Hairy breasts dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of hairy breasts can symbol repose, amour and firm friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's analysis this dream about hairy breasts reveals uncontrolled disposition, dainty sex instinct, talent and quality.
Affirmative transformations are going on if: hairy breasts - This predicts primacy and being a person who runs ahead of other. If not, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream can promise upside down understanding: some person can be underhanded or menacing in relation to your person.
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  • Breast - If see excessively big – The dream promises a time of appearance prosperity and well-being; Fortune If excessive girl’s breasts – The dream promises great fortune, because you deserve this; Winning If hairy men’s chest  – When you are dreaming that you see hairy man chest, this means that you get lottery prize and it’s time to buy a ticket; Worries If improbably flat or withers – In the dream your breasts(chest) improbably flat is considered to losses, concerns, poverty; Happiness If see child on the mother’s breasts – This points to a lot of happiness in personal and private affairs; Homesickness If only... (read more)