was with. It was snowing and dark. I was upstairs and a wolf was jumping ul at the window trying like crazy to get it. The window was slightly opsn and it was breaking it off its hinges a bit more every time it jumped up. Going crazy and vicious trying to get in. Thdre was another 2 or 3 wolves circling around next to it waiting for the wolf to get a way in.

  20. Hi, I used to get this dream when I was sick, ** I find myself in a forest walking, I hear screeches of birds and barks of animals. I get worried because it is dusk turning to dark. I turned around to see a flicker of white brushing though the bushes. I hear snarling and a big black wolf with yellow eyes leap out at me. Before I could react the big white wolf leapt out and counter attacked the black wolf. It went on for minutes till both of them died of blood loss. I run off towards my house.** By then I wake up and look out my window. I see blazing yellow eyes and piercing blue eyes. Every time I had that dream I saw those eyes. Thanks.

  21. When I was younger every year after my birthday for three years I had the same dream. My two brothers, mother, grandma and I would be at my grandma’s house. I’d walk into the patio and everyone would be having a good time. I’d go to the toy box to find something. Unsatisfied I’d turn around and see a wolf snarling at me. By this time my family would be gathered against the wall. The wolf would jump in me and I’d fight him. The first two years I’d wake up in fear after wrestling with the wolf for a while. On the third year everything was the same except as the wolf jumped me my brother tossed me a comb (at the time in real life he was obsessed with his Ace Vantura like hair). I popped out the wolf’s eyes with the comb. I awoke, quickly sitting up. In the corner of my bed, to the left of my feet I saw a large white wolf head with white eyes. It made no noise. It was snarling. It began opening it’s mouth. It just kept opening, eventually opening so wide it closed on itself and the head disappeared. I sat there staring at the corner wondering what to do. I wasn’t about to stand up bc I thought something was probably under my bed about to snatch me. Eventually I did make a run for my dad’s room. I never had the dream again after that. I was really proud I beat the wolf. At the time, bc of the head, I thought it was a spirit that I beat. Now I think I may have still been in a dream state and imagined it.

  22. I had a dream that started with a bunch of people, but they slowly just kinda walked away and I couldn’t find any of them. I saw one wolf walking pretty far away, but it walked into the woods and I wasn’t really afraid of it. But as I tried to find other people, the wolf came up to me and started attacking me. But it never really hurt me. It put its mouth on me and put pressure, but it never bit hard enough to draw blood or hurt. Then it would run off. The wolf attack repeated itself about three times before I locked myself in a shed so the wolf couldn’t get me. I was trying to call my mom to come pick me up and take me home, but she wouldn’t answer. I see that it says this: “To be attacked by one: friend will cause many difficulties to you;” which I think is the meaning of this.

    The night before the dream my ‘friends’ were teasing another person that I was friends with. They put mean things on a picture I had posted of me and her. I showed my dad so he could deal with it, and he emailed their parents showing what they said. These ‘friends’ have been mean to many other people before; however, they normally don’t bully them right to their face.

    Do you think this is why I had the dream?

  23. Hi, I had a very strange dream, I was in a forest at night time and In it I was a grey wolf next to me a white wolf, this white wolf was teaching me things, i don’t know what.. but then 2 wolves started to follow us, one was black and HUGE, the other one was grey, “we” the white wolf and I hid behind some furniture??!! ( is a dream OK?), didn’t hide because of fear, just because we had to hide and watch them. I was sure this wolves were Stalking us but they couldn’t find us because we always kept the wind in our faces, The white wolf started walking away “to follow the other grey wolf” i thought.. but in a blink found myself biting the huge black wolf neck from behind and leaving the front expose for the white wolf to finish him off!! then… I woke up. really wierd. What does it mean?

  24. I had a dream of 2 wolves being held by chains and bleeding from the mouth and there was this guy there laughing while holing them back and I also saw in this dream I saw the eye of gaia

  25. My mother recently had a dream about a wolf pack. It was winter and we were up north some where. The wolves would chase us, then we would get into the house and start trying to fight them off, but we couldn’t. Then, some kid, a teenager came by on skies, the wolves went after them. They were gaining speed and leaving the wolves behind, but at some point, there was a hill going up the other side, that’s when she knew that they were going to catch up to him. What is that supposed to mean?

  26. I dreamt that I found 2x eggs from the sea and brought them home. The pearl like egg hatched a green parrot which died right after hatching. The second egg was a weird looking shaped, and hatched a young black wolf. Though it was fearsome at first and I hid from it, it turned out ok in the end but still wild. What does this mean….?

  27. Most of these interpretations are negative, only because in reality people perceive the wolf in a negative way and therefore have negative dreams, whereas a person who perceives the wolf in a positive way will have more positive dreams. In my experience, the real wolf is neither good nor bad, but symbolically they are both good AND bad. Again, it depends on how the dreamer views the wolf.
    If a dreamer should ask someone else what their dreams means, it should not be the only interpretation. Dreams must be looked at as dramatizations from the unconscious, and no one knows a dreamer’s unconscious better than him/herself. I absolutely adore wolves but sometimes they do attack me in my dreams, but it isn’t always the wolf itself that is the threat. My unconscious (the wolf) could be warning me about an internal conflict, or something else based on other symbols or feelings in the dream.
    A wolf attacking you could be a person, a feeling, a circumstance, or part of you. What does the wolf in your dream represent? What environment are you in? What other symbols are in your dream? What emotions do you have and why do you feel that way? What are some of your real life occurrences that can relate to the dream? Sometimes dreams are so complex that you have to get to the bottom of each and every symbol, but also remember to look at the whole picture. You can certainly find a few answers looking at other people’s interpretations, but the only person who can really interpret your dream is you.

  28. I need help understanding a dream I had last night. It has been haunting me all day.

    I dreamt that I was with my boyfriend in a public place, something like a mall, but I don’t remember seeing anyone else in the dream but us. We could hear rustling in a wall so we went to investigate the sound. We ended up in the back kitchen of a restuarant and found that the noise was a black Timberwolf eating through the wall, trying to get into us. My boyfriend told me to run to the bathroom and lock myself in it. I did as he said and started to run. The wolf broke through the wall and started to chase me. He was growling and bearing his teeth at me. His big, bright yellow eyes burning into me. He was on the hunt. I ran into the bathroom but had no time to stop running to close the door. I climbed onto the top of the bathroom stalls and he was jumping trying to grab me. I did everything I could to get away from him, but he was relentless.
    That’s when I woke up.
    The look of hunger, ferocity, and the instinct to kill has haunted me all day.

    Hope someone can help me decifer this dream.

  29. I had a dream last night of my ex of 8 years, the father of my oldest two children and whom I’ve known for 24 years being attacked by a lone wolf, I woke myself up from this dream but I am still very much bothered by this dream could you please give me some insight on what this dream might have meant?
    Thank you.

  30. Ok, so I’m going to try to explain this dream. I was in the woods by myself, and I was raising various animals together.

    I ended up keeping: 5 chickens(Rhode Island Red Hens), 3 young white goats, 2 young sheep and one young dog.

    I ended up chasing away(after keeping them for a time), 2 young raccoons and a young wolf.

    The wolf is a big deal to me because it’s the first time a young or small, unaggressive wolf has appeared in a dream of mine.

  31. I had a dream about 3 wolf puppies in a row one behind the other trying to climb up the side of my bed/
    never dreamt about wolves before in my life?what does this mean?
    thank you

  32. I have had this dream twice now… I’m at a friend’s house and we are hanging out on the porch when this black wolf comes walking by like a stray dog and I start to provoke it. My friends are yelling at me and I continue to provoke it. It starts to growl at me and its eyes turn yellow. Then it jumps at me and all of a sudden I’m petting it and its tame and shedding black fur all over. The second time I had this dream I locked myself in the house and it came through the window when I was trying to lock it.

  33. I have a recurring dream that I’ve had since I was really little (now 21). It begins with me running through the woods on all fours. I look down and see paws, I’m a black wolf. Then I look to either side of me and realize I’m running with a pack. The greyish wolf next to me speaks, “We’re almost there, keep running sweetie.” I can feel she is my mom, like my actual mom unlike the one I have in real life. Next thing I know we are at a ravine and I stop while the others jump. My mom and the others yells at me to jump, that it’s coming, but I’m scared. I don’t know what’s coming. When I finally jump, I’m engulfed in black smoke and I wake up.

  34. I had a dream that a wolve pack were attacking me and other people in a wooden house. Some of them attacked my hands. I grapped the mouth and smashed the wolves away from me. Except one a big grey one tried to attack me but could because I gave him a look and wisepered something (can’t remember what). He nodded and runed away. I felt so powerful. What in heaven could this mean?

  35. I just had a dream I was turning into a werewolf. I’m female, but in the dream, I was a male werewolf. I was also upset because I wasn’t beastly and frightening enough. Someone held up a mirror to my face and I appeared homely, obese, and short. I was an androgynous looking werewolf. Also, someone was pulling very long and knotted strands of hair out of my ear canals. They let go and the hair would be yanked back into my ear canals. Someone was also writing symbols very fast on my blanket on my torso. Something about this dream feels very witchy and occult.

  36. I had a dream I was turning into a werewolf. I also had long strands of knotted hair being pulled out of my ear (not be me). I had hair all over my body, but was upset that I had not turned into something more beast like. Although I felt powerful I was a meek looking werewolf.

  37. I dreamt last night that i was sitting in a car at a farm when i heard a gun shot and then saw a wolf run out in front of me with its bottom jaw hanging off and there was blood everywhere. The jaw fell off and the wolf saw me and jumped through the window to sit on my lap, i was screaming with fear and grossness. It was someones pet as it had a blue scarf tied around its neck and i became so angry that someone had done this, that i overcame my fear and anguish and drove to the nearest vet to get him fixed. It was night time by the time i dropped him off and i drove back to find the jaw to reattach it and threatened to maim the people who did this to him. Just before this scene i dreamt that i was horse riding and we came to a river that had dead birds in it but the fish were alive, the water was poisoned and some of the horses were acting sickly. The emotion was pretty strong in both dreams, not sure yet what they mean..

  38. First, none of my wolf dreams have been where I was under attack by them. In my latest one, it was totally different. The wolf was grey, it was running up hills, until it got to the biggest hill in the area. It ran to the top, turned toward me, stood there and looked straight at me and in the eye. We were looking eye to eye. Then I woke up.

  39. In my dream I owned a fox, two dogs, and a wolf when a pack of wolves were circling the house I was living in in the middle of nowhere I called for help, but when a wolf was suddenly trying to get in the house I was shutting the door on it and finally got it shut, but later when help arrived and I saw a wolf injured I realized it was my wolf who I had unwittingly left to fight off a pack by herself. I ran over and was repeating i’m sorry over and over while crying, that is how I woke up and still saying i’m sorry. What does this mean???

  40. I had 4 dreams in one nght, about wolves all around me,an a werewolf growling in my face, I could even touch them, feel the fur on them, in one dream i’m in a truck with a boyfreind, an they were comeing for us, the last dream i was a sickly child, i was on a pallet on the floor, an i was looking at a man, an i knw he was my dad, in my dream an he turned around an he had this horrified look on his face, an i turned an there were, 3 wolves sitting next to me an when i went to get up to run one of them went to other side of me an wouldn’t let me up, then i woke up.

  41. I have found out through much research that the wolf is a totem of mine. I just recently had a dream where a black wolf approaches me in a vehicle with the door open. The wolf was very life scale in my dream. After a few dream moments two others show up, one was reddish brown and white and the other was gray and white. People in the vehicle with me were petting them, I was freaking out cause I didnt want anything to happen to either the wolves nor the people. The black wolf comes to the other side where I was and turns into a woman with long black curly hair and begins to ask me why I was afraid. Then I said that I wanted nothing to happen, she then proceeded to ask me why and I told her that I was one of them. Her eyes became wide and we drove off. The other two wolves had gone but the woman was still standing there looking at me. Can anyone interpret this?

  42. I had a dream of a female wolf that walked up to me I was scared and didn’t move she growled at me showed her teeth and then started to lick my hand and then I began to pet her and then she followed me and stayed with me through out my dream right by my side it was scary at first but the it became very comforting and I felt better for having her with me what does it mean would really like to know

  43. Had a dream today that I was approached by a black wolf with red eyes. It was night time. The red eyes just stared at me. It did not attack, did not howl, did not do anything. I woke up immediately. I thought it odd, as I usually either don’t dream, or dream in cartoons. The last dream before this was almost 8 months ago, where I dreamed a little boy who looked like my brother was telling me something bad was going to happen. Right after, my aunt died.

    This was wolf dream very real, almost as if it happened in real life. Any ideas? I have no idea what this means. I would’ve rather a human just told me what was up.

  44. I, came across this site and I’m, not trying to over look anything in my dreams of recent days/weeks. But, I find it severely strange to dream of the same wolf pack for months, since I bought my puppy, Bastian.
    Bastian, is supposedly part Wolf/Husky mix as told to us, by his breeder.

    Ever since, I started raising Bastian at 9 weeks old.

    I, started having this odd dream of Bastian running with a pack of wolves. And, it’s ALWAYS the same kind of wolves! The pack, does not change and the wild scenery is always, the same. I, stopped researching dream symbols of animal’s a while back. However, the dream has started occurring again.

    I, don’t know if I’m supposed to take Bastian somewhere, this pack may be actually located in the living world? Or, if it means something else? He, has some emotional issues because, he’s a wide range of large breeds! It’s caused some, “worry” from other people, who are involved with his situation. I’d, sent him to a professional trainer and ever since that time; he’s, not been the same dog! I’ve, been doing everything humanely possible, in order to keep him and everyone safe. He’s, not a bad dog, by any means! He’s, very loving and affectionate and is very protective of the family and those, living in the house. He’s, never bitten or harmed anyone physically. So, I’m wondering exactly…what, this dream of him, “running in a pack” would mean in the actual world?

  45. I had a dream of a bear cub playing with a white wolf. The wolf was quite small and submissive. The cub seemed to be playing but actually was biting the wolf..and the wolf was literally crying in pain. Then finally the bear mother came and killed the wolf and dragged it somewhere to eat. In my dream I felt sad for the wolf because it was suffering so much.

  46. Hello! I keep having this reoccurring dream about this vicious dog or what I am beginning to think a black wolf. The same ending happens but occurs in different situations. This time in particular I was in my house with a few friends hanging out and practicing for dance ensemble. We ordered pizza when it finally came. I walked to the door to answer the door for the pizza woman. When I got to my front door I saw the woman get out of her car but I also made eye contact with the black dog/wolf thing that was almost like stalking my house. I locked my door as it jumped to attack my front door to get to me. I urged the pizza woman to get into the car but she didn’t understand. Next thing I know the dog/wolf goes to attack the pizza woman chasing her around my car and cornering her. I woke up before I could see what happened.
    This dream happens every so often but more than I would like it. The wolf is always trying to attack me but I am protected by my house. It would be nice if someone could explain this to me because I am actually frightened

  47. Last night I had a dream about a grey wolf! I was at the beach with my family and friends and I decided to go back to the area where our clothes were to get something and suddenly this wolf came out of the woods and started chasing me and at that instance it seems as if everything around me stood still but me and the wolf and it kept chasing my voice as of it sensed me and wanted me only !! I kept yelling and screaming for help but no one could hear me and then I woke up!! Please someone give me some insight about this dream because I never remember my dreams but I remember this .

  48. It was a little dark, me Nd my dead uncle were driving from town Nd he was driving. The truck died about 1/4 mile from the house. We stayed in the country. So we started to run Nd I grabbed the back of his white t-shirt Nd he made us run so so so fast Nd we came upon 2 dark grey wolves by the hwy. they looked at me but like they ddnt care Nd kept on sniffing the ground. I threw a very small pebble towards one Nd it ran with its behind tucked in towards the other wolf. When we reached the house, I touched the door handle Nd my uncle diappeared.

  49. I had a dream that I was responsible for a pack of Wolves made up of five adult wolves and A LOT of wolf pups. I had to help them cross over a bridge above rapid water and I trusted a human guide (who looked like Chris Martin btw) to help me over. I helped half the pack over the creaky bridge but when I came back to get the rest they were all gone!!! Except one single wolf puppy who was dying. I held it, frantically trying to save its life, trying to find milk and keep it warm; but it eventually closed it eyes.


  50. In my dream I was in a dark forest looking for who appeared to be my mother and brother, someone else was helping me go through this dark forest, after some time of walking in darkness i Heard the howl of a Wolf pack, they kept following me and this other person, at last we decided to stop running and fight them, the person who was helping me suddenly dissapeared, leaving me to fight the pack of wolves alone, i slayed all of them but one, who seemed to be the leader of the pack, HUGE black Wolf on top of a rock, just watching… it all ended when turned his back on me.. what does this mean?

  51. My recent dream was about a wolf and me fighting eachother. Like it was testing my strength. After I found out it was testing me, it seemed like I could hear its harmonized thoughts. I can’t remember the exact words it said, but i think it was giving me advice. What was even more wierd was, it wanted me to follow it. So i did, but it lead meto a den. It seemed to talk to me in my thoughts. I was scared at first, but he said trust in yourself. You should be afraid. Your my snack! I woke up before he tore me open. What does it mean?

  52. My recent dream was about a wolf and me fighting eachother. Like it was testing my strength. After I found out it was testing me, it seemed like I could hear its harmonized thoughts. I can’t remember the exact words it said, but i think it was giving me advice.

  53. I am kinda puzzled as to figuring out what my dream actually means or what’s it trying to say…
    It’s been a while since I had a dream about a wolf, but as you read my dream you will see that the wolves I dream are actually rather calm and friendly. The first dream I had of one was along time ago, I was about 16 years old, maybe even younger. I was one with the wolf, I was a wolf… But I was in the fields running wild, I was calm and relaxed and I felt so free. Then I woke up, but later on I started to notice that there was another wolf with me. He was a huge wolf about the size of a regular car, pelt as white as the snow, very soft and very warm. His eyes were a milky gray but he was not blind. After that first dream, I dreamed more and more about wolves. They all threaded me with respect and they cared for me… If there was something wrong with any I would heal them. But in every dream, that same wolf would be there… Just looking at me or cuddling close to me. Then came a silence, I guess my negativity took over for Atleast a year and then I dreamed I was being chased or persecuted by a group of people… I was scared because I didn’t know what was going on. But then, that same wolf appeared to me again in that dream, he looked at me and kneeled down. I looked at his eyes and he wanted me to ride him, so I did… As I got on him he ran and took me away from those people who were chasing me. He took me back to my house, and we just looked at each other until I broke into tears and hugged him. As soon as I awakened It was also a long time since I’ve seen him… Or ever dreamed about wolves. And just last night I had a dream about him again. But I was in a pack, and we were chasing something that looked like pray, but as we ran he collapsed and I ran towards the wolf and looked at him. I was back into a human form and I looked at him helplessly. ” what’s wrong?” I asked and he just looked at me in pain. He rolled to his side and saw that he was bleeding from his chest, I cried and told him “why didn’t you tell me before…” He looked into my eyes like he understood… I cleaned his injury and patched him up. Then I picked him up and carried him in my shoulders to a near veterinarian. Were he was healed and he kissed my cheek. He was happy I could tell that, and I took him back to my house, I had to go to school for somereason and there he was, waiting for me outside the school doors. We walked home and he just hugged me after we got home. I am concerned as to why he keeps coming up in my dreams… And to what it means or it’s trying to tell me…

  54. My parents recently made the decision to home-school me and my sis, causing me to have to tell all my “friends” that I had to leave them. They were actually mad more than they were sad. They thought it was my fault that I had to leave. Most of my “friends” ignored me on social media sites and only a few of my guy friends still talk to me. I used to date this guy who was emotionally unstable and I ended up breaking up with him, now, I really miss him and I’m starting to have feelings for him! He probably hates me though because of his low self-esteem. I am constantly wanting to see him or even talk to him. I think all of that might be the hidden message in this dream, I’m not sure though.

