Horse dream meanings


The horse associates with fast, usually elegant, feelings of developed consciousness, sometimes unexpressed sexuality.


How do I find my own power? What kind of natural forces I suppress or express?

General Meanings:

Horse is one of the most ambiguous dream symbols. Mostly the horse symbol embodies instincts, impulses, passions, desires, sensuality, awareness of the body and sexuality. The horse or the mare also represents femininity, gentleness and harmony. Different conditions in the dreams have individual interpretations. These meanings can arise from the following circumstances:

  • Free-running horse means freedom – usually if the horse is running, the dream represents inner independence and easiness;
  • Prosperity if the horse in a barn – the dream promises rich life ahead of you;
  • Opportunities in career if the horse is wearing a saddle. The dream foretells about more prestige progress in your professional life;
  • Disobedient horse signifies barriers -the dream foretells about overcoming obstacles you will face while reaching the success;
  • Danger if the horse has escaped – if it was running from you away such dream shows that you should be aware of the enemies around you;
  • Achievements if the horse is jumping around – the dream promises that you will easily overcome obstacles;
  • Good luck if dream of horseshoe – if the dreamer saw the horseshoe it signifies happiness and joy also a joy. The horseshoe is known as a talisman of affluence which brings good fortune. Very often people hang the horseshoe on the doors, therefore it will bring joy into their homes;
  • Necessity for a rush if horse been walked by the halter – there is a particular situation or a matter that has to be sorted out as soon as it is possible;
  • Hard work if see the horse with carriage – the carriage symbolizes the effort you have to put in if you want to achieve honor prestige and acceptance;
  • The beginning of happy period in the life if the horse has been saddled – which shows that you can expect for joyful activities and liveliness.

Psychological Meanings:

The relationship that has been created between horse and rider was probably one of the closest human-animal relationship, ever. The horse served the people not only as the way to change the location, but also as the tool to feed himself and his family. Despite that a man was very kind for a horse –  he warmed, sheltered and fed him very well. In legends, myths and fairy tales, the horse had the meaning of the power and force of the life. The horse is the original, basic life force of the people.

  • If it is an unrestrained and unbridled, also a symbol of hot temperament, which appears not only sexually;
  • If the dreamer sees the horse and himself as a single unit – this shows the severities that are related to sexual or psychological problems;
  • If the horse has been treated well and tenderly – peaceful life for dreamer’s home and family;
  • Poor and miserable life if the horse has been taken care of badly – to look after the horse without love and effort bad atmosphere in the dreamers surroundings.
  • Fear if the horse is shy or runs away – the dreamer will be afraid to deal with tasks that has been given to him.

The color of the horse in a dream has a very important meaning, as the shades of the horse represents the inner-self or the state of the mind which the dreamer has at this period of the lifetime.

White horse

  • Mystery if the horse is black – if the color of the horse is dark brown, black or any other shade of dark, then such a dream signifies unknown, wildness and secrets.
  • Purity if the horse is white – if the color of the horse was white, such dream denotes to clearness and good fortune. The next period of the life will be sinless and positive.
  • Alternatively, if the horse is white it could also show the issues that are related to intimate life. Maybe there is a fear of showing the desires and wishes which are in common with sexuality.
  • Fear if the horse is red – which shows anxiety the dreamer is suffering or will have these negative feelings. There is some factor that the dreamer is afraid to face, take the control and sort it all out.

The history, that has it own symbolization, which are directed to horses in dreams:

  • According to Artemidorus if a man is riding a beautiful horse – for sure he will fall in love with another women.
  • The Phaldor notifies about the desire to have a specific women as a lover.
  • The Stallion explains the meaning of the horse in the dreams as a symbol vitality and productivity.
  • In the Christian Middle Ages the horse as a symbol of the dreams had a negative meaning. Then the horse signified as having dark and bad meaning. One of the most popular explanations of the horse embodied death – the end of life. However, such dreams had not only the omen of the upcoming death, but as a signal of being careful.

Spiritual Meanings:

Horse in the dream on the spiritual plane is presented as a character of other kingdoms. It shows the spiritual creativity of the dreamer.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

The horse usually is explained as a symbol of sexual-erotic life, where you express all of the hidden and unexpressed desires and needs.

