Mattress dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about mattress can connote abundance, sympathy and tried friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung interpretation the dream about mattress announces absolute liveliness, dainty desire, genius and energy.
Supportive changes are around in life only: mattress - This dream sign portends eminence and being one step ahead of other. Notwithstanding, if it was bad dream then your dream can designate vice versa effect: a person of importance is being shifty and/or unsound in relation to your character.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: red and black .
  • Bed - ...better or worse, the situation of women will improve or deteriorate accordingly. – Does anyone have any other mattress, it will take another wife. – Sleeping in a house of an alien in a strange bed and he knows the Lord’s house, his wife, he is tempted to commit adultery, he knows he does not commit fornication. – Laced a his bedding together and carry it elsewhere, he will go away from his wife and they will find on his return chaste and blameless; is his bedding has become fuller and fuller, it will be when he comes home again... (read more)