Going to jail dream meanings

Short meaning: dream about going to jail may name coziness, affection and friendliness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's interpretation of this dream about going to jail omens freewheeling mettle, effeminate desire, touch and qualification.
Approving in the affirmative way conversions are ahead only: going to jail - This embodies advantage and being an innovator. But, if this dream was with negative emotion then a dream should represent upside down hint: some person may be treacherous or ominous in relation to your being.
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  • Prison - General Meanings: Dissociation from environment The dream symbol of prison personifies unconscious isolation from the society. The dreamer is closed in his own thoughts, and hears or sees only little or nothing of what is going on around him. Blocked creation and feelings The dream of prison indicates that you are blocked in some area of your life. Your inner feelings announce that your creativity is suppressed and that you are not allowed to express yourself freely. Psychological Meanings: New start If you are locked up in the prison, this dream means new start of new beginning, usually it’s the... (read more)