    So, let me get to my dream.
    I would usually not care about dreams like this but I had a feeling in my heart that it was somewhat symbolic. So, I was in this very shady forest and there was lots of snow on the ground and huge thin trees everywhere. I then see a pack of very large wolves coming straight for me! For some reason I thought I belonged to that pack and that I was a wolf myself, but they were showing signs of aggression. I started running to the left of me, trying to find a way to avoid contact with them, I finally start to climb this very tall tree, thinking that I could get high enough to be protected. Then the pack is surrounding me at the bottom of the tree, and this one wolf started to climb the tree right across from me. I knew there was no hope getting out of this situation alive, so I let go of the tree and fell into the pack of wolves. Then one wolf bit my arm and I woke up instantly. I didn’t hear any growling or snarling.

  55. what is the meaning of somebody dreaming been chased by 3 wolves. The boy run a run until he get to a place where there is a bear. The boy get behind the bear, and the bear eat the wolves. The bear then lives and the boy thanks the bear and say by to the bear.

  56. my dream was scary i was in a white house with my family until i felt cold and wolves appeared and i stared at one in the eyes for a while then suddenly they left. i felt scared yet sence i was with my family i new i had to do something. yet i never did nothing i went to the door and someone was with me although i didnt now who but i opened the door and it was strang because it opened in all directions,up,right,left, and it even slided up. thire were 3 stories and i new some how that each floor was square and as i walked up i wasnt alone but i was alone and i new i was, i was scared and my breathing got heavy.then they came back the wolves and we ran, all my family, we hid in a crack in the wall but the crack was in the middle of the wall and the wall was very big. and the wolves left then we got out but they came bake in and as we were going in a baby was stuck at the bottom so a man went down and got him but the wolves surrounded him then a lady came all of a sudden and i felt like she was part of our group but she seemed differnt, nonetheless she grabed the men and child and swang then and through them in the crack but as she tried to swing herself she didnt make it and no on e tryed to save her although a man was scared. she fell and the wolves ate her then we left but there wasnt enough cars to fit all of us. so some ran and beside me was my aunt it was cold outside but i wasnt cold and as my aunt put on his slipper, i noticed she was pregnent and suddenly i got scared then my dream ended. i was like from the time it started i was scared because there wasnt anywere i could go. although it was strange how there were houses and they were white and no one was in side i felt like it was a town but with no one there.

  57. I dreamt that I was outside among trees and snow and my toddler son was with me. We were laying low and a wolf was lying over my chest (like a protector of us). He was facing outwardly (as if keeping an eye out for us) and I was gently stroking his nose and top of his head in hopes that he would not bite me.

  58. Probably one of the most vivid dreams I’ve had in my life, because its been close to 4 months and I still think about it often.

    I was walking down a very dark street near my house back in my home town ( I only say this because I assume it could relate to the dream), and after walking for a while, I began to hear a growl. Out of the dark came a black wolf with big yellow eyes, staring directly into mine. The wolf approached me aggressively, but for some odd reason I did not move despite being afraid. I vaguely remember the feeling of the hair on my neck standing up. When the wolf came within arms reach, it stopped growling and calmly sat and continued to stare into my eyes. Finally, I reached out to the wolf, and then I woke up.

    Any thoughts?

  59. When I was around 16 ( now I’m 41) I had a beautiful dream…I was sitting in snow somewhere high up..perhaps a mountain..everything was white, even the hooded robe I wore..and a pack of white wolves came toward me..one by one they greeted me by nuzzling and licking my neck before settling down around me…..I felt a deep sense of belonging with them and even recall a sense of protectiveness over them…as if they were my babes but I was definitely human in the dream… To this day the dream resonates with me and fills me with peace when I recall the memory of it…sometimes I wonder if it was a dream or a past life memory…it was so real…

  60. I have had a dream twice in a row please help me figure out a better explination.. The first one I am traveling the cost line nd well i see lil patches of wolfs spred out here and there till i finally srop at one wolf and i think i seen its puppies nd the WHITE wolf just attacked me nd almost killed me or did kill me not sure..then the second dream i got hunyed by a wolf blackish wolf nd it cought me biting me and pulling me by my toe..i somehow knew i was gona die…. Umm a lil help here please for a better understanding thank you-Sandra

  61. I’m not sure whether or not someone will reply, but. I dreamt that I was in a huge almost house sized teepee with my brother and his 3 kids. In the teepee were a pack of wolves, just hanging out with us. Some were laying and others kept walking around us. Along with the wolves and my family were some other people, not sure if they were Native American, but they were smoking Marijuana and the whole teepee was filled with smoke, hotboxed. I remember vividly inhaling the smoke to get high and peeking my head out the entrance to blow out the smoke. Very strange but vivid dream, curious to figure out what it might mean.

  62. i had a weird dream a while ago… it involved an old house on the foot of a hill with a big ash tree on top….. there was a forest to the west…. and mountains to the north….. to the east were valleys…. i went into the forest and followed the river path that usually appears in this fragment of my dream… (at this point i noticed i was with 2 or 3 other people) by the time we were getting tired we came across a stone cove/blue-spring…. almost like a cave… there was an older man there with 3 big wolf-like animals… everyone but me went to them… i went and sat on one of the upraised sections of stone by the pool of water… after which the older man came over and had with hi another wolf-like creature…. however this one was but a pup…. she seemed playful… and while i was playing with her… the older man started to talk… i remember him saying something along the lines of “this pup is not mine, i am merely holding onto her for a while.” “if you want to know… she is a Grey-tailed….” after the “Grey-Tailed” part his voice got tuned out…… almost like how one might hear things when 3-feet underwater and someone is yelling at you from above…. anyway… (if i am allowed i will share a link to a rendition of the pup i drew….) she had black-grey fur… almost a soot grey… she also had a yellow blotch on her left side…. the tip of her tail was a steel blue color… and then her face had a weird colored letter on it…. the letter is prolly the only reason i am able to remember the dream to this point… fore after i saw the face of the pup a few more times i woke up….

    (here is the link to the pic… https://scontent-b-dfw.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/1505325_10202381312407667_713970136_n.jpg )

    • last night i saw three wolves attacked me suddenly while i was crossing the road. i started running and they were behind me. after sometimes i found a pond and i jumped into the pond. i stayed there 1 minute and when i got up i saw they are not there. actually what will be the meaning for this dream. but the fact was that i was very frightened that moment…….thank you in advance

  63. I just woke from a dream in which I made wolf call- and from a distance I could see a pack of wolves pursuing. In the dream I heard a voice ask, “why are you coming” and the wolves replied “because you are the alpha”. Then I woke up. 1-1-2014. 7:30am

  64. It was very weird for me to dream because I feel like I never dream, but my dream was about going camping and me and my uncle decided to sleep out side. The first time the wolf did not bother us and left but the second time the wolf was sniffing our
    feet and started attacking us, and my dog Abel came out of no ware and started attacking the wolf but the wolf hurt him real bad, so I ran to a barrel at the end of the camper and got a gun and I was fighting the wolf and than i shot him, than I remember caring for my dog…I would really like to know what this means…and does it have anything to do with this guy I have been thinking about a lot cause I like him but than I get mad at myself for liking him…he is one of my good friends tho

  65. I just had this dream about a wolve. And my family is big believers in that are dreams have meanings. But i have no idea what it means.

    I was getting off work and it was late. Wlk to my door there was a man outside. I have never seen him before. But what was werid is that this man was holding 2 white sheep and a black wolve waa walking next to him. The next trying i know the wolve is trying to attack me. I ran and it chaced me. I ended up jumping a fince and jumping in a pool.

    Then i was woken up i have no idea what was to happen. Or what it means. Can someone please help me with rhi?
    Thank you.

    [email protected]

  66. Well I’ve been having a dream about a grey wolf, just standing there in front of me and I’m standing in a forest. I even ask him what his name is and he tells me his name and each time its a different name but the same color coat but in a different pattern I don’t know what to make of it. Can anybody help me figure this dream out I’ve been having it for 3 years now. Just a heads up I am half Indian.

  67. Iv had this dream threw the years. I’m look down a cliff and see theses cages of wild animals and there’s a little train people can ride to see them. When the train comes around to the wolfs cage i get this really horrible feeling and the wolf starts acting crazy and jumps over the fence and attacks the people on the train so i go after him and he runs away. I’m on the other side of the bridge(the cage, the track, the river, the land) and the police said that one little girl died. i go tell my dad and sister and i feel angry. My dad says don’t worry we’ll get him. then i woke up and fell back asleep and its the same dream but im hooked to a cable and it lets me swing in the air around trees and buildings to look for wolves and my friend is doing the same thing cept when she goes by a tree she leaves a mark and as i stopped at a particular tree and noticed it was her same mark but it had words and we were puzzled. then i here a howl and i chase after it but i found two and they looked at me then took their masks off and it was my dad and sister. my dad explained that he has been in charge of hunting and killing them down and told me to stay outta it then put there mask back on and they transformed back into wolves but there mask were still mask, like those beanies with eye holes in them and they ran off. i woke up again and when i fell back asleep it was night time and there was a huge pack of wolves running in a field and it was like my dad let me in his head so i could be there and watch him do his job and so he was running in the pack and got next to one of the other wolves who were wearing a pumpkin mask and went boo then he ran into a tree and went poof. my sister and dad did this a few times and then he looked back and noticed that some didn’t go poof, they turned into humans and dead ones too. then the wolf who escaped the cage who was the main evil wolf got in my dads head and said that yes i used some humans and if you keep this up there will be more where that came from. then i woke up. can anyone tell me what this all means

  68. For the second time in a week,I dreamed of a single wolf with dark grey and white face. The wolf just stares and I just stand there. The wolf does not snarl at me. Face is serious but not violent. I taking the positive interpretation because the wolf presents not harm in my dream.

  69. My dream was that I was sleeping with a large wolf . I felt protected and safe. My head rested upon his large body using him as a pillow. I felt a close kinship with the animal.

  70. I had a dream that i, was walking up a mountain in the woods and as i came to the top of the peak,I looked back and around 5 blue/greyish wolfs was just sitting and standing behind me,They stayed calm but i dont no if i did or not? I think i was in wv looking for silver as i looked over the hill i saw a flat rock then woke up. Would this mean anything,I have been plotting to find john swifts silver mines or one of the lost silver mines on the east coast….,,..AND RETURN MOST OF THE LOST TREASURES BACK TO THE SHAWNEE.////…Think they are helping me on hunt?

  71. I had a rather odd dream too… I was in the woods walking around when I hear a growl. I turn around and a black wolf with green eyes is staring at me; I back away slowly but as I move away the wolf follows. Eventually I hit a tree and I sink down to the trunk and curl into a tight ball, but surprisingly nothing happens! I feel breath on my face and I look up and the wolf is giving me a wierd grin. Then at the very end the wolf suddenly bites my shoulder, that’s when I wake up? I’m kinda confused about it…

  72. i really hope someone as an answer for this. but i was dreaming i was being chased by a single grey wolf when i turned around it nearly bit me i hit it on the head with my staff and it ran off i then climbed on top of a large rock and waited and watched. what i seen was the single grey wolf standing in front of a large forest with three shadow wolves behind it. i look down and shake my head…..then i wake up

  73. I had a very bizarre dream. In it a crow was trying to fly while carrying a wolf in it’s beak by the wolves leg. The wolf was dead. I was outside with a group of people but I was the only one that thought that it was odd to see. After the crow flew away, a wild boar came at us. I was frightened of the wild boar although he did not seem like he was going to attack us. I felt a need to kill him and had a very difficult time doing so with a rock. I woke up before I was able to kill the boar. What does that mean? It was very vivid, felt real but very odd.

  74. I was walking along the highway for some reason.. and two wolves came running at me.. I looked for something to kill them with.. I found a cattle zapper for some reason.. any ways I just kept swinging it And swinging it until finally they just stopped and started talking to me like we were friends… I was so confused inside and out of my dream…

  75. Ok how about this it’s got me freaked out in the dream I was walking down a path with a person so disappears at some point and a wolf emerges from the bushes along side the path I was walking and runs after me finally reaching me bitting my neck I wake up in a panic and swear that I can see him stairing over my bed till I turn on the light . He was just stair over me and examining me

  76. i dreamt that i was a passenger in a car and we drove by a black wolf that was on the lawn by a house(out in population). i remember thinking that is a wolf and then i saw two women one dressed in white the other dressed in black and i was afraid that the wolf was going to attack them when they crossed his path he was crossing the street towards them but i dnt know if they noticed the wolf. he seemed domicil.

  77. I dreamed I was running furiously home pushing myself up for speed.I wasn’t physically one but I was running like one. once I left there were 10 ppl who were going to go after me. I hid and that’s when I woke up.

  78. In my drean I was in at least pre-k or kindergarden. Our class went into the wolf and bear habitat. I wandered off and the bears started to attack us so the guide and the rest if the class ran off out of the habitat without me and locked the doors. I started to panic and run when ok heard wolves howling at a distance. I mb eard them running faster and faster. As I was running I felt like I was being weighed down, and I started to run slower and slower. The wolves were right behind me when I saw a dreid river bed and attemted to jump over but as soon as I jumped 3 wolves tackled me and started tearing and biting at my limbs and belly and neck. And I died. I dint wake up immediately after I died. But I knew I died because it was like I wad there but I wasnt breathing nor was my heart beating. It was so scary because I dream in 1st person. Like how people live. I experience the dream head on. And only time I dream in a type of 3rd person is when I die in some of my other dreams and it seems as if I am hovering over my body like a ghost. I know its not very normal to dream in 1st person as I am told, but nor is it a rare commodity. Most people dont die in their dreams also but wake up before the death comes. I need help to decipher this reoccuring nightmare. I am 14 and have bern having this dream since I wass about 5. When I was 5 slmething bad happened to me. I dont want to say. But I do not know if that has anything to do with that. I feel like the dream means that guilt is eating me dead. The wolves being the metaphorical manifestation of guilt in my dreams. I really do not know. And.i would like for someone to aid in my interperatation. Please.

  79. I had some weird dreams like last night and my hole life I been in a forest with a mañ or boy but when I reach him he turns into a wolf color white runs and I follow him to a park I get bit and become a wolf slash human añd wake up

    Can u tell me anything

  80. I hage been having this dream every night for 2 weeks. My dream is

    I’m climbing up a snowy mountain Im looking for some good snow to bring back to school witch is at the bottom of the mountain. I’m wearing a big brown coat and I hear some one scream and say come down from there. I don’t listen I start chipping ice into a metal tin Easter bucket when I get all the Ice away I see a grey thing and its a wolf and it chases me back to my school and kills everyone.

  81. I had a dream I walked out my house and there was a pack of wolves watching me. They never attacked me They just watched me then I heard them breath and felt tapping on my neck but when I got up no one was therd so I laid back down and I heard the breath and felt the tapping again so I got up but still no one there

  82. I had a dream I was in a forest clearing with a blonde lady in a green silk dress holding red bagpipes with gold pipes. I was an adult wolf but I was romping around like a puppy. There was a very tall man with gold eyes watching with a bemused expression. The bagpipes weren’t being played, green lady was just holding them and smiling at me. It felt very peaceful and happy.

    I have many dreams of being a wolf and so far only one has been violent (I ripped out Christopher Walkin’s throat) the others have all been happy and amazing.

  83. I had a dream 2 nights ago, and its been on my mind since than. I dreamt I moved to a small house and was getting my daughter and son ready to go to town. When I opened the wooded door, I had another screen door and there was this massive gray wolf looking in growling with foam coming from its mouth. Within a few minutes/seconds the wolf jumped through the screen door going for my daughter. I than pushed her out of the way and the wolf had attacked me and some how I managed to kill it. and than I woke up.

  84. I had a dream that I was on a tall bike and was cycling slowly and one white wolf with scary eyes was trying to bite me but he couldn’t… what does it mean?

  85. I had a dream about a black wolf about to attack me I grabbed the fur on its neck and just held it and it didnt move but then i yelled for these lil girls to hand me a baseball bat i saw and then i beat it in the head till it died, does my dream mean anything?

  86. I was only asleep for a few seconds but I saw a black wolf with its teeth bared, it was growling ferociously. Then i saw my rottweiler in its place.. Im afraid somethigs going to happen to him..

    • Hello,

      Dear Erek Alexia, your dream was induced by your dog. Some dreams are result of external stimuli. For you is a big chance that your dog was such stimulus, if he was close to you when you were asleep.

      In other hand, such dream can mean that you have a secret enemy and it is a wake up call for you to be more watchful.

  87. i had a dream about this really enourmous wolf. n was able to tell it had a lot of power with in it but, wasnt there to hurt me it wanted to take me somewhere it wanted me to follow it but i was scared of it size but it looked so beatiful n it had a look in its eyes that i cant express.it i saw it at first in my dream n was scared and ran into the house, then it just stood there at the door way waiting for me.

  88. I usually dream with a wolf… But the wolf is usually me, and I just keep running away from something that’s chasing me or just act really violently and attack people/creatures from my dreams, I try to kill them (not sure why) but they just won’t die! I bite them, I try to cut their troaths (it’s sick, I realize that) but they just stay alive… And one of the weirdest parts is that when I finaly wake up, I want to fall asleep again because I kinda like the dreams… They are scary and sometimes freak me out, but I like them. I don’t understand, what in the world could this mean!? O.o

  89. My dream started out just fine. I was staying the night at my mom’s place, but it looked nothing like my mom’s place. It was a cold clear night, but I don’t remember seeing a moon in the sky. out of nowhere a big gray wolf slammed into the door.

    Even with all the doors locked he snarled and snapped trying to get inside. Mom didn’t seem too threatened by it, but it kept looking at me and snarling. Finally it started to move, climbing up to the open second story window. I look out to see him and shout for someone to shut the window. I then woke up.

