Picture dream meanings

General Meanings:

In the dream a picture is usually the illustration of a part of life. Image (photography, painting) often leads to the expression, that seeks greater self-knowledge, to complete the picture of yourself or to correct it.

  • Dreaming self-painted picture, then this can go to this very deep feelings and thoughts about relation with a person or a life circumstance.
  • A painting of an old master in the dream, so it may be an indication of the attitude which the dreamer has to the past.
  • In the dream the images of known people (like parents, friends) can announce quick and useful assistance in the trouble or news, according to the interpretation of ancient dream books.
  • Dreaming many pictures, promise an upcoming honoring, appreciation, admiration or more prestige and respect.
  • Dreaming a portrait of a person, you want to get or become such a person, as a picture of someone who you see in the dream, you may want to be himself.
  • Dreaming a caricature, then the unconscious plays over a certain psychological perplexity or mental confusion in the waking state.
  • Your own image framed nicely and beautifully standing in front of you, this has something to do with our vanity.
  • You hang a picture in a dream, you will get a long missed recognition.

Psychological Meanings:

Reflection of reality As a dream symbol a pictures is a reflection or subjective consideration of the reality. Sometimes such a dream is a warning before making “a false picture” by someone, and to respond to this (only according to this misunderstanding). It is very important to remember who or what was shown in the picture! The condition of the picture as well as its colors can be very important. (see “colors”).

Spiritual Meanings:

An icon or a description goes with spiritual significance.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Disadvantages if considering a picture in a dream – This dream shows and indicates an unfavorable circumstance and reduction of success;
  • Respect if hanging up a picture in a dream – Dreaming that you are hanging up a picture, this announces a honor for you, you deserve this because of your hard work;
  • Weak spirit if hanging in your own home – Signifies that you have a weak mind and spirit, this shows that you can be easily dissuaded from the path;
  • Anger if remove a picture – Anger is inside you, this will not let you to move forward;
  • Worries if one or several pictures fall from the wall – This announces that misfortune or something unpleasant is coming to you. Sometimes this may be a separation or bereavement;
  • Serious illness if pictures of a relatives or known people fall off the wall with no reason – Very bad omen, an announcement of disease or even a death of that person;
  • Infidelity if break a picture – In the dream you break a picture, this dream marks about unfaithfulness;
  • False friends and a warning if appears a picture – In the dream a picture suddenly appears, from your fellows you can expect deception and bad intentions. Warns about insidiousness of people whom you trust;
  • Success and joy if seeing your own picture and giving away – In the dream you see your own picture and give it away to somebody, it depends on your own appearance – health or disease. Also a sign of selfishness but this will bring great success and happiness;
  • Luck without other’s help if see your own family tree and your picture appears and disappears in your dream – You will be prosperous and happy. But when searching for friends who will understand your ideas and plans, you will disappoint that nobody wants to help;
  • News if seeing children, women or acquaintances – This dream brings you very interesting news;
  • Liberation if dreaming deceased parents or friends pictures – This is a signal that you will liberate from an oppressive situation, assistance and support;
  • Insecure if see people with pain in their faces in the picture – Dreaming suffering people in the picture, means that you feel insecure and nervous;
  • High respect if see lots of pictures in the dream – This dream announces honor for you;
  • Losses if paint yourself in the picture – You will participate in matters which will  involve heavy losses;
  • Desires for success if you are surrounded by the images of the great ancient and modern masters -You have an insatiable urge and desire for something higher. In contrast, your current success will be miserably.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Irritation if see a male in the picture – This dream symbol will bring you annoyances;
  • Love if seeing a good-looking, beautiful man in the picture – In your dream you see a beautiful man in the picture, means that you’ll fall in love;
  • Happy marriage if see a picture – Very good omen about good marriage;
  • Anger if see an ugly picture – This dream announces anger and malice;
  • Good future if view at beautiful landscapes in the picture – Symbol about bright future;
  • Bad luck if dreaming and seeing damaged or soiled picture – In the near future you will have misfortune;
  • Respect if hang up a picture in the dream – This symbol shows that your merit will bring you respect and recognition;
  • No relaxation if taking off a picture from a wall – Unpleasant events robs your rest and quiet;
  • Long life if look at or draw your own picture – This dream when drawing your own picture announces you a long life;
  • New life if buying a picture – This dream shows that you’ll start to build and to create your own home;
  • Worries if destroy a picture – The warning that you are in front of trouble;
  • if see the groom or the bride in the picture – In the dream you see a groom or a bride in the picture, this announces that you will engage;
  • Sorrow if worship a picture in the dream – You will have grief in near future;
  • Displeasure if give away a picture – In the dream you give away the picture to somebody, this marks anger and sadness;
  • News if seeing a picture of children, women and friends – You will hear good news.

* Please, see meaning of photograph, gallery, painting.

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  1. Hi ,I saw a dream where a friend of mine actually a man but whom I’m attracted to has put a photo of me and him smiling on his profile pic on WhatsApp

  2. My god mother shared with me about a re occuring dream she has had since child hood. Her sister passed away when my god mother was 3 and her sister passed at age 2.: the dream begins with her walking into a living room and her deceased sister is standing on the back of a chair and she is taking all pictures of herself off of the wall. Then she looks over at her puts a finger over her mouth and says “shh”

  3. last night I saw myself in Senegal at a conference involving youths whom were unknown to me apart from my friend who is now in the USA . All of a sudden I saw my picture in something which looked like magazine being held by somebody else. I looked at the picture and saw I was dressed like a King and there was a lady in the picture with me dressed as a queen. Nigeria road was shown to me whereas we were in Senegal in the dream. Nigeria was better than Senegal in the dream but I didn’t know the kind of conference we were in Senegal..

  4. Last night I dreamt of my child’s dad coming over and taking all the framed pics off the walls, then this morning I received a text telling me my ex’s grandfather (my sons great grandfather) had passed away in hospital.

  5. hi I had this dream seemed extremely real of pictures of past family members, great grandparents I never met and the pictures became animated.it was spooky and scared me to wake up and I couldnt go back to sleep. In the dream My wife and I were in a bed and we were staying in a apartment type house. in the dream we were discussing about going away to Chicago, we were in bed and I got up, I saw something out of corner of eye go across the wall. then in dream wife said honey look at the pictures and I say yes they are pictures of my great grandparents. the pictures began to become animated making faces and doing different poses in the pictures. I woke up soaking wet and extremely scared.

  6. i had a reoccurrung dream where several picture frames start out empty,then the next time one of them was filled with a picture, then the next night another was filled in until last night the last last one was filled in. It took several nights of the same dream and the pictures were nondescript so i didnt remember what they looked like.