Bed dream meanings


Sleep, withdrawal from all activities; foundation.


What I want to retire? Of what I want peace?

In general:

The dream takes the bed especially important: “make your bed and now lie in it.” To ensure that our unconscious is symbolized situation. In the bed you sleep, you feel secure, to the sleeping man, no demands are made. In the dream, the sleeper is disturbed frequently. There is a restlessness that has not reached his consciousness and we should pursue it. The dream bed is best for the left hand, unconscious on the side. At the moment when a woman moved her bed to the right dream, a ghost appeared to her nature. Ghosts appear, however, if a natural order is disturbed. If untoward happens, it is “tremendously”.


Traditionally, the bed is seen as a symbol of the circle of life: here are conceived and born children, the sick and healthy, it is the place of the dying. Bed can symbolize sexual needs that are not acting out enough. It is the stronghold of security in which we sometimes detected deep trouble, you should pursue this feeling in the waking state, because it may indicate some hidden emotional range of pathogens. Depending on the circumstances behind it but also have the following meanings, which are partly based on ancient Indian sources:
– important is the size of the bed. It fills the whole space, for example, this means that the dreamer of sexuality in his life too much importance attaches.
– Is the bed too narrow or too small, the opposite is the case.
– Your own empty bed says something about the emotional loneliness of the dreamer.
– A strange empty bed to indicate an impending death or other misfortune in the family or another calamity in the family or close relatives.
– Imposed for the bed is ready for a sexual adventure show, especially when suppressed sexual needs often.
– Is the dream of a freshly made bed, then this points to the need for those thoughts and ideas which the dreamer is really important to address a new observatory. We believe that a clean made bed should remind the dreamer may be more to it, even in the waking life on “cleanliness” pay attention to the intimate life, dirty bedding would therefore be a signal to put its relations to the pure. After a medieval book of dreams to this promise happiness in love, if it is dirty, bad luck.
– If you dream of going to bed alone, this may symbolize the desire then to return to the safety and security of the womb.
– If the dreamer in his dream is with another person in bed, this can be either express sexual desire for that person or show that the dreamer is not in front of his sexual impulses need to fear.
– Lying in bed is defined as the need for more rest, or as an escape from reality, but partly understood as a sign of satisfaction and inner harmony, sometimes you’re looking to even the temporary oblivion of problems and conflicts and is prepared for an imminent serious illness.
– Make bed promises a future usually happier family life.
– Poorly made or dirty bed dissatisfaction with themselves and can their own life circumstances display or refer to family problems.
– Can not sleep in bed announces unrest and conflict with others.
– Shows up out of bed that you made a decision and it will carry out with courage and perseverance.
– Does the bed dreaming of married couples or domestic partners many years ago, the state can give information about the relationship of the bed.


A bed can be a sort of spiritual sanctuary and a sense of purity. It is the site of regeneration, love, death and birth.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– to see nice bed: does happiness;
– See clean white: are worries disappear;
– See the bed in his own mess: the hidden secrets will come out soon, and this can be embarrassing;
– Sit in it when it is clean: does early marriage; satisfaction;
– Alone in bed: risk;
– See yourself lying in bed: you should take better care of his health, because you need rest and recovery from stress;
– Being in a strange room in bed getting an unexpected visit;
– lie in a strange bed: unexpected good turn in business affairs;
– in a foreign: it should be something suspicious in the near future;
– Customize: indicates a change of residence;
– Unclean: you’ll discover a secret or know of someone, discontent; you should be wary of the negative human society;
– Can not sleep in the same: disagreement;
– Lie with a child in one: fulfillment of a hope;
– See empty: some sad news comes into the house, possibly a death;
– Make: domestic bliss;
– A young woman in bed: this means making the bed a new lover and pleasant occupation.
– For a patient, this means that there are any complications that may lead to death;
– Sleep in the bed under the open sky, pleasant experiences and destiny turn for the better;
– Be a friend pale in his bed: friends are in trouble;
– Dreaming a mother that her child wets the bed: an unusual sign of fear;
– Wet the bed when sick: you will not recover as quickly as hoped;
– Even the wet bed of illness or tragic events of everyday life intersect.

– Empty: it is around you grief;
– Be in it: pay attention to your health;
– Dirty: thou shalt devote more of your family;
– Messy: you express yourself clearly not from fear, and create in your family;
– Carry away, you put unreasonable requests;
– Get out: you only success is sure, if you’re in the matter;
– See a friend in it: despair shall come upon thee, for thou hast set into a thing, you now regret bitterly;
– Imposed for: you’re in luck with the opposite sex.

Arabian (Islamic)
– The familiar under blanket means the wife.
– Dreaming that bed had been stolen, it means the death of his wife, it is burned, they will perish by a serious illness.
– Do you lie in it, he would get another sub-bed, he will take in accordance with another woman whose beauty.
– Does he wear the same thing from one place to another, his wife will move from one hand to another.
– Is the place where the bed was worn, better or worse, the situation of women will improve or deteriorate accordingly.
– Does anyone have any other mattress, it will take another wife.
– Sleeping in a house of an alien in a strange bed and he knows the Lord’s house, his wife, he is tempted to commit adultery, he knows he does not commit fornication.
– Laced a his bedding together and carry it elsewhere, he will go away from his wife and they will find on his return chaste and blameless; is his bedding has become fuller and fuller, it will be when he comes home again to find his wife pregnant with his child.
– To have an unfamiliar bed, he will take in the stranger woman, whose nature and essence of beauty, size and equipment of the bed is like.
– Length of a familiar or strange pads on his bed and himself to lie, he will gain great joy and responsibility, because the pad is on a wooden bed, wooden but has powerful men, the longer it lies on the bed to the more he will be raised about these men.
– Sleeping on a soft cushion without worry, you will afflict your wife and not worry about it, it rests on a colorful cushion, will assume the dream interpreted in accordance with the above colors.
– See pure white coated: happy married life;
– Very nice: happy marriage;
– Out of order: one of your secrets will be revealed;
– Well done: security and peace;
– Dirty: illness in the family;
– Poor: experience misfortune in the family;
– See carry away: loss in his possession, you will lose a loan;
– Bask see: domestic welfare.
– Sun beat and prosperity in the house;
– Empty and face-up: death;
– Those who place themselves: to be sick;
– To lie: you will become ill;
– Rise out of it,: recovering from an illness.
– See a stranger in your bed: discord in marriage;
– View by a curtain: marriage;

* Please, see meaning of bedding, mattresses, furniture, home, sexuality.

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  1. HI, i have a teenaged son who recently had a dream that he asked me about. I did not know what to make of the dream so i am asking your advice about it. Please, please send a reply that i may provide feedback to him. He sees a guy laying in his bed wearing a long green robe as he stands next to the bed. The guy in the bed eyes were green also, and he had a short beard; The man was crying. My son’s bedroom and bed appeared as they normally do, nothing was different in that regard. Thank you in advance for your feedback.