Berries dream meanings

Short meaning: dream about berries may evidence snugness, enjoyment and good will (benevolence).
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's interpretation of this dream about berries indicates self-supporting backbone, womanhood sexual urge, brilliance and might.
Encouraging changes normally are afoot only if: berries - This dream sign frequently indicates supremacy and being a trailblazer. In another way, if the dream was more like nightmare then a dream may illustrate upside down nuance: a person of authority may be cunning and misleading in regard to your interests.
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  • Berry - General Meanings: To eat berries – this will bring you joy. To see berries – a sign that you will need a lot of effort and patience in your life. To look for berries and can’t find any – this denotes that you are on the wrong way of your life and have to consider thoroughly your plan and desires. To pluck and to collect berries – this means that you will have to fight in order to reach your aims. Red berries – this dream symbol indicates opponents that are in the vicinity. Black berries – show grief... (read more)
  • Rowan berries - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Wealth if see rowan berries – In your dream you see rowan berries then this promises richness and profits. Hindu (Hinduism) News if eat rowan berries  – You are eating rowan berries in your dream, then this dream marks that you will good news which may make some changes in your life. Arabian (Islamic) Changes if see rowan berries – The dream marks that you will earn money which will change your life.... (read more)
  • Juniper berry - General Meanings: Juniper berries in the dream promises health, happiness, success, prestige and fame in your life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Better time if dream of juniper berry -The juniper berry marks that have to be careful in all your behavior in order not to make mistakes. After difficult period this dream promises the end of suffering and sorrow; Slander if see juniper berry –  To see juniper berries in the dream denotes that someone says bad things about one, and you have to be attentive and to consider is it truth; Illness if pluck or eat juniper berries – The dream has... (read more)
  • Blackberry - ...if pick or eat blackberries – In the dream you pick and eat blackberries, then this dream may be as a sign of unhappiness, because you will lost your loved person; Wealth if pluck a lot of blackberries – You pluck lots of blackberries in your dream, then this may announce you a financial gain because of your hard work; Warning if see another picking blackberries – When you see that someone else is picking blackberries, then this dream wants to show you that you have secret enemies who try to harm you. * Please, see meaning of berries.... (read more)
  • Bearberry - Association: Berries that look tasty, but disappoint after all. General Meanings: The dream symbol of bear-berries denotes that you have to get rid of excess emotions and feelings. Psychological Meanings: You inner world is ready to get rid of all negative feelings and to accept new more positive emotions.... (read more)
  • Yew (tree) - ...If a young woman sits under a yew, she will put up with many grueling fears because of loyalty of her lover. If their lover stands at a yew, she will possibly get to know about his disease. If she admires a yew, she will alienate from her relatives by a failure marriage; Death if dead tree – A dead yew tree without needles, announces a tragic death in the family; Assets is not consolation about your loss. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if beautiful tree – In the dream you see really beautiful Yew tree with red berries, signifies that you will be... (read more)
  • Plums - ...have to take care of your health. This dream warns that you will have serious illness or even death. Also you have to take care of your family, because you have left them behind. You may loose your family and the person you love. To eat rotten, sour plums in the dream – This dream signifies that you will have worries and troubles in your life. You have made some mistakes in your life, and now you are afraid that they will come to light. You will feel anxiety and sorrow. * Please, see meaning of prunes and berries.... (read more)
  • Crataegus - Association: Strong & healing; Vulnerability & heart; Calming & love. Question: What kind of love or desires do I want to take? General Meanings: Crataegus (also known as hawthorn), in the medicine is the plant totem, which is associated with the inner position of the southern path and soul with the love. The tree or shrub has serrated leaves, small, round leaves and berries. The hawthorn have healing powers in both inward and outward application. Psychological Meanings: Need to love Dreaming of crataegus (hawthorn, a spring flowers) indicates the deep desire in your heart to love and to show it... (read more)
  • Bramble - Psychological Meanings: Bramble appears in the dream for those who have a “thorny path” with problems and obstacles that need to overcome. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No success if see bramble – In the dream you see bramble then this dream is a sign you will not have success no matter how much efforts you will put; Warning if bramble berries under green foliage – The dream denotes that your happiness will be affected by secret enemies; No worries if get through bramble without scratching yourself – When you go through bramble without scratching then this announces that you will overcome difficulties and will triumph... (read more)
  • Pancake - ...stop, later you will succeed; Richness if see a lot of pancakes – To see lots of pancakes in your dream announce you richness and welfare in your life; Award if pancakes with fruits or berries – This dream signifies that you will be rewarded because of your hard work and huge efforts; Hindu (Hinduism) Success if eating pancakes – You are eating pancakes in the dream, this announces you success in the project or work that you do; Fulfillment of desires if have pancakes – This dream symbol shows that you will implement your desires and promises, this will... (read more)
  • Iron (material) - ...really difficult to gain this. The transformation into the iron on the contrary prophecies unbearable strokes of fate, but the dreamer will get over it and will reach a great age. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Hard; Elastic; Culture-changing; Technology; Survival; Health; Centrality; Temper. Iron is one of the hardest minerals, in the medicine wheel together with Garnet mineral Totem is born on Ripe Berries Moon (July 23-August 22). It has changed the entire cultures and has led them into the age of technology. Iron also supplies the central ion in the hemoglobin molecule of the blood, and thus depends on... (read more)