  90. I had a very long dream about a wolf but ill get to the part where the wolf comes in it so I was swimming in a lake auto get this water ball my friend had thrown out and I saw this area where ice has frozen over a large area on the lake and I went to it and saw that there were dead black wolves and dead huge hogs and this charriate thing had crashed and I cried and I looked forward and saw this forest and when I saw the forest I saw it was transforming into a magical forest so I walked into it and saw the old dark blue house that had been abandoned so I walked towards it and saw this wolf come out of no where and it sat there just watching my every move it was dark black with one red and black eye and one pure red eye and then I quickly walked away from it towards the porch of the house and the wolf tracked me as I went and as I was about to go to see what this house was the wolf walked up to me and let me let it and love on it and then it went to run away and I told it not to go and it turned around a growled at me and jumped in the air going to attack me then as it jumped into the air a wolf hunter guy had cocked his shot gun and pointed at the wolf in the air and the wolf was terrified and then I jumped in front of the wolf protecting it even though it was going to kill me the guy shot me and the wolf knowledge that I was somewhat dead and it was so angery and sad that the guy killed me so the wolf growled very mad at the guy kinda like it was gonna kill the man for killing me and then I woke up and didn’t get to see what had happen after that 🙁 please respond to this wierd insane dream I had last night

  91. I was taking a nap down stairs on the 20th of this month, woke up to see a wolf beautiful light color with white and beige walking in the middle of my family room by me towards the ent center, looked at me as he walk —seen him as plane and vivid as if i was looking at my dogs, just walk watching me as he past—what does this vision mean????

  92. Literally just woke from a dream and started looking for interpretations. A lot has happened in my dream and in my real life. I think I have to mention what lingers on my brain on a daily basis, the anger and what it has done. Basically I was betrayed and attacked by someone I know and set up for robbery. I fought back as much as I could but there was no way. I had no visibility, I was alone, ended up getting cornered by two people and eventually taken down. It haunts me, I feel like I should have done more, tears me up inside everyday. I knew I couldn’t win but I wasn’t about to just hand over everything, I could not SEE, it was like fighting a blur. I did what I could but in the end I had to escape, I will admit the fight or flight instinct kicked in and I bounced. The last thing I remember about the fight is me getting up off the gravel realizing I had a serious blade in my pocket that I could use, the thought of pulling it out and what it would mean caused me to leave. I always associated these bastards as wolves because of the way they fight, apparently they’re bloods and about as low as you can get. Two of them came at me and one of them kept saying “This is a one on one, one on one”, no it wasn’t, while I fought one the second started to come up behind me looking for a wild swing to knock me out, I knew the tactic, it didn’t happen. I eventually lost my footing while trying to keep my eye on both and I was pushed over and kicked, I grabbed at a leg and they jumped away at which point I got up and thought about my blade…

    In the dream I was with a female I didn’t know, she wanted me, there was nowhere to go lol, she was very impatient and almost irritable saying things that expressed that effect. (There are always segments in my dreams where Im in this massive forest, when I say massive its as if Im an ant or something because the trees are HUGE, I feel insignificant and Im always in awe, scared but amazed, I usually walk when Im in the forest, looking and staring at things examining things like a child would, this segment was sort of segue in my dream but only this time where was something new; a giant truck used for construction, somebody was cutting trees down.) Next thing I know Im in a elementary school that I walk past a lot — I didn’t even go to school there but its almost right in my backyard. Some sort of event is happening, everyone is joyful, great energy. I leave with a friend and tell him that I have something to show him. Up until this point the dream wasn’t intense, it was somewhat entertaining, I was going to show him the truck in the forest. Everything is fairly pleasant and then things take a dark turn. As Im moving to get to this “forest” I notice this intense growling sound, it was LOUD, I look up because I think its lightning, the sky is somewhat purple and dark and crazy looking but no sign of rain and then I see something out of the corner of my eye. A gray wolf. I think its a dog but its not, this thing is powerful, it moves different and its growl can be mistaken for lightning, this was entirely new to my dreamscape, caught me off-guard thinking what are these doing here?!? What is it?!? It came at me. “Oh Sh*t!” The growl gets louder and instead of attacking me this wolf leaps into the air right above and over me right onto the roof of a house, Im thinking “Oh my god Im done, its over, I stand no chance, this thing just cleared 25 feet in one leap just to let me know its hopeless…”, it jumps down off of the house and attacks the closest thing which was a dog. No idea where the dog came from, the dog was fairly big and not exactly a puppy but it might as well have been a rag-doll, right where I was standing the dog appears, the wolf grabbed its neck and did that thing they do where they savagely twist and move their head in an attempt to break the neck. I love dogs so much, I remember walking backwards while trying to escape this horror in total shock and I said “God forgive me, Im so sorry, please god forgive me..”, I would normally help but this wolf was… It was heartbreaking, I then notice a second wolf coming from behind me and from the side stealthy as can be, now Im done. This one made no sound, these wolves were coming from that school I had mentioned, “Are all those people dead?!?” I notice a woman pushing a baby stroller directly in the way of this second wolf, GREAT!!! Just what I need lmfao, my heart turns cold, there is no escape and I might as well go down fighting, I growl back. I then realized the wolves had absolutely no interest in me, just that dog, the woman and the stroller is gone, everything is gone, I awaken.

    Im pretty sure the forest is my mind, DEEP inside the mind, subconscious. Its always dark there, no sky, no light source but one is also not needed. I’ve had this crazy looking magical forest show up all throughout my life, nothing ever happens there apart from the occasional freaky creature making a guest appearance lol, nobody else is ever there, its only me, I feel like a little kid there just left to my curiosity. I do not like the construction truck being there, it does not belong. I get a feeling things are going to change within me and Im about to unleash something.

  93. My last dream as of last night I was being cornered by a Big Bad Ass Wolf! I appeared to have some sort of box maybe cardboard that quickly failed at fending this beast off. Then suddenly a stick magically appeared sent to me as I reached to my left to pick it up. This weapon was thick and long (no homo). Thick as a wooden baseball bat (pause) I was able to successfully defend myself in this dream. I believe however its interpreted I am conquering whatever my dream like consciousness is trying to tell me, it made me feel a sense of pride.

  94. I dreamt that i was going somewhere with my uncle when we saw a wolf in front of us that wanted to attack me.but another white one came from behind us and swolled the one who wanted to attack.i want to understand the meaning of the dream

  95. I have this reoccurring dream about me trying to protect my family and loved ones in my dream it seems like the wolf truly wants to kill my baby(I recently had a little girl 4 months ago) it looks to be like hundreds of pounds and is very sneaky. Throughout my dream im doing everything i basically can to protect them. this wolf is truly no ordinary one huge n black with incredible speed and strength I find myself trying to defeat it with a knife but we all end up in a room while it tries to come up with strategies to come in (mentally trying to break me down) the wolf talks to me very aggressive and determined. Conversations are me on one side of the door trying to keep it shut while it’s on the other trying to get in. I have wounded it but the last couple of times I’ve woke up with feeling like it wasn’t over only because I haven’t dreamed that I’ve killed it yet. What does this mean?

  96. For the past year or 2, I’ve been dreaming of wolves so much. They’re all big & scary. In a few of the dreams I wasn’t scared of them, they were all chasing me. But I just woke up from a really scary dream: a bug brown wolf with horns appeared out of nowhere at the universty campus I go to. I wasn’t afraid at the beginning because I had no idea what it was, it just appeared out of nowhere. We all just stood there in awe, I tried to scare it off by gesturing it to go away but then when u scurried off, I tried to flee from it, so did everyone else. I’ve never ever been scared about a wolf in my entire life as much as I do now. It had horns, it was like a huge weird dog/wolf.. Please help me, I don’t know what this means

  97. My sister had a dream of a huge white wolf that was intent on killing me. She said I had a crazy person in a box and I was trying to calm them down so I wasn’t paying atention.I was with a whole group of people and my boyfriend was putting dry ice on the person to help. The wolf had murder in its eyes and was sneaking up on me, she intercepted the wolf and fought it as a bear and killed it. When she called me she said she thinks someone I know and trust is going to want to commit suicide and I should stay away and not trust them. Creeped me out badly. She is more in tune to stuff like that, so was my nana and my mom.

  98. Okaye so I had this super weird dream last night scared the daylights out of me..I was in school at first n had to go to the bathroom then went out and into a kitchen area where one of my teachers was..I saw a blonde dog that was jumping like a dear..I then saw a wolf peering through the window after I ran to see what my dog and my grandfathers dog was doing they barked at the glass window..then my teacher changed to my grandfather and he told me to stay back but I had to lock the door I ran to lock it but it was too late and my grandfathers dog had gotten out(which by the way he has already passed) then my dog had gotten out I had ran from te door leaving it open..n huddled in a corner with my grandfather I the wanted to see if my dog was ok I could hear the growling of the wolf(a grey whitish one)..I ran back only to find the wolf sitting in front of my face breathin on me..I woke up with a startle feeling that the wolf had been breathing on my neck where he wAs going to bite..what does this mean??

  99. I had a dream a night ago where I was with my sister who I don’t talk anymore but in my dream we were talking and it was in the middle of the night and we were by a tree and I heard a sound and I told her to run and a pack of wolves were there one was about to give chase towards the direction my sister ran and I hit that wolf to distract it from running towards her. They all started circling around me and it seemed like they were playing with me because they would bite me and the pain felt real and they let me run towards the trailor park. I ran and ran and knocked on my parents door who I also don’t talk to. And the pack of wolves followed me home and started hunting down the whole trailor park. Towards the end of my dream the wolves had killed almost the whole trailor park and in my dream I saw a crib and in the crib there was no baby and a lady was weeping saying the wolves had killed her baby and there was blood everywhere and the baby was a baby girl. I had miscarried twice in my life and have no kids, I am single and live by myself. I don’t talk to my family at all and I wonder what this dream really means. It has been nagging at me as if there is a meaning behind it all.

  100. The dream started out with a large group of friends showing up to my house which was actually the house I remember the most growing up. Though now we’ve long since moved from there and I live with my girlfriend and her two boys now in our own place. The house from the dream was a home my parents were renting right around the time they split up.

    Anyway soon after the guests arrived which I had been expecting but didn’t recognize. seemed I had some sort of sexual connection with every female in the room or at least most of them. I remember it was the holidays and one of the more attractive females seemed very excited to share her gift with me. It was a puppy 🙂 some how the puppy and myself had ended up out front on the stoop where I was comfortable. We played and I waited for her to go to the bathroom. Then she or he noticed the moon. We howled for a bit. That’s when it showed up. Very big. Very scary. Very angry. I tried to rap on the door and tell people but nobody heard me. So I decided to go for it. My plan was to spin around and grab that storm door handle and push the button with my thumb as fast as I could. As I did this that’s when I saw a second wolf. They were now both closing in fast as I clambered to get inside. The second wolf made me realize for sure that there had to be more than two. And this scared me more knowing that however many there was, they were all coming for me and this storm door wasn’t going to be enough to barricade them. And there wasn’t enough time to get to the larger door. Nobody could hear to help me. I’ve never felt fear like this. All with a puppy wrapped in my arms.

  101. I’ve had this dream a few times…I’m walking through a forest, and there seems to be no moon or sun…yet there is still light..kind of like an orange color you would see at twilight.. A big white wolf meets me there in the forest…it’s just sitting there, watching me. I walk up to it, and keep going…it turns, and walks by my side…seeming like it’s leading me somewhere. I don’t know where, but it seems to know where it is going…I feel this gloom about the forest, but around the wolf I feel safe, like nothing could go wrong. I look around me, and nothing is there, yet I feel like I’m being watched or followed, and the dream ends before we arrive anywhere.

    Does anyone have an idea about this? It has baffled me, and I’ve oft tried to make some sense of it.

  102. When I was born I was diagnosed with a symtom which makes my dreams feel and seem like it’s really happening I had a dream once that I was in the forest and a pack of wolves surronded me an wanted to “eat” me so I ran but the on of the wolves grabbed me and ripped my shirt when I woke up on real I found scars if the actual tear :/ I do hope that my symptom gets Beaten soon because I’m starting to worry I’ve also got blue eyes I was born with but there going darker and now and again I see yellow on them Ive had other dreams and they all ended up by waking with scars :/ thx

  103. I had a dream about a pack of wolves. But only 3 of them decided to fight, so they started to circle one another, one of them lit up like it was on fire, another turned white like a snow, and the other one turned black like coal. They kept circling each other, And then they suddenly stopped, and two of them walked away.The third shapeshifted into another breed of dog, and just stared into my eyes.

  104. I had a dream about snow falling. There were alot of people in the neighborhood. This wolf was nursing babies, or her litter. The wold did not act threatening at all. It was a white wolf in the snow. Some people came and took the cubs, took pictures and then left. After that, police started marching in formation down the street in riot control regalia and a firefight ensued. It was an organized fight by the civilians. There was was a tactical element that made the dream very surreal. The strange part is the fact that I was not terrified of the wolf. Earlier in the dream, I was also flying. It was the first dream I ever had where I actually made an internal effort to land. It was the most vivid dream I have had since my youth. I am a firm believer dreams have a meaning. It felt as though there was an enormous amount of symbolism in this dream. However, I am not a dream expert. I major in a psychology course, but there is not alot of stock put into the meanings of dreams. I looked at the definitions above, but none of the criteria described my dreams experience. Any help would be well recieved.

    Oh, and for whatever reason, there were also some ugly coyotes and a lama in the dream. Very strange. But the most defining memory of the dream is the wolf, cubs and the fact that I was flying in the beginning. Very strange to say the least.

  105. I posted my first wolf dream here around christmas time and I keep having the same dream. It isn’t every night but it’s every other night. Can someone please help me figure out if this means something or if I’m just a weirdo with a reoccurring dream.

  106. i was sitting on a street watching a show, in the early hours of the morning just before the sun came up, a wolf run passed me taking a bite at me twice, i tried to attack it but it was too quick for me, then i saw the a grey wolf and it was big and attacked me, i felt a injured, so i climbed a fence, the wolves came through and tried to attack me as i tried to climb the house louvres, finally a little girl came to the window and i asked her to get her father and help, as they came the wolves started to go sleepy and behave in some sort, i called to one of the little wolves and it was kind of smiling at me, was prety weird

  107. I just woke up from having a dream of ME being the wolf and me chasing a man down the street for several blocks. It appeared I was snarling at him as well…any interpretations would help because all the websites i’ve seen talk about the dreamer being chased and not being the actual one chasing…

  108. wolf is always in my dream there is a time that i am one of them running into muddy place,forest, seem so true im so powerful end up wakin and discoverd some pain and bruises in my legs that was strange.

    but lately my dream was the same im a wolf at same time with super natural power and there is another wolf who wans to attack me, i just bit him up with the power of my hands
    the wolf is strong trying to dedeat me but then i let him bite my finger without knowing my own blood has a poison to kill him..

    why i must dreamed all this haaaist

  109. Well I was outside and… A huge wolf that looked distantly human jumped out of nowhere and stopped me from going in, it looked at me and I looked at him, than we started fighting, he bit down on my hand and I held on to his jaw and used my leg to rip his jaw off. It still came at me, so grabbed it’s neck and twisted… All of a sudden it was a man looking angrily at me saying kill me you bitch. I didn’t, I just took him to a nursing home so we could attend to his wounds.

  110. i had a dream about an evil, corupted wolf with red eyes and a grey body.it came in my house and then growld, went into my room, and sat on a pile of clouths. it did that on till my dad came.it just disaperd. then i ask my dad did he see any type of wolf. he said no. then i sall him out the window then woke up. what dose that mean?

  111. Lat night New Years eve 2012, my husband a I were walking our dog and suddely we saw a wolf appear and run withour dog for about 30 seconds and tehn disappear. We kept looking to see if he came back or where his owner was and no one appeared and and then suddenlythere was a young man with black hair and black close walking back in hte same diretion we saw teh wolf run. It was so weird. This park we were in never has dogs without owners there and this wol suddenly came out of the air and disappeared the same. My husband and I both saw it. It just ran alongside our dog for less tan 30 seconds and then diappeared. What was this?

  112. So I was in a snowy forest with alot of trees, I see a white wolf we lock eyes for a bit then for some reason I start running from the white wolf. He stopped chasing me after a couple of seconds and I noticed while running, to my left there was a black wolf chasing me I stopped leaned against a tree looked up and on the cliff I saw the black wolf staring at me with his yellow eyes after we locked eyes I woke up. What is this supposed to mean?

  113. I was helping hand out coats to little children, then discovered 2 of the coats were missing. We thought a guy I know took them as a joke and me and my best friend ran away to a playground, laughing and smiling. The next thing we thought we saw the one guy I know trying to scare us but it was the scariest face I’ve ever seen on a man, he held a boy in his arms and was eating him or something, his eyes were so freaky. We screamed so loud, shrieking with terror. We were trapped by him and he had gingerish hair. We came up with a plan to run away, she would trick him and I would run towards the school, it was winter outside. He turned into an orangish wolf that was humongous. I ran so fast but he caught my leg and that part of him attacking me just before I made it to the school repeated many many times. Then I was in the shcool running the halls warning people, my best friend never showed up in the dream again. Then many times I saw an orange wolf running around the snow, looking for someone. I somehow ended up in a tent that was bigger than a whole room with another man, I didn’t know him, the wolf wasn’t supposed to see us because we were hid in the canopy of trees. We saw him running around many times. Then somehow there were 4 chairs in the tent, with 3 other people and me sitting in them. We were having a meeting of some sorts but then the wolf spotted us and started running towards us. He attacked us so viciously, I can’t remember if he was killed or not but I don’t think he was. I then woke up and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever dreamed of, I’m a 16 year old girl by the way. Thanks for reading this much! 🙂

  114. Last night I had a dream that I was being attacked by people. I ran into a forest to try and escape the people and attempted to climb a rock to try and hide. The people found me and I started begging for my life as they pulled out their guns but then hundreds of wolves appeared and started howling. It seemed that the harder I cried the more they howled. Then, a man who seemed to communicate with the wolves stood in front of me to shield me from the men who were attacking me and then the wolves attacked the threatening men. It was so weird. I’ve always had a fascination with dogs and wolves but I never had a dream with wolves and I never had a dream that felt so meaningful to me such as this one.

  115. it was me husband two son in laws to be and 1 daughter ,her son,3 years old and my parents that died and i was out side with the son in laws who were fixing a tire on a red truck and there was kids outside playing i was windy i turn around look at the mountains and i seen a pak of wolves jumping one after another one so i told john my son in law to look at the pak of wolves and then he shouted get the kids inside and to jump on the truck in back so josh jump in the back to as they were getting closer and their teeth were showing ugly and drew-ling from the mouth that when josh seen a can of gas took his shirt of an rip it put gas on it the lit on fire threw at the wolves they still charged at us i got a sledge hammer and smash to death one of the wolves then i woke up i had thi dream twicein a roll

  116. I had a very strange dream during this night.
    The scenery was on a small grassy field in front of a stone house with a heavy gate made of wood.
    I remember fighting a very strange wolf, silver/white hair underneath and pitch black on the top, but with a very strange look, almost demon like. White eyes, the face and mouth were like in shreds and very pearly white teeth.
    I was fighting him for a key, probably, the key to the wooden gate of the entrance. I dropped the key and wolf tried to seat on her and pee on it. That was when I realized that possibly the wolf was a “she”, but I managed to kill him/her by putting my fingers right inside the mouth and rotate the head and break the neck of the beast.
    I can not remember if I got into the gate or not.
    Any help with this?

