Jumping off the building dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream of jumping off the building can spell opulence, fondness and fondness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung analysis of this dream about jumping off the building omens unconnected will, fertile sexual urge, proficiency and magnetism.
Supportive amendments are about to become true in life : jumping off the building - Symbol of a dream normally represents primacy and being a pacesetter. Alternatively, if it was bad dream then this dream could point to vice versa signification: some person might be underhanded and/or slippery toward your person.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: green and brown .
  • Fire - an encouraging sign, but prognostication isn’t good, if the fire burned you. Alternatively, if the fire did not burn your whole body, then it is very positive omen and good news for you. To dream flames of fire on a burning house or building usually symbolizes that a friend might need your help. It means that you are going to help out someone close to you. The better outcome will be, if you were able to save somebody from a building. To dream of building a fire is almost always is fortunate sign. It omens a travel with a loved... (read more)