Prison dream meanings

General Meanings:

Dissociation from environment The dream symbol of prison personifies unconscious isolation from the society. The dreamer is closed in his own thoughts, and hears or sees only little or nothing of what is going on around him.

Blocked creation and feelings The dream of prison indicates that you are blocked in some area of your life. Your inner feelings announce that your creativity is suppressed and that you are not allowed to express yourself freely.

Psychological Meanings:

New start If you are locked up in the prison, this dream means new start of new beginning, usually it’s the better life, for which you have been waited for a long time. The prison shows that you have to lock your past life and start the new one. You should be sure, that you will be happier in this new phase of life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Danger If Seeing  a prison – In the dream you see a prison, this dream means that there are some possibilities of danger, from which you can easy run away, but you have to be very smart and attentive to notice the danger;
  • Offer If Seeing someone else – To see someone in the prison in your dream, announces you that you will obtain a little tempting offer which will not be very useful for you, but this will help you to meet really prosperous people;
  • Release If Locked up – You are dreaming that you are locked in a prison, promises liberation from an unpleasant situation;
  • Warning If Entering – You are dreaming that you enter the prison, this dream is a sign that you are making bad decisions or you are not on the right way. The conscious warns you, that you have to be very careful and consult  or listen to your family members, colleagues;
  • Need Changes If Releasing from it – To dream that you or someone is released from prison means that you need to make some major changes in your waking life. Eventually, you will overcome your obstacles;
  • Wealth If Locked and Tied up – In the dream you are locked and tied up, this dream shows you, that you will have positive progress, which brings you richness, prosperity, respect.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Crossroad If Seeing prison – When you dream that you see a prison, this means that you will come to an unclear situation in life, where the decision will be very important, so you have to consider all the arguments;
  • Wellness If Leaving (for sick people) – In the dream you see yourself going out of the prison and in waking life you are sick, this dream announces that you will recover from illness;
  • Rescue from danger If In it – You are dreaming that you are in the prison, this dream announces you that you have to pay attention to your life, health to notice the coming danger if you want to rescue from it.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning If Seeing prison – The dream about the prison  points to reckless and dangerous personalities which you will soon meet. Don’t trust the strangers because enemies want to ruin your life;
  • Recovery If In it – The dream could also mean the reversal of yours condition from the worst;
  • No worries If Tied up ( chair, wall, bed etc.) – You are dreaming that you are tied up to something and in your waking life you have a lot of troubles, this dream means that all your problems, worries and difficulties will dispel;
  • Stop damage If Releasing someone – You are dreaming that you release or help to escape from the prison, this dream shows you that you have power to stop bad things which will bring a lot of damage and troubles;
  • Inner growth and Trust If Seeing yourself in it – You see yourself imprisoned in a large prison in a dream, it means that you will meet really strong and wise person who will offer you an important responsibility, and from which you will gain spiritual progress.

* Please, see meaning of dungeon, jail

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  1. Hi i had a dream about my brother unlaw being in jail and my sisters visits him in prison with a white parcel that contains food. Can you please interpret my dream for me please.

  2. Tonight i layed down far a small nap so i could get rid of my headache i had and i woke up crying from the dream i had. I dreampt that My husband and I were in a coed prison as prisoners and that our son was living on the prison ground while we were in prison. i dont understand what my dream means but kinda freaks me out a little bit. i could see other people talk with other inmattes.I can even see my husband during lunch hour. in my dream my husband and I would both grab our sacked lunch soda and milks and walk over to the bilding next to us were a guy tells us our son is out in the back waiting for us to see him. we walk over there and he is so happy and scared to see us. we laught and play. Then one of the guards see us and tell us that we are in prison because of our son and that is why he lives in prison for kids on the same grounds as our prison. I dont ever get to find out couse i get yanked up by the guard who told me we were in prison because of our son. i have to tell my husband and son i will be right back mommy has to use the bathroom. thats when i wake up crying from my dream. I also need to mention i am not married in real life but i am engaged to my sons father in real life. my husband and i in my dream we do have a son in real life. can u please someone help me figure out what this means.

  3. I was wondering if you can tell me what this dream was about. I was dreaming that I and my Husband were in Prison together. I was a coed prison were men lived on the top floors women lived on bottom floors. and that everytime around lunch time in the prison my husband and I would be able to go into the building next door and see our son who lived on the prison grounds. but my son in the dream he is scared to see us and happy to see us. i know my husband and I are happy to see he. I have been haveing this dream off and on for about a month now and I was finally about to find out why My husband and I are there. Our own son put us in there but when i get up in my dream to use the bathroom i wake up. I should also mention that I am not married in real life i am engaged to my sons father. Can you please help me figure out what this dream means. I also wake up crying from this dream

