Peacock dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of about peacock may connote complacency, affection and ardent friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung understanding this dream about peacock symbols self-governing enthusiasm, tender passion, vision and pressure.
Good renewal are ahead in your life : peacock - This normally means the fame within a profession. You are a person who runs ahead of other. Yet, if it was bad dream then such dream should pinpoint contra value: an unknown person can be delusive and/or unstable toward your personage.
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  • Bird - ...and fresh. Lark: The symbol of the transcendence of the secular. Seagull: This bird stands for freedom and power. Pelican: It symbolizes sacrifice and humility, but also caring, maternal love. Peacock: This is an indication that the knowledge of dreamer develops like a Peacock; From the simple, unadorned bird to the most beautiful of all birds. Like the Phönix, it is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Penguin: This black bird may be a symbol of sin and wisdom. When penguin speaks in a dream, what it says is common as a prophecy. Swallow: Signifies hope and approaching spring. Swan: This bird symbolizes the human soul as the wild... (read more)