  • Creativity if the horse has wings (Pegasus) – the dream signifies that imagination has transformed it’s instincts and impulses into creative energies;
  • Will start something new if harnessed and bridled the horse – such a dream signifies a new period in life, where the dreamer will start to do something totally new and unknown;
  • Richness if the horse is black – to dream about the black horse represents the better incomes and richness. However, the color of the horse, which in this case is black, shows that the wealth that will be earned, will be made in fraudulent means and therefore the dreamer will feel guilty about it;
  • Fear of betrayal if a woman dreams of black horse – the dream shows that the woman, who had a dream about black horse is afraid to be cheated by her spouse partner;
  • Positive instincts if the horse is brown – to dream of the brown horse, means that the dreamer has simple, secure and positive instincts, which helps to improve as individual in various situations of life;
  • Wealth in connection with dissatisfaction if the horse is dark – to dream of dark (black, very dark grey, brown or any other dark shaded horses) means that the dreamer will become very rich, but at the same time will suffer from that richness;
  • Prosperity in all aspects of the life if the horse is white – to dream of the horse that is white could have several meanings. One of those meanings foretells about pleasurable friends you will have, who will help you at anything you will do. The other meaning is very positive for man, who dreamed about white horse, because such dream it promises innocent woman in his life. Alternatively, the dream could also have a negative meaning, only if  the horse is white but very lean. Such dream warns about unfaithful and jealous friend, especially for the women;
  • Jealousy out of friends if the horse is dirty – to dream of the horse that is unclean and soiled, denotes about friends who envy you of something and might abuse your kindness. Make sure you avoid those people at this time of your life;
  • Profit from more than one source if the horse is piebald or spotty – to dream of the horse that has more than one color, shows the benefits you will receive from few different origins;
  • Fulfillment of wishes if the horse was running – to dream of the horse that is running free, denotes to all of the desires the dreamer has and that they will become true very soon. The running of the horse represents the freedom, and the freedom is the state of not being imprisoned and enslaved, where you can have anything you want and do everything you need;
  • Will get an independence back if the horse was released – to dream of the horse that has been set free, signifies your freedom, which you will get back soon;
  • Tranquility if the horse passing you by – to dream of the horse that runs passing you by, denotes to the lazy, calm and quiet days you will have. You will be in an absolute quietness where you will have an ability to meditate or just plainly relax;
  • Success at business if the horse has been saddled and bridled – to dream of the horse that has been prepared, saddled and bridled denotes to fortune at the professional factors of your life. The business you are doing is improving more and more;
  • If the horse has been caught, but then it slipped away means misfortune – to dream of catching the horse, that’s been running around, but later losing it, signifies to unluckiness;
  • Prosperity if the horse is in the barn – to dream of the horse, that is standing in the barn, denotes to prosperous deals you will have or simply will become rich;
  • Enrichment with obstacles if dream of the draft horse – to dream of the draft house denotes to richness, but will face some barriers and obstacles while achieving it. Consider, that the dream could also show the difficulties that are connected to love affairs;
  • High standards of living if the horse is noble – to dream of noble, precious horse shows posh life you are going to live. You will be surrounded by beautiful and expensive things;
  • Honest and genuine feelings between lovers if dream of broodmare – to dream, that you see a broodmare, signifies to harmony and love between the people who love each other, no matter they are married or not;
  • Luxury if dream of horse racing – to dream of horse racing usually stands for a sign of prosperity and/or chance. In reality people place bids for particular horse in horse racing, and if the dreamer’s horse that he placed a bid for has won, such dream promises new opportunities in the life where the dreamer will achieve many things. Those chances he will get will make the life more profitable and richer in all means. The interpretation of such dream is also appropriate for the one who was racing the horse he dreamed of;
  • Protection if the horse is trained in circus – to dream of the horse that is trained in circus and performs beautifully, means that you have a guardian who is looking after you very well;
  • Happy event if dream of a foal – if you’ve dreamed of the horse that is still very young and small, signifies happy celebration or event you will be delighted to enjoy it;
  • Progress if the horse is saddled, but without rider – usually when the dreamer sees a horse that is saddled, but no sign of the rider, represents possible prosperity at work or advancement in any other area of the dreamer’s life;
  • Accomplishment if the horse is saddled with the rider – to dream of the horse that has been saddled and had a rider or the dreamer was the rider himself, shows attainment, but only if the dreamer will take control in his hands and will do things completely;
  • Unexpected misfortune if fallen from the horse – to dream that you or somebody else has fallen down from the horse, shows the unluckiness the one will suffer;
  • Award if see a horse tail – to dream of the tail of the horse, denotes to the rewards you will receive;
  • Will get a message if dream of the horse that has been visited by someone – such a dream signifies news you will find out soon;
  • Wishes will be realized in a difficult way if riding the stubborn horse – for a dreamer to see the horse, who has been ridden but hard to manage, signifies the desires who will be reached, but only after facing the obstacles;
  • Unluckiness if can not climb on the horse – to dream of being unable to climb on the horse, shows the misfortune you will suffer at some particular subject;
  • Will avoid dangers if sitting on the horse, which is running continuously, but you are not falling out from it – such a dream represents the danger you will escape;
  • Enjoyment of growing wealth if riding a bay horse – to see yourself riding on a precious bay horse, signifies the wealth that will become bigger and bigger;
  • Minor disappointment if riding through the ford – such a dream shows the frustration you will suffer, however the feeling will stay only for short period of time;
  • Luckiness if riding the horse uphill – to dream of seeing yourself riding a horse up to the hill, shows that you will be able to achieve anything you have a desire for, no matter the jealousy and enemies you will have;
  • Disillusion if riding the horse downhill – sometimes the dreamer while riding the horse notices that it’s going down the hill, then such a dream however warns about frustration he will have;
  • Satisfaction through hard work if riding bareback – if the horse has been ridden, but without being bareback, then such a dream shows the fulfillment, however some of the barriers will be faced. Consider, that this dream shows that it might cost some money, especially for women while dealing with obstacles, because they are naturally more emotional;
  • The highest bliss if swimming with a horse through a clear, beautiful river – such dream promises the salvation. Business people can expect a huge profit;
  • Serious misfortune if overthrow of a horse – the dreams gives a signal to be careful of possible serious injuries or losses;
  • Friend needs help if the horse is injured – if the horse has been injured, then such a dream could have a very important message, that your friend needs a help;
  • Strange inconvenience if the horse is lame – to dream of the horse that is suffering from being lame, suggest about favorable awkwardness, because at the end of the day it will bring happiness;
  • Will experience joy if the horse is snappy – to dream of the horse that seems snappy represents gladness;
  • Slowly reached goal if leading the horse on the halter – such dream shows that you will attain the destination you were aiming for, but only if everything will be done slowly, without any rush;
  • Desire to be dependent on someone if horse was pulling the carriage – to dream that you you saw a horse, who was pulling the carriage or the cart, shows the wish to be the one who is dependent on someone else, where you have no responsibility for anything in the life;
  • Prestige and honor if dream of beautifully decorated horse and cart – if the dreamer saw the horse that is wearing some beautiful decorations, then such a dream promises a great status and honor he will receive;
  • The household is in serious danger if the horse with the cart passes you by – such a dream gives a warning of the danger that might get to you. Be aware of that;
  • Loss of domestic happiness if see the cart that falls down or upside down – to dream of the cart that falls over signifies to loss of domestic happiness;
  • To see a horseshoe means success – in reality the horseshoe is known as a good sign, therefore in a dream it also denotes to a good meaning of it. The horseshoe guarantees you a profitable deals in all means. For the women, it has a special meaning which signifies that she will get a very loving and faithful husband;
  • Responsibilities before receiving a pleasure if grooming the horse – usually grooming symbolizes the hard work which will have to be done, while reaching the target. There will be a need of physical and spiritual powers to achieve the results;
  • Guarantee of success if the horse is shining after grooming – such a dream promises the fortune you were aiming for;
  • Luckiness in money matters if comb the tail of the horse – to dream that you were combing the tail of the horse, promises the best deals and better incomes which will bring more money in your life;
  • Losses and disappointments of all kinds if horse is dead – to dream of the horse, that has been killed or is already dead, denotes to sad meanings of the dream. There is a possibility that you will suffer the loss or just will get sad about something;
  • Wishes will come true at unexpected time if the girl dreams of black horse – to dream of the horse that is black, and the girl riding it, signifies the desires she has. However those wishes will come true when she will least expect for them;
  • Attention from men if woman riding a horse and someone is riding another one behind her – such a dream promises attention from the opposite sex members;
  • Disappointments within marriage if the horse turns out to be a big – prepare yourself for the time when you will need to find the solution to the problems you’ll have;
  • Imbalance if the white horse is followed by the black horse – to dream of white horse that’s been followed by a black horse, signifies to the inequality at some points. However, if the white horse has not been overtaken by the black horse, everything will stay as it suppose to be;

Hindu (Hinduism)

Generally in Hindu the horses are the symbol of the different kinds of people we meet through our lives. Sometimes these people makes a good influence on us, but sometimes a bad one. Therefore, the dreams about horses can tell a lot about us or those we are surrounded by.

  • Dignity if riding slowly on beautiful horse – usually when the dreamer is riding slowly and elegantly horse, signifies the great name he will receive and the respect from people he is surrounded by, depending on the beauty of the horse;
  • You will be an influence to your friends if horse has a long tale – the long tale on such a dream shows that people will be inspired by you and will follow you through your journey. You are going to be as a teacher and a leader to them;
  • Loss of the power if the horse has no tail – to dream of the horse that has no tale, shows the frustration you will have, as you are going to lose the power and influence you had on others. However, such a dream might be a sign only of temporarily downfall;
  • Severe difficulties if the racing horse is stubborn and unable to move – such a dream signifies the obstacles the dreamer will face in the future and if he wish to find out how big the severities are going to be, he has to pay attention to the stubbornness of the horse, which will tell much more;
  • The enemy is coming to you if the horse has not been saddled – such a dream, signifies evil, which the dreamer will suffer from others;
  • Unexpected pleasure if see unknown horse – if the horse that was seen in a dream is unknown and never been seen before, then such dream promises enjoyment and delight at all aspects in this period of your life;
  • The love of your life will come to you if the horse walks in a house – to dream of the horse, that walked in to the house, signifies the partner you will meet soon. This person will be someone who will play a very important role in your future;
  • Wealth if owning the horse – to dream of owning one or more horses signifies wealthy life for you;
  • Quick fortune if noticed the horse out of nowhere – to see the horse, that comes out of nowhere signifies the luck you will have;
  • Will be familiar with high people if saddled the beautiful horse – you will get involved with very respected people at some point of your life;
  • An honor if climb on the mountain with the horse – to dream of climbing the mountain with the horse, shows that you will achieve respect from others;
  • Will gain reputation if riding the horse – the faster the horse has been ridden, the quicker you will receive the respect;
  • Happiness if the horse was horseshoed – to dream of horseshoe, signifies unseen and unheard happiness;
  • Will get a very good housewife if the horse is healthy and well fed – such a dream shows the comfortable domestic life,which will be made by your housewife;
  • Obstacles if the horse is lean – to dream of the horse that is skinny, unfed and lean, denotes to barriers while achieving the goals;
  • Joy if the horse is white – to dream of the horse that is white, shows delightful and enjoyable life. White horse is a symbol of purity and clearness, therefore the future is going to be easy to handle and pleasurable to live in;
  • Sorrow if the horse is black – to dream of the horse that is black, symbolizes sadness and misfortune. However, any unpleasant things will pass out in the future as it is only for temporarily period of time;
  • Enemies will disappear if the horse is fast – if the horse in the dream seemed very fast, then such a dream shows that your hostiles will vanish;
  • Will lose a sweetheart if the horse has been stabbed – to dream of the horse that was stabbed by someone signifies the loss of someone you love;
  • Sad news if the horse is dead – when the dreamer sees the horse that is already dead, then such a dream signifies bad and sad news you will receive from far away.