  4. I am in kind of a dream where I am in this kind of a prison with this kind of a huge prisoner numbers.I am wearing a prisoner clothes n I am watching prisoners parading in a very huge number Like an army standing attention in a very straight raws,they were listen to a person who was talking very far away up somewhere so that every prison can see him and everybody was very quiet .Me myself I am just wandering around looking at prisoners without being asked any question by anybody not even prison police and I was very scared in my dream.
    I saw how people are treated like violently by police,and the prisoners whose cases were not yet solved in court were separated by other with each in different conditions.
    please help me to know my meaning of my dream because I am rely worried

  5. I had a dream that my family and I that came to thanksgiving yesterday and we passed an abandoned jail and I’ve always wanted explore one so we went in and it was a trap becasue it turned out the jail was still up and running and we had to like go trough a obsical course and we got spilt up and I got put into a place where you had to lay down to be able to fit and then a guard watching I tried to escape and the officer let me and a few other people I know out but first she did our makeup because I love makeup then we got to the parking lot and we have a set of keys that will unlock any car and then we went around and I couldn’t find my car and then I came to the front of the parking lot my family was out and discussing what we were going to get to eat when we leave so it was like we never even got locked up but that’s the end of the dream

    • Hi
      A little history my son at 29 died in a horrific car accident in 2011. I had a vivid dream that he told me he was going to prison. The officers told me he was going to do fine. My son had a look of uncertainty and the look that he has disappointed me.
      A co-workers was mad at him for doing this to his me. She was bounding on a door yelling at him. There was a church that’s all I remember about that.
      I don’t understand why I would dream this now as if it was real. What is the meaning of a dream like this? Thank you

  6. I had a dream that I was in prison and that an ex friend and his wife were there (which we aren’t friends anymore because my wife slept with her husband) but my wife didn’t show up to see me before they took me there. What does this mean?

  7. I was om Federal Prison for a White Collar crime, relatively non-violent place. Recently I have been having the same dream that I am in prison again, and I make a simpel mistake and they throw the book at me, for a minor violation of the rules, then I wake up and am happy to do so. The wierd part is that I see people form my High-school in the dream, also prisoners, that laugh at my simple mistake. I was not traumatized per se while inside, but recently almost 2 years after getting home I have been having these dreams lately. Any insight would be super, truly do not want to see a Dr., and have no interest in self medicating thoughts…..Also fo note, the prison in my dreams is really nice and clean, which was not the case in my facility in Brooklyn, NY. I thought I would add that since that part always sticks out, and all the guards are really fat and white, which is ironic since the guards were Black and Spanish where I was at.

  8. I had a dream that I was entering a nasty prison where people would be in the floor sleeping and I cried not understanding why I was in prison and in disbelief that I actually was there. After a few “days” I instantly connected with my boyfriend which slept on the floor below. Then we were talking and he told me he was getting out soon, I asked when was I getting out and he said 20 days (around that) and suddenly I discover that he was getting out the very next day and I was wondering how could I stay there alone would I be safe and what if anything happens to me I have no one. Before he left he was sending me ballons up my floor(bedroom) that layed onto other inmates bed aswell and the ballons were tied up to spell letters of my name : L E Y L and before he could finish the A some guard came and took him..
    What does that mean?????

  9. I just had a crazy dream, my grandmother passed away about 2 months, now in my dream I was in jail with my grandma and her sister (my aunt), we were in a special area, kind of beautiful high class area watching my grandma favorite soup opera, when all of a sudden we didn’t notice the time which it was late and they locked us up inside that special, I was running up and down in that area looking for a way out, I even climbed a little window to see on the other side of the jail to call for help, I also see my best friend (which I don’t see in more then 10 yrs) dressed in orange and he came up the window to tell me “sorry bro, I can’t help!”, so I look at my grandma and my aunt and I said “we’re going to have to stay here for tonight” my grandma, in life she was always kind of nervous when she did something bad said “oh wow, will we get into trouble cause of this?” I said “don’t worry grandma, this place is better than our cells, we’ll be fine.” Then for some strange reason I was still looking for a way out, called the guards out for help but they couldn’t here me, then 2 big muscled guard came in and man handled my aunt and my grandma and I jumped in and said ” leave them alone, if you’re a big man come and do it to me,” so they approach me and beat the shit out of me, they beat me so hard that I woke up thinking I was bleeding. What does this dream mean, can someone tell me??? Thank you..

  10. I dreamt that I was convicted of rape. I was sent to prison and I see that I have a few relatives there. And a friend. And there was even a child. Then I found that I can call someone using my phone. I cried when I talked to her. Then I saw my father being a prison guard. And then he scolded me. There was a dog trying to bite me there. I feel so sad right now. I thought what would happen to me since I’m gay. And then I thought of posting in facebook and telling everyone the injustice I experienced. Then I woke up crying.

