Kissing a friend on the lips dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of kissing a friend on the lips may embody gratification, regard and amiability.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud understanding this dream about kissing a friend on the lips betokens autarchical life-force, womanhood sex drive, taste and virtue.
Supportive rearrangements are ahead : kissing a friend on the lips - It presages the occupation of a position of dominant influence. You are a frontrunner. Diversely, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream could hint at upside down hint: some person may be crafty or misleading in relation to you.
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  • Kiss / Kissing - loss for those you’ve known for a long time, because when the dreamer kiss the old people it shows the farewell with something that no longer will exist. Do not worry, as sometimes the end of something is the beginning of something new, maybe even better. Psychological Meanings: On the psychological level the kiss is the part of communication with other people. For example in France it is very common to kiss people who are not necessary your lovers, but friends too. The kiss that is used on your partner and friends are completely different. The kiss on the lips... (read more)