Arabian (Islamic)

Most common meaning of the horse symbolizes lower origin and less prestige status, as well as the mares in the dream shows the lower ordinary class of the women in society.

  • Great reputation if an ordinary man riding Arabian stallion – which means that the people around the dreamer will be fascinated by this person. The man will achieve excellent results, especially within professional aspects;
  • Will be knighted or success if sitting on the horse – according to dream meaning, the dreamer will be honored;
  • Power if the Arabian horse or stallion is armed – if the dreamer is riding the horse that is wearing a full armed and all necessary equipment, such dream shows the power and the strength the dreamer will obtain. The dreamer will fight the enemy without the fear of losing it, as the power that will lie within him, will keep him going; The color of the shields, which the armed horse and a man was wearing in a dream has also a very important meaning: if the shields are black or red – the enemies will be hard to fight, as the dirt on such colors is easy to notice, but if the colors of the shields are green or blue – then such a dream signifies an easy fight, where the battle will be not difficult to achieve. Other colors such as gold or purple always promises a victory.
  • Will bring home wife if riding the horse which is saddled and long-tailed – if the dreamer had such a dream, then it foretells about huge changes in the life, even possible marriage;
  • If riding the race horse – will win someone’s heart – which shows that the dreamer will fall in love with someone and will receive the same feelings back. However, if the dreamer was riding the race horse that does not belong to him, then such a dream shows that the women he will fall in love with already belongs to somebody else;
  • Will get a wife of the emperor if the horse has been given as a present – If the emperor gives beautiful, pricey horse as a gift, then such a dream shows that he will give to the dreamer one of his wives;
  • Will have an affair with one of the emperor’s wives, if beautiful, pricey horse was stolen – such dream promises problems for taking what does not belong to the dreamer;
  • The dreamer will obtain huge wealth and immense happiness if the horse is black – the dream shows an amazing wealthiness and joy the dreamer will have;
  • Things will stay even and stable if the horse is running – which shows that the running of the horse will keep everything flowing without any distractions just the way the dreamer would like to be;
  • Things will remain the way they are at the moment if the horse is white – which shows, that there won’t be any big changes, that would push you out of stable zone;
  • Challenges at unknown place or land if the horse is brown – the dreamer that had a dream about brown horse will have to overcome the obstacles he will face during the trip and/or when he will be already at the target he went to;
  • Disaster if the horse is dying or already dead – the dream symbolizes misfortune or even the death of the owner of the horse. However, it could only be a sign and a warning to look after yourself or your family;
  • Money if dream of manure, dung or excrement of the horse – if the one was eating or collecting manure dung or excrement, then such a dream promises money in the future. The manure of the horse could be used as a fuel in a dream, which also signifies richness. The dreamer should expect a good suggestion at the job or even by a stranger, which will bring lots of money, that will help to improve a better quality of life for everyone that is related to the dreamer;
  • Will lead an army to the war if the horse was biting – the dream shows the responsibility the dreamer will have to take to fight the enemies;
  • Aristocracy and importance if riding on a saddled stallion, horse or a mare – the dream foretells that not everyone has the privilege to ride the horse, but only those like Kings or Lords. Such a dream would have a specific and very important meaning, especially for the poor people, because then it would mean that there is a possibility to get a better, richer and happier life.
  • Will get knighted and honored if the horse eats meat – which signifies glory and acceptance from the others;
  • Benevolence if drinking mare’s milk – the one who drank the milk of the mare will get a favor and acceptance from those he is surrounded by;
  • Difficulties with reserves of the food if the horse is skinny and lean – the dream warns about obstacles when will try to get the food and feed the family;
  • The injustices will annoy you if the horse been stabbed – for the dreamer to see someone stabbing the horse, shows that he will find it hard to control himself while seeing unfairness that has been happening around him;
  • The enemies will disappear if the horse is tamed by the dreamer – this dream means, that finally the enemies you had will remain calm and will not make harm anymore;
  • Will perform hardly at work if dream of horseshoe – if the horse has been horseshoed, then such a dream shows the tough work that will have to be done in the future;
  • Misfortune if horse has fallen – the dream signifies disasters and sadness;
  • Humiliation if fallen from the horse or the horse threw you away – the dream shows that you will feel low and humiliated by someone;
  • Honor, dignity and respectability if mounting a horse – if the dreamer is mounting a horse nicely and slowly, then the dream stands for the respect the dreamer will receive;
  • Misfortune if fighting with a horse – if the dreamer was fighting the horse, then such a dream shows serious offence which will lead him to troubles and difficulties. The magnitude of the misfortune will depend on how strong the horse was: the stronger the horse – the bigger the problems will suffer;
  • Dignity if the flying horse – if the dreamer saw the horse that was flying, or he was flying on it as well, in a beautiful blue sky, then such a dream shows the respect you will receive;
  • A journey if the horse is with a wings (Pegasus) – to see a horse that has a wings, symbolizes an important journey ahead of you;
  • Assistance if the horse carrying things – in reality the horse is used as a tool to carry heavy stuff, therefore such a dream would have an explanation of the help that will be provided to you from someone else;
  • The power if dream of horse limb – to dream of one or more limbs, shows the strength and importance of the horse in a dream. The more limbs the dreamer sees, the more powerful horse is. The limbs are the parts which are mostly in contact with the ground, and the dream shows how “down on earth” the dreamer actually is;
  • Purity if the horse is white – the color of the horse symbolizes innocence, especially of the women. To receive a white horse as a present – will get innocent women who will become your wife.

Artemidorus Meanings:

Some of the animals are very well used for work, for example the horse is irreplaceable tool to plow the acres. The horse helped for people to improve while working on the land. Of course there are much more of the animals that do work as hard as the horses, but the horse is most popular and most useful.

There is another area where the horses are dominating – it’s the sport. They participate as horses of racing. If the dreamer have been riding the horse it will bring luck and fortune. The relationships that has been created between human beings and horses have created an amazing friendship. The horse is someone who represents service and loyalty and the man represents someone who is taking care of his belongings and masters it.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


fast, volatile, inspiring, powerful, balance, manhood, hero, older brother.


The horse is a large four-legged mammal with a flowing mane and a long tail and the animal, which can run very quickly. The beauty and elegancy of the horse inspires lots of people and creates romantic associations. The horse also known as having ability to run very fast and many people relates it with the great power in an animal kingdom. For a very long time the horses played a very important part in mythology, where they were used as the tool to enter from one world to another.

General Meaning

Horse symbolizes sensuality, the quickness in escaping unpleasant situations. The horse also signifies capability to operate more efficiently if aiming for certain tasks. Sexually the horse symbolizes the power, passion and fertility.


  • The dream about the hoof of the horse is associated with a thing, a cause or an object;
  • The dream about Trojan horse is related to the destruction of lives.

Transcendent Meaning

The horse is an ally who can lead you into other realms.

* Please, see meaning of Animals.