  11. I saw myself taken to prison, saw my dad in there and his big brother. He seemed a little upset with me but lost in his own world of thoughts, so wherever I asked him a question about my release, he gave a negative expression, then asked me what did i ask? That bit was weird. I saw a friend at home cleaning my fridge before I came to prison. I saw people rolling joints in the prison and curious to know why I was there amongst them. It was a large place, with lockup, and a řiver stream behind. I even spotted a film start asking us in there, and she even spoke a bit to me. Can you tell me what my dream implies?

    In my personal life, I’ve been smoking weed and avoiding career goals because of a not so great past because of my parents who inflicted that for me. I’m young too, 20. I recently got in a long distance relationship with a guy I met on the internet (adult games) and I feel we have genuine love for each other but maybe some doubts too? I saw that I was taken to the prison twice, in 2 separate days, 1 dream each day. Does that mean something is wrong? Please help me interpret this! Would be helpful

  12. I had a dream the other night of my husbands cousin (who is currently in prison) he had put on weight and was standing with a really tall man but he seemed happy. I walked up to him and he picked me up and started carrying me. Then i woke up… what does this mean.

  13. had a dream I was entering a prison with my babys father to go buy food I was scared buy he was ok,when we entered I saw people down walking,it was like I was upstairs seeing all being dan down,just then my son started crying n I woke up

  14. Dear sir/mdm, I dreamt I committed a bank robbery, killed somebody, escaped to the philipines, was caught and sent back to jail from where I was. I declared to my family I am going to end my life. My grandpa (who had passed many years back), told me no, I have a son to look a after when I am out. I am not married and dont have children, what does this means?

  15. I had a dream two days ago and it still is kinda fresh in my mind. I just remember I was in prison and got told I had two more years left I was so happy/ excited then I remember I was walking back from getting told the good new standing in front of the prison gates to be let back in then I woke up does this mean anything?

  16. I had a dream that my deceased unlce was in prison, he was explaining to me how long he had left until he got out, which seemed like two and a half months. Then when I had to leave he gave me a tight hug like how he used too.
    Could someone explain this to me x

  17. Hi I’d really love to know what my dream meant. well my husband is in Prison and last night i had a crazy dream… First of all let me tell you that my husband is in Prison, in real life. I’ve been having feelings like he doesn’t love me and he does idk why I keep having these thoughts… Anyway my dream was about my husband hiding from me I guess at this big festival where all kinds of inmates were at but also other people. There was games I had to get thru this thing i thought I couldn’t do it and I did and I needed it to get to him, turns out he wasn’t there to where that lead me, so I find my brother (who is also in prison) to help me find him and I follow my brother, I’m so anxious and my brother takes me to my husband! Finally, so I proceed to go on he is in a van and in the van is a bassinet looking thing and he’s cuddled up in there, kind of hiding from me and as I’m there happy to see him , I felt like he wasn’t happy AT ALL , like he just wanted to go back to bed and not chill with me..
    I’d appreciate it thank u very much

  18. I dreamt i went to prison, there were no cells just mattresses all over the floor and some inmates had cellphones. My job in there was supposed to be a good job (I forgot, but it was a good job) but then the officer who gives out the jobs told me that he changed my job for bad conduct and I kind of started having flashbacks of why I didn’t get the job. My job was boiler and i was scared. I remember a mat telling me how to escape. Then a girl I was bed with raped me and I cried but she said she wanted someone to do her because no one had her finger her abs she didn’t she was lesbian. Later she took me to her visit which was her bf and her brother and he presented us and
    headed to tell him she that we just had sex and all. Her bf left mad so as his brother and I woke up. What does this mean? I’m freaking out

  19. I just woke up.

    My dream was like this.

    we were in an apartment building of some Sort, next I was in my grandma’s house and her computer we were looking for something important on the computer but I couldn’t find it in the gallery. next thing I knew I was in jail I was confined to the upstairs and I couldn’t go downstairs. I began screaming and yelling really loud. well actually I screamed only twice really loud. I tried to pick a fight with two people but they wouldn’t fight me. i screamed really loud twice again. next thing I knew the ground started to shake and then they announced you’re having an earthquake I tried to sit in the corner on the wall by the bean but somebody took my spot , so I ran to the other side where there was a corner the the tv was there andon an entertainment system and was turned off. I kept asking do you want to move the TV do we want to move the TV and everybody was responding ” MOVE. THAT. TV!!” I went to go move it the but earthquake hit and I fell with the TV on me. next thing I knew when I woke up everything was OK in the earthquake was gone. The news report told everyone to go back to work. I was still in jail but everything that was negative that happened in jail was wiped away and I was able to go downstairs or upstairs or wherever I wanted to in the jail.

    Please help me with this.. I feel strange

  20. I had a dream of my father who passed away 8 years ago. He was in prison with a friend of his who passed away before he did. They were both on a bed not in a very good condition. They were half naked and scruffy. I went to visit my dad. I sat next to him. I could see others too there. It was like an outdoor prison in a very hot country. Started talking and then I woke up. What possibly could this mean.