  117. I can’t remember the run up to this scene. But I dreamed that i was present in this luxurious white interior decorated house. I heard the door slam and there was a beautiful white girl (this is not me as i am black) been shown around by a black man with long thick dreadlocks in his 40s. She was impressed and as she was walking through a partition and into the room i was in, this man’s face became sinister. He climbed unto a table and started changing into a werewolf but this girl back was turned. I became starlted and when the girl turned around, she started crying and pleading. He got the table and lounged at her then i woke up….

    What does this mean? I suspect it could be about someone i will come across my dating path? I’m confused.

  118. Dreamed about being with an aquaintance. Our vehicle broke down and I started walking. I was in the mountains or woods walking on a road back towards my aquaintance. this is not someone I normally would spend a lot of time with. While walking on the road, I came around a rock outcropping. I saw a white wolf howling up on the rocks. I stepped back so that it didn’t see me. The next thing I know I am laying flat on my back in the road and a black wolf has joined the white wolf and they are circling me. I see a hunter off in the distance. He has a small pistol that he was hunting the wolves with. He must have thought the gun too small as he put it back. I started to yell shot them, but he ignored me and pulled out a rifle gun case. He was taking out the gun when I awoke. I had the feeling during all of this that my feelings were the hunter wouldn’t shoot in time. but I got a sense of his feelings. He was moving methodically and slowly and felt he could shoot the wolves accurately and in time. So why would this dream be so vivid even a day later? Any ideas?

  119. had a dream i was at my farm with my cousin and his family and we heard a pack of wolves howling. we ran to the house and then we saw them emerge from the cornfields running together in a pack.

  120. It started in the middle of a frozen like… (There was a stone wall behind me about 3-4 ft. high and a 3-4 ft. gap to go in and out without having to jump or climbed over the wall.)Everything was white. *I believe it’s somewhere north and cold and snowy and of course winter season*. I was fishing (ice fishing) and then I had a bite! Everything felt so real, I was having a tog-of-war with the fish until I reel it out of the hole. Right when I see it, it looked to me like a Salmon Coho and I was so excited to show it to my friends because it’s also a big and decent size one. Then one of my friend was next to me and we where starring at the fish… then somehow it doesn’t look like when I first saw it anymore… it started to look like a squid. Then comes the nightmare, We looked to our right shoulder from almost a mile far, a polar bear was running down the hills. We knew it smell the fish and it’s coming for it. My friend’s instant was to run and so he did ran off first and I followed right after and out the gap between the wall we started to run like hell (we took a left from first person POV). For a moment there, we felt safe that the wall would be a barrier between us and the polar bear… As we looked again at the polar bear from the hills, it wasn’t a Polar Bear anymore… it was a wolf. The wolf was gray and we’re terrified. But there was a beauty in the wolf too, maybe it’s the leader of the pack. Then from behind the wolf, came more wolves… We was hoping it would go for the fish we caught. Instead it turns and aimed straight for us… We run and run… the wolves already catch up to us and over the walls they jumped. I was about 5-8 ft. ahead of my friend. As I looked towards my left shoulder… the wolves has already got my friend and was ripping him from limb to limb. My heart was racing and there’s nothing I can do so I kept running. I run and run and up ahead there are more wolves and they’re coming right at me. One got to me first and bite me right on my left thigh close to my hips. And the rest of the other wolves… I didn’t care. All my attentions were drawn to the wolf and its jaw crushing on my left thigh. I was terrified I was going to die, me and my friend is going to die. This is the end I guess…. Then! Out of nowhere, deep inside of me, the voice inside of my head; -if this is it, then let it be “An Eye for An Eye!” and then I have this adrenaline rush and rage and anger exploding inside of me. My left hand reached for the wolf’s head (feel so real like when you pat a dog on the head to the nose) and I dug in the wolf’s left eye…..

    That moment…. I felt happy, I felt like I got my revenge, I felt proud…. Then I woke up.

    Someone, please reply. Or interpret this for me. Please thank you!!!

  121. I had weird dream i was a black wolf i was hiding and then i attacked a man and his family.Then i ran off to the woods then i was back to a human.Finally i woke up i was sweating bad my whole body was hurting.


  122. I had a dream when i was extreamly young about wolves chasing me and then one bites me and it caused me to wake up extreamly scared and after thaat havnt had one since til last night it was so vivid but i was at work and dark it started off i was riding a scooter to work at 4am and when i got to work the lights cut off and then all i hear is howling which immediately scares me and then all these wolves came out and put my back against the wall and i could not be any more scared and one bit and chewed my leg and scared me enough to get me to jump out of my bed

  123. It was weird, I was no where in this dream but something strange happened like a warning… It had a beautiful black she-wolf and her pack the way I could tell it was a pack was because there were 2 white she-wolves by her side. Not many more were behind her though. There was a mud-brown she wolf with ember eyes, looking rabid… they fought and then there was a scream I don’t know from who or what… then the vision went into a blur. I honestly don’t know what this means something bad going to happen? But, every wolf in that brown wolf’s pack was killed. This was only one of the strange dreams I had with a wolves in it.

  124. I was walkin with my daughter and her babies and a black wolf came up behind us. As he was approaching, appearing to attack, I began to call on the name of JESUS- everytime he would come near I would say, “In the Name of Jesus”, and the wolf would turn away- he continued to follow but would not attack at the name of the Lord. We came to a house that was surrounded by a fence. As we were entering the gate, someone feed the wolf some meat to distract him. Once we were in the house, I could see the wolf at the door looking in. I went around the house to make sure all windows and doors were closed so he could not get in.

  125. I had this dream as a child that was kept recurring night after night for years in which it could have at any time been a warm, sunny spring day out at my farm. I would generally be outside to begin with and I would then go inside my house. When that happened the entire atmosphere of the dream would change, and my first sighting of the wolf was in the distance, watching my house from about 200 feet to the west of my patio door. I would then look away but I felt a constant feeling of dread or of fear, so of course I would look back and the wolf would be standing right outside the patio door. It’s face a mere few inches from my own, however the scenery would change completely. And instead of it being a warm spring/summer day it was a brutally cold grey winters afternoon. In some instances of the dream I would walk into my house and would not look outside to see the change in season although that feeling of impending doom would again be present. I would then walk back outside to see the ground covered in snow that looked like it had been there for months. I would then have no barrier between myself and this wolf and I would look over to see it standing in the same spot I originally saw it. About 200 feet to the west, for some reason always west. I would catch sight of it and I would turn and begin to walk up my steps to try and remove this fear of exposure to my own doom. Some nights in the dream I would walk up my steps. Some nights I would run. And regardless of whatever pace I could move. The wolf 75% of the time would catch up to me and begin to severely harm me. The wolf was ridiculously large, pure black with very small specks of grey fur, and most remarkably, it’s eyes looked deeper than that of a human’s. they seemed to glow a dark white-gold in color and when it looked me in the eyes every time, I never felt any sense of security. Only fear and doom as I could sense a deep resentment towards myself before it would begin to attack me. The wolf stood taller than me by about 3 feet and it was very very haggard looking. As though it had been through many lives of its own and could not see me continue you live mine.
    Is there any way to get some sort of interpretation on this? It has been haunting me since I was a child and I very recently recall seeing the silhouette of this wolf standing in the rain while I was wide awake. It was a brief glimps. With no real evidence it was truly there but I still felt that danger. That fear. I would greatly appreciate any help in trying to decode this.
    Thank you VERY much.

  126. me, too. i was sleeping in a bed next to my dying mother (in a hospital). my friend was keeping watch for a couple of hours so that i could get a bit of sleep. When my friend woke me, she informed me that i had been howling like a wolf, so loudly that the nurse at the nurses station (about 100 ft down the hall – with room door closed))had come running to see what was going on!
    mom died a day and a half later.
    what does this mean?? why would i howl like a wolf?

  127. I had a dream where I was hunting for wolves, but when I found them, I didn’t shoot the alpha, I went to where they were and challenged him for the right to lead his pack. We started fighting, and I beat him and turned into a large silver wolf.

  128. In this week I’ve had two dreams with a wolf in it. First dream I was on a cattle run in the city, and I hear a wolf pup crying. I go to to it and find a black wolf pup all alone with no signs of a mother around. So I take the pup and call it shadow. Then we continue the cattle run and then we stop for the night and go to sleep and I wake up. Last night I had a dream that we were renovating my grandmothers house, and I hear the howl of a wolf. I go towards it and find a very young wolf that is black with green spots. His eyes were blue with skeletons wielding scythes and swords in the colored area of the eye. I bring him back to the house and I show him to everyone but no one can see the eyes and green spots. We play and I mimic his howl. Then he runs away and I give chase and he disappears.

    • shadow is the same wolf both dreams. he might have apperd small in the first but in the second he needed t b bigger so you were able t see the diffrent things that you haddent seen. you arnt the one calling it, it calls you, so ither its in your destany or its a person that you’ll find in your destany.

  129. In middle school, I used to have a dream of a black wolf following me wherever I went and attacking anyone that got to close, including friend and family. Recently, I had another dream, everything around me was pitch black at first, but after a while, fain lines start to appear and begin to form the shape of a female deer. There was no unnatural quality’s to it, the only thing that really stuck out to me was its deep brown eyes. It simply stood there and stared off into the distance, not even caring that I was right next to its side. I bluntly asked it. “are you my spirit guide?” (Don’t know why I asked) But I didn’t get a reply, it just continued to stare. I then looked towards the same direction, and as I did, I heard the sound of an animal snarling. Length away, the shape of a wolf began to appear. But its shape seemed off, for it appeared to be made out of dark grey smoke that blended in with the darkness. The wolf (Which I think might be the black wolf I used to see) seemed defensive, as if it had been backed into a corner. And then, it just ended.

    I cant really make much sense of it and was hoping someone knew.
    Please tell me what you think.

  130. I’ve had two dreams that I’ve been attacked by wolves. In the first dream, one wolf stalked me and I turned on it and ripped it’s jaw apart. The second dream, two wolves stalked me in the woods and I began to climb a tree to escape them when one of them grabbed my hand and being overcome with anger I ripped its jaws apart and did the same to the second wolf. Anyone have any ideas what these dreams could mean?

  131. this wasn’t a dream but, a couple months ago i was run over by an SUV, and when i was laying on the ground i felt like i was being pulled away. then i saw a massive wolf with golden eyes in front of me. it stalked toward me and then merged itself with me. ever since i havent felt like i’m just me anymore, like there’s something attached to my soul. can anyone attempt to explain this to me please? (i know it sounds insane)

    • sounds like your spirit animal came to your aid. As for you not feeling the same it might be that your still coping with a possible near death experience. i hope you are feeling better, how severe was the hit?

      • the car crushed my ankle and threw me over 30ft. i can’t recall anything except for the feeling of being pulled away, my vision, and then the feeling of being pulled back down.

    • it eyes wernt just golden, it was like they wernt eyes, they were mechanical, almost like lookin into the lions gate key hole exept more unexplainable, way more amazing. please confirm or deny befor i explane more

      • well if thats the case then the animal was more of gauridan then was a spirit animal. an old friend letting you know that you have a larger path in this world. they were able t enter back into from where they came thru the love that you once held for them. they enterd that way t let you know that they will always b with you in one way or another. your verry lucky

  132. I keep having this recurring dream every week or so. It’s a dream that me and this black wolf stare at each other. The state is quick tho. And after the quick stare I reach out to pet the black wolf only to be attacked when I try. Each time in attacked tho somebody is there to kill the wolf. Im desperate to know any answer as to why 1.) I keep trying to let a black wolf, 2.) why does it always attack me and 3.) why is the state so short? Is it me tryin to get in touch with this side of myself but being blocked?

  133. I’ve just woken up from a dream. I was walking through the woods with my girlfriend on our way to a friends for a get together. Suddenly we walked into a massive Wolf that had been standing in the pitch black. It proceeded to attack us, pouncing one me. I manage so get a good angle on it and suffocate it. After it ripped into my chest and arms first. We continued through the woods only to be jumped by 2 more wolfs. As before they went for first. Like the first I manage to take them out after their initial assault mortally wounded me. At that point I couldn’t hold my own weight and My girlfriend had to help me through. Finally we arrived at our friends where they treated me with Medical attention.

    From what I gather’d here, It means in most cultures that I triumph against my enemies but I don’t have any enemies. Please give me your interpretation and thoughts!

  134. My dream started of with me walking down a long road in the middle of nowhere. There were trees and flowers all around me. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day. It seemed like the perfect peaceful dream. I looked into the wide open valley on the side of the road and noticed things running at me. I must have realized they were wolves right away because I remember feeling the fear and panic. I started running as fast as I could to a small playground that stood two or three feet out off the ground. I jumped up onto it; the wolves right behind me. When I turned around to look at them, two wolves were getting really close to ripping me off the jungle gym. I threw my arms at them hoping it would scare them off or do some serious damage. They bit down on each of my hands. I somehow shook them off my hands without any serious wounds. I was so afraid and so certain that my time here would end soon. I heard the sound of a four wheeler racing down the long road. It was loud enough to take the wolves attention off me for a brief second. I looked over and saw my cousin going full speed heading right toward the wolves. The wolves ran in different directions, scattering in fear. I still didn’t feel safe. Standing right next to the four wheeler was a large wolf staring me down. He must have been the pack leader because he didn’t even go so far as flinch. I could feel something huge was about to happen until I suddenly woke to the sound of my alarm going off in my ear. I had that dream and haven’t been able to think straight since.

  135. I am in a cabin with 3 other individuals. I dont really know them and feel like I have just met them. The weather is about to get nasty I feel like and we feel an ominous feeling, like somehting more than a storm is upon us. We hear a wolf howl and sit on the floor because the cabin is surrounded by small hills. Maybe whatever made that sound wont see us? I crack the front door to the cabin to see if i can see outside what it was. only an instant after cracking the door a wolfs mussle is only 1 inch from my nose. the next instant he busts open the door. luckily one of the people has a revolver with only a few bullets. As the wolf is leaping on my i stick the barrel of the gu into its side and pull the trigger to shoot it dead. only 1 min later another comes in. During the scramble i lose the gun and find a brick on the floor and same as the first wolf as it leaps towards me i continuously beat its head with the brick until it is dead. A few moments pass and unexpectedly anoher wolf sprints through the door. Except this time I have nothing but my bare hands. Somehow after the initial attack I was unscathed and end up strangling the wolf until it is lifeless….the dream ends. What could this mean?

  136. I was not dreaming! I was having a bad day, a bad month. I was driving home near my street I saw a full grown grey wolf staring at me as I drove by. He was near a wooded area. I live in bloomfield hills, Michigan. this is south east michigan!!

  137. I had a dream about several wolves, unusually large wolves. It was cold and snowing and a group of young men and women were trying to escape the capture of the wolves. They, the group of men and women, had to get through some kind of structure but by the time they were able to attempt an escape, the wolves had captured and eaten the faces of most of the individuals.

    The ones who were left were transformed into life-sized dolls, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, etc., and I knew in my dream that they were “chosen” to survive. It was never their destiny to be devoured by a wold. Then, it was the dolls’ job to assist the wolves with the next group of young men and women. The process began again, this time with a smaller group.

    O.o ??? I can’t decipher this dream. What do you think?

    • you left out the most important part, numbers, you need t add every detail every nic every part you could recall, you have lots of details but so many holes left open, wright a giant story if you need but the lack of what you can not see your self isnt enough t fully translate this meening.

  138. I had a dream last night where I saw a rather emaciated-looking gray and tan wolf while my parents and I were walking to our car. He was huge, with a large, noble head, but his body was very thin. He looked like he was in pain and was starving. He cowered as we approached, then pushed my mother out of the way and bit me beneath my left shoulderblade. Thing is, it didn’t hurt for him to bite me, but I could only gasp. I couldn’t scream or cry out, as I had barely a voice. He wouldn’t let go. Then I woke up. The only thing I can think is that last week I was recently driving and a coyote (that looked very much like a wolf, although both species are not native to here) ran out in front of my car. I hit it, but when I stopped to check on it, it had disappeared and there was no trace of it. So maybe it is something in my subconcious to do with that? Any ideas what this may have meant? Thanks!

    • Truthfly that wolf could have truely represented me, i havent been able t eat in weeks, the only thing im able t keep down without medicating with herbal supplements is bread n juice. I wanted t say somthing about it in the first place expecally sence that day i was whearing a temprary coat (sence my normal coat was dirty) that was grey, my snow pants are desert cammo. But the moment didnt feel right. I hope this helps

  139. Well i could asure you that it wasent him, the wolves in your dream represent a force that will form t b laege n well guided, the man is the leader of this new wave, you could shoot for this army but they will fight untill they cant anymore. Wolves happen t be messengers of wverything that could possibly come, the angel of the future herself holds wolves with golden eyes, dont become afraid dont panic just have a great one. When your break thru comes i hope i could help another moment.

  140. This dream was told to me by my fiancee and we are trying to see what the dream meant. My fiancee was walking down this deserted street and out of nowhere the sky looks like it opened up and wolves came out and start chasing him. He tried to shoot them,but it didnt do any good because they kept getting up. So it woke him up and he prayed and prayed and he finally went back to sleep;but he only dream the same dream again,but this time there was a light coming from a building and he went to the building and the sky opened up and a man came out with wolves behind him. He shot the man but it didnt do any good because they man just got up and kept coming towards him. so we are trying to figure out what this dream means. I told him it was the devil coming after him because his breakthrough is about to come… What do you think?

  141. This is the second night in a row I dreampt of wolves. The first was I was one with my daughter and we were with other wolves in a den.
    Last night, My dream started with me working in a steam train station on the tracks. The station was in the middle of snowy wilderness. The cold and smell of evrything was very real. The forman asked me to help him get supplies in a shed a ways away, so we hopped on quads in the snow. I did’nt get far, but we heard howling from all around. This is where it gets weird, there was a big group of tourists walking around in a clearing outside of the station and I felt that the wolves were surrounding them. Lots of little kids and the people were scattered all over. So I ran over and told them I was a ranger and tried to get everyone to group up around the kids so a wolf couldnt get them. There was alot of people and some did’nt realize they were in danger so it was difficult. I ended up seeing a wolf and shooting at it. I remember seeing a dead wolf before I woke up.

    • I suppose this interpetation does’nt fit the contex of my dreams, but this is a good interpretation for some dreams people posted here. I think that more of the dream’s setting and details can explain a dream better than the wolf itself. For many of us, the wolf just takes us there.

  142. I remember having a dream once where my family and i were running away from the edge of a forest as it was crumbling into nothing. Just pure whiteness. Then out of nowhere a huge pack of wolves started chasing us and got my mum and younger sister. I would really appriciate your opinion on this, thanks.

  143. When I was a child I often dreamt the same dream. It stopped when I was around 7 years old. People were always hiding me from a golden wolf with red eyes. But he always found me. The wolf looked like a statue. People hid me in Palaces, in closets and behind paper walls. Like they were trying to save me. The memories of these dreams are still so clear to me and I saw places then that I yet didn’t know existed.