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  1. I have dreamed about a black horse with long black hair
    The first time I dhad the dream I got a passing glimpse of it.
    The second time she came and rested herself against me trying to keep contact with love.
    What does that mean

  2. I had a dream that I was taking pictures of a girl friend from work in a large courtyard like environment. Suddenly I see kids wearing white t-shirts running towards me from my cameras perspective. They looked scared as if something large was coming towards them. Then suddenly a large white horse appears, with no saddle, running like a race horse full speed towards me and my friend. I tell me friend to take cover behind a small red brick wall as the horse speeds by. I then turn to my friend and she tells me that she can’t feel her hands. I grab one of her hands and softly message it then reach for the other hand and notice that her arm as been severed from her elbow down. She then passes out and I’m left with and overwhelming guilt that I have to tell her she lost her arm and feel it was my fault. Please tell me what you think this might symbolize. It was such a realistic dream in color, I even remember the wind as the horse raced by me and my friend.

    thank you

  3. I had a dream I was walking with a horse like with a dog. Slowly and quietly. After a time the horse lied down and put his head on my knees and I petted him, then he suddenly asked: “why didn’t you change my glasses ?/and the numbers – from 2,5 to 1,5/. I really forgot about. I was too busy and I felt sadness .
    Thanks for the help 🙂

  4. I found my self on a horse and some one was behind showing the way. I was on it through the first road Turing to the second road the one showing the way went away minutes after riding on it the horse falls but I was still on it until I come out of it on my own .please interpret.

  5. I dreampt of a bay horse that I used to have years ago. I saw him one day and he was now owned by Native Americans. They seemed to be taking care of him okay. When I saw him however, I realized how much I missed him and wondered if he was happy. In much of the dream I was working hard to find who owned this horse now so I could buy him back, but I wasn’t having any luck. I kept trying, running around asking others, searching without any luck. I encountered a few Native Americans who were good to me and I tried very hard to be polite and not sound crazy. I asked these people about where to possibly find my old horse. They weren’t sure but did give me a few tidbits to chase after. I woke up before finding my beloved horse who I had raised and was very found of.

  6. I had a dream where I was walking and i see these two horses and the one keeps walking but the other stops and run right towards and me and this as i look at it is not normal as it speaks and has blood around its mouth and it says bow before me before i make you my next meal and i bow before the horse and this horse says” lower” so i bow lower and lower til i am on my belly damn near and then the horse stretches its neck and grabs the head of half eaten horse that it ate and says “don’t look at me or i just might eat you !” as it says this it drops the horse head and comes straight for me but as i looked up my father has blocked the horse with a gun stopping the horse from eating me and i look to my father and he says to the horse I wont let you have this one Baltazar and then the horse runs off laughing and says i will get your one spawn next time. as the next day comes in my dream the horse has returned but in human form and is that this house with a bunch of people in a truck and He Says” Lower my head down when i say so so that i may eat my fill of kiddies ” so they do as he says and he has turned back into a horse and they men lower his head into the hole along the house and the horse starts eating the children and you can hear screams coming from the house and as i am watching this a bunch of children run of out of the house screaming and they’re heading straight for me and as there running i can still hear the screams of the children being eaten so i started running with the children and we hid in a shed and locked the doors and as i shut the doors and locked it i woke up

    • Hi! I’m a believer in the power of dream analysis and also understand that the symbols in them are very personal. That being said, it felt to me, like there may be someone close to you who is dangerous and controlling in your life. It feels so overpowering that your Dad who tries his best to protect you can only delay the damage temporarily. My advice is that you try your best to not feel intimdated by this person in your life (if one such person/group of people exists), and protect both yourself and the “children” (other innocent parties who would need your help) by going far away enough (emotionally and physically) to stay safe. Please know that we are all stronger than we realize sometimes and have the right to be treated well. As an adult, if children are involved, also remember it is your duty (a truly rewarding one in fact) to care and ensure their utmost safety and well being. Believe in and trust in no one more than yourself<3

    • Dad Stringer,
      i am just curious are you a Christian? Because i am. And it is my believe this was a very spiritual dream. Or at least i see this as a spiritual dream. There was someone in the bible who had a similar name to Beshazar. i believe Beshazar was a false God or a devil. Anyway remember that Belzhazar wanted to take you and make you his meal and the Father blocked him from you.
      A biting horse is a dream that shows responsibility the dreamer will have to take to fight enemies. One is to be knighted and honored if a horse is eating meat it signifies glory and acceptance from those he is surrounded by.
      Distasteful to see a dead horse the dream,symbolizes misfortune. On the death of the owner of the horse however it could only be a warning sign, to look after yourself and your family.
      However remember the horse was having you bow down to him and your father protected you from being harmed by him. And after that you helped to save others who were little children.
      Jesus stated let the little children come unto me and you brought them with you and remember your father had told the horse that you belonged to him. A father is a sign of protection. And then you also took it upon yourself to give the little children protection.
      i would say this is an awesome prayer. Allowing you to know that you have received protection of the father or that that protection is definitely available to you and that you should head the warning signs. God bless you my friend. i,do not believe this dream should be one to fear, but rather one to allow you to know that you have the Father in you, or it is to say that you may have the Father /holy Spirit/Gods presence and protection with you. And this would explain your ability to get the children away from from the harmful one, who was only there to make them suffer a painful, death threatening their very existance.

  7. I dreamt that I’d left some art materials in a room and when I returned, one of thd people who are at my old workplace had made from a plaster mold, a horse sculpture; it was pink, shiny and gilted with gold. I couldn’t stop looking at it, as I held it up, it was so beautiful.

  8. I dreamt of a HUGE white horse. Free. I was with my childhood dog. He kept barking at it. I kept him away from the horse. I was scared of the horse. I wanted to ride or pet the horse, but I was too scared of it. I decided for me and my dog to hide. The horse was trying to find us. What could this mean?

  9. Dreamt that some unknown man was holding the reigns of a horse while a used a step stool to get on an unsaddled horse. Upon taking the reigns the horse runs very fast, but I am not afraid and not out of control but riding him. we head towards a steep winding path downhill. Then I wake up. Any ideas on the meaning?

  10. I saw a golden horse running towards me and I was with a bunch of people who felt like my family or relatives in a mountain area with a village house. I got scared and all of us hide in the house barging the doors.
    Again aftet a day I saw a dream of a brown horse I was riding it along with a trainer who was the owner kid. It was a good ride. What all this mean.

  11. This was a very informative site. I searched here and on other sites, but still did not find anything on riding a very big horse. I found bareback, bay, draft, beautiful horse, wonderful ride… Which all have to do with my dream, but I felt major significance in that the horse was an extremely large horse…

  12. I have been dreaming of a beige-colored horse with a white mane and tail. Sometimes it’s a stallion and sometimes it’s a mare. It’s always owned by someone else who’s trying to train it, but it is resistant until the horse and I meet. The person who owns it saved it from a neglectful/abusive owner. We become kindred spirits because we’re both “broken”. I’m the only one who can ride it. It’s a large horse but is playful/gentle with me, and it’s name is Trixter, or Trixi depending on the gender of that dream. What does that mean?

  13. I dreamed of a herd of wild horses running in an open area. I was observing them run when suddenly appeared a black stallion at the top of the hill. The black stallion came running down the hill past me in the opposite direction of the herd of wild horses. I was in awe of the horses in my dream. I felt like I was not alone when I had the dream. I was with someone else.

  14. Hi, I have had a few dreams of my horse turning into a man. I have never been able to find out what it means and I can always clearly remember the feelings it left me with.

    The first time we were at a stable I used to work and ride at. I dont remember all the details as I had this dream many years ago. But I remember my horse Drifter (He is a red bay roan overo paint) and another horse that I was paid to work with, Joey (he is a bay Paso fino) running up the drive way. It was a dangerous situation so I got them stopped and protected them. Upon which my horse turned into a man, picked me up and carried me into the hay loft, where we just sat quietly together. I was over whelmed by a feeling of comfort and safety with him.

