Hole in ground dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of hole in ground may express contentment, heart and devotion.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's understanding the dream about hole in ground suggests unconstrained guts, ladylike sexual desire, vision and qualification.
Favourable adaptations are awaiting in your life when: hole in ground - It commonly embodies the fact of being more important. You are a notch above the others. Under other conditions, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream may reveal upside down effect: someone might be bum and ominous toward you.
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  • Excavation - misfortune and unpleasant event; Give up if digging hole fills with water – This dream marks that despite of all your efforts you will not reach your goals, you have to find something more dear to your heart; Need of changes if dig up a corpse – In the dream you dig up a corpse, then this dream shows your bad conscience and bad lifestyle, you have to make changes in order not to rot from inside. Arabian (Islamic) Be strong if dig up ground – This dream indicates that you have to cope with difficult work and only then... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - become ill, profit will be lost, life will get hard, or faith will change, depending on the place where the drinking took place and the condition of the container. • Drinking hot water: Pain and sorrow. • A man drinking some delicious cold water from a hole in his robe: He is flirting with a woman other than his legitimate wife. • Using very hot water by day or by night: Will receive a blow from the authority. • Using very hot water at night: Will be frightened by a jinn. • Hot water being poured on the dreamer from... (read more)