  21. I had a dream where I was sentenced to jail for 40 years for stealing a handful of grapes from a grocery store. The way I pulled it off was my friend pretended to have a mental disorder and distracted everyone while I stole the grapes. I’m 16 years old and it was the night before I took my SAT(idk if that’s coincidence or not, I didn’t and don’t feel very anxious for the test) but the dream lasted about 2 weeks in jail. I remember some of my friends hated me for ‘throwing away my life’, some of my friends felt bad for me, and some of my family visited me often but the whole time, all I wanted to was leave and go back to the world. Thinking of the 40 years I had to spend there was unfathomable and too immense a time to comprehend. I didn’t want to accept my life here, all I wanted was to leave. I also remember I searched online at some point and saw there was a small campaign to try and free me which me feel a little better but I didn’t have much hope. When I woke up all I felt was relief and remembering the dream still leaves me a bit uneasy.

  22. I was ina low security jail everybody seemed to have a joking demeanor inmates and guards alike. Don’t remember doing a crime or having the feeling I deserved to be there. Wanted out always dreaded the idea of being locked ina cage. Was in a shed with a bald white guy may have been my older brother. Devised a plan to stash small sharp metal objects in a cake that was there for some reason. Brought it back to everybody. Felt like the other guy was having second thoughts buti wanted to be free. Everybody was stoked for cake but the first person to geta piece was a guard. Afraid of my plan getting fouled started yelling cake and grasping pieces with my hands and giving them to inmates hoping they would catch on. They did and immediately killed the guards before they noticed. Didn’t see any blood just remember them falling. For some reason we shared the jail with a jepordy studio. Went to the desk found a stack of 100s in one drawer a stack of one’s in another drawer and a stack of fives in another drawer until I had a fat stack of cash. Started to get anxiety. The front desk lady was on the floor terrified. She was black and pretty. I stood over her and put my foot on her chest and yelled where is my stuff. I’m usuallya calm civilized guy never imagine myself doing that especially toa lady. She didn’t know got clothes from somebody don’t remember. Escaped by myself to a dingy dirty city. Called my friends Lauren and Daniel didn’t seem to know I broke out or was in jail. My money fell out of my pocket in the car told myself to grab it but must of forgot. She found it and said is this your 7000 dollars I said yes and begged that they don’t steal any of my money wouldn’t think they would normally gave them 100 for their troubles. Got a text message from somebody trying to sell me weed because I had my cell phone for some reason and knew it was the cops obviously trying to trick me. Went out to the streets and was starting to feel anxious. Was a wanted escapee was starting to Dawn on me. Went toa homeless shelter was dirty and full of freaks and crazy people was also really nasty dingy and wet. The city was polluted and always rainy and wet and not sunny. Was worried about people robbing me of my money which was all I had didn’t know what to do. Money fell out of my pocket wheni was walking down the street some guy picked it up and didn’t want to give it back to me was going to fight him and woke up. Pushed the snoozer but did not want to dream that dream anymore and hada general uneasiness about the dream. What do you think it means. Thanks

  23. Okay I Got Out Of State Jail In Oct. 2014 And Ive Been Having This Dream That Im In The Same Jail I Was In Like A Re Run And The Same People Are There And iM Crying Becuase I Dont Wanna Be In Jail And I Miss My Husband, Mom And Baby Sister And Wanna Go Home And I Wake Up Crying Hard Tears Running Down My Face Constantly I Dont Understand Y? Anyone Have A Clue??

  24. I had a dream early hours of this morning that I was in prison but there are only people there my age. And I ended seeing a lot of people their and making friends again with previous acquaintances??? But I no what I went to prison for being in a relationship with a teenager?!?Which I wouldn’t do! WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN?

  25. Hi.
    I had a dream last night. That my husband has been locked up by police forstealing his own car. I went to visit him. And to try and proof his inocense and have them set him free. In my dream I saw a blond woman who claimed that she is his friend and wants to help him. But I could sence that she was trouble and had hidden agendas. So I told her to leave him alone and that I am his wife and I will help him. When I got to my husband he was only lock in a room but the door was open. And I thought that he could walk out anytime he wants to. Because there was no guards close by who could stop him. But my husband then told me. They put him there in the room away from the other prisoners and told him that he is not allowed to leave the room. He then contacted his lawyer to help him. The lawyer replied with a numerology coded letter. I translated it for him. And the letter said that he the lawyer can proove his inosence but that my husband had to pay him R500. To help him. We didnt have the money. So I said to my husband that Im going to another police station who is not corrupt with the evidence that he is inocent and didnt steal his own car. And have them set him free. But if all else fails I would brake him out of jail myself and free him. Please help me to understand the meaning of the dream.