    Another dream was at a rodeo grounds, this one is harder to remember. The most I can recall is being separated from my horse and afraid for his safety. There were other people around that made me feel very uncomfortable. I ran after him, upon reaching him he turned into a man again and hugged me tight. All the fears went away and were replaced with that same feeling of safety and comfort, and a new feeling, I felt special that he chose me to turn into a human around. No one else knew about this.

    I’ve had one more dream recently but cant recall it very well. I just remember that it was at home, and he changed, this time it was more like we were old friends and walked and talked together. But I wasn’t seeing this from my eyes, I was viewing it from my husbands perspective at the other end of the field.

    Any ideas what this might mean? Sometimes I think Drift is trying to tell me something since the same thing happens in each dream.

  15. I dreamt of a foal (baby horse) made of pure gold. It was not a statue as it would move in a tender way towards me. In the dreamit felt as if it was a part of me. The horse was extremely dirty and by the end of the (rather long and complex dream) I would clean and polish it with strenuous work but woke up before the task was completed. What do you think? I can give more detail on the rest of the dream if needed.

  16. I dreamt I was walking through a stable eating some kind of nuts. I feed one to a brown horse. I walked outside and a brown horse was coming back in, it had run away but returned on its own. I debated about trying to lock it back in the stable, at this time someone pulled up and said that they knew the horse always gets out and he is aggressive so its a good thing I didn’t try to lock him back up. Please advice.

  17. What does it mean if the horse is deliberately chasing you down and your absolutely terrified of it? Also it got into my house and stepped on one of my cats and killed it?

  18. Hello, I dreamt last night that I heard the screams of a white horse in pain. It was behind a tree. I got away from what I was doing (was getting belittled by an old enemy) then went to comfort the horse. It had a sore front white leg. Lame leg. I straddled its bare back and patted and soothed its head. It had been crying. ..I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but I’d love some insight into my dream if you have some time … it’s an interesting time as it’s mercury retrograde at the moment x

  19. I dreamt of a light brown horse, carrying a dog on its back, gallop past me to my right but the horse fell and the dog continued running in that direction. The horse stood up and ran back towards me and past me to my left and I saw its golden long tail.

  20. Hi,
    I dreamed a white horse that was sitting behind me and had his hes on my left shoulder. And I looked at him and kissed him like I was showing my love to him.
    In respons of that kiss he closed his eyes and showed like he likes me ( as it was a child doing it ).
    Please help me find out what this does mean !!!

  21. I had a dream about a large beautiful white horse. I am semi-scared of horses but this horse wanted to come to me. It was loose and someone was trying to catch it but it would only get close to me. I’ve never seen the horse before and in the dream I didn’t know the Horse either.

  22. I dreamt that I was on a mission to find lost souls. I was a man in the American Revolutionary Era. I had a lantern, various tools and books to help the souls and fight off evil, otherworldly entities, and rode in a carriage driven by a large dark horse (unsure of the color). I waded through water, trying to get away from a group of people on unsaddled, white horses and entered a house in the dark, where a dark, child’s soul needed to be freed. I failed and left the house at daybreak, and just as I sat on the carriage, I noticed several white horses nearby without their riders. I raced off, trying to get away, and soon several of the riders were behind me. I came upon two wooden fences I couldn’t cross, and above them on a hill were the rest of the riders. They forced me out of the carriage, and my horse ran off, and that’s where the dream ended. I have no freaking idea what to make of this.

  23. Horse Dream – I open a great sliding door to discover a large black horse in a boxcar chained to an orange wall. The color is a bright reddish orange… at once deep and bright and very heavy in pigment… The horse is chained by its halter so that it faces a corner. The horse is obviously strong with powerful hindquarters, very healthy with a curly black mane and a long tail, well groomed and obviously strong, a bit frightened or restless. It doesn’t like the wall it is facing. I don’t like the wall either… I feel repulsed by the bright color and realize the horse is infuriated by it. The chain is heavy but not as much as a log chain. I feel excited to find the horse as if I have made a discovery. I wanted to get the horse out of the boxcar, and felt I could… I was trying to figure out how, but I woke up with a start. I remember thinking even if I untied the chain, I had to get the horse to back up, because there was not enough room for him to go forward and turn. I was thinking it was hard to get a horse to back.

  24. Hi, I dreamed of riding a brown horse bareback uphill after waiting for quite a long time to get on one; there was a stampede of people in cars or horses or just running uphill, but I eventually went on top of a brown horse. I was riding the horse uphill, until it started to wane in health/suddenly (I don’t remember), but what I am sure of is that it died in the middle of the ride. What does this indicate?

  25. Saw a beautiful bridled/harnessed horse running east in the sky without a rider. There was another horse running alongside (left-side) unharnessed, but barely seen (smaller). Then a winged (Pegasus), more powerful horse caught up to the running horses and started nipping at them; first the smaller horse. I saw and sensed Pegasus was very aggressive and very powerful wanting to stop those horses. The smaller horse turned to go the opposite direction after being nipped by Pegasus. The smaller horse’s reigns were attached to the wheels of the harnessed horse. The smaller horse running in the opposite direction created resistance to move forward. Pegasus then smashed those running horses to earth with a thunderous bang on impact. I went to the location of impact and only saw a crater and no indication what hit earth.

  26. I have dream with horses in two occasions in one week.

    1st dream. Gordon Ransay was painting a canvas in my house, no my current house but I know it was my house, maybe my house in childhood but not sure, the canvas was about 2X3 meters. The horse was brown and beautiful, at the end we have to decided if we wanted to paint some grass and other things because the painting was a bit plain. It was pleasant.

    2nd dream: I have a brown horse in my leaving room, he wanted to rest and it sad on the floor graciously but my partner didn’t want the horse in the leaving room and put him in the balcony, the horse was very stress, started to make noises and hitting the floor with the legs, at one point it was about to jump from the balcony but I shout and he/she stopped, I got the horse into the house again and he was ok. very strange dream, of course this time the dream was rather stressful when the horse was in the balcony but when it was inside the house I remember thinking he was cute and I was thinking where to take him, of course I could not keep it in my living room. 🙂 nice animal, well take care of I remember.

  27. hi.. my name is shekar s…aged 28 years….. in the wednesday 29/07/2015 morning in an arround 8.30am to 9.15 am…. i dream like i was riding a BIG BLACK HORSE.. n suddenly i woke up////////// wat it mean…… i want to know….

  28. I record my dreams and I think this is one of my top 50 favourite dreams. Unfortunately it wasn’t one of my lucid dreams but it was good anyway. I dreamt I was riding the bareback of a white horse through the field of my school with my twin (he was on another white horse) we were charging quick, our horses were racing, we were having a great time but then we come up to our school doors. Now, our doors are huge in real life and there’s more than 1 of them. Someone was inside at the time we were on horseback but right when my brother and I reached the door, the people inside all opened up the doors. Right now, you may be asking “what the hell does this have to do with horses?” This is where it gets good. When the doors open our horse charge straight it without any decrease in their stamina. After the doors there was the usual flight of stairs. My brother and his horse went straight up those stairs but I paniced and jumped off and went ahead of my horse (ig my horse stopped). Right when I did, someone must have hit my horse because when I looked back, my beautiful white horse was in so much pain and laying in the floor as if it was dying. I looked around at the ppl standing around and I lost it! “WHO HIT MY HORSE?” I shouted demanding for an answer. But this was one of those dreams where the dream characters are like potatoes or an extra in a movie where they do nothing at all beside be there and stand. All of the sudden emotions start coming out of me. I felt innocence come up over me and when I took another look at my horse I just saw a light then all of the sudden a beautiful girl around my age and hight lunged at me hugging me fiercely with joy. I was so confused and happy and scared all at the same time. I also felt so connected and intertwined with this random stranger on me but I felt pleasant towards them like they weren’t a stranger and instead a… Lover of mine. A white horse that jurassically morphed into a beautiful (kiiiiinda looked like Cassandra Sanchez Navarro if I was to give a description) innocent girl. As I looked around people were staring at us as I weeped uncontrollably and giggled at me as well. Sadly the dream became fuzzy and I woke up. Hopefully tonight I’ll meet her again because I have many questions for the horse.. And her ofc.

