Pancake dream meanings

General Meanings:

Happiness and excitement Dream symbol of pancakes indicates happiness, joy and lucky time. This dream symbol brings wonderful and exiting times in near future. You will have satisfaction and joy in very simple events or things.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Satisfaction if have pancakes – In a dream pancakes prophesy you emotional satisfaction and good mood in your family;
  • Good life if bake or make pancakes – Baking pancakes in the dream, this signifies calm and good life;
  • Keep going if see burnt pancake – This dream indicates that you will have a misfortune,but you don not have to stop, later you will succeed;
  • Richness if see a lot of pancakes – To see lots of pancakes in your dream announce you richness and welfare in your life;
  • Award if pancakes with fruits or berries – This dream signifies that you will be rewarded because of your hard work and huge efforts;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if eating pancakes – You are eating pancakes in the dream, this announces you success in the project or work that you do;
  • Fulfillment of desires if have pancakes – This dream symbol shows that you will implement your desires and promises, this will bring you satisfaction;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Success if make or bake sweet pancakes – Sweet pancakes announces you luck everywhere in your life;
  • Loss if eat – Eating pancakes may bring you some losses in your life, but do not sadden this is only temporary period in your life;

* Please, see meaning of cake.

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