  144. I had a dream i was on a road trip with my mom. we stop at a red light and we start arguing and i roll down my window to get some air.
    before i know it a wolf jumps across the car trying to jump in to get me. kept trying and trying till i finally woke up.

  145. I have had two dreams in the last month about a wolf. The first was a wolf cub. I was by myself and the cub was laying in the snow. At first I thought it was dead and then it opened it’s eyes. I looked at it as it was cute. There was not fear there. The next was as I was in a large back yard. My husband was there and looked fearful. A very large wolf was walking towards me. Once again I had no fear… I fed the wolf and then we were playing around a large tree chasing each other. Any idea’s what this could mean… and could the both of them be related?

  146. Last night I had a dream had a really vivid dream that involved wolves. I was in my bedroom which is located near the back door and the door opened and I saw a pack of wolves I tried to close and lock the door but it just kept on opening. So then I thought they were hungry so I gave them some raw meat and closed the door which now had a dead bolt which I locked but the door still opened. In the end I fell asleep with one wolf laying across from me and my cat sleeping next to me.

    It was really weird because I never dream about wolves… O.O

  147. I just now woke up from dreaming. There was snow everywhere, and I was in a parked car, fumbling in my purse. I saw a large wolf. I suddenly realized my car door was open, so I tried to shut it quietly, but the wolf heard. He came toward the car, and attacked the windows, but I was safe trapped in the car.

    Suddenly I realized my mother was coming from somewhere. I tried to get my cell phone to warn her about the wolf, but it was too late. She was walking to the car from across the street. I honked the horn to try and warn her to stay away, but she wouldn’t listen.

    The wolf noticed her and charged at her. I then opened the car door and shouted, trying to distract it. But it was focused on her, now. She froze in front of the car, terrified. I shouted at her not to try and run. I started throwing snow clods at the wolf, trying to get it’s attention back to me. But it was too late.

  148. The dream I had about a pack of wolves was interesting. A bunch of my friends and other people were standing around enjoying themselves. When I was sitting in the vehicle, I felt as if something was watching me. When I looked to my side I noticed a wolf trying to sit in the truck with us and was friendly, I then looked towards the woods and noticed more wolves laying there relaxing watching me and everyone else. Not harming at all but felt as if they were protecting me. They were big beautiful wolves with a thick coat of fur. It’s very hard to figure this dream out. But I can’t get over this dream.

  149. I had just moved to the Canadian/Washington border. I was in a mall reading a letter I received that said these people are trying to hunt me down because they thought I did something wrong. I can’t remember what the letter said I did wrong, but I remember thinking what a bunch of idiots, I did NOT do those things. As I was walking out of the mall a black wolf approached me, like it wanted me to come closer. I did, and it was the size of a small pony, with a beautiful black shiny coat and very strong healthy legs. For some reason I jumped on it’s back (to ride it like a horse) and it loped through the forest and led me to a cave. As I was riding it, I noticed a person’s face inside it’s back. It looked like a woman who was half Native American/ White. When we arrived at the cave, there were maybe 15 other wolves, all with a human face on their backs. All the wolves morphed into the person who was on their back. They told me they knew people are hunting me, and they could help. They told me that all members of this wolf pack look out and protect each other and the ones they care about, no matter what. As long as I wanted to join the wolf pack, they said they would accept me because they liked me and knew I was a good person. I had to keep the pack a secret because if anyone knew that we could morph into wolves, we could all be killed. I decided to join the pack. There was in induction ceremony where we all morphed into wolves together, and I was a white wolf. It snowed throughout my dream, and I was literally as white as snow when I was the wolf (I am a pale white female in real life). There were some vague events in the middle of the dream, like a party at the mall, and someone possibly discovering one of the pack members becoming a wolf. We did something to fake out that person so he would not stalk the pack member (who looked very similar to Jordin Sparks). My boyfriend in my dream had a boss who was “dirty” and they were out in the snow working on a project. He tried to shoot and kill my b/f but before he could the pack came running and attacked the boss. My b/f got on my back and rode to the cave where other pack members were waiting for us with supplies to heal his bullet wound. The other event I remember was a serial robber who kept breaking into neighborhood houses. The wolf pack attacked him and he ended up going to the hospital and confessing to the robberies. A sheriff’s deputy approached my house one day and said he was there to investigate wolf attacks in the neighborhood because he got a lot of complaints. I (human) asked him to explain the attacks and why/who are the wolves attacking. He told me the robber and other bad people (I don’t remember the exact bad things they did). I told him that is sounds like the wolves are just keeping the peace in the neighborhood because only bad people get attacked. So maybe the wolves should be left alone. He thought for a second, agreed with me, then drove off.

  150. I had a dream that I was in the house I grew up in, it was night time, and snowing a lot outside. and I opened the front door to look outside, I saw what looked like a dog playing in the snow towards the end of the street(we lived on a dead end, with woods), and thought it was my old dog, so I called it. when it came running closer to the house, I noticed it was a wolf and got a bit nervous. as I stood in the door it came right up to me and jumped on me playfully, somewhat excited? everytime I tried got him off me he would jump back up and I would try and block him from doing it, and he would gently take his hand in his mouth to stop me from blocking him and lick my hand a little bit and try jumping again, much like your dog would when you come in the door from work, but a calm and soothing feeling came over me once he settled down and that’s when I woke up! we haven’t lived there in about a decade, what is most ironic about it, is my father, who I never knew or met, died back in 1993, I was about 8 or 9 years old, well his last name was Lupo.. wich mean “wolf” in Italian? Maybe I’m over analyzing this?

  151. I had a dream also. If someone can offer some insight, that would be great. I was around the age 15 years old, so 10th grade highschool student. I normally had humoreous, and pleasant dreams, you know the types of person that would dream in vivid color, or laugh while sleeping…It happened during a time when my relationship when a close friend had instantly changed, in a negative way (felt disliked). Anyways, one night as I slept, a pack of wolves (gang), began to chase me. It was right after I left the highschool in during my dream, and many of my classmates had red eyes! So after leaving the highschool, it was dusk and a pack of wolves began to chase me. The wolves were large, well huge, with large fangs and red eyes! They were relentless, and just as I began to think that I couldnt run fast enough, I jumped over a grey stone wall with the help of someone that grabbed my arm. I was with about 6-7 other children, but I didnt know them or the person who grabbed my hand. But I made it safely over the wall. However, I woke up with my body pouring with sweat, crying, and quite frightened. I yelled for my mom and dad in the next room, and mom came in to check on me, but just said it was a dream. I think there was some revelancy. I tried to see if there was any connection to my college alma mater (NC STATE University) and their mascot “THE WOLFPACK”. I opted to attend the college after not being able to attend UNC-CH due to a personal matter that I wasnt aware existed at the time with a person close to me. Needless to say, my college experience almost reflected the dream. So any suggestions about the dream, or relevancy to the college?

  152. I had a dream where I was walking out of a cemetery after burying someone, the mood I felt was actually quite heart wrenching. Any way as I was walking out my best friend Andrew held onto my hand and we stopped suddenly. A dark brown wolf faced us, it had its eyes on me an I instantly wanted to go towards it but my friend held onto me tighter but I still wanted to go. Some how I was in the middle of my best friend and the wolf but Andrew was on his knees reaching out to me.
    I don’t know who I walked to cause I woke up and felt sore in my chest. I spent the whole day with my friend after that. It’s the second time I dreampt about this feeling the same things. I still think about it though because I have no idea what it means.

  153. I dreamt of a sunny day by a roadway. I stopped to look for the noise I heard in the trees. Out came a wolf, a beautiful wolf. The wolf was white with grey back and the top of the wolf’s head was grey, the grey stopped at the bridge of the wolf’s ears and continued up the ear to their tips.I had to get a picture, I pulled out my camera and clicked the picture.My eyes felt weird and then more wolves came from out.It sounded like they were saying NO all of them.The white wolf fell to the ground all the other wolves started towards me so I ran away. I was in front of a house and noticed the wolves had followed me to this house andthey stayed there everyday if I left they left with me Somehow I knew I stole the wolf’s soul with the camera cause my eyes were white

  154. my dream is driving me crazy i have the same dream every night where i turn into a wolf and im running through the forest with my pack then out of no where my pack dissapears and i get attacked by a pack of wolves but i fight them off and i cant move cause of how badly im hurt and when i turn into myself agian i have a bunch of claw marks goin down the left side of my face .. i dont know what it means and i need help tryin to figure it out

  155. I had a dream where a grey wolf was walking with me and my significant. The wolf was very protective of us and stayed close to us, however, when we attempted to touch the wolf, he would start to snarl. I spoke to the wolf and stated that if he didn’t trust us, then he should return to his pack. He refused to leave but continued to stay and protect us.

  156. Had a dream where I saw a white wolf eating a white rabbit. The ground was covered with white snow and the area looked like a portion of my yard. I did not feel emotion and just watched, until waking at what seems to be my dream wake up time of 2:30AM.

  157. I dreamt that I was running from a pack of gray small wolves. They wolves ran after me in my house as I ran towards the attic but when they got close they were friendly. None were aggressive, none would bit. Does anyone know what that means?

  158. I have been having the same dream for the last year. It always start out with a pack of wolves running through a clearing and im watching them with amazement. Then it changes and im running with them through the woods and i feel like all i want is to run faster.Then it changes one last time and i have become a black wolf and i am running ahead of the pack and i feel free and that i could run forever and always be happy what does it mean????

  159. Last night I dreamt that my daughter and I drove to my maternal grandparents house for a family get together. In reality they are both dead. In the dream I acknowledge that my grandfather is dead. In the beginning of the dream I drove my car up driveway and find the garage door open and there is a black bicycle near the entrance. My daughter and I are in the car. I was driving and I was sitting in the car on the right side, like I was driving a foreign car. My daughter was on the left. As she opens her door to get out and move the bike, it moves by itself and turns around and goes to the back of the garage. I jokingly told my daughter that my grandfather must have moved it. When I said that a wolf with a red body and a blue head came out of the garage. It looks at me and kind of growls and then turns and disappears. My daughter and I go into the house and find my grandmother there washing dishes. I tried to tell her what happened and she just turned towards me and gave me a smug smile (that made me feel uneasy) and then went back to washing dishes. I looked for another family member and told them what happened and then I woke up. Anybody have any ideas on what this means?

  160. So, I had a dream about wolves last night. Usually I chalk my dreams up to events or tv shows from that day. But there were none in my day.

    Anyway, I randomly appeared in the snow sitting in a clearing wearing winter clothes and I was holding my dog who seemed calm.
    We were surrounded by a white wolf, a grey one and oddly a reddish brown one (do they even exist?). These wolves appeared to be protecting my dog and I from something. I was not scared, I felt safe.

    What does this mean???? and are the colours of the wolves significant?

  161. In my dream there were a pack of wolves in my back garden on the patio coming towards my pet cat and dog…I managed to get them in, and I was looking out the window and the wolvers were just there staring at me. They didn’t come across as aggressive?

  162. I also have to mention this i’ve as well, so here it goes..

    I remember fields of grain, and I was running though them up to a castle our something like that. I was looking through pictures of wolves, then a few men grabbed me. I looked at the male in front of me, as he held a, broken knife or sword or something. I remember him saying, in a deep voice, ” If you wish to be wolf so badly, I’ll make you into one.” I felt the knife go though my stomach, and that’s when I woke up. I remember feeling something something sharp hit my stomach. The pictures I saw was gray wolves or something like that.

  163. All I remember is that there was a dark house, and everyone, including me, who was a wolf, tried to escape. Once out I remember seeing a dark sky. I howled into the air and everything turned light. I howled again and everything turned into a pinkish color with rainbows on both sides.

    I have no idea what it means.

  164. I was in a log cabin on one side of a river, I heard a noise and went out of the house look at what was happening. When I came out I could see a river and at the other end there was a house where a pack of wolves were pulling someone out of it, attacking and tearing this person appart, I could hear the horrible crys for help. The house where the wolves pulled this person suddenly caught on fire, on the left side of the house there was some cattle that took of in a stampede. The only other house to the right also caught on fire in a flash. All this happened very fast, a single wolf turned its head and looked at where I was as I was praying for this person and asking for protection for myself. I woke up at that point.

  165. I dreamed that i was in a dark place like a castle there was a big gate it was open and on the other side were 2 big black wolves they ran towards me and attacked me one bit my left arm the other bit my right leg after a long struggle i snapped both of the wolves necks. And i just remembered a detail form the dream after thinking once they were both dead two wolf spirits appeared they weren’t dark and timid as the wolves were but as bright as 2 suns.

    What could this dream mean the way i interpreted it is im going to go through a very tough time or my family will but in the end everything is going to get much better.

  166. I dreamt that every fullmoon i’m becoming a werewolf and there will be one werewolf waiting for me after my transformation and i will try to communicate by howling or staring with its eyes but it seems it doesnt understand me and it will go away.In my dream after my transformation there is always this man whos guiding and following me as well. Inmy last memory of my dream, it became fullmoon on 6am and again i became a werewolf then the usual theres this one wolf came and i tried to communicate by talking and staring at its eyes and it goes off silently without responding with me. Then at 9am theres fullmoon again then this man came with a bicycle and drove me off with his bicycle while i was on his back hugging him comfortably. In that moment, it seems he is resquing me from transforming and facing again this particular wolf who is always appearing and he just drove me off away.

  167. Found a lone wolf cub, took it home, raised it. One day the cub goes missing and after looking through all my house,I opened up my dry laundry machine and noticed a lil ball of fur in the back…then I wake up..

  168. I dreamt that I was in a house in Paris, with 3 or 4 others. One of them was another young woman like myself. Another was a middle aged man, who tool on the role as the leader. There were some nasty wolves in the house. We managed to trap the upstairs, but we were still trapped in the house wih them. We were stuck in knew room, and to try and escape would mean you’d likely end up dead. One guy left, and we ran out after him, but there were military guards outside, who shot at us, killing the guy, and causing the rest of us to return to the wolf house. Despite this being a dream, I ‘woke up’ in my dream, out side of the house, but bleeding for a cold hole on my stomach. I pressume to wolves had attacked me, but I got away. I started to try to find help, but was met by a French shoulder, who shot me in the head. And then I woke up! At first I thought it was a film, but I realise that I’ve actually had the same dream before.

    Now what the hell was that all about?!

  169. In my dream I as walking through the mountains on a snowy day, with companions. First on our right we saw the corpse of an elk, bloody and mangled. As we proceeded we saw several other animals that were killed, their blood intensified on the snow. I remember thinking what kind of animal could have done this. That’s when I saw to my right a pack of wolves. Only one stood with its head turned up at me.He was white and grey with yellow eyes. The expression was not hostile or aggressive, more of a curious glance. We met eyes and moved on. Thats when I saw a a beautiful white and black bobcat walking across the trail. The whole dream was very real.
    Could Name withheld reply with an interpretation.

  170. I had got a dream, in which I was driving my two wheeler vehicle in an hill station, where I saw one pure white wolf with pink nose and beautiful sparkling eyes, I was just looking at that it suddenly came near and was trying to bite my leg, then I escaped. but I was not afraid instead I was happy to see that white wolf so closely..
    Can I know what would be the meaning of this dream???

  171. I suck a weird dream I had a dog and I was taking it out for a walking so it could go potty butt I had too protect it from this wolf and if the dog and I went near itthe wolf would groawl and I would have to protect the dog. The way I was going to make out go away was with posion. I have no clue what it is suppose to mean? O.o

  172. I had a dream where i saw a grey wolf in front of me, then it opened its mouth and i saw a big eye like the evil eye. Can you tell me what this could mean, thanks Donna

  173. I had a dream just a couple days ago that me and my whole family were driving in cars it was like we were in the middle of a forest except there was a paved road. When we came around the bend we had to go over a small red painted bridge but before the bridge was a huge rock. As we were going by it I saw this masive black wolf or dog. It was eating something on the rock but when we passed and I looked back at it it was a brown wolf not black. Then we came through a clearing and it was all fields but up ahead were two houses. Our car broke down and we had to walk to the house.we had all my family’s animals who had died with us and I was walking my aunts deseased dog “bobo” with me. I remmember being worried about the wolf coming back for us cause we weren’t in the car anymore. And I asked what if he comes for us and my uncle said “don’t worry about it”. But I kept lokking and I thought I saw some movement in the dark shadows of the trees nd then I saw in running straight for us but it was a jet black masive wolf. So I yelled at everyone and said it was coming and my uncle don yet again said “don’t worry about it” so I was like okay don’t worry about it.but the next time I looked behind it was just reaching us. I was in the middle of the crowd of my family and the wolf or dog strode raight up to me and sat down it looked friendly and sweet but I was still nervous like it was planning something I put my hand on it and it was fine and I told him to go I turned around and started to run wen I did it leped on the side of my body with its mouth open like it was going to bite but I put my arm up holding its head away. That’s wen I’m like mom help she didn’t even care I asked again and nothing then I said well can you at least take bobo so she came over and took bobo from me so then I lifted the dog away from me and in sat down again with his ears back and a sad face.THEN I WOKE UP. Can someone please tell me what this means.:D thanks

  174. My mom told me she had a dream that her my bestfriend and I were in our vehicle driving and she said that a wolf came out of no where and she said it was goin for me so her and my friend started fighting it. I was just wondering if their was a meaning to this? If so what does it mean? Any help would be appreciated.

  175. I saw a dream with a wolve.
    I saw that I was beating the wolve, eventually my father came and beating the wolves with a lever, the wolve was beaten hard and it was hurt, but it attacks on me. and I ran away, wolve didnt touch me..

  176. I saw a dream with wolves and I felt it like a nightmare.
    I saw that I was going home, late at night, and suddenly a shadow of an animal appeared right in front of me. I froze and I couldn’t speak or move. After that, I ascended the stairs and saw green and yellow eyes, like lots of them, looking at me so intensively that I froze again. I could feel fear and terror surround me…I don’t what it means but I’d really like to know…

  177. My friends and I where walking through the bush and came out to the ocean where we sat. As I looked back up the hill i saw 1 big wolf then 2 very clearly as they looked down on us from the path we had come down. I told the my friends to stand up and not to move. The wolves disapeared then we decisded to walk along the ocean edge encase they attacked so we could swim away. I had to find another path home for everyone. When i looked back, there was now a pack of wolves, sidling around the bottom of the hill, females and cubs. They looked at me for a few seconds, then carried on around the hill. Not sure what this means – can anyone enlighten me?

  178. I remember riding in a car with my older cousin that I haven’t seen in years and another women with blonde hair. It was raining extremely heavy and the roads were so flooded. I remember telling him to watch out for the pot holes because the street was so flooded and muddy. I was not afraid at all, I was excited and happy to be were we all were. As we were driving i notice a huge toad hoping on the side of the road.. this thing was huge and had red eyes. Once again I was not afraid but felt like I was in my element. The next thing I knew we were walking almost running playfully down this road surrounded by woods. I remember passing a family a husband, wife and little girl maybe around 5 years old. It felt great seeing how much they loved each other and how much fun they were having. further down this road we came upon a pack of wolves, pups and all. At first I felt very threatened but then knew they would not hurt us..I remember watching the adults pace back and forth along the side of fence…they were not fenced it but they wanted past that medial fence..I turned toward my cousin and suggested we leave them for now.. as we turned and walked away from the wolves we walked past the family again.. still playing in the road in the puddles..and when the mother looked at me her eyes glowed and I knew that they were not human but maybe a skin walker or something of that sort.. I knew that they were part of the pack and I smiled and then woke up. I have dreams about wolves all the time… gray and black. So what the heck does it all mean?