    Jul 2015
    Non lucid
    Vague, sad, lovely, exciting

  29. I dreamt of myself on a boat on the ocean, I’m in the front holding on,loving the strong wind and the bounce the boat had because of the current..eventually i see a black horse standing in the ocean by a bay or bridge or something looking up at a person, it turns and sees me and runs towards jumps up the side of the boat where i am and starts trying to eat my fingers..the horse was pitch black, looked ill,starving,scared and desperate..this dream really weirded me out can somebody please tell me Wtf it means..Thank you..

  30. i dreamt i was riding a beatiful black stallion with no tack it was so clever, in the dream, walking in houses and public places with me riding it. weird i know.

  31. What about mechanical horses? I have a reoccurring dream where the ‘horse’ is either like a complex toy that can run and carry a rider, or more recently a blow up horse that also runs and carries a rider.

  32. I just had a dream. A white horse in my living room back at my old house. In my dream, I thought, I don’t remember having a horse? And yet, the white horse was sweet, friendly and kindly – behaving as gentle and as sappy as my dog. In fact, my rough collie was beside the horse, both acting like good friends. The horse squatted down on the floor. I kneeled down and was petting it, them gave it a hug. The horses big beautiful brown eyes looked at me and seemed happy, as if thanking me.

    I recall in my dream, the white horse was my buddy. I didn’t ride it, but it was beside me, like a dog. The horse was unbridled and without any tack nor saddle. It might have been a mare. It was very tame and affectionate. If I were to describe the body, I’d say like a white Quarter Horse. Very healthy, muscled but not lean with round belly. Hooves of cream color, might have worn silver horse shows. Coat pure white, mane off white with slight blonde tinge, eyes brown and well groomed – clean.

    Very nice and pleasant dream. I love horses and always wanted to adopt one from a rescue. Wonder what this dream means, if it has a meaning or if it was simply just a dream? We now live in the countryside so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was influenced by the horses around here, even though there aren’t any white horses (mostly bays, black, chestnuts, buckskins and pintos)… What do you think? Do you think there’s a meaning?

  33. My dream was a little strange to me; there were four horses… each one of a different colour, although I’m not too sure as to what colour the third one was as it passed me by and my attention was drawn particularly to the second and fourth one. Non of the horses had a rider apart from the 3rd

    The first horse was a chestnut brown horse that stood close by the second horse which got most of the attention. This horse could not be separated away from the black horse.

    The second one was a black horse, very beautiful, shiny and was groomed so well, it was saddled but there was no rider… as though the horse was for show… (many people were here to see these horses) The horse walked to where i could see it and stopped… many people started stroking the nose of the horse, although when I came close to petting it, the horse was snappy and didn’t want me to touch it. (his/her eyes were sad)
    The gender of the horse to me was male, but the eyes were female?…

    The third horse: I wish i could remember the colour, but i feel like it was white. The rider rode the horse pass me slowly and stopped in order for the 4th horse to be presented. (Things were done slowly as there were so many people to see them)

    The 4th horse was what shocked me the most…This horse had the hair of a golden retriever, but much curlier. The face of the horse was that of a dog and horse … but it was a horse… and was treated like royalty. Again this horse was saddled, but no rider.

    I never usually dream of animals… and live in London where the only horses you will see would be in central… which i don’t go there much. So it’s not like I see horses often. Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

  34. I actually had a nightmare. And before I explain it I should tell you Im a very weird dreamer. I have therapy and any time I tell her my dreams she’s always boggled. My nightmares are always very vivid and feel real because I can feel a majority of it. Like actually feel. But anyway, I’ve had it before. My sister brought home a bunch of toys like about the size of squinkys if you know what those are. And she kept them in a bowl. And one day she told me to come in her room so she could show me something. I did and she had all her toys out and she said watch this. And as I did she said hello it’s okay to a small octopus and then it moved. She then had them all moving and said they were her friends. As I watched with amazement I looked over and saw a box. I asked her Face changed dramatically and she those ones aren’t my friends. And I said why not? And she said they aren’t nice. And I said then why don’t you just throw them away? And then she looked scared and said I can’t. Then I said I’d take them out of her room and bring them to mine. And she hugged me. I picked up the box and brought it to my room. I left them my closet and went to bed. But before I could fall asleep I heard loud rustling and heard soft talking but then when I tried to listen the noise stopped. I opened my eyes and felt a creeping tingle on the back of my neck. I turned around and there was a little black and white horse. But it didn’t look cute or nice. (Also I am not afraid of horses. I actually used to ride) it was just holding still but I knew it could move so I moved away a little bit and just stared at it. Then it snarled at me like it had human facial expressions. Then I got a little scared and scooted away. Then it stopped snarling and had a serious face and said with a deep voice I am asagia be fearful. And now I don’t remember what happened. But I know it was put back in the box and I grabbed my laptop and starting to look for the Internet for answers because that’s what I do in real life as you can see. And i found this website about fey, and I almost laughed because well this obviously wasn’t fey, it’s a very creepy toy, but I looked into more just on case and it said that he was kinda like the protector of the fey and would kill any human or child who attempted to come in contact with the fey. And that’s when I kinda got freaked out. Because if this were true, my sister was playing with the other toys and I had some in my possession. So then the next day I asked my sister where she got them and she an older lady gave them to her and said to be careful because they like to play games. Some fun some not. Okay again I don’t remember what happened again but I know I asked my aunt for help and she came into my room and yelled Asagia and then I all of a sudden I felt really dizzy and my vision was fuzzy and I felt really heavy like I couldnt lift my arm up to save my life so I dropped to the floor. Then the horse growled and it grew to full size. And the boomed its hoofs down and blew steam out of its nose and my room got really windy but I still was on the ground because I couldn’t move. And my aunt yelled his name again and said leave now! And then I was whipped up and pushed up against a wall, and it was the wall with my window he looked at me and the window opened slowly at first then the whole window came out if the wall and I was whipped out the window and I grabbed on to the side of my wall where the side of the window was and i just remember every muscle in me hurting from trying to hold on to the window. I tried to scream to my aunt but no sound came out but my throat hurt like I was screaming. Then the horse at my aunt and started coming towards me. Then in all the chaos i somehow heard him whisper I am asagia be fearful and then I woke up. And when I woke up every muscle in my body still felt heavy and hurt for about ten seconds. I’m usually really good at understanding the meaning behind my dreams. But this one has my confused. And the explanation on this website didn’t really help. Please help me. 🙁

  35. I dreamt about a beautiful white horse tamed but was so majestic! Also in same dream there was a black stallion being chased across a river and up the mountain by a best freind said the horse will be fine like it happened all the time! This black horse also seemed to be tamed but yet free! WHAT THE HECK DOES ALL THAT MEAN? ALSO WAS GIVEN A SEQUENCE OF FIVE NUMBERS!

  36. I was ziplining from the top of a lake and I quickly noticed a white dead horse laying there. I know the color meant purity or good fortune but it being dead meant sadness or lack of energy/motivation. does the color mean anything if it’s dead? like that purity is gone as well as my energy and motivation?

