Grey hair dream dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about grey hair dream can portend coziness, fellow-feeling and empathy.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud analysis the dream about grey hair dream represents self-contained boldness, dainty eroticism, ingenuity and effectiveness.
Good changes are about to become true only: grey hair dream - This symbol of dream mostly hints superiority and being at a higher level than others. Nevertheless, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream could denote contra signification: a person of importance is being double-dealing and treacherous in regard to your being.
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  • Hair - – If you dreamed of gray/grey hair, then such a dream could have the meaning of the fear to get old, or wisdom that lies within you. Gray/grey hair for a women could also show the fear of losing the beauty and femininity, because grey/gray symbolizes old age and wrinkles. The dream could also tell you that you became “old” as a person, you’re not experiencing new activities, maybe there is no motivation for improvement. The other explanation of the meaning of grey/gray hair signifies the wisdom. Usually the person who has the grey/gray hair is old and have lots... (read more)
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  • Beard - wife having a beard, will be honored in the community he is at the moment; Sorrow if extremely long beard – the beard that is abnormally long, symbolizes the pain, sorrow and frustration the one will suffer; Temptation if reddish/ginger beard – the reddish beard signifies the lures the one will have. There is also a possibility of being seduced; Loss of dignity if shaved the beard – the dreamer who sees himself shaving or the beard is simply falling of, denotes to the reputation that will be destroyed; Prestige if gray beard – the grey color of the beard... (read more)