  179. I had a dream last night with multiple major totem animals in it. I was walking down a dirt road with my family and 2 black wolves came along and were playing around fhey even got my dog to play with them. They played for a few min nothing violent just playing around. They than stopped and walked off and my dog came back. We continued to walk on the same path and along came 2 white wolves. A jack rabbit ran in front of them and one of the white wolves caught and killed the rabbit and laid the rabbit at my feet looked up to me and walked away in the same the direction that the black wolves had went. We continued back on the same path and along came a brown bear. The bear stopped looked me square in the eyes and walked off in the same direction as the wolves. I than ended back at my cabin and my dream ended in me screaming and waking up due to i had a gun in my face and the guy was about to pull the trigger. What does this mean??? It was a crazy dream.

  180. Hi i had this dream and was wondering if someone could interrupt it for me.

    I had this dream i that i woke up on vacation with my family and looked out to the balcony to see my mum trembling with fear holding rosary beads and praying, i asked her what was wrong and she said she was bitten by the wolf. After some time we were with the whole family and she was asked again what was wrong with her and she said i am maybe coming down with the flu or the wolf bit me after she said the last word in the sentence, the transformation of her becoming a wolf began and the wolf who bit her appeared! While my mum was still transforming the wolf was looking around and spotted me and walked to me, fixated on me and nothing else. The realisation and fear of what was about to happen flowed through my body and i began to sob! Family members stood in front me, but it said that it wanted me and if i didnt comply to his wishes he would kill me! So i did and he bit me and said he would return the next day to get me. The next day i tried to hide in this shop, my body sprawled across the floor so he couldn’t see me, but he could smell me and following his nose he found me, every hair on my body stood up and i was petrified.

    This dream happened on an actual full moon, does that have more significance?
    Could you please tell me what this dreams means… thanks

    • It seems like your family or those close to you are engaged in some sort of activity you feel would be socially unacceptable, and your greatest fear is that you could lose yourselves in whatever it is you will be participating in. To compound that fear, you also fear being exposed and judged.

  181. I all ways have weird thoughts lately in My dream I was in the forest walking filed with trees and the river ben in the summer days and until then I saw a white butifule wolf with golden eyes but I had no fear or threat so I walked slowly I about to put out my hand but he just spoke and said in soft voice”you will never be alone you must found out who you really are in your quest and I all was love you even you human it’s didn’t mean that I was a wolf until the the end of time”what did he by that

  182. I all ways have weird thoughts lately I was in the forest in the summer days and until then I saw a white butifule wolf with golden eyes but I had no fear or threat so I walked slowly I about to put out my hand but he just spoke and said in soft voice”you will never be alone you must found out who you really are in your quest and I all was love you even you human it’s didn’t mean that I was a wolf” what did he by that

  183. I was in my bed sleeping, then I got awaken and saw from my window atop the hill a pack of wolves with their leader kinda menacing looking, groalin and about to invade my home.There is also one lone wolf at the footing of my bed, to my right, at first I thought that one of the wolves got in but it turned out that this does not belong to them but instead wanting to just climb up my bed,like going to protect me from them. Eventually, I let that wolf climb up and felt that I was no longer fearing the pack of wolves and went back to sleep again.

  184. I found a little baby black wolf and it became friendly with me so I invited it to stay with us and promised to take care of him. When it came to stay it brought along it’s mother which it was fine. The baby turned to it’s mother and said see it’s fine mum their going to look after us. The next morning I got up to make a coffee and noticed that the father (mother was a light brindle colour father was black brindle) was sleeping on the back porch when I took a closer look I saw that there were more of them camped in the back yard. My dog went to go and investigate and some of the other wolves came to attack him so I pulled him back and removed all the wolves from inside of the home. It broke my heart that the two I had become accustomed to I had to let go of and wanted them back but knew that if they did come back so too would the others. That night I went to the side door to go out and do the washing and there was an older wolf quite ill on the back door step. I said that I would make him better if he promised that he would keep my dog safe from the others and he agreed HOW weird is that!!!

  185. At the time I had these dreams I was in the hospital almost dead with pneumonia. All my organs were shutting down, I had sepsis. Docs didn’t think I would live. In my dreams a pack of wolves walked up quite close to me. I felt no fear, just the feeling of being loved. The wolves simply watched over me as I lay there. Occasionally while i was awake I would actually ‘see’ them all around me. I have never felt so protected and loved. I had never dreamed of wolves before, nor have I since. What is your take on this?

  186. My dream as realistic as can be. The setting was in my bedroom exactly the way it is when I sleep. My dream setting has NOTHING that differs from reality. In my dream I’m sleeping with my GF an she is sleeping on my left arm. The room is dark and I feel a breath on my arm. I wake still groggy and see what I thought was a wolf pup or coyote crawling underneath the blanket. I can’t say it was hostile or not, for a moment I stared at it wondering what it was and it glanced at me but focused on my girlfriend. I immediately grab it and toss it off the bed because I couldn’t feel its intentions. I run to hit the lights and realize I had woken up dully but the wolf’s glance and stare were still fresh in my mind. I even looked for it around the bed. Of course my Girlfriend was woken up from my initial attempt to throw throw the wolf off the bed, needless to say, she was more afraid of me than what I saw in my dream…I’m confused as to what is. This wasn’t a dream where it was an unrealistic setting and nothing was different about my room. There was also no intention from the wolf, it was simply there. Didn’t seem like it was aggressive, passive, or wanted anything, it was simply just there. Anything would help…thanks

  187. Sometime around 6am this morning, I witnessed myself walking in the side yard headed to the back yard of my childhood home. I looked up and saw a large black and grey wolf peacefully sitting there watching me. I called to my brother, but no answer. All I could think of was keeping my daughter from coming outside. The wolf never approached me; we both just stared at one another without a threat. I turned to go in the house and the wolf walked in the opposite direction.

    What does this mean?

  188. The dream was real vivid. It was at night and the stars were so bright. I was being chased by a werewolf. I was on top of roofs jumping from one roof to another, as if i was flying. The wolf was right behind me the faster I went he kept up. I can feel panic, my heart beating. The weird part sometimes I felt I was part of the wolf like seeing thru its eyes but i was me…kinda hard to explain. The dream was scary and felt to real! He was grayish/silver.

  189. I had a dream that four wolves were under a tree. At first, they looked at me with suspicion and were cautious. As I approached them,
    they all welcomed me with a big smile.

    What does this mean?

  190. I had a dream that I was werewolf boy with a pack but the pack was all boys and we were chasing this guy on all fours when we transformed into werewolfs and this guy was riding a bike but as soon as we got to him this car was driving towards us and we just scatterd.

  191. i had a dream last night .. me and my cousins are going in their place. but suddenly they left me alone in the woods . and i saw a pack of white wolves staring at me as if they wanna attack me. i got scared and tried not to look at them. but before i pass through them, they cross in front of me. i continue to walk until i got in my cousins house, but one brown wolf attacks me, it almost bite my leg. my cousin saw me and he opened the gate to let me in. i feel so scared even though they told me that there’s nothing to worry and i just need to have a sleep. until i already fell asleep ..

  192. I’ve had reoccuring dreams of wolves, and I’ve noticed the situations were very inconsistent…so the messages were very mixed.

    My first dream was about me training on a sword on my grandmother’s property…under a full moon. As I was finishing my sword movements, I take a look to the left of me, and I see a wolf pack studying me. Once I turn to face them, they instinctively assume the attack positions; almost as if they were waiting for me to turn to face them. But this is the part that still vexes me: in my response to the wolf pack, I throw down my sword, and I charge bare-handed at the wolf pack, and I leapt at them…growling, hands taut with fingers fully extended, anticipating grappling with the animals.

    My next dream is about a wolf that enters a house with my family. I open the door because I hear something shuffling about on the back door porch. Suddenly a wolf jumps in and knocks me over. It proceeds to enter the house. But before it enters the hallway, it pauses…then it retreats back into the wilderness. My family were all in the living room. It saw my family, and second-guessed it’s plan of attack.

    Third dream: a girl I cared about walks off into a field of gray nothingness. I chase after her, only to be stopped by an endless field of young men materializing out of the gray nothingness, claiming that the girl belongs to them. I turn into a wolf and engage the men, but as many as I take down, many more take the fallen one’s place. Ultimately, I was overwhelmed by the smirking men; they had numbers on their side.

    Fourth dream: I turn into a werewolf for some unknown reason. I then begin to take great leaps into the night sky; island hopping. I was stationed in Japan at the time, so in my dream, Japan was the point of origin. As I’m hopping along the Aleutian Islands, something from the sea flies out at me. It was a fanged woman…or a really malevolent spirit taking the form of a woman. Whatever she was, she attacked me while I was approaching the crest of the jump. I countered by grappling the dread woman’s throat and slingshotting her down into an oil rig somewhere down on the surface. It must have been an oil rig as I recall hearing metal folding as the fanged spirit crashed onto it. I then recall being on the North American western coast; running along the glass and metal canopy of a gigantic greenhouse. But the whole time I was on this trip back to the U.S., the moon was full; it appeared larger than I’ve ever seen it in real life, and with much more clarity.

    Finally, my fifth dream: I was visiting my family in South Texas. I recall hearing about a coyote problem. Coyotes somehow broke into the house, as I recall seeing pups leisurely moving about on the floor, and the whole pack howling at us from outside. One of them made its way through the front door. My family huddled at one corner of the living room. As it approached, I started howling like a wolf. As I howled, it agitated the coyote in the living room. But I kept on howling, knowing that wolves and coyotes are mortal enemies. Eventually, the coyotes left the house and the property. But I find it strange that the rest of my family didn’t join me in howling. I was the only one who resorted to howling to scare away the coyotes.

    • Dream 1: You seem to have an idealistic and romantic mindset when it comes to conflict. Somehow, I sense that you also tend to respond to fear by fighting instead of fleeing or freezing, and with a primal sense at that.

      Dreams 2 and 5: Your family means a great deal to you. They seemed to protect you by sheer proximity while you employ the same feral nature of the wolf and go to extreme measures to protect your family.

      Dream 3: Impotent anger and hopelessness combined here. You are a jealous and ferocious protector, but you also feel as if you are fighting a losing cause. Learn to cut your losses. It will hurt you to take this advice, but let them have this one. It sucks to forfeit the fight since you put so much heart and effort into this one, but this is one loss you have to take. You seriously cared for this girl, but ultimately she made her choice. The men she chose may or may not be as sinister as you would imagine them, but if that’s the kind of life she wants, then let her. You also seem to have some seed of revenge within you. My advice, the best revenge possible would be to simply live and prosper. Given the nature of most young men in this generation, a girl of that type would be used up and tossed away, while your life takes a substantially better route in life. Live on, man; that’s all you can do.

      Dream 4: You seemed to be after something (or someone) in this scenario. Whether it be a desire that you had to travel halfway across the planet or a goal, you also fear you will meet resistance. At least you’re willing to put up some kind of fight to obtain what you desire, but I would advise to exercise caution lest you lose control.

      I also hope there are others who would provide more meaningful interpretations or advice as you seem to need more insight than most people here.

  193. I had a dream that I was done with my military career and me and some friends were going to go celebrate. I said my good byes and came to a club, where we were going to celebrate a little. I noticed this girl looking at me and we talked a little and took interest in each other. Soon it was time to go and next thing I knew me and my (now girlfriend)were walking in a wide cut out road in a forrest along with us was the girl in the bar-like place that I had met before. I heard howling and shortly after, started seeing wolves of different colors. Black, grey, orange, and yellow in color. I then walked swiftly to a near by tree and boosted my girlfriend up and I followed. The other girl was in a quiet panick and I was trying to direct her to go to a certain tree but she was in a panick and the wolves caught up to her. She got back up but was overwhelmed by them and I saw in graphic detail, them rip her apart. I turned around to tell my girlfriend something and she wasn’t there. I called for her again and nothing. The wolves were starting to leave and only three were left, two directly underneath me and one on its way out. The tree that I was in still looked healthy but started to wither as if it were a human body with no skeleton. I found myself getting closer and closer to the ground as the tree weaped over. I noticed all of a sudden that I had an old pocket knife that I actually once had in real life but forgot about and it appeared in my hand but I had to open it so my only defense was to get angy and kill any threat that came near me. A black wolf lundged at me and I stabbed it 3 times in the throat, then another, I did the same thing but the last stroke was a slice to the throat. I was wondering if you had any kind of interpretation to this. Thanks

  194. I’ve dreamt of wolves in a negative way since I was a child. I would wake up with night terrors about wolves chasing me. Those disappeared until recently, I’ve been under a lot of stress in dealing with some people in my life and last night had a wolf dream. The wolf was dirty and sickly looking with red rabie eyes and it lunged after my mom and i. I don’t know how to take this as a warning to protect my mom and myself or just a lurking fear in my mind about a situation. It was so scary and I woke up because I could hear the blood pounding in my ears from my heart pumping. 🙁

  195. I had a dream a couple nights ago I was walking a pack of wolves all of the wolves were grey except one and, he was solid black and I noticed he was acting aggressive toward me.We started fighting and then I pinned him on the ground and killed.I was at a campsite and one of the grey wolves look at me that’s when I woke up

  196. I’ve read through a majority of the comments and found that most of them have had “dangerous” dealings with the appearance of a wolf in their dreams, but that does not necessarily answer my nagging question. I often dream about wolves, and by often I mean A LOT but mine never deal with being attacked or chased by a wolf rather I am one of the wolves, sometimes a leader. I run WITH the wolves not away from them… What does this mean?

    • You must be cautious and watch your back, because there is somewhere around you (or maybe you are one of them? :)) some greedy and bad people. These people somehow might try or even now are trying to influence you (or maybe you are the one who is influencing others in a bad way? :)).

  197. I had a dream of me being a wolf and running in th wods like i was chasing something and as i ran i only see my paws witch were darker gray allmost black……

  198. Last night, I had a dream that a young adolescent wolf had somehow gotten into my house, and started to run at me. I wasn’t the least bit afraid, and rushed at it head on, knocking it down and holding it to the floor as strong as I could. It still managed to contort itself and bite my head. It hurt, but didn’t bleed. I waited there until my dad and a Norwegian wolf-hunter( don’t ask) came and helped me cage the wolf. A bit later, the wolf got free again, and came to find me. It was at the top of the stairs, and I was at the bottom. It was playing with me, testing my reactions. I stood my ground, unafraid. He wolf rushed down to me, and started to wrestle with me, without trying to claw or bite me. Eventually, it stopped, stepped back, looked at me, and I extended my hand. The wolf nuzzled it, and licked it. It walked over to me and started to play with me like a dog.

    What does this mean? I am a girl with no friends, or enemies….

  199. I dreamed that I was hiding from some bad people, suddenly my husband shows up, leading me by the hand away from there, never looking at me, and suddenly a pack of grey wolves shows up, and starting to growl, my husband pulls my hand and starts saying, again not looking at me, move. I turn my head and one wolf looks at me and starts whinning , I get a feeling he wants me to stop, all the other wolves surround us follow us, but this one keeps ooking at me and I cant take my eyes of him…

    • i have had a similar dream…. however i was alone in it… i remember waking up in some sort of small cottage with a feeling of urgency… after which i ran out of the building and into the woods…. i then realized i was being chased by a pack of grey wolves…. i somehow lost them for a night and slept in a cave… after which i had to keep running…. i then later found myself in the middle of a ruined city…. everywhere i looked there were ruins and grassy plains… as soon as i entered the middle of the plains was when the wolf pack entered the clearing… i immediately ran and found some cover in one of the ruins that had not completely collapsed…. i then realized they had me surrounded and i felt i had to leave and confront them….. however as soon as i left the protection of the ruins every single one of em backed off…. and then a single grey one walked up…. she was looking at me pleading…. as if needing help…. ive had this dream 1 other time before…. but when i was very very little…

  200. I had an interesting dream last night about wolves. I was back at my childhood home that was set in a forest. The wolves where silent. They where usually in groups of 2-3. Some where black, some where white and some where orange. There were more black ones. I killed every wolf that attacked me even their pups. One grey wolf attacked my brother and I killed it with a knife from the picnic table. It took sometime and while I was stabbing it my hand got scratched. After a few dozen where killed with baseball bats my father wanted to give my son a pellet gun. But i insisted we get a higher caliber rifle so that he could kill them from further away with one shot.

  201. I just had a dream that these two wolfs were chasing me and my partner in our car and they were brownish and greyish i was trying too protect my partner from them but they didnt want me they were after her and she knew it then the dream completly switched to me being trapped in our bedroom by my partner too find she was possed thats why the wolfs were after her she was then trying to seduce me i could tell it wasnt her she wasnt acting her self she then took me too the ground and i quickly placed my two fingers in a crucifix symbol and she started too burn into fire then the demon was gone what does this mean i need help??????

  202. This is the first for me and it felt do real… Sjoe, I’m wide awake now…lolol
    Please tell me what’s the meaning of my dream…

    I was walking on a gravel road, and doggs come running past me, wolf,s all over the place after the doggs. I fell and the next moment a BIG and I mean, a Big black wolf was standing over me, sniffing in my hair. I was lying on my tummy on my left side of my face and he was trying to what I was thinking see if I was scared, and he will press his nose on my right side of my face and I was turning my head towards the ground, not letting him pick up my breathing. A guy wit a pick up truck wr going slow and he jumped into the truck killing the guy, pulled his body from the truck next to mine and starting to eat the guy.. No other wolfs near him.then I was waken by 2 guys walkin past and asked if I’m hurt.. I was fine. Then then next I know the wolf was like following me everywere I went. We became close. He would watch over me every night..and then I woke up… Weird man…

  203. My dream seems totally different from everyone elses! Had it thismorning and I can’t stop thinking about it! I was in my last year of school n I was about 17 which is the age I am now! And me and a close friend decided to just leave early to study somewhere else because it was so sunny outside so we did but while we got out I started to rain so we walked into a dark cave but inside it was so comfortable and warm n we found a nice spot to sit and study so we did..then a tall strange woman walked in and stood over us then jade turned to me and said she was one of the teachers at our school and the two of us thought we were in trouble!the woman turned with er dark face starin into mine n said somethin along the lines of we will pay for what we had done and right after this she walked away deeper into the darkness of the cave and I got up and tried to follow because I was confused after what she had said and I was sure I hadn’t seen er before even though my friend knew! Just as I began to follow I heard an extremely loud aggressive howl and my friend screamed my name.I turned around lookin out of the darkness and seen a huge black wolf with red eyes running for me but instead of fear I felt extreme anger nothing like I ever did before and ran towards him but he latched onto my right shoulder n sunk his sharp teeth into me and even though it was just a dream the pain felt so real! but I managed to knock him off me and run after the strange woman and I caught her n dragged her infront of me n pushed her onto the raging wolf and he tore her to shreads after I had done it. Myself and my friend stood and watched this and when he had finished killing her n lay on the ground beside me looking into my angry eyes with respect! Then I felt like a monster and began running aimlessly through a dark forest alone until I woke up.. Very weird dream I would love to know what this means!!