  37. I was dreaming meeting 3 horses rider, they all 3 good looking rider with 3 big horses.
    1 of the rider was carrying very good looking baby boy very cute, he gave the baby for me to carried.
    What’s is the meaning of my dream?
    Such good dream and thinking whole day about it and bringing my happiness every time I think about it..

  38. I dreamt that I was standing around, peering up at the sky – it was nighttime, and it felt as if I were waiting for something, waiting to “receive” something, an answer of sorts? All of these enormous, glowing balls of light began soaring down from the sky diagonally, pretty fast. They were beautiful and light gold, almost like the moon, but there were tons of them. I remember feeling frightened and thought of running, but I hesitated and stayed to watch instead. As they got closer, I realized they were brilliant (flying) horses, although I did not notice any wings. They were being ridden by men I think, but I did not take notice to what kind of men these were, or what they wore. I don’t remember well, but I believe the horses were of dark colors (black/brown) I remember feeling safe when they landed and reached me, as if I had been rescued, and all my problems were solved. They were there to help. I just don’t remember the message they gave me.

  39. In my dream, I saw many people on a horse, migrating from old place to other place, I was seeing them in distance, there are also many horse without people moving with then, after I saw some other brown fatten horse cross the road to where my friend and I was, so I was afraid I jump to the window and the horse jump too, I push the horse down before I open my eyes. Pls what does this means

  40. I dreamt that I was at a wedding- unsure if it were mine or someone else’s. All of a sudden the wedding party came running out of a tunnel happy and cheering- behind them the bride and groom on horses, with more horses following. Then all of a sudden I was on a horse looking down at everyone so happy and smiling up at me. In turn it turned into what I would think would be the reception and a party with all the horses there too celebrating. Most of the horses brown/tan.

  41. In my dream I walk outside in the middle of the street and no one was around. The sky was overcast and misting rain. There was a white horse in the distance that was also in the middle of the street and we were staring at each other. The horse turned around as if mildly afraid but I waved and called him over to show him I wasn’t afraid. He slowly walked up to me and let me pet his snout. He was a very white and clean horse of normal proportion. After i petted him, he walked away slowly. It was very relaxing and and calm but I still felt unfulfilled.
    Sounds too simple but to me it feels complex.

  42. I had a dream that i drove past a white horse was chained to a bridge. I went back to the bridge to set it free and looked for someone to take the horse home.
    The horse was as white as snow, and happy and close to me as I released it. I would talk to the horse and calm it down. It wod put its head on my shoulder and let me pat him. My mother in law was in the dream with a faceless person.
    We put the horse in her car and took it to the vet who was calling to find him a place to stay.
    I so badly wanted to keep the horse for myself and thought of places it could stay and ride free.
    When I woke I had a feeling like my dream was trying g to tell me something???

  43. I dreamt about a beautiful peaceful half white-half brown horse inside some bedroom which is not mine but no idea who’s room was. I was sleeping & then I woke up when I only felt him pulling off slowly the blanket from me with his mouth. not sure if it was during the morning or the afternoon but the room was fairly sun-lighted that I could see him clearly.
    Wondering what does this dream mean?!!

  44. My Mum dreamt that a horse was stuck on the roof of a house then it gave birth, she cought one of the babies as it came down from the roof and said there were 3 others still up there. she was holding the baby and decided she would keep that one

  45. I had a dream that I was in a barn with angry barn animals and I was really scared and while trying to escape one of the horses bit me and wouldn’t let go until a women came in that looked like the lady from Wilbur the pig and I had to follow her but she was in a rush to get somewhere and I didn’t no where…what does this mean??

  46. I had a dream my children’s father who passed away a year and a half ago. He was with me at my old house i lived in when we first got together when i was 11. We walked a big dark horse home with us and we put it in our back yard. My hopes were to find it food and water until the next day. I kept checking on the horse then i eventually went and had a conversation with it. I put my forehead to its forehead and let it know that i was getting some food for it , even though it was eating the green grass behind my house. It was left untied behind my house. Now back to my children’s father. He was very young again and helping me take care of my kids. I went to go and give him a hug and all of a sudden i was bawling. He was wondering why and i started getting upset and telling him i was still upset from his funeral. He seemed confused. I went to look outside again for the horse and it was gone. I looked everywhere for it. I wanted to take it back to where we found it, but it was gone. ..i have been dreaming of my children’s father every other night for the last month. The horse and my friend who passed on seem to coincide but im not sure of the meaning.

    • Perhaps the big dark horse is representative of the death of your beloved children’s father. The horse being in your backyard and then suddenly gone. You had a sudden loss, (death) close to you (in your backyard). But know that his spirit is never away from you..he can communicate with you and he hears you! (you putting your forehead next to the horses telling it you will feed it) Your sudden burst of tears- the acknowledgement of the grief of such a loss.Your children’s fathers bewilderment at your tears…he is always there with you. He still helps and guides with your children. Beautiful dream and validation. He is a good, kind soul. Talk to him, he hears you!

  47. I dremt of a black man rode a white horse up hill away from me very fast then the horse came back alone wearing only its saddle and stood on front of me very poised

  48. I had a dream where I was riding a brown Arabian horse and then I came to this place where my whole family was gathered around and so I went to see what they where doing and there was a black christan lady there and she started talking to me and then she started singing about heaven and then I had picture in my head about it it as so beautiful and so was the song. What’s would this mean?

  49. I dreamt that i was sitting with my girlfriend’s father at their home, when i came from their home, i found that there is long tree, i saw a horse having very tall height. the horse was half hidden in the said tree’s branches. the horse was white in color and was very beautiful and attractive. i called the horse, then another horse having normal height, jumped from the first horse back. the horse stand infront of me. i set on its back by pulling its long white neck hairs. the horse was so obedient and powerful, even he pushed a coach full of passengers from the middle of the road by its front leg, to road side (as the coach has stopped the road). i was riding very smoothly and horse was very obedient, beautiful, attractive and snow white in color.

    Kindly give me its meaning, I will be very thankful.

  50. I had a dream of a group of horses being brough into this pasture. Suddenly a white horse with what seemed like a big orange patch on the second part of the horse up to his hind leg broke from the group and started round round the pasture. It passed around where I was twice when I decided to leave as I was a little scared so I went by an area by a tree with a half fence in front of it and the horse came over to me as if it wanted me to touch it. I wanted too but was scared. Then someone came by and said the horses were to be killed. I started crying and went to find the owner and asked him if I could have that particular horse. Iexplained to him how much I wanted it and what happened and I could see on his face that he would give me but I woke up before he could answer. But what scared me was the desire, passion and determination that held me to find that owner right away. It was actually so upset as I was having a hard time finding the owner and that was all I could think of and low and behold as I was passing a vehicle which was passing some free stuff to persons for sone event, something was passed to me and I gave it back and said I’m sorry but I was looking for this person and the person was right ther next to them in the vehicle. That’s when I got to talk to the owner. What does this mean?

  51. I dreamed about a horse which had white eyes, and a loooong tail (like anakonda long), and he came to lobby of a hotel where my friend and I were playing, and suddently before he came, a flock of crows were above us and then we saw him and went inside of hotel. We were watching him trough window and he came, ate my friends jacket and just left. Does anyone have a singe clue what this dream means??

  52. Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone has a comment.

    This morning I dreamt of a massive magnificent pure white horse flying (really big wide and beautiful wings – almost angel like ) and frolicking with her two much smaller foals. At one stage though I thought the one foal was on moms back trying to kick down on her.

    She brought her foals to me and said. Please hold my children, God wants to bless them.

    At that point my wife woke me up. And nothing further . Noooooooo!!!!! I was so disappointed and really felt that I had missed out on something wonderful.

