Yew (tree) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Yew symbolizes the grief and sadness. Only a few would recognize a yew, but the knowledge about the yew is stored in the unconscious mind of every person. Such a symbol shows that an instinctive knowledge can come to light.

Psychological Meanings:

Respect and Toxicity At this level the importance of the yew is extremely ambivalent: on the one hand, earlier their wood was high-estimated, because they could be processed into bows and crossbows; on the other hand, the yew distinguishes itself a toxicity which searches its equals.

Spiritual Meanings:

The extremely durable yew can symbolize spiritual immortality.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Illness if see Yew – Forerunners of disease and disappointment;Also this dream indicates the death of very old people;
  • Wealth if see Yew forest – These trees announce you that a relative or a supervisor, who has left you an inheritance that relieves you from the deficiency;
  • Disease if sit – Your life will not last long or you will have a very serious disease if you do not take care of your health;
  • Long life if look at the tree – The dream brings you a long life;
  • Reconciliation with fears/Retreat from family if woman sits under – If a young woman sits under a yew, she will put up with many grueling fears because of loyalty of her lover. If their lover stands at a yew, she will possibly get to know about his disease. If she admires a yew, she will alienate from her relatives by a failure marriage;
  • Death if dead tree – A dead yew tree without needles, announces a tragic death in the family; Assets is not consolation about your loss.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Happiness if beautiful tree – In the dream you see really beautiful Yew tree with red berries, signifies that you will be very happy and proud of your family

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Illness if see dried tree – When the tree is dried in your dreams, means that you have to take care of your health because you will get serious disease.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Deep curing; evergreen; revitalizing.


The yew is an evergreen tree with red berries, cones. In ancient times, its wood was used in particular for the production of bows for archers. Today, modern medicine has found that yew has exceptional healing ability. It may heal some advanced cancers kinds. It requires a large number of trees to produce the medicament for only one person.

General Meaning

An upcoming healing; deeper understanding of your life force.

Transcendent Meaning

A gift of healing deeper.

* Please, see meaning of tree.

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  1. Had a dream of a yew tree growing on the entire palm of my right hand. Its roots were wrapped around the sides and it didn’t have leaves. At first I was worried and a little scared of why and how can this be, then I got brave and started to try to remove it. It came off easily and without pain and there was no blood until I had to pull out the roots embedded in my skin. Then I woke up.