Iron (material) dream meanings


Rigidity, steadfastness, resistance.


Where do I have maintain my place in my life?

General Meanings:

When the metal iron appears in the dream, it usually represents the strength and the determination of the dreamer, but it can also symbolize the rigidity of feelings or ideas. Iron may stand for the hardness, the brutality and ruthlessness, the feeling of cold. The indication of the symbol depends on the further circumstances, especially in the following way:

  • Iron can mean the forge of plans that are easy to perform but they will lead to easy disputes.
  • Rusty iron announces a disappointment due to a related person, or even a divorce.
  • Red-hot iron stands for violent, persistent feelings for a loved one.
  • Melting iron indicates that you can be happy through a loyalty in a relationship.
  • To be injured with iron announces upcoming concerns and disappointments.

Psychological Meanings:

Iron’s hardness and cold stand for power and toughness. In a dream you use the iron, this is an indication that the dreamer is trying to show more of himself. Iron in a dream also may mean that the dreamer tries “to straighten” the messed up things again.

Spiritual Meanings:

Iron in the dream may show that you need more discipline. The dreamer has to beware, not “to put rust” to himself.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Strength if dream of iron – Iron in a dream displays manly courage, power, strength and will to resist for negative influence;
  • Love if see glowing iron – The glowing iron in the dream announces that your hot love will awaken hidden feelings;
  • Unpleasant period if forge iron – To dream of forging iron, then this signifies quarrels and disputes. Also you will experience disadvantage and clumsiness due to incorrect use of energy;
  • Divorce if see old, rusty iron – The iron is old and rusty then this warns sorrow because of love and passion, you may be separate with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Also this may be a sign of poverty and disappointment;
  • Discord if break an iron – In the dream you break an iron then this denotes discord and strife in prospect;
  • Pain if be wounded – To be wounded with a piece of iron in the dream, then this dream will bring great sorrow;
  • Love if see melting iron – The melting iron in the dream means love and passion;
  • Loss if an iron weight pulls you down – Such a dream stands for mental confusion and material loss;
  • Cruelty if beat with an iron – In the dream you beat with an iron someone, then this dream shows that you use egoism and cruelty towards dependent persons;
  • Unfair matters if produce the iron – Producing the iron in the dream, this means that you will implement unfair means in order to grow wealth;
  • Bad decision if sell iron – To dream of selling iron, then this announces dubious outcome and unpleasant events;
  • Temporary joy if price reduction of iron – Price reduction of iron in the dream, this signifies that you will realize that happiness is an uncertain factor in life;
  • Better period if price is rising – You are dreaming that the price of iron rising, then you may expect the glimmer of hope because you had somber perspectives;
  • Barriers if see iron bars – The dream of iron bars denotes that there will be obstacles and difficulties in your way of life;
  • Hard period if see iron chains – The dream of iron chain is a sign of murky future and unreal aims;
  • Celebration if see an iron ring – In the dream you see the iron ring, then you will experience a golden wedding or participate in it.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Love if see melting iron – To see melting iron in the dream, this means that you will meet the real loyal partner who will make your life beautiful;
  • Anxiety if do something with iron – Some kind of processes you do with the iron, then this dream is a sign of strife and discord that are near you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Difficult times if see iron – Such a dream when you see the iron may be a prophet of hard and difficult times;
  • Disagreements if forge iron someone else – Someone else forges with iron in the dream, this denotes quarrels and strife because of emotionalism;
  • Creation if forge iron – To dream of forging iron then this means that you shape and form your destiny energetically and feel satisfaction of this;
  • Love if see glowing iron – Dreaming of glowing iron this signifies that you will be loved by a person of the opposite sex;
  • Pain if burning iron – The burning iron in the dream announces unrequited love and sorrow;
  • Reward if iron bars – When you dream of iron bars, this shows that all your merits and efforts will be accepted and evaluated;
  • Troubles if be wounded by iron – You were wounded or injured with iron, then this announces tribulation and distress.

Artemidorus Meanings:

Locked emotions Everything what is fixed with iron or steel, it is like anxious minds that are locked in the conscious. In the dream to have a forehead made of an ore or an iron useful only for publicans, saloon keeper and people who beat or fight with thoughtlessness and ruthlessness through the life, for all the rest it brings only hate and anxiety.

Your destiny Rings made of iron bring luck, but it will be really difficult to gain this. The transformation into the iron on the contrary prophecies unbearable strokes of fate, but the dreamer will get over it and will reach a great age.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Hard; Elastic; Culture-changing; Technology; Survival; Health; Centrality; Temper.

Iron is one of the hardest minerals, in the medicine wheel together with Garnet mineral Totem is born on Ripe Berries Moon (July 23-August 22). It has changed the entire cultures and has led them into the age of technology. Iron also supplies the central ion in the hemoglobin molecule of the blood, and thus depends on the whole person. The center of the earth also consists of iron.

General Meaning

Examination of your force, your hardness or your elasticity; New ways refer you to your own culture and your traditions; An indication which warns you to pay attention to the iron content of your nutrition.


Iron will and inflexibility.

Transcendent Meaning

A thorough understanding of that, how you should steer your life in temperate roads; How you could moderate or control your life.

* Please, see meaning of iron plate, colors.

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