  204. I regularly (once every couple of months) dream about a pack of wolves trying to get into my house. The house is either my own or the one I grew up in. I go to leave and realise that there are wolves outside and close and lock the door as quickly as I can. Then I run around the house to every other door and close and lock them. At each door there is a wolf just about to get in and it seems so menacing. I am always terrified and wake up in a panic. I’m nearly 50 but I have to sleep with the light on after that. Any thoughts?

  205. My dream about wolves was my husband, two boys and myself were protecting ourselves in a battle and my boys were up high somewhere I couldn’t see them but i could hear them battering back and forth about how many kills they had; and my husband and myself was back to back him with his guns and me with my blade and two wolves beside me ready to attack all on comers. They were fighting along side of us not against us could someone please help me decode this dream. I had this same dream many times.

  206. First time writing about my dreams yet mine seems completly different from others. So in the dream I’m at a small stage where little kids are performing acts and always I’m with this girl(she’s a dear friend). We are together but she gets a call of her mom being sick so she leaves. Alone I leave too and before I know it I’m a white wolf running to meet my pack. I get to this hill and everyone is waiting for me. We are being taught of hunting when I am sent out with a cub to patrol when we come up to a huge log. A white grey bear comes out of it and trys to attack us but I stand my ground while the cup gets hurt and I put it on my back. I start climbing a rock hill using trees almost jumping from them till I reach the top. I see an older wise wolf coming to aid us but I hear the bear about to reach the top as well. I see its head start raising but I snarl back before it reaches the top and I feel myself grow bigger. The bear is scared and it goes down scared and I return to the pack where its time to leave now. We all start runnning and I wait for my partner, the girl that was at my side in the beginning but she’s human. She runs and I run behind her going really fast through the woods everything a blurr. I jump over a big fence door where the girl is waiting for me happy.
    Then I woke up…

  207. my dreams consisted of many of diffrent parts. the first one of this night was me and friend were walking thru a snowy field when 2 wolfs ran up and yet only one atacked. now these wolfs there coats were like long zigzags of white and black that were put together perfectly, there teeth were razor sharp. yet there eyes.. they were soo beautiful, they were like a glowing gold that didnt sit on the eye them selvs yet hoverd just off them. and they didnt have white for the eyes yet like a see thru black like the blackest cristel ball you could ever imangin. and they were big like timber wolfs yet had 3 times as much mussel. the one that was attacking i got his attention by throwing snow at it and it began to attack me while the others ran the opsite direction. the attacking wolf followed me as the other wolf followed the rest of the people. i faught with the wolf and ran as far as i could untill it was night fall, while i was running away i kept looking back to see if my friends were ok but every time i looked back another 1 was missing untill only 1 remained, but as soon as it was night fall the attacking one ran away into forest and i woke up momentairly. i fell asleep promptly and again i was in a snowy field but this time the sun was just comming up and i was still on the run. my clothes were torn and ragged and i was bleeding out of my right arm but i had it wrapped in my t-shirt pretty good. i wasent too far away from my home and once i got there i found a girl outside of my home waiting for me to get there. she seemed to love me and want to tend to my wounds and help me out. her kiss was like an addrilin rush from head to toe. and her voice was more beautieful than any could imangin. but she didnt want me to go inside, and she wouldent tell me why ither. but i convinced her that inside would be better for i had more medical supplys pu there. and she followed me in. we went up stairs where all the supplys are at and once we got into the kitchen i herd grouling and at first i just thought it was my dog. but i turned around and both of the wolfs were standing in my living room. i grabbed the raw meet off the table and told her once i throw this at them run outside cuz im running for my room to grab a live cage that i had in there and hopefly catch the aggresave one. i gave her a quick kiss, and threw the meet they they went for but the angry one was always on the left and the one that didnt do nuthing was always on the right of eachother and they atacked the raw meet as i ran past them to get into my room. i slammed the door but just at that moment my door flew open and for some reason i had strings on the outside door handel that they used to pull the door open. i tryed to close it so they would have a harder time getting in. but they were stronger than i was. then i woke up. momentairly after i had awaken i got a text message from one of my X’s. it wasent nothing special. i told her that i had a fucked up dream with 2 wolfs that had golden eyes. and she replyed that she too drempt of 1 wolf with golden eyes the samy type of fur the same size the same teeth, but she was walking thru a green field and it came out and sat on a hill. but all it did was watch her and observ her movements, witch reminded me of the one wolf that didnt do anything but watch and move and follow. any clues?? and answers?? hit me up.. Stan

  208. i had a dream that i can rember everything about and i have never frogot about it .

    I was walking alone in a creepy forest and a black wolf with red eyes came up to me and started walking off like it wanted me to follow it so i did next thing i know is we came to a place that had a whole bunch of huge bolders that were stacked on top of each other the wolf went between two rocks and carried me in and everytime i tryed to get up the wolf grabed me and pulled me back in and layed is head on me and thats when i woke up

  209. I dreamt i was walking in the middle of a highway,suddenly the ground was not stable and whan i looked down i was walking on grey wolf skins.when i realised this i walked to the other side and i was suddenly on a dirt path,a man and a pack of gray wolves were coming towards me, i was unsure of wat to do so i walked with this man, the Alpha male wolf came past us and gave me look and proceeded same as the others.then i was suddendly in a mini bus that was not moving but rather pushed by the driver, and all the way we were passing a lot of wolves.what is the meaning of this really.

    • me, too. i was sleeping in a bed next to my dying mother (in a hospital). my friend was keeping watch for a couple of hours so that i could get a bit of sleep. When my friend woke me, she informed me that i had been howling like a wolf, so loudly that the nurse at the nurses station (about 100 ft down the hall – with room door closed))had come running to see what was going on!
      mom died a day and a half later.
      what does this mean?? why would i howl like a wolf?

  210. I was with my friends and we just got out of their van and all a sudden 3 wolves came out from behind a tree, and I fighter all of them . But awhile ago I was sleeping and I woke up and see a white chiHuahua and it turns it head towards me. But that wasn’t a dream. I’ve been just having weird dreams lately , I need some advice or help about my weird dreams. Please send me an email or something ! Please respond ! [email protected]

  211. I had two dreams. They both had the same situation. First dream the wolf had just appeared, it was foaming at the mouth and growling at me. Found myself trying to snap it’s neck, but I just couldn’t do it right. Second dream, next night in fact. The wolf came again, it wasn’t foaming at the mouth and it came down a street at night. Found myself doing the same thing. Tried to, again. Woke up feeling dreadful, and four hours after I had lied down to sleep.

  212. I had a dream, twice, about a large wolf that is cut in half and growling at me. He is only walking on his front two legs (somehow). Once he walked beside a wall and smeared blood all over it. He growls so loud it vibrates and i can feel him breath on me in both dreams. He seems like he wants to kill me but hasn’t attacked (yet). Since I dreamt about him twice i figured it definitely meant something. Plus his back-end missing is very weird. Any ideas ?

  213. I had a dream I was in the house and a grey wolf was in there and graves my foot and I tried to yank away the wolf said no u don’t not so easily. Next thing i knew I grabed the wolf by it’s mouth and it was struggling to break free but I had a firm grip. Got it to the front door and was fighting it to get out. So I finally got the wolf out looked at it threw the front wondow and stuck my tounge out. Went up stairs to my dad and was pissed he was up but didn’t hear me call his name the second time. Due to the first scream nothing came out. I told him what happened and I had 2 small scratches on my right index finger and a couple of little scratches on my left forearm. Laying next to him was his girlfriend and she got up talking shit about me so I said something can’t remmber what then left. Some how ended outside and got in my car. Drove den the street thought I saw the wolf agian but it was a dog and I felt it brush agianst my driver door turned around got back out the car started walking up steps turned around n I seen the a black wolf or dog laying down and I ran like crap to get back to my car was putting the key in the door and then I woke up. I don’t know if it chases me or even seen me but I did not look back.

  214. so, in this dream: I was alone…and i was cold. i fell into the snow, and just laid there. All of a sudden, this wolf comes crawling towards me. I reach out, but i was too weak. So, i set my hand on the snow, close to her. She put her paw on my hand, and then she licked my hand, trying to warm me. From then on, she took care of me. somehow, me and this wolf got seperated… I was brought to this camp of some sort where they did many tests on me. I had like, 4 needles a day of some sort of vaccination. I was so scared… Then some lady asked me why i had the wolf paw tattoo on my left ankle. I told her: “Oh, my dad shayne did it for me…I love wolves, and the blue sybolizes how alone i am.” Then i remembered the wolf. The people were going to send me to africa, then to london, because shayne was there. No clue why he was there… but he was traveling around. I remember going to the park, and seeing the wolf watching me. She looked so happy. I was unsure of what to do though. im pretty sure i ran to her… Then i woke up. I remember the dream so well. The vividness…the detail. Everything. But i dont understand why i had this dream.

  215. I had a dream couple of nights ago and it’s been bugging me ever since. I dreamt that their was an Old Man in about his 50’s or 60’s waiting for me at my front door with an old dusty trenchcoat and his 2 Wolves at night. He didn’t knock at the door at all, I just had a feeling someone was waiting at my front door. I looked out the window and had seen this Old Man waiting with his 2 Wolves. I didn’t know what he wanted but I felt scared and I didn’t want to open the door. Im still not sure what he was waiting for or what he wanted from me but then one of my friends appeared in my dream and I told him someone was waiting at the front door. I then said to my friend we need to kill the 2 Wolves, they are Evil. I had a feeling the Old Man was Evil as well or he wanted to take something from me. So my friend killed one of the Wolves and he then became evil also. So I then tried killing my friend but he wouldn’t die. I then woke up and I still felt scared. I really want to know what the Old Man and Two Wolves are meant to be in my dream? Anger, Worried, Frightened? Im worried this has something to do with whats to come rather than what has happened in the past. Please, does anyone have any answers?

  216. Ok so i have recently been having these dreams alot where im outside my house on our street with either some friends or some people. At first its morning but then it gets dark all of a sudden or it was already dark then when i look down the street i see a pack of black wolves coming my way. At first they start out slow then they start running toward me n my group. They attack us and sometimes at that part i wake up but some of my last dreams they attack me im fighting back and then they start to be friendly toward me and accept me into their group.
    Now i realy would like to know what all that means..

  217. i was walking home through the woods and a wolf or a coyote started walking towards me. i decided to attach it before it attacted me. i through a round house kick to the head and the wolf or coyote just stood there silently. i figured they did not come for trouble.. as i continued to walk away i noticed it was still slowly walking behind me. i turned around walked back toward the animal and notice a wide black collar around the neck. i grab the collar a proceeded to walk with the animal looking for a place to store it so it would not follow me home. i saw a white iron fence and try to put the animal in it but realized he could get out from the other side. i then turned and looked up and saw another white iron fence up the stairs on the side of a church or large house, i straged the animal up the stairs and placed it behind the fenced and left. a man yelled softly from the window and said it see you are leaving your pet it is ok i house unwanted animals. he said for me not to worry.

    i felt bad knowing the animal was armless and felt i might of overreacted by kicking it in the head.

  218. I was on the second floor staring out the window at night and there were 2 wolves. One jumped up the window, I thought it was going to attack me but it laid on my lap and was very tame I was caressing the wolf and my friend told me not to. I said “it’s ok he seemed tame” then my friend wanted to touch the wolf, but as she was about to the wolf, it started to get mad at her and tried to bite her.
    But then the wolf came back to my lap and started to be tame again.

    I’m boggled what the meaning of this is.

  219. I dreamed a wolf approached me as I walked along a crowded street. I didn’t recognize the street in my dream. The wolf was more of a “cartoonish” type wolf. He spoke to me so I know it was a male. He was dark gray and white mixed together. He had a long pointed snout like the coyote in cartoons. He told me he was hungry and if I found him someone to eat, he’d help me. He said he only ate people. He never threatened to eat me or my kids and I wasn’t scared of him, but said I wouldn’t be ok if I didn’t find him someone to eat. But I followed behind him instead of him behind me and I was the one looking. He kept running up to people and saying, “can I eat this one?” I told him I didn’t want him to eat anyone and he said I had to make a choice or he wouldn’t help me and that I had no choice.
    We kept running and he’d choose someone and I’d disagree and then I saw someone laying out on the sidewalk, a huge person just laying there. I thought, “well, if he eats this one, he’ll be full and leave me alone” So, I told him to eat that person. He bit into him, breaking the skin. The man looked up and was scared but the wolf said the man had too much fat and wasn’t going to taste good. The man looked at me and smiled and said he was ok. The wolf looked at me and told me again that I needed to find him someone else.
    The wolf was nice to me. He didn’t howl or snarl. He just kept telling me I needed to find him someone to eat and he would help me.
    I woke up before I found him someone.

  220. In my dream i was simply walking through a corn field not sure what i was doing i had headphones on listening to some kind of music when this massive white and grey wolf walked right up to me out of no where i seen the corn stalks moving stopped in my tracks and all i could do was stare as it walked right up to me like it knew where i was the entire time and was just waiting.It was huge it was big enough that standing there it was staring me in the face and im not terribly short im 5-10 and it was snarling and growling.I placed my hand on the bottom part of its open jaw for some reason my guess is to try and keep it from snapping my face off and slowly pulled out my headphones then started to reach in my back pocket for my knife.Before anything else happened i woke up breathing very heavily i was very very cold almost shaking my hair on my neck and arms was standing up.I usually cant remember vivid details of my dreams but this dream is etched in my memory especially the wolf it was a beautiful animal and at the same time it had the look of a savage creature what does this mean could you email about it please it kind of has me creeped out.

  221. My dream started off with this guy that i guess was one of my friends, he dropped me off at this place for a party. A little while after the party starts somebody called the cops and when they arrived nobody ran except me, i ran because i had a bag with a bong in it and i think weed to. One cop followed me and i ended up getting cornered, he started talking to me and telling me to come with him but i told him to wait a second, i was wearing earrings that were little wooden boxes that slid open and had little compartments, i took one off and inside there was some kind of plant that you trip on, i quickly shoved half in my mouth before the cop could stop me and then i convinced him to take the other half. Then we started trippin, my vision got blurry and we were sitting on the ground laughing. As the effects started wearing off, we stood up and then his nose started to bleed. I felt so bad i wanted to take him to the hospital but he told me to just go. So i did and the next day i went to school but it was a school where the girls and boys were seperate and they lived in the building too. For some reason everyone from the party received money except me and everyone kept asking me why and the cop that i tripped with was there and he made up some weird story that somehow made sense. Then i remember going to bed and i layed down and shut my eyes for a bit and i opened them and there was a plant that was in the corner of the room and it moved as if it were looking in the corner. I looked to the corner and there was a wolf sitting there, calmy, and he just stared at me. His eyes were calm and his whole prescence was suddle. Everything i look up about seeing a wolf in a dream relates to hostility, but i’m not sure if that applies to my dream.

  222. Well in my dream I guess I was in the country side (like a ranch) an I was surrounded by wooden gates. And this man called me over so I jumped over an he gave me something but don’t know what it was some sort of sack or something. So he walked up a hill an disappeared an when I went to climb up the wooden fence an was half way there, then two carbon colored wolves ran towards me. But instead of me going over I jumped down an got near them an as I put my hand over one of the wolves I woke up.
    Don’t know what the dream meant

  223. last night i dreamt of a pack of wolves that would return night after night scaring alot of people. they would return at the same time in the dark. They would appear from nowhere and then run by. the odd time snapping at people. in this dream i had bought a truck and a boat. during the day my keys kept getting stolen so i could not leave. I saw the face of a guy and had a feeling he was up to it so i watched him. he went into the house next door. i tried to call but could not find my cell phone so i went into the mailbox of the house next door and there it was . as i was walking away a guy with a white painted face and red lips came out i went to talk to him then the dream changed. what does this mean … i only dream when something is about to happen. but i cannot figure this one out

  224. This is a segment of three dreams during the course of three years.
    Please tell me about these dreams and their meaning.
    First dream:
    I was been chase in some remote forest not by a pack of wolve but by a single black wolf.
    In this dream i was only about 10 or 12 years of age.
    I run through the forest and was now running up a mountain I could feel the wolf breathing on my neck. When i reached the top of the mountain i saw a small cabin looked like it has been there for centuries barely standing. I ran inside and in it was a table and a chair that look just as old as the cabin and on the chair was an old man when i saw him he stud up he and i noticed a cain and a rope cover his entire body he seem to be over 200 hundred years old. His body was not decayn but he looked like he have just been waiting there for centuries. I heard the wolf at the door i had just closed behind me.
    The old man didn’t scared me and when i heard the wolf trying to get through the door i ran behind the old man i looked up and noticed he was looking at me with a tender smile.
    I heard the wolf just outside the door and around the cabin as though looking for a way in. And then all stoped it was like he was gone. I looked up at the old man with confort but was still looking at the door as though waiting for something and just as i looked at the door i saw it open and this tall figure just appeared with a long rope covering his body he had his right arm just over his left shoulder as though he was holding the rope. his face was the face of a demon. When he spoke he said to the old man ” give him to me” the old man reply “no”. The demon turn his head to the right just slightly to look at me and said “come to me” i said “no” I was so afraid and confused that the wolf have changed into this horrible demon. He spoke again and said “come to me because if you don’t it will be cielo who i will go get instead” ( cielo is my daughter she about two at the time of this dream) when he said that i walk from behind the old man next to him as i am now not a child but a man filled with anger and disbelieve that this demon said my precious angels name. I had no fear now i looked at the demon straight in his eyes and said ” if you ever hurt my daughter i will come for you and i will show you a demon you’ve never seen” . After i finish talking i woke up.

  225. Wow I had exactly the same dream as Beverly. I had the dream last knight and had to look for the meaning on the internet and come across this site and was amazed to see we had the same dream. I’m from South Africa.

  226. I had a dream that my aunt and I were going to another aunts house in the ranch. We made a short cut and came up to two different roads I knew the right one to take but my aunt took the wrong road and went up in a spiral of a steep hill and I told her she was driving toast she finally slowed down and I told her to go back down because we were supposed to take the other road. Instead she went straight down the hill and we crashed into a fence of some sort . I got out of the car and we were at this party thy were listening to country music and cooking food I looked up and on the hill was a big black wolf with yellow scary eyes . Right hen he jumped at us I grabbed a big wooden stick and stabbed him with it then threw him in the fire and watched him burn all of a. Sudden my sister comes walking out of a room where another dead wolf is laying on the bed and she leaves it there and then I wake up !!!!!! This dreAm was really weird what can it mean ??????

  227. I dreamt I was a wolf. I was playing in a shallow stream with my pack. The sun was baking on my fur and I felt at peace. Surrounded by mountains and hills of green, I felt safe and happy. I could smell the fresh river water, the mountain breeze, not a worry in the world. Best dream I’ve had in ages! Can anyone explain what this means?

