Newborn baby girl dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about newborn baby girl can promise creature comforts, attachment and company.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung analysis this dream about newborn baby girl symbolizes separate liveliness, tender lust, resourcefulness and dynamicenergy.
Constructive revisions are awaiting in waking life only if: newborn baby girl - This betokens dominance and being a pacesetter. Alternatively, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream could betoken backwards value: a person of great significance might be fake or shaky in regard to you.
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  • Giving birth to a baby girl - What does it mean to dream about giving birth to a baby girl? Dreaming about giving birth to a baby girl is always a good omen. It signifies pure, innocent and new aspects of life. This dream represents only bright sides in your waking life. It can be a representation of your own wishes. It can have prophetic messages. Also, it can show happy changes in your life. Pregnancy and dream about newborn girl: If you are pregnant and you were dreaming about giving birth to a baby girl, then it can mean: your wish to deliver a girl; that... (read more)
  • Baby / Babies - is explained for Muslims and based on Islamic meanings, which is given by Islam prophet Ibn Sirin’s prophecies and interpretations. – To dream a newborn baby boy: indicates (current or just coming) sorrow, sadness, grief and trouble along with difficulty and distress for the person to whom this male infant in dream is born. – Dreaming about baby girl: it is opposite dream than a newborn boy and symbolizes great pleasure, joy, happiness along with big fortune and luck for the person who have this dream and sees baby girl. * Please, see meaning of people, doll, childbirth, pregnancy.... (read more)