Framed for murder dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about framed for murder may mean sufficiency, relish and love.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung interpretation such dreaming of framed for murder promises self-contained temper, girlish sexual urge, resourcefulness and capacity.
Approving in the affirmative way renewings are going on in your life only: framed for murder - This symbol of dream portends the opportunity to gain benefit of something. You are one step ahead of other. Under other conditions, if it was bad dream then this dream could spell vice versa explanation: a person of importance is being subtle and/or deceptive toward your character.
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  • Assassination - Fear to feel pain In the dream you were attacked in order to be killed but escaped successfully then this dream signifies that you really afraid to be hurt and you always run away from difficult situations. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if commit to murder – The dream when you commit to do assassination indicates that you have to beware of shame. You do not have to sacrifice yourself for a hopeless cause or situation, because this will bring you only damage; Stay calm if see or experience – In the dream you see a murder then this dream... (read more)
  • Picture - ...useful assistance in the trouble or news, according to the interpretation of ancient dream books. Dreaming many pictures, promise an upcoming honoring, appreciation, admiration or more prestige and respect. Dreaming a portrait of a person, you want to get or become such a person, as a picture of someone who you see in the dream, you may want to be himself. Dreaming a caricature, then the unconscious plays over a certain psychological perplexity or mental confusion in the waking state. Your own image framed nicely and beautifully standing in front of you, this has something to do with our vanity. You... (read more)
  • Aggression - Psychological Meanings: Suppressed anger inside you You killed or shot the known person in the dream, this expresses suppressed anger feelings which you have edged out in the everyday life. On the contrary you are murdered  or attacked by somebody you know, this certain person has unfulfilled and impossible expectations to you in your life. If you cannot fulfill the wishes, demands or expectations more because of others, then responsible complexes arise in your dream. The unconscious often responds by aggressive attacks from “internal pressure”. * Please, see meaning of steam.... (read more)