  228. I had a dream were a wolf had been following me on a weekend get away. The wolf broke into the house that I was staying at. It would not go near the other person that I was with. But it started to bite my hand but it never hurt it was just being playful. But every time I leave it would follow me. I have no idea what this means. Can someone help???!!!

  229. oh ya, just remembered. when i seen the wolf in my dream, so did the rest of the family. and when they did my mom said “thats the raccoon.” and look at me while i was holding my niece.

  230. i was in some kind of town, and i was with my mom, my niece and a couple other family members. it was all fine, but i couldnt help but feel i was being watched in my dream, i looked around and i noticed that the town we were in, was in a bowl shaped canyon, and then i noticed a big black shape sitting at the top of the bowl canyon. my eyes gradually zoomed in and made to be what looked like a large wolf.he looked dangerous and i automatically picked my niece up and became territorial, but his eyes looked more like they were waiting. i took my niece somewhere else in the town and everytime i looked to see were he was.. i would just see his ears fading into distance around the conyon bowl. one thing that really stood out on this wolf was his really black pointed ears, and his mid section was much bigger then a regular wolf.
    regular life: My mom lives on a farm and something has been killing her livestock and running the horses into the fence backlegs first. my Niece said that there is a scary raccoon around my moms farm and if a window is completely covered my niece will start freaking out,and start tearing whatever is covering the window,saying that the raccoon is out side and we have to watch it. shes 2-3 yrs old. when i was living with my mom i went into the back yard one day and seen what i made out to be a badger. my little sister found something like that in the back yard too, but it was on the fence. and last time i checked badgers dont go on fences.
    There are many stories like those, so im thinking that this dream means a future danger. im not sure.

  231. i was sat in a remote hotel with my dad and my baby, when i realised that wolfs were peering at me through the kitchen window into the living room, they had somehow got in. My dad told me not to panick as they couldnt get in any further but i aired on the side of caution and took my baby upstairs. As me and my dad where shutting the doors we could hear them coming, i was expaling to my dad but he didnt believe me till we seen one appear at the end of the corridor. We shut the door in time but it kept launching at it pushing it open my dad didnt appear to take it seriously, i locked the door and grabbed my baby telling my dad we had to move again but he said no ‘leave him’ i grabbed my baby and ran into another room when a wold got in, i shoved my son in a cupboard and turned to face the wold it launched at me and i grabbed it by its jaw and pulled them so far apart until it broke and died. More wolves appeared and pounced but i then woke up. What does this mean? My dads lack of interest in severity and the wolves stalking me like pray? Then the killing of the wolves

    • You fear for your baby’s life, and you will fight tooth and nail to protect him/her. The tragic side of this dream is that you will feel isolated and overwhelmed when this day comes.

  232. I had a good dream of wolves. It lasted quite long, but I’ll make it short. The wolves were like our pets or quides. Me and this young man in my dream both had wolves. His being white & beautiful. Mine being Grey & white. We were able to ride on their backs, and gracefully move through the woods. At first I felt scared, and didn’t know what to do.. I didn’t want to hurt it, but as time went on; the wolf was patient with me. But by the end of the dream I felt like me and the wolf had some sort of bond. I can’t explain the feelings. But I know this can’t mean something bad like I’ve been reading in the other dream meanings & definitions. So I am curious to know what this one really means.

  233. I had a strange dream….it started with 2 wolf like shapes forming above me….they just looked like black shadows….but somehow they were feeding off me like they had stuck straws into me and were sucking my life away……I felt too weak to move and could barely turn my head to see the 3 men walk out of my closet….Nothing ever took on a devilish tone…..actually I cannot get the Trinity out of my head today…..anyway there was a blonde, he passed by me motioning a wolf to follow him, the second a redhead and he too passed by motioning the other wolf to follow him…..the third one is the one that puzzles me…..he spoke as if he were more devil than holy…….still the Trinity running wild in my head…..he was a brunette and he walked to the side of my bed, his head down and his hands in his pockets….. all of the sudden I had strength enough to sit up on my knees in the bed in front of him. He started to talk about sinning……..He asked me what happens when I sin…..I smiled and said ‘I ask God to fogive me’…..He dropped his shoulders a bit as if he had taken a deep breath and he was exhaling…He asked in a quiet voice “What happens when you ask him to forgive you” I smiled and said “He forgives me!” The man slowly raised his head and as soon as our eyes made contact with each other I woke up as if someone had jerked me awake. I cannot figure the dream out because I was afraid during the whole thing and woke up afraid…..I put something in front of my closet to keep the door closed…..odd dream……Trinity still running wild in my head……Afraid of my closet!! Dreams are so weird and confusing.

    • You will have bad dealings with 2 men or acquaintances. In a sense, they will drain you (your resources) to the point of incapacitation. 3 people will then appear in your life to lead you the wrong way. The final one will seriously test your faith, but once you hit that critical low, you will regain your strength and force yourself back up from that low point in life. You will also feel guilty in the end with the possibility that this critical low in life was caused by your own actions all along, but again, you will gain a second wind to overcome this.

    • Ah, I seldom look into dreams, though I did a bit when I was younger. But the few times I visited dreams websites before this one, I found other people had recently had the same dreams I’d had when I was much younger. At one point I began to think there were only a limited number of dreams which were rationed out to different people at different times.

      Anyway, forget about that, except that I’ve had this dream myself in the past, and more than once, changing slightly. It’s years and years ago. I’m male. The guys in the dream told me before they disappeared one time, though they usually said very little, that they also go to females. Usually I couldn’t see the blond guy, things were too bright and my eyesight was too bad.

      They asked me the same questions. It was strange, the dream repeated closely a number of times. One time, one of them said they were testing. And I actually thought this was testing the b****y dream context, for other people! They were so strange, while seemed to be nice. And I felt sympathy for them as if they were trapped and having to do something as if it were assigned to them and they were trying to do good.

      I don’t believe in forgiveness. Actually, truth be told, I know there is no such thing as forgiveness, that it is a silly emotional (or “emo”) fallacy – fantasy propogated by folky people, mostly in religious guises. I always feel sorry for those people who’ve got so mixed up. The most and the only thing forgiveness can kind of mean is that “you don’t hold something against someone”, which is not an actual act, and is normal. It’s how you feel actually. But to “forgive someone”, aside from to communicate how you feel to them – which is just how you feel and means nothing more and it’s your prerogative to feel otherwise if you’re genuine – is no act, and doesn’t mean anything. It’s very suggestive and emotionally hypnotic and leading, but very dangerous because there’s really no such thing as to forgive. If I just went and forgave someone, what on earth would I just have done? What act would have taken place? What would have happened? How arrogant am I, more to the point, to think I can create some magic act of, I don’t know, washing someone’s “sins” or something, because I feel I have moral superiority or something over someone. It’s all a huge illusion and harmful, too.

      I wonder if the guys in the dream were trying to tell you this. But trying to make you think. Though, you’ve said you’ve no idea what the dream could mean, so I’m giving my thoughts. I guess you’ll find it really weird that someone had the same dream, when the dream may seem so strange or even unique to you anyway.

      It’s funny, they used to “do me”, but they got me wrong. (They did say they were testing, and it seemed to me they meant practising!) The first time they appeared, I’d kind of gone along with someone I’d been speaking to who was talking about forgiveness, before I had the sleep the dream came in. And I didn’t contradict the person about forgiveness – so many people believe in it, while logically I know there’s no such thing. But it’s very hard for someone to grasp that if they’ve accepted it all their life.

      So, this person (before my first dream) was telling about forgiveness and asking me “Do I know forgiveness?”, before telling me personal thoughts and some dilemma. And I just nodded and said “yes”, meaning I understood that they believed in something, but didn’t explain that’s what I meant. And I let the person go on talking and didn’t say that there’s no such thing, for it didn’t seem the right time. And the conversation went on and finished like that.

      And when I slept the dream happened, as if these guys popped up to tell me I’d got it wrong. I was really ashamed at first because I thought I should have told the person earlier, that that was a chance missed. But then I got angry with the guys in the dream, because I’d made a conscious decision, a mature decision, not to, and thought a later time might be better to make just a suggestion to this person, including my own feelings about so-called “forgiveness”, or really, I can’t hide this – knowledge, in my opinion. So I felt weird after the dream and that it was kind of the wrong time, or the guys hadn’t been listening properly or something. Still I had the clear feeling anyway that they were honest people in themselves, at least if given the chance, it was weird. I kind of wanted to help them, but I got the feeling they had a terrible boss and if I tried they’d be punished or something. It was weird.

      Later, I had the dream again, and it was exactly the same. They seemed to try to ask about forgiveness, and if I believed. This time, I had the feeling that they had been told it was their route to salvation or something. Another part of the dream was the thought that they were trying to establish that this was what they do anyway, and they wanted to get it right.

      Then I thought, after everything, maybe it’s just to tell me that I can’t know what’s going on – why they’re doing that – for their own benefit or mine. And I realised one thing, that people appearing in dreams may be there looking for help, or just kind of there, being companionable or something, and are for themselves.

      This is a lot to cope with after your confusing dream. If it doesn’t help at all, I am sorry. But I wanted to write it. I’ll never forget those old dreams I had, they were kind of super seeming. Also, don’t be alarmed about another person having the same dream you may have thought was unique – I see very similar dreams when I read about other persons’ dreams.

  234. I had a dream where I was in a woods which i had seen before, a beautiful place that holds dear memories..it was slightly different though. It had a still river that was almost mote-like in its apperance that lined the shore and spilled into a a deeper lake, all of the water was on level with the ground around it, almost like it was flooded. Out of the water, suddenly, came an Orca whale, who looked pleasently at me then turned and smacked his tail on the water before diving back down…then from around the corner, i saw two wolves, one white one dusty brown, they were young wolves, running towards me but not ina threataning manner, they ran like dogs playing together and stood by me, i turned towards the hill and saw a black bear and an english bulldog comming down the hill towards me but they stopped when they saw the wolves, thats when i woke up. I felt threatened by the bear and dog, but safe with the wolves.

    • I wonder if the two animals making you frightened are emblem animals – signifying humanity rather than animals. The black bear is used as a symbol, or emblem or mascot so much – US states, many small towns in the USA, on the coat of arms of Berlin. The bulldog has long been a British symbol, also Australian, and of the US Marines.

  235. I had a dream about two large black wolfs circling eachother in my backyard. I leave my screen door locked and watch them ready to battle it out. One of the wolves noticed me and stopped and then so did the other. I didn’t feel threatened or anything, more like they wanted me to come. I didn’t go for a long while but i stood there watching them sit and wait for me. Eventually the sun had gone down and there was a large bonfire between the two wolves. One of them lying down and looking bored and the other pacing by the fire also bored. I opened the screen door and began to go down the steps. I remember feeling like I belonged with them. I noticed how fierce they looked and thinking how magnificent and scary they were.

    • 2 men (or women) are vying for your affection/companionship/hand, and ferocity is expressed short of inflicting injuries to one another. Your presence, however, will calm these 2 down; they can’t risk physical confrontation without losing you in the process.

  236. I dream that me and my mother had an argument and we r about to get in the car, then I look over in the woods and seen a large pack of grey wolfs with red eyes. Instently I felt safe, no fear. Next thing I know I’m one of them running through the woods, running faster than I have ever ran, trees flying past me in a blurr. Still sitting thinking about it I get this unexsplainable feeling. Its not bad either. Its good……I get those dreams alot different a little but always end up running with the pack.

    • You might have felt confined during the time you had your dreams, and what you desired above all else was freedom. You also have a desire to socialize with those you can relate to.

      • Ive had dreams about wolves like 4 days in a role and they were big and ugly. They were chasing. Well one of them they were chasing me and my friend an it was a group of black wolves looking for only us too. But a boy was the one who sent them. And my friend told me to run away. I did but i saved her too!! Than it was one with like 1000000 of them like lots of them and they were gathering every person to lik a concert of enrique iglesias but we couldnt go or we would be dead. Anotherone was about well i had this one 2ce it was lik brownish whitish wolves coming after everyone an attacking and like there was this guy tht was a hunter so he killed a few and sorta saved us. But im questioning myself. Whyyy do i have this scary dreams!!!???

    • This page says:

      “Personified this animal could be a man that benefits ourselves only if we do not become enemies with him.”

      Perhaps you are keenly aware of this right now.

      Though it is a strange dream which I used to have when younger at times. I know, I’m not a wolf, at the end of the day, whether waking or dreaming. So I suppose that simple truth is something to be aware of, positively. I think it’s important that there’s no need to think you have to conclude anything about such a dream. The dream may only be a representation of part of your personality – and anyway such dreams can be an expression of very normal and common elements in the personalities of many people, in really vivacious ways. The vitality of the dream is important, of course, a dream is an experience more or at least as much as it can mean or signify anything at all.

    • hi Mandy.

      When I was a child I had this dream quite a few times….there was a wolf that started biting people, transforming them into wolves as well! Contamination was spreading to everyone and everyone..following my father, brother, then suddenly, the whole world… the only two missing – my mother and me! then suddenly not even her!!…end, I wake up automatically.

  237. I was standing among bare trees. The ground was covered in pure white snow.
    A wolf appeared at the 10 o’clock position walking slowly. He was a healthy animal, as as it passed just looked at me showing no interest.

    The mood of the dream was “silence” and ‘loneliness”.
    I can’t remember my feelings as I saw the wolf and the dream just faded away.

    • There could be 2 interpretations to this dream:
      1. Someone will be waiting when you have this onset of clarity.
      2. Despite having a stable life, the person represented by the wolf could be in desperate need, and the possibility that he manifest him/herself before you may indicate you are the one to provide assistance.

    • Can’t think of anything at all at first, but the experience. The experience is very important, and can be part of wider consciousness, not quite defined in itself yet. And perhaps the dream is only eventually defined in itself in the most simple, bare way, but with significance in wider consciousness.

      Alternatively, such a simple dream may signify with wolf dream motifs – check them out from this page, above, and you are the best person to decide which might be most relevant.

      This could also be a simple dream experience about the reality of life on earth, with all beings just suggested by the two of you. I was thinking of a kind of spiritual one-ness idea, though this is not right, maybe it’s a paradoxical idea I’m thinking of – the truth in the individualism of each being but a one-ness within the universe, in what is. Seeing the wolf suddenly being itself and happy not to trouble you as you don’t trouble it, this may be a kind of plane of normality also – which sometimes or more often is there really, while the meaning is always there. It’s a nice thought, and your feeling of quiet loneliness in this ideologically respectful universe perhaps is a suggestion – or a question to you – of if you are not where you desire to be or amongst who you may desire to be with. Whether you know it or not.

  238. I had a dream that i was walking my sister’s dog in a remote forest. There were electric type small fences on the path way through the forest, and wondered why they were there. The next thing, this wolf appeared from the trees, and i started to panic about the dog, as i was about to lift my leg over this electrical fence, i looked down and Bruno had his rear left leg bitten off by the wolf. He was laying down bleeding and i had to pick him up to get him back to the car. Then i woke up rather horrified!

    Would this be anything to do with a terminally ill member of my family, which is causing great anxiety and sadness?

    I would appreciate someone’s input, thanks


    • Hi Amanda,

      I hope all is well with your family and feel better by now.

      The way I interpret your dream is that your friend (Bruno) was attacked by possibly one of yours or his enemies. It could also symbolize some physiological conditions with that person you are close with.

      Anyways goodluck,


    • a simbol of a person is of what it may become, a simbol of an animal is of what could be, but what it could be may become is somthing diffrent entirely, so your walking this animal that is close to you but in truth is not intirely yours for the face that you started it off as it wasent, so for this fact we look at the aera that you walked in, this aera wasent that it felt dangerous or that it seemed deserted or like it was all off it seemed like this was a every day walk it was just an enviroment that you wernt compleetly adjusted for, like maybe its brand new but not at the same time like maybe you havent ben there many times but maybe its somplace that you have a single memory that takes hold of you and truely wants to capture your mind away. it chose the leg for a reason, te missing limb was for notification that you needed to present somthing so that it could indirely become somthing intencively greater, the only true way for finding out the rest is remembering the rest of every detail that may or may not have been apart of this dream, the smells the taste the fealing of the wind rushing thru the air, the sounds that happen, the every little clue is important, dream well wether its great or worse, keep the attention deap, never give them an inch. fear is for the weak.

  239. I dreamt that I was sat in a park with a lady who ran my dog training classes.
    The was a Little wood close by. There were also some high
    Railings next to the bench we were sitting on.
    I noticed there was a wolf watching us, so I climbed up onto the railings.
    The the wolf came running out of the woods and grabbed the lady
    Round the neck. Through he around a bit and the dragged her away.

    At this point I woke up.

    I would love to know what it all means.

    • It sounds like someone will seriously be hurt…and it may cost him or her their lives. I fear this attack would be spontaneous and unprecipitated. I just hope it’s not too late to intervene in this case.

    • Perhaps some kind of message about the worth of thinking about what value may be in self-preservation as a first reaction or impulse reaction all of the time. Does it mean a person is then even sidelined into being a slave to fear for self-preservation, or even a slave to hostile or evil spirits which cause the fear?

      This dream could also have a totally simple and quite down to earth meaning. Perhaps it had your unconscious bringing out your fear, and maybe awe and perhaps some jealousy or just respect of the lady who trains all those spirited, maybe dangerous, dogs.

      You have to wonder if the self-preservation element in the dream can be relevant beyond this situation, or if it is just your self-conscious identity expressing itself with the thought, “I couldn’t do what she does, she is brave. And isn’t she a bit foolhardy in her steeliness also?”

      • … With simplish interpretations that don’t point to traditional dream meaning motifs, and especially if the meanings don’t make sense to you, you can wonder if there is some other subjectivity going on. This is important for me, recently, in my own dreams, as it can often seem that the messages are really someone else’s point of view.

        So, I mean, that some other spirit might be suggesting you are someone who thinks of yourself too much and has no bravery for principles. That might even be a taunt, something completely false about you, but alleged as a taunt. Or, your subconscious may think or fear that other people think that about you. With simple messages, it’s not hard to invert or think around the story or suggestion, looking for other angles of subjectivity that might be more relevant to you at the time.

  240. My dream was so weird everyone was running around in chaos in schools in shops trying to find somewhere to hide from the wolves but I could,t hide no more and had to try and kill the animals I eventually did I killed them quite evilly by cutting off there heads or slicing into there throats I woke up in a state and now I’ve read up on the dream and I,m quite scared 🙁 bev a worried dreamer


    • the fear that once held you in the begining, you must step forward, beyond your own limits, over come any fear, do what ever it takes, just keep a smile on that face while keeping your own spirits high, dont hesatate the problems find the tender point then got’um, you know the drill and what it do just follow your dreams its all up ta you.

    • hi

      When I was a child I had this dream quite a few times….there was a wolf that started biting people, transforming them into wolves as well! Contamination was spreading to everyone and everyone..following my father, brother, then suddenly, the whole world… the only two missing – my mother and me! then suddenly not even her!!…end, I wake up automatically.