  26. I just dreamed of my 10 year old son,in that dream,he was just released from jail and asked someone to take me to where I was,he did not remember for how long he has been to jail. Please help me!

  27. I dreamt when police has come to arrest me. first I was away from home but police found my family members there, who started packing off al my belongings. when I returned back, they all sorrowfully told me how police has come to arrest me. I felt unbothered as they continued o pack my belongings. and as the dream continued, it showed that even my pastor was telling police to wait patiently as he looks for me. what does it mean?

  28. Just had a dream about robbing a high security bank but getting away with it. Then going back to that same bank and ended up kicking the living daylight out of someone because they didn’t like pizza. Ended up getting 2 years for attempted murder and being told to say my goodbyes to my family.
    Woke up straight after that but if someone could tell me what this was about. Please do would be interesting to know

  29. I had a.dream,i was.out in my local pub with friends n next thing there’s a office were you go to,to pick up pre court clothing,can’t remember how i got there in the first place,but as it went on i saw everyone i know in the same position,i saw a very close friend n.started to cry to her then kissed her and same to another who i went to school with but have never spoken to thing i remember everyone was going to court i was waiting in this room,i fell through the floor into some old chemical liquid,i was pulled out n washed down.then i woke up.this dream really happened no joke. help,what does it mean?

  30. Hi, had a dream of being in a room with a bunch of people that I know of, who have had past criminal convictions but I couldn’t get out of the room, I was scared in my dream and reached onto the sofa from which I was locked up on, and the weird thing was that when I reached out for sofa I could see myself. what does this mean? Thank you.

  31. Hi my name is Jeanette this year 2014 it been really sad my husband got sentences for 5 years . It’s almost going to be a year that he is not with us at home . This Christmas is so sad . I been dreaming that My husband is home and that he clean my tears and tell me to not to cry. To not worry . My 3 Kids don’t want nothing for Christmas they want their Daddy home. I JUST wanted to know why am I dreaming my husband out.

  32. I have a friend who served time for 2 1/2 years. She’s now home with her family. I dreamed this AM, i was sitting in jail, next to her, another lady, kids and her husband. Somehow family was allowed to be with this stranger. I had no idea, why i was there. I then was passed the phone, and a lady stated i had a job offer, making $126,000 a year. Woukd i like to come in and sign for the offer/ position. I was so confused, and told the lady no i can’t. She said Ma’am you were our top choice, are you sure. I then stated yes, with saddness. I couldn’t understand why i was in this place… it then came to mind i need to contact my husband, kids, but where would my husband began to look, to find me. I was again worried about my oldest and youngest boys. They need their mother. But most of all, what did I do to be in this place. I woke up 5 min ago, wondering what do i need to change in my life at this time. Please give me some insight.

  33. I dreamt I was in prison and I didn’t know why. I was telling this lady I didn’t know why I was here and she told me it was for fraud. I was confused because I didn’t know I had did anything to warrant being in prison. I couldn’t get anyone to explain anything to me. I was afraid my boyfriend/father of my three children would cheat on me or decide to not be with me at all. It seemed like forever He finally came to visit me and I kept asking him to get a lawyer but he acted as if the whole thing was no big deal. Then he came to visit more frequently and seemed as if he were always there. I was confused because of the liberty he had to come and go as he pleased. That’s it.

  34. Tonnietta Mauricico,
    I have been having a reaccuring dream about being in prison. My fiance, brother in law, and sister in law are in there with me. All of which are locked up at the current moment. My fiance possibly facing 2 years, brother in law is sentenced to 9.5years, and sister in law is sentenced to 5years. I recently was released from county jail after serving 14 days. And since I’ve been out I keep dreaming about being in prison. I have access to the dayroom and my cell. I can see everyone but never get to actually talk with them. Except my fiance he’s on the bottom tier right across from me. I’m currently pregnant. Each night I dream of doing different things there like working out, eating, reading, etc… but at the end im Entering my cell to go to sleep and am always waving bye and blowing kisses to my fiance, as my brother & sister in-law hollar across the room with goodbyes and I love yous. I’m just confused as to what it means cause the definitions don’t really match my being in prison dream experience. Also why is it everynight for the last week.? If you could give me any insight that would be great thanks!

  35. I dreamed my boyfriend was released from jail and he came to my house and surprised me and I started crying that was one night.
    Then another night I dreamed my boyfriend was in court because he hit someone and all the jurors said negative to him being convicted.