  53. But what does it mean if at first the horse was dead but then turned out to be alive? In my dream, a hunter had shot the horse dead and my brother shot the hunter dead in return. The hunter started to move as if he was still alive, so I kicked his gun away from him. Then, it was the horse that got up. The horse was alive, joyful, and friendly towards me. The hunter stayed dead. I wonder what does this mean…

  54. i dreamt that i dreamt (not a typo) about a horse that was dead – and in the dream i drew a picture of it. it had been sliced by a guillotine so it was in two parts, head and body. i only recall seeing the picture, not the actual dream within dream. there was no color in the picture, it was black and white – so the horse could have been any color (unimportant). the interesting thing was, in the dream, i took the picture to a lady who i was under the impression was able to interpret dreams, she worked for a psychic but the psychic was busy, and i didn’t want to see a psychic anyways. i showed this picture to the lady and asked her to interpret the dream but she basically asked me to interpret it for myself. she said something about medieval times (place where i used to work that does a show with trained horses), and i said something about preferring to ride a horse freely, not within the constraints of a building. still do not know why the dead horse, but the meanings here seem to point to something largely unpleasant.

    • I’m not an expert, but maybe seeing the horses at your work having to be there and not on the wild bothered you? And them not really living life like they should was over exaggerated in your dream by death? I don’t know if that’s right like I said not an expert but that’s just what I thought while reading that.

  55. Last night, in my dream I had a young white horse. Big enough to ride too. It’s like we were best friends. I rode the horse often and it followed my every command.
    I remember sitting on a deck about 3 feet off the ground and the horse came up to me and just rested it’s head on my lap and closed it’s eyes. And I petted it. ^-^ It looked up at me like it was happy. (: It followed me everywhere too. At one point in my dream, I was riding the horse and we became huge. We were almost as tall as the tall trees in my yard… and I was chasing someone on it… the person I was chasing was so small.

    What could this mean?
    I have never rode on a horse in real life either.

    I find my dream funny too because my alias on a lot of websites is “Corrupt Knight” meanwhile in my dream, I felt peaceful, like an angel on a horse or something… I don’t know.

  56. In my dream my friend pointed at the horde and it was mental. Mentally challenged yet it was tied down , but very happy and giddy. It was playful and wanted me to play. It was white, blonde, and yellow with a long blonde tail.

  57. I had 2 dreams.

    One about jockeys on white horses performing. He started fucking my cousin and then tried to eat her because we ended up in the middle of the performance.

    Second was a weird dream. I was singing karaoke and when I messed up I went out to a pretty chestnut brown horse. I was rubbing her head and we leaned our heads together. It was like a barn but not really. It was peaceful and tender. It made me want a horse instead of a dog or cat lol.

  58. In my dream my father and I were driving past a field or some kind of parking and we saw like five dead black horses we were shocked so we pulled in to get a closer look as we approached them one of the horses started spazzing and yelling clearly it wasn’t dead yet then the dream cut to another sequence that wasn’t as morbid and vivid. Any thoughts? Am I doomed? Haha

  59. I had a dream where there lot of dark brown horses riden by men running towards me and I was hiding. In this dream I was very frightened as I am scared of horses. What could this mean?

    • I see your dream as a little nudge from your subconscience about fear. Horses being ridden shows powerful, skill and control…you hiding shows fear, your fear of horses in real life manifesting in a dream simply directs your attention toward learning that all fears can be controlled by YOU! Realize that you are as powerful as the fears that cripple you and keep you hiding.

  60. I a dream i saw a young man trying to cut off the wings of a beautiful white horse.I was very upset,but could not do anything to prevent it.Though the wings were not cut off,but they were left wounded.

    please what does this mean?

  61. I dreamed I was standing amongst a group of people and talking when a dark colored horse ran up to me. I told it to go away and it did, only to return. It seemed happy. (it was dark outside when this occurred.)

  62. I have two different yet the same dreams.
    Sometimes, I am running as one of the wild horses and Another I am on a wild horse and running with them. There is a sunset in the horizon. Open meadow. Spring time, is what it makes me think of.
    I don’t know if one means different than the other but, I would like to know.

    • This was on the website…
      If the dreamer sees the horse and himself as a single unit – this shows the severities that are related to sexual or psychological problems;

  63. I dreamt that i dug up a horse in a backyard. At first I thought it was dead but it climbed out of the hole, looked at me as if to say thank you and walked across the street and into a building.
    WHAT does that mean????

  64. I dreamed my recently deceased dad was sitting on a throne like chair next to his wife. She opened a book, which had cool drawings inside. Dad pointed to a horse (he used to train and show horses) and says to me, “You are my strength.” Please help me with this meaning.

    • I love your dream! You received a direct message from your father in spirit. He is telling you that you are HIS strength. Whatever you feel /felt about your dad, he is showing you your own power. Believe it..!! What a magnificent message for you!

      • I had a dream about a bunch of horses dying. Then today I received this post about a man passing away 52 horses need homes. 440-463-4288. They will give them to good homes with papers. Barnesville Ohio. Most are gelded. Thoroughbreds! Please save this and repost it.

  65. I had a dream where I was in a house right near a barn and a big storm with lots of wind was coming. There were 3 horses a black a brown and a white horse. When the storm came the brown and black horse ran away and jumped over the fence . They fell in puddles of mud but got back up and jumped over. And then there was the younger looking white horse and she couldn’t jump over the fence and I look at her and she was scared and I was like vient “minou” (which is the nAme of my ct so it was pretty weird I called it that) and it jumped from the middle of the open feild to my window and it was cold so I took it and bathed it cause it was dirty and it was licking me and I petting her, she was all shiny and warm after. And then she was all clean and I took her back after the storm and the farmer said she was afraid of pointy picked fences and that’s why she didn’t jump. And they had no saddles, none of the horses. They were just eatting grass in the feild then that weird storm just showed up. It was a really weird dream. Yeah I’m not to sure what it means.

  66. I dreamed of 4 beautiful white horses. Their long manes and tails flowed in the breeze. They were so free and graceful. They came up a slight hill, each by its own will, and stood there. So pretty! To me, it means heaven.

  67. I dreamt that a brilliant white horse was racing around my house about 3 or 4 times then came into the house, I was lying on the bed, it came up to me on the bed and I started screaming. I was afraid of it for some reason. Then I woke up

  68. I dreamt of a horse being butchered at my work place. There was no sad feelings or bad mood involved in it. It seemed like it was a normal thing to do. I was not doing the butchering myself.

  69. A dream: my family moved in a new house. Weird old looking 2 or 3 storey house. All of a sudden my sister started digging up a room that she saw that the pervious owners buried something. It was a strong strong odor. She comes running out telling us to go look. So she unburied the mess and saw that it was 2 Dead White Horses..
    Woke up and thought it was a unusual dream. What could it be.and yes soon my family will be moving out too. Weird right?

    • This was on this website; Disaster if the horse is dying or already dead – the dream symbolizes misfortune or even the death of the owner of the horse. However, it could only be a sign and a warning to look after yourself or your family

  70. A dream…A person was riding a white horse in the ditch of a country road, no bridle, no saddle. The horse was running but the ditch was cluttered with debris and appliances thrown out by humans who were working in the field next to the road over a fence. The person felt a little panic by the obstacles in the ditch but the white horse went around them effortlessly. The horse turned its head and said to the rider, “My name is Beauty.”

    • Hi, I dreamed I had my boyfriend on a leash, and clicked the leash onto a washing pole in my backyard with the intention of training him like a horse, he seemed totally compliant and smiley. I had to explain to my mother that the pole wouldn’t work with a real horse but we were just going to pretend. I never actually trained him however, I ended up removing the leash, to hug and kiss him in the rain outside, it was generally a positive mood. Also at the end of my dream a pet I used to have almost escaped into the street but I called for him just before he ran into the road, and he came back obiediantly.
      What does this dream mean?