Friend died dream meanings

Affirmative renewal are afoot in waking life only when: friend died - This synbol of your dream commonly means supremacy and being a frontrunner. But, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream may betoken upside down explanation: a person of authority may be plausible and/or icy toward you.
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  • Monkey - ...dream of people, who in their own words said that he had ” to became an adult to early “. The dream symbol of the monkey can simply mean that the dreamer has propensity “to ape” and also to imitate others. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Deception if see a monkey – This dream shows that sycophant tries to deceive you, they will give you undeserved faith; Superficial friends if monkey plays with you or makes grimaces – Monkey plays or makes grimaces, this signifies that you have superficial friends around you. It is rather an instinct to stick people around you; Disappointment if... (read more)
  • Letter - ...symbolize self-knowledge, insight and perception. Traditionally they are interpreted as unfavorable or unpleasant, just a letter that informs about someone’s death can stand for good news. Problems connected with the sender The dreamer received a letter in his dream, he has to realize that he has problems, which are associated with the sender. Maybe he has died and there are still unresolved problems or unexplained situations that have to do with this person. Hidden important information If the dreamer himself sends a letter, he is holding an information that might be important for the recipient. A letter in the dream which content... (read more)