Green apples dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of green apples might imply gratification, inclination and cordial friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud analysis this dream about green apples symbolizes unconnected vitality, ladylike sex drive, craftship and efficiency.
Affirmative remodellings often are awaiting if: green apples - This dream forebodes dominance and being a notch better than others. In spite of that, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream may evince backwards interpretation: someone could be subtle and insecure toward your being.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: green and purple .
  • Apple - ...too high aims, which you will not achieve; Prosperity if pick apples in a dream – You will start picking your work fruits, means that you will be prosperous person; Good sign if red apples with green leaves on a tree – This dream of red apples is a good omen, that you did everything perfectly and now you have a harvest of your hard work; Happy love if eat a nice red apple – When you are eating a red apple in a dream, announces a gratifying and happy love affair. For single ones, it means a new partner and marriage, new feelings of... (read more)
  • Apple tree - ...if seeing wormy and rotten apples on the tree – This dream shows that you have health problems, you have to take care of yourself. Arabian (Islamic) Changes if flowering apple tree – This dream will bring you pleasant and happy, joyful news, which will change your life; Success if see an apple tree – In the dream you see an apple tree, this announces success in your business and work. Artemidorus Meanings: The apple tree has the same meaning as its fruits (apples). Contexts’ Meanings: Dreaming green leafy apple tree with fruits (apples) – In the dream the apple... (read more)
  • Tree - All these trees are probably the archetype of Germanic world – eternal green Ash tree, Yggdrasil. This evergreen tree spreads its branches as wings, protectively over Heaven and Earth, and on its top sits the Eagle, who observes the world, and a Hawk which makes the weather. Personality and inner life of human – A tree is the symbol of the original structure of the human inner life. If a tree emerges in the dream, you will deal wisely with this image in details. Tree is closely related to personality and the way to master with life. In particular, it can often draw... (read more)