Multiple snakes dream meanings

Approving in the affirmative way renewal are about to become true when: multiple snakes - Symbol of a dream presages primacy and being a pacesetter. Despite that, if your dream has left bad feeling then this dream should body forth contra connotation: an unspecified person might be misleading and/or hazardous in regard to your being.
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  • Snake - ...someone tries to circumcise her rights, but she can count on the help of influential friends. Hindu (Hinduism) – To see a large snake: you will become deceived; – Small snake: love happiness; – To kill a snake: you make an enemy harmless; – See many snakes: discomfort for a short time; – Step on a snake: you have false friends; – Be bitten by a snake: defamation; – Snake with multiple heads: you will be exposed to evil temptations; – To see squirming snake: loss of money; – Many snakes to see: short discomfort. – See more meanings in... (read more)
  • Snake with many heads - ...occasion this dream will have different message for you than a dreamer who feels intense dislike for snakes and is scared by them. The snake as a symbolic figure is very powerful in many societies, so your ethnic history can be very beneficial circumstance in how your dream is deciphered. Dream of snake with many heads is attacking can suggest multiple sudden threats. If the snake is fighting and biting, then it adds meaning of subconscious self-defense. In addition, it represents very well unseen dangers that come from many very emotionally persons. After all, it is a power symbol of... (read more)