Drunk friend dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of drunk friend may augur poise, dilection and sodality.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung interpretation of the dream about drunk friend announces nonpartisan energy, gender eroticism, style and qualification.
Supportive variations are around when: drunk friend - This symbol naturally marks supremacy and being a pioneering person. Or then, if your dream has left bad feeling then your dream may express contra significance: a person of importance is being wily and/or ticklish in regard to your being.
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  • Alcohol - Association: Relaxation, let yourself go; exemption from responsibility. Question: What would I like to let go or to release? General Meanings: A symbol of heightened and increased emotionalism, lack of restraint, the state of intoxication – and for lack of clarity during the discussion of current problems. In the dream you are ” pleasantly tiddly “, this expresses the wish for uncontrolled pleasure, after ecstatic sensations (also sexually). The negative variant of this dream – you feel helplessly drunk and feel extradited – symbolizes the fear of inhibitions break down, to let go, etc. – the “hangover” (repentance) is expected as... (read more)
  • Beer - Association: Beer bliss; refreshment. Question: What do I have to loose? General Meanings: Beer signals about an unshakable inner peace and serenity (colloquially we say peace beer), which comes from confidence and harmony with itself. You should consider whether it might not become too phlegmatic. Drinking beer in a dream – announce good health and financial success, also you will find presumably sincere friends. Moldy beer in the glass – suggests that a friendship might be declining. Drinking fresh beer in moderation – this promises good health as long as you do not spill it. Beer is just foam... (read more)
  • Wine - ...Good sign if dreaming wine – Dreaming of wine in general, appears as a sign of good omen and a transformation or revival of the spirit; Pleasure if consumption of wine in  a dream –  This dream signifies about pleasure and faithful friends; New person if drink tasty, delicious or sweet wine – Shows that you will meet a person and you’ll be excited about him/her. But later you will understand and disappoint him; Tired of people if drinking sour wine – To dream that you drink sour wine, marks that  you can’t tolerate the noisy company of some people;... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...water in a container represents the person’s life span. Whatever he has drunk from it is his past; the remainder is the time left for him. If he drinks the contents to the last drop, he has no more years left in his life. Carrying water in a container: (1) If a poor person: Will make financial gains. (2) If a bachelor: Will get married. (3) If married: Wife or concubine (slave or servant) will have a baby. (1), (2), and (3) are subject to the condition that it is the dreamer himself, his wife, or his servant who pumped... (read more)