  36. I had a dream that somehow I ended up in jail with a guy I just met. I got out during the day to go to work. There was a lady who was really nice and understanding.
    Thereafter I returned to my home where I just recently moved. A old neighbor came to speak with me asking about my son. Then the guy I just met and one of my old friend cam to where I was. I didnt have on a shirt so I walked outside putting on a shirt and I asked the guy I just met how he got out without signing any paperwork. then I woke up ..what does this mean

  37. I’m actually in jail and I’m not having communications with my 3 kids mom cause we had an argument and I do love her and we’re together for years and I’ve begin in and out jail, I dream that I got a phone call from her and she’s telling me she’s pregnant and she think its for a friend of mines and I started to cry asking her how can she do that to me and I was next to our kids they were sleeping when the call came. what is the meaning of this dream

  38. I DREAMED I WAS IN JAIL AND MY EIGHT YEAR OLD WAS IN THERE TOO.. He had one tear falling with a smile on his face I asked why was he here he said he get anxious… What does this mean..

  39. My Mother dreamt of me, her daughter, going to prison for having a white substance drug in my back- pack. Now I have gotten in trouble but never ever that big of trouble. I don’t hangout with the wrong people and my circle of friends is very small and have nothing to do with stuff like that. She said that she was crying and didn’t know how to tell my grandmother.

  40. I had a dream that my late husband came to me saying he’s just got out of prison. Is this because he was trapped somewhere else in the spirit world.??

  41. Last night, I had a dream that I was in prison, but there were no bars and cells, just large rooms with beds. My childhood friend was there and I was asking her what went wrong in her life. Funny thing is, I’m friends with her FB & she is a good, law-abiding citizen & the quintessential soccer mom.

    In the final part of my dream, I return late from the cafeteria after speaking with her & find out that the guards switched bed assignments and I didn’t know anything so I’m going through the prison seeing if there are any empty beds. Of course, there weren’t any. My dream ended when I saw the actress Danielle Harris & started talking to her about her pit bull. How freaking weird is that? (As far as I know, DH is a law abiding citizen too.)

  42. My husband dreamt that him and our 6 year old son were in prison together. He saw my son walking down the hall and turned and told my husband he was scared.

  43. what does my sister-in-laws dream mean. she dreamt that her deceased husband (my brother) was in prison and she was running because he was chasing her. hes been deceased 24 years and has never remarried.
    Thanx Mel

  44. I dreamed that I was inprisoned with people and made friends with one of the men. I am white and he was black, but we were omly good friend. We were relased on the same day and walked to his house. His family welcomed us and were very happy as if we didnt do anything wrong. I tried to think why did I go to prison and I couldn’t figure out why I went. Then I saw the sea and the waves came close to the house but not in the house as it was a beach house and I realised I was very far from home. I met my sister inside the house and asked her how long was I in prison and what is the date as I thought its March…and she looked shocked and said it was October now?? I akse dabout my husband and 4 year old and 4 week old daughters and she said she doesnt knowwhere they are. I thought he left me because I went to prison..I tried calling but couldnt get through to him. Then I asked her so what about my job?? She then shook her head and said I lost that too. So basically aI lost everything. I immediately started crying and thinking how will I get this lost time back with my newborn baby? And will my husband have left me and what can I do to fix this as I always find a way. My heart was broken and the pain was unbearable. Ps. I am a Christian.

  45. I dreamed that i was waking up all of a sudden and
    I woke up in jail not knowing what happen and
    then i see a person and that was a drug dealer they barely caught then they were smoking i couldnt stand being there i escaped really fast but it was like if i was running with extra speed then i went to my mom and she was going somewere i guess to eat and they asked me for an i.d and license i was nervous in the dream and thdn we got our food then my mom asked me what did you do! I told her nothing i just appeard there when i woke up she didnt really beleve but we sat and thats when i see something floating around her eye with long legs and my dream ended there

  46. Hello Toni, i had a dream this morning don’t really remember all of it but the parts i do were me going to jail to visit an old friend in there, we were trying to figure something out ? then i awoke. really weird cause i’ve never had a dream like that before.

  47. I have multiple bad dreams every night but last night i dreamed i was back in prison. What does it mean?? I have been to prison for 1 year in 2012 and im doin alot better now. I am pretty scared to go back. Can anyone help me find out what it means please i dont remember much just me being locked up.

  48. I had a dream that I stole something and I got locked up for 24 years, I had already served 2 of the years but had another 22 to go. I had to write a letter to someone to tell them why I should be let out early, however staff of the prison we’re telling me I would not be allowed out early, so I cried and cried. But the other offenders we’re allowed out much earlier/:
    I’ve had this dream about me being in prison for about 2 weeks, different things happen in each one. What does this mean?

  49. I dreamed i went to see my brother dad in jail he was so happy later i found myself wondering through the jail and i seem others their more like women also i believe i had other with me but i didnt see them anynore but i remeber going down the stairs of the dream it was jungled the dream

  50. I dreamt that I went to see a family member whos has passed on in prison but on my way out some prisioners escaped & while the guards were shooting at the prisioners they were shooting at me as well thinking I also escaped.

    Can I please get an interpretation for this please?

  51. Twice in a row I’ve dreamt of someone else being locked up in prison ie; an TV Soap actress, pregnant I dont know her or her husband, I was very surprised and shocked. Again someone else locked up, keys so much more but cant remember the rest but I was very upset and worried at the same time.

