Making new friends dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of making new friends may suggest repose, tenderness and love.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud analysis such dreaming of making new friends predicts self-reliant stoutheartedness, womanish passion, ability and capability.
Approving in the affirmative way adjustments are around in life if: making new friends - It mostly represents primacy and being one step ahead of other. Or else, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream could prophesy contra value: a person of great value could be insincere or unreliable toward your interests.
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  • Ring (jewellery) - drawn from the finger: shows great difficulty letting go of the old partners; – Get ring as paid or as gift: you will find a good friend and wish for a love will come true; – Give ring to someone: connection of an awaited love or friendship does not succeed; – See others with rings: a sign of growing prosperity and many new friends; – If a woman dreaming that she has a ring on her right hand: she cherishes the intention to enter into a strong bond with a man; – If a young woman get a ring in... (read more)
  • Broom - for masculine and feminine witches and their sweeping skills. In the dream new brooms sweep well, they can point out that you are making the new idea, but you forgot the old one. Psychological Meanings: Sweeping the problems Broom is often associated with the broom-riding witch. This may be a dream symbol, which has an erotic significance. Mostly the broom appears in its real function, as a cleaning instrument and then means that the dreamer should solve a problem or settle a situation. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Luck if see broom – In the dream you see a broom announces lottery winnings... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - that a dog bites your on the leg, suggests that you have lost your ability to balance aspects of your life…. (Dog) Play with a dog, damage…. (Dog) To see a happily barking dog in your dream, indicates pleasures, friendship and much social activity in your life…. (Dog) Dream of a strange dog indicates the possibility of suffering deceive, perjury or damages…. (Dog) A furious dog is a signal of anger, angriness and melancholy…. (Dog) If the dog is barking ferociously, then it represents your habit of making demands on people and controlling situations around you…. (Dog) To see a... (read more)
  • Foreign country (abroad) - points out that you are in a new situation and you are still feeling insecure. In this case dream is only trying to make you more familiar before making decisions. The unconscious intention to explore the unknown places is more accurate, when in waking life the need for more security is real. The dream can also represent something you are going to run away from. Fear to do changes If you are dreaming, that you are going abroad, it represents you as an unstable and confused person. The dream tells you that there are changes in your life, that have to be... (read more)
  • Hair - ...if hair is blond or yellowish – the dream shows childishness and purity; Richness if hair is golden – wealthy and stable life; Independence for men if hair is long – the men will seek for moral and sexual freedom; Vitality for women if hair is long – shows feminine and pure side of women; Disappointment if hair has been cut off by somebody else – the dream shows the sorrow and grief the dreamer might suffer; Renewal if hair has been braided – the old connections or relationships will be restored; New friendship if hair was combed – the... (read more)
  • Music - ...the joy you will have; Luck in love if single person listens to music – the dream in which you were listening to music promises that you will find the one you will love as your partner; Bad news if the music distraughts you – the dream in which the experience was not pleasurable to listen and was making to confuse you, denotes to bad news. The dream also shows the problems with children and/or your friends; Domestic happiness if you were creating beautiful music – the dreamer, which was making nice music will find the joy in his home at things he... (read more)
  • Fire - ...of pleasant surprises await you & also: distant friends will visit you or even promise of true love; Happiness If fire burning bright – means joy and love in the family; Restriction If see a large fire without smoke – you should restrain your passions slightly; Worries If large fire with smoke – announces trouble and mischief; News If small fire – small fire which cause no damage can expect unimportant news; Sorrow If fire going out – brings grief to you; Devastate If fire itself extinguish – your hopes are destroyed; Journey If dancing around – Dreaming of dance or watch others dance... (read more)
  • Animals - ...too. For man the dream may have the same meaning and show the parental instincts he has and how much of it playing in his life. Chameleon – is highly specialized reptile of lizards. If the dreamer dreams of being a chameleon, such dream indicates his ability to adapt himself to different environments and surroundings. The dream also signifies prudence when making important decisions, because the chameleon is known for being fast when it’s needed. Squirrel – in dreams has a negative meaning. If the dreamer sees the squirrel in his dream, then it shows that the relationships he is... (read more)