Purple sky dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming about purple sky may denote relaxation, tenderness and attraction.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung understanding of the dream about purple sky symbolizes liberated mood, fertile sex instinct, ability and virtue.
Encouraging changes are ahead : purple sky - This symbol foreshadows the opportunity to gain some profit. You are one step ahead. If not, if it was bad dream then such dream should prove contra nuance: a person of great value could be snide and/or hazardous in regard to your interests.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: white and purple .
  • Snake - ...it is just too soon for you. Snakes and Women Snakes belong in the female dream’s world like stars in the sky. Snake dreams have younger girls than mature women because they still have a fear of male sexual power. In later years, the snake can refer to the fear of a rival. Colors and their meanings – The yellow snake in the dream of a woman is the fear of encountering male sexuality and the red is often interpreted as direct symbol of the phallus, because the combination of the color and the form closely related to the penis.... (read more)
  • Horse - ...blue – then such a dream signifies an easy fight, where the battle will be not difficult to achieve. Other colors such as gold or purple always promises a victory. Will bring home wife if riding the horse which is saddled and long-tailed – if the dreamer had such a dream, then it foretells about huge changes in the life, even possible marriage; If riding the race horse – will win someone’s heart – which shows that the dreamer will fall in love with someone and will receive the same feelings back. However, if the dreamer was riding the race... (read more)