    Why does it hinders me so much? I prayed after the dream for protection of my children and family members. I recently moved from one country to another and find myself floundering, cant speak the language all so I have lost so much(financially and other) and feel bad not leaving anything to my children.

  52. Hi Tonnietta! I was doing some research, if that’s what you’d call it, on a dream I recently had! I stumbled upon this page and was hoping maybe you could give me some insight on this dream! It begins with me standing in a line waiting to enter a room. Once I enter I realize that I’m visiting someone in prison. I sit down behind the screen waiting to see who it is! I begin to see inmates in orange pass by the screen and then my uncle, who is deceased, sits down. He’s in regular clothing however. He picks up the phone to speak to me and then my dream is gone!

  53. I have recently been having a reoccurring dream that i am locked up in a jail that i can go inside and out and i keep trying to get out of it because i know i am there on a false accusation but everyone even my family is against me and no one will let me out, I don’t understand.. please help

  54. Hey Tonnietta, I was reviewing your views on dreams. Can you please tell me that few weeks back I saw my self in very weird places. first I saw my self walking through a road on which I saw many mosques (in total 7). And I saw people praying but none of the praying make any sense. So i kept going but when I saw a last mosque which was on my right side. I saw very few people in there, so I thought I should pray in here. But when they saw us praying they started abusing us that it’s not the right way etc So Now I am not sure what was it about. Also I didn’t enter in first 6 mosques because it was in my mind that they are not praying correct.

    Also I saw my love having a surgery in a hospital, and I wanted to keep her safe from anything. Then I woke up while crying. And when I fell asleep again I find my self in a jail can you but when I came out finally I was very happy.

    • Hi Agha ,

      Your dream means: the 7 mosques is a completion and an end to a Journey of something that you believe. The people praying that didnot make sense means that You are being led Astray and Decieved! The last mosque on your rightside means the Church of Jesus Christ and the few people praying means that You are among the few people that are being saved and led to righteousness.

      Your love that you saw having surgery means a struggle that will lead to a change. And when you have found your true self {meaning spiritual path} , you will come out finally to happiness. And you will come to the Light of Jesus Christ.

      I pray that I have helped You, God Bless You in Jesus name, Amen.

      Tonnietta Mauricico (Seer, Prophetess, Apostle of Jesus Christ)

    • this ain’t a prison topic though, since childhood I dream am sometimes among people then I begin to rise up, like no force of gravity. I would fight with myself to get down but to no avail, I’ld reach the clouds or find myself in another place then wake up. ?????

      • Hi,

        It means that you are “Spirit Floating”. You are spiritually gifted and unique.. God is calling you into another Dimension, he wants to use you…

  55. Hi, your dream means multiple things. The dangerous lady is a demon sent to kill you. Then that jail you were in was “HELL” and you were surrounded by demonic women. These women are playing on your emotions of Lust and your Love of Money. The lady that had two babies means that you are being warned from above and below. And the person face that you can’t see when your lying down next to three inmates and that his presence you can feel but can’t see his face is “JESUS”, just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo that were in the firery furnance. And when the guards looked in on them they seen a fourth man that looked like he was a Son of the Gods. This is the same with you.

      • Well for starters by “Prayer”. Do you believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as your Lord and Savior ? If you do, then by you saying your prayers and asking God to take away those feelings of Lust, and makesure you say in Jesus name after you ask then Healing will begin to take place….IT’s all Spiritual …However Lust is a very serious “Sin” but remember there’s nothing too great that Jesus can’t cure…..Always remember!

  56. in a strange house been persured by ladies with guns and been shot at, then suddenly am in jail. funny enough am in a cell in jail, how jailed can I be? am served food by a lady who seems to love me though she doesn’t look like my girlfriend. ad am eating inmates join me. when done I go to this room an office with different ladies working so confident I wash my hands and this one lady asks me, ‘youre the rich guy I hear about’ I respond ‘il be more rich by the times I get out of here’ on my way back I meet the lady with two kids one in her hands one on the floor I get back in the metal see through cell and lie down along with three other inmates. most wierdly is this person whose face I can’t see but his presence I stongly feel. finally am waken up by a call from my girlfriend

  57. So last night i had a dream i rescued two friends from prison, it was very descriptive
    I went under water and hid from the guards around the prison which was like an island,
    We then hid from the guards on the island in a closet looking thing we put a metal screen
    On it so they couldnt see us, afterwards like 5 minutes of hiding we took a b
    oat and ran off to land, i wasnt actually an inmate i had just saved my friends from prison
    What does this mean??

    • Your dream means that someone you know is doing things that are trouble and that you have the ability to stop it. So be very cautious about who you let close to you….and if you see someone doing something not right stand-up and make them aware of it. By doing this it will save them from trouble and yourself!

