My dead father who is angry with me dream meanings

Positive revisions generally are ahead only: my dead father who is angry with me - This symbol regularly marks the occupation of a position of dominant influence. You are a frontrunning person. For all that, if it was bad dream then this dream could designate vice versa connotation: a person of great significance may be untruthful and jeopardous in relation to your personage.
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  • Dead father - that makes the future shines for you and others who surround you too. Also, for spiritual aspects of dreaming about dead father mean that you’re spiritually evolved person, your subconscious mind is intelligently bright and has highly developed subconsciously intuition. That emits and surrounds you and others with extraordinarily pure mystical light, which enables positive feelings and influences the thinking in clear way. Additionally the dream shows your huge aspiration and actual ability to move with ever increasing acceleration further towards Divine Oneness. It means that you do have a very special spirituality which you are sharing with others and... (read more)
  • Smiling, crying, angry dead father or grandfather - Interpretations of other dream’s conditions about deceased father or grandfather Smiling dead father/grandfather dream meaning: joy because of fulfillment of wishes. Crying dead father/grandfather dream meaning: easiness after huge efforts. Angry dead father/grandfather dream meaning: represents possible increase in the rate or speed of current ongoing progress in seeking and reaching expected goals. Naked dead father dream meaning: can be interpreted throughout Freud and Jung “Oedipus complex” explanation and seen as psycho-reproductive development of the dreamer. Also, other positive dream meanings, if you were dreaming about dead father/grandfather: eating, calling, asking or giving something.... (read more)