  58. I dreamt about my mother whose nolonger with us in this world. I dreamt that she was in prison so I went to visit her but I got lost in men prison then this told me I’m not in a right place then he opened a door for me and told me this is the right place. So I went through then looked for my mom and found her but she was not her self she was crazy but I went to her and hugged her she was calm when I hugged her and I started crying but a voice from my grandmother who is still alive appeared from nowhere tell me to stop crying she has told me not to crying seemed real but then I opened my eyes and I’m in pain and shock and with a bad headache

    • Ive had this dream a few times that ive gone to prison to visit my mum …that she never really passed away she was just in prison …n that i went to our old house n got my dad to tell him (he has also gone proper nuts and yeh i woke up with a banging headache )

  59. we went to visit the prison as a group and i wanted to go inside to see how it looks and the warderer pointed me amongst our group and said to me ‘you are not supposed to be there as i was going into the cell.’i then decided to leave without experiencing the cells.

    • I would also like to know the meaning of this as it was very similar to mine.

      When I went to visit everyone in jail they were all wearing clothing from the late 19th century, My deceased aunt drove me to the jail and for some reason I had no idea how to bake…

  60. I was locked in a cell with many other inmates they all seemed happy , i was just sitting one side excluded from the crowd , scared , abandoned, alone terrible dream felt i was doomed and stuck there for the rest of my life. I dont know how i ended up there , thank God it was only a dream.

  61. Okay so i had this really strange dream last night that i was locked up in prison with a close friend thats been in prison for the last 10-12 yrs , doing 35-45yrs for reckless homicide. We were cellys and hanging out in the block . alot was kind of too vague to remember. I havent been to jail in quite a few yrs and dont have felonies. l currently got laid off a month ago from a job i worked at for 6yrs with good terms with them . but got laid off and they were really funny about it too like they didnt care about the 6yr relationship we had . so now ive been smoking alot of weed lately and just sit in the basement totally non existent to my 2yr old son that i love to death and my fiance thats been kind of shakey. i havent really vented or snapped about my lay off yet i just keep the emotions inside and try not to think about it . someone plz imply what this may mean .

  62. I’ve recently just had this crazy absurd dream that i was locked up in prison with a whole bunch of people.. Somebody was reaching out from the window in the next cell,giving me a cigarette.. I’ve stopped smoking thOugh.. Very odd looking people i was with & somehow,we we’re travelling in a big locked up bus on a long never ending road & i escaped from this big bus,i let others free too. I promised them i would. Then i ran for miles in the bush until i reached a road. An old man was waiting for me there with his daughter and i jumped in his car..i shortly awoke after that. It was very very confusing nd i wish i knew what it meant.

    • Hi, it means that something evil is trying to invite you into something. Those people that looked very strange were demons, they were not natural human beings and by you freeing some of them-you are doing something or have done something to invite this evil force in your spiritual life. That man and girl are your guardian angels..

      • Can you help tell me what my dream means? My boyfriend changed to 2 different people before he actually was his self. He was in the mirror getting dressed, I asked him how long was he going to jail for? And he responded I don’t know. I’ve been going out of my mind trying to figure it out.

  63. I was accused of stealing from a known big common store twice when I had never stolen from there or anywhere. Police and head employees came to tae me away. My kids were there. I argued with them pleadin my innocence. Said bye to the kids an went to county to get processed. Then there changed to the orange suit and was later cuffed up hand and feet going down a flight of back stairs to a garage with others to be transported else where. I remb passing my home and it was empty, no one outside playing. I know I cried though out the whole dream whinning about how Ive never been to jail, My main thing was not being able to see my kids. I was very worried for them. But that I was so made bc they were assuming who I was based on my apearance, race, and tattoos. I woke up and realized it was a dream. Thanked God for my freedom. And cried while snuggling with my beautiful 32 month old bby girl sleeping next to her and feeling greatful for being able to hug her. I now know what it must feel like to be taken away from what you love. I feel bad for those immigrants who have families here, imagine being ripped out of your citizen kids and wife bc you dnt have a peice of paper… it must feel like being accused of doing something you didnt do……ew :'(

    • I had a similar dream and woke up also grateful thanking God it was just a dream. Huge relief and I snuggled my 20 month old. I A also have a 5 and 6 yr old. Scary dream..I was terrified of not seeing my kids and worried how my baby was going to sleep without me (I breast feed him) It made me think if making some healthy changes (quitting smoking etc)

  64. I dreamed of being in prison and waiting for my husband to visit me.
    The description was that :I was telling others there that I’m hopeful to get out soon. The next thing I find myself crying and looking through the window of cell which I saw my husband waiting to visit me. And I said in my dream I’ve been here for too long; if I do not get out my husband would be seeing another woman. I cried so much that I noticed tears in my eyes when I